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Historia Regum Britannia
(De Gestis Britonum)

Sinbad anime.png

Historia, the King of Britannica during

Geoffrey of Monmouth.jpg

Historia as a teenager

Lightning Transformation.png

Historia in Lightning Form

Wind Transformation.png

Historia in Wind form

Sound Transforms.png

Historia in Sound Form

Ice Form.png

Historia in Ice Form

Kind Human-Alicorn Hybrid
Sex Male
Owner AtlantisUchiha
Residence Canterlot (Formally)
Britannica (Current)
Occupation Teacher
More info
Eyes Purple
Hair White
Relatives Princess Luna (Adoptive Mother)

Historia Regum Britannia (also know as De Gestis Britonum or the First-Class Singularity) is the adoptive son of Princess Luna, former second prince of Canterlot and the King of Britannica. Considered a singularity by Scheherazade.

Historia was born to two British nomads who traverse Great Britain. However, at some point, he was transported to Equestria with Christopher Sol being with him. Found by Princess Celestia, he was taken in by Princess Luna after she was freed from the Darkness, becoming her adoptive son.

Being raised in Canterlot with his adoptive cousin, Christopher Sol, Historia was a energetic human boy who thrills adventures and exploration. He would read adventure novels such as Daring Do. He would also be trained in physical combat, but overtime developed his own style of swordplay and skills. Eventually, he with Christopher reveald themselves into the public and soon became residents of Ponyvile.

However, wanting to explore, he left Ponyvile and Canterlot to venture all over Equestria. He then went to Appleloosa and joiend his brother. However, this lead to his capture by the Channglings and eventually being impaled after he tried to escape along with Chris. When Celestia and Luna came about, they were able to bring him back when a agreement to Death and had a full recovery with unique powers and abilities.

Due to his magical power seemling 10x stronger then his brother's, Historia is taught by Celestia to control and improve his magic. Eventually gaining various of items to act as a conduit of magic power, he soon set of into the world beyond Equestria and became one of the most infamous of entities on the planet, forging a kingdom from the oceans on a remote.

After some years, Historia became one of the most greatest of kings to walk Equus, gaining the eyesights of many tourists and all manner of creature. Even the Equestrian ponies were baffled and they too came to see his kingdom, along with the Mane Six, Christopher and the Princesses.





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