His Kith & Kin is a 2012 American Fictional Supernatural Biographical Horror Film Drama Film Experimental film written and directed by Terrence Malik starring Leonardo Dicaprio, Sean Penn, Rachel McAdams, Jessica Chastain, Jim Caviezel, Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts, Morgan Freeman, Nicole Kidman and Helen Mirren

It is a fictional portrayal of real life famous occult author Montague Summers, fictional portrayals of real life serial killers Burke and Hare, A Fictional young Witch Woman, Infamous Mythological Vampires Carmilla and Dracula, Vampire Investigators Peter Blogojowitz and Arnold Paul and reported vampire elderley woman Miliza.

The film is set between the time periods of 1443 - 1447 (Dracula storyline), 1872 (Carmilla storyline),1827 to 1828 (Burke and Hare storyline, 1880 to 1948 (Montague Summers storyline) and 1948 to 2012 (Young Witch Daughter Sabrina Jackson Howe).

The film is intended by Malik as a take on the history of the vampire amidst the not so dark nature of it as well as a stint on all mythological supernatural things which he believes to be a product of vampires.


We are taken through a transgression of interlinking stories which in Malik fashion feature a bevy of bewildering images symbolizing the events occuring.

Shots of blood passing through the body and coming to a stop, the disintegration of flesh, warped motions of objects and people and the flashing changes of our leading characters.

The characters beginning with a 50's to 60's small town accountant woman in 2012 whom's name is on a name-tag she has pinned upon her shirt which is blurred out until later as the beginning scene being that of her outside a church quickly takes us to that of flashes of blood and the breaking seperation of someone's throat to their head.

The first storyline then comes which is that of a man named Vlad Dracul III whom we be born in 1443 his transgressions through war, transformation into a vampire, sick fantasies being carried out of wishing to decapitate living creatures and then faking of death and vanishing before a marvellous shot of an unfolding scroll which then trickles with blood and running bathwater which becomes that of blood.

The second storyline then begins which is that of a woman named Carmilla whom resides within a Transylvanian Castle and is a high ruling queen of high wealth.

Carmilla however has breakdown episodes where she will faint and blackout as images course through her head of a forgotten memory from a time when she was in her early 20's and first coming to Transylvania with her parents.

It turns out Carmilla was sired by Vlad Dracula and is indeed a vampire suffering episodes as she is starved of blood.

She also begins to age as seen and flashes of aging and dying skin is shown.

We then see Carmilla proceed to try and get in contact with the vampire whom happened to sire her as she commits her first kill/feeding and then regains her full memory of what happened to her.

She writes a scroll out everyday asking the same questions and stating the same things which is delivered nearly all over Transylvania on insistance of Carmilla.

Carmilla now knowing she will wilter fast and become elderley unless she feeds continues on feeding off the maids of her castle which once belonged to Vlad Dracul the vampire she so desperatley seeks.

Her killings however do not go unoticed and eventually Vlad Dracul writes back informing that she is what is called a "Vampire" and that she must feed off blood to survive and that she is best to finish up with the killings of females in her location and abandon like he did in the fashion of faking death.

Carmilla proceeds to do so as the parents of all the maid women killed storm the castle armed with pitchforks and lit torches.

The tower to which she flees to is set alight and Carmilla fakes her death in the blaze but actually escapes from a jump from the tower which then oversees a beautiful shot of a slow fall into what appears to be a lake of blood and then her reaching a land constructed out of scroll paper with the trees being that of ink.

We then come to the Burke and Hare storyline and the murders they commit.

On a fictional take the duo are vampires and we are set against scenes of a bustling beginning community as well as deaths and burials and the flowing of blood.

Burke and Hare are two individuals whom happened to have happened upon a vampire Carmilla in London and been sired by her the both of them.

The two however do not wish to kill but ultimatley cannot fight their hunger and end up doing so.

However their first feed/kill is that of a banker of whom ripped them off and they find benefit in what they have done and begin feed killing as a financial help to them.


  • Leonardo Dicaprio as Montague Summers
  • Sean Penn as Vlad Dracula III
  • Rachel McAdams as Ginny Hawkins
  • Jessica Chastain as Carmilla
  • Jim Caviezel as William Hare
  • Daniel Craig as William Burke
  • Naomi Watts as Sabrina Jackson Howe
  • Helen Mirren as Miliza
  • Nicole Kidman as Maid Alison Tuormoil
  • Morgan Freeman as 2012 Jacksonville, Tennesse Church Bishop Davies
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