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Hoippu is the Kwami of Pleasure (pleasure in general, such as enjoying food) who is connected to the Alcremie Miraculous. With her power, the user can transform into an Alcremie-themed superhero.

Hoippu is currently dormant in her Miraculous inside the White-Colored Pokémon Miracle Box, being kept by Queen Nijika in the parallel dimension kingdom of Rainbow Stars that is permanently connected to Alola. When the situation calls for it, she temporarily becomes active to help Kibohoshi Megumi transform into Buttercream Whip.


Hoippu is a small creature who is 10 centimeters in height with small arms and feet. She has a white body with large red eyes, white "hair" resembling that of an Alcremie, and a similar thick collar around her neck.


Hoippu is very excitable, girly, and cheerful, and is very kind and sweet. She loves sweets and her preferred food to recharge is cream puffs. However, she also can be hyperactive and annoying at times.


Hoippu is immortal and can fly, levitate, phase through matter, and lift objects larger and/or heavier than herself.

As a Kwami, Hoippu posesses and grants the wearer the power of Pleasure, and transforms them into an Alcremie-themed superhero by entering the Alcremie Miraculous. After Sweet Dreams is used, she begins losing power and the wearer will detransform 5 minutes later, and she needs to eat to transform her wearer again. With an adult wearer, however, she will not lose power.