On National History Day, Mickey Mouse pleads to meet George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln the four new guests to the House of Mouse. Along with Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Dwight Eisenhower, they turn out to be robots.

Voice Talents

Wayne Allwine  .  Mickey Mouse

Tony Anselmo  .  Donald Duck

Bill Farmer  .  Goofy Goof

E.G. Daily  .  Louie Duck

Jeannie Elias  .  Huey Duck

Pamela Adlon-Segall  .  Dewey Duck

Jason Marsden  .  Max Goof

Billy West  .  Thomas Jefferson

Harry Shearer  .  Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon

Maurice LaMarche  .  Scuttle, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

Alexander Gould  .  John Darling

Jim Cummings  .  Franklin Roosevelt

Jeff Bennett  .  Harry Truman

Dabney Coleman  .  Principal Prickly

Tommy Davidson  .  Oscar Proud

Michael Clarke Duncan  .  Officer Hurley

Corey Burton  .  Captain Hook, Mad Hatter, Ludwig Von Drake

Kevin Schon  .  Timon

Tim Curry  .  Dr. Anton Sevarius


"The U.S. Company (A.K.A. The Virginia Company (Pocahontas))" - U.S.A. Presidents


References are made to classic Disney live action movies such as Old Yeller and The Parent Trap, as well as modern ones like Beverly Hills Chihuahua. A reference is also made to Walt Disney's pseudo-documentary series True Life Adventures.

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