is the third episode of The Phoenix Defenders.


While in the cafeteria, Berna accidentally spills mustard on Celia, Macy Conner's closest friend, and gets blamed for the food fight in the cafeteria.


Omg! Crasherna is in the cafeteria?!

A few students sitting nearby laughed.

Berna walked into the lunch line and grabbed a tray then she grabbed a serve of salad and thousand island dressing. She poured a couple of drops on her salad and then began to reach for a bottle of mustard but it was out of her reach. Suddenly, a teenaged girl walks up to Berna. The girl is wearing a brown leather jacket over a royal blue t-shirt dress, a yellow belt around her waist; black leggings and yellow peep toe heels. She has shoulder length curly, brown hair and green eyes. She smiles kindly at Berna.

Celia: Do you want some mustard?

Berna nodded slowly. Celia nimbly reached over and grabbed the bottle of mustard and handed to her. Berneathen takes the plastic bottle of mustard.

Berna Manchester: Thanks Celia.

Ceila nodded and turned to get food for herself. Berna opened the top part of the bottle and is about to squeeze it over her salad.

Boy: (hissed) Out of my way, Crasherna!

The boy roughly shoved Berna, making her skid. To try to stay standing, she fiercely grabbed the mustard bottle, launching it onto its side and forcing her strength into it. It let out a blast of mustard, that landed all over a chatting Celia. The mustard poured all over her clothing and some went into her hair and mouth. Berna looks very shocked along with everyone else. Some people around the cafeteria started giggling at her. They started calling her names like' mustard girl'.

Celia:(blubbered)My...Jacket! (stares at Berna with shock and betrayal)

People pointed at her and took photos; others looked away in shame.

Celia: My jacket...My jacket, it belonged to my mother who is...

Macy:(hissed)Crasherna! Why did you hurt my friend like that?! (glared at the people laughing at Celia, and they quieted down. Some people still took photos)

Berna Manchester:(voice cracks)I'm sorry! It was an accident! I just fell over-

Celia: (shouted)I don't want to hear your stupid lies, Crasherna! No wonder no one likes you!

Macy and Ceila glares at Berna and everyone in the whole cafeteria stared at her.

Berna Manchester: I-I-

Macy grabbed a handful of Berna's hair

Macy: Yeah, that's right, loser. No one wants you anymore. Go home and cry to your mommy.

One of her gang member's came up and fiercely grabbing Berna's arm

Macy Conners:What do we have here?

Skye Rowan:What do you want?

I'm just curious about something. I see that you have curves or whatever but i was wondering, are you a gender confused dork?

Skye Rowan:Why don't you just be quiet and and go learn something for once!

Katelyn: What's it to you?

Skye Rowan:Hey Macy! (grabs the crotch of her pants) Why don't you come and feel it sometime if you're that curious.

Mr.Johnson:Who is responsible for this crap?!

Macy smiled mischievously.

Macy Connors:Mr Johnson, Berna was horrible! She started this whole mess, i tried to stop her!

Skye Rowan:(shouted)WHAT?! BERNA DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!

Mr. Johnson:Skye, i appreciate your kindness but there is no need for that crap right now! The three of you can go get yourselves cleaned up. Manchester can clean this entire mess as punishment. The rest of you brats get out.

Skye Rowan:But Mr, Johnson, that's unfair! Berna didn't do anything!

Berna turns to run, only to accidentally slip on food, causing her to fall on her back. Everyone began to laugh as they walked out.

Everyone in the cafeteria: Crasherna!

Someone in the crowd: (mutters) Like her father!

Skye Rowan:Give me ten minutes, I'll be back to help you.

Berna shrugged.

I just don't want to be a burden to you.

You clean good!


Aeolus Rowan:I see that you just had to jump on Macy.

Skye Rowan:Aren't you happy i'm defending someone?

Aeolus Rowan:I have no problem with you defending someone but you need to be a bit more careful around Macy next time. (to Berna)Are you okay?

Berna Manchester:I guess so.

Aeolus Rowan:Okay then. Well, see you later sis.

Skye Rowan:Brothers. Don't you just hate them?

End Episode

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