The final chapter to the Carrie & Kurt trilogy is finally here (Compared to the Carrie and Marvel crossover series). After helping out her mentor/father figure Logan and surviving 9 months, Carrie finally gives birth to her and Kurt's newborn son, Noah. And the two later travel back to Carries former hometown of Chamberlain, Maine for a holiday getaway with her family and friends well as a unexpected guest. But.....the holidays soon turn into a bloody torture chamber when Carrie's insane mother Margaret White reemerges, seeking her own dose of redemption in her own twisted vision, leaving a trail of dead bodies in her wake.....but the young heroin and her "demon" lover are in for more surprises as they face their newest and deadliest foe of all......


  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrieta N. "Carrie" White
  • Alan Cumming as Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)
  • Julianne Moore as Margaret White
  • Peter Fonda as Mephistopheles
  • Odeya Rush as Rachel Lang
  • Gabriella Wilde as Susan D. "Sue" Snell
  • Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson (Deadpool)
  • Nick Nolte as Ralph White
  • Ansel Elgort as Tommy Ross
  • Donnabella Mortel as Anisha Paris
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Vanessa Daniels
  • Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes (Winter Solider)
  • Judy Greer as Rita Desjardin
  • Demetrius Joyette as George Dawson
  • Mouná Traoré as Erika Gogan
  • Skai Jackson as Sydney
  • Abby Ryder Fortson as Little Carrie
  • Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier
  • Dane DeHaan as Andrew Detmer
  • Famke Janssen as Jean Grey
  • Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenhage Warhead
  • Reese Witherspoon as Barbara Lang


The Marvel logo and 20th Century Fox logo crossfades over the screen as we see the murky foggy atmosphere choking the city of Chamberlain, Maine. It may not be deserted anymore since the past had changed what was supposed to transpire.

There wasn't so much to write home about......but there WAS something to write home about at ONE particular address.

As we cut to the outside of rashly raggedy house that looks in need of repairs, we soon cut to the inside as the camera slowly moves around and crossfades past.....disturbing materials.

There was lit up candles everywhere, dried up spatters of blood all over the floor and the walls, dislodged fingers and toes hung up at impossible to reach places in the house......and that old radio?

That was playing a deeply religious version of Amazing Grace.

Not only that, but there was this 7 year old boy, barely (and I mean BARELY) moving with every fiber of his being as he was desperately trying to get to the CLOSET, in a vain attempt to escape whatever was there. As he coughed up blood and desperately reached out for the door slammed shut as he became petrified and turned around to see......Margaret White (Julianne Moore) in another one of her deranged psychotic episodes.

The boy shivered in fear as he witnessed Margaret unsheathe a knife from behind her back......and then slowly (and I mean SLOWLY) slice her hand as she watches the blood drip slightly with almost no emotion.

No reaction was made, and the boys terrified reaction only intensified.

And that's when things get thing messy.

She suddenly grabs the boy by his arm and drags him into the backyard as the rain began to come down in excessive buckets and to no end. The boy groans excessively and backs up from.....the demonic mother.

Boy: Please...wha-please.....

Margaret: His duties bestown on me......for I have seen the light in our realm of sorrow.......

Boy: N-no, no, no.....

Margaret:.....and salvation is one cause of said destruction.....for the true salvation......

She brings out the knife again......

Boy: Help......HELP!!! foreseen to rise.


The knife comes down and after multiple blood stains splatter on the screen, it shows Margaret pushing that same boy into her homemade gravesite.....which consisted of well over 16 BURIED KIDS.

(The hell is up with her?!)

Margaret then trudges her way towards the door as she picks up a shovel near the stairs, and all was eeeliy silent for a moment. And that's how long the silence lasted, as the shovel then stuck itself up against the murky dirt, lifting it up and as it comes down onto the screen......

~Title Sequence~

The screen eventually clears itself back up as we cut to the next day where down in the medic room in Xavier's mansion, Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz) was in labor and was screaming in pain as Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) and Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) were helping her deliver.

9 months had passed and it was clearly time for Carrie to give birth to a new member of their family. But first, she just had to......get through the pain.

Carrie: *breathing heavily* AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! OHHH GOD!!

Jean: Carrie, honey; slow down. Slow down, ok? You're rushing too fast.

Carrie: I know....*Sobs*....I--it hurts......

Jean: I know. Just....just breath slowly. Professor?

Xavier: Readings are indeed still normal, but we're not close yet.

Carrie: Lord, help me.....

Outside in the waiting room, Carries husband, Kurt Wagner (Alan Cumming) and sister, Rachel Lang (Odeya Rush) were sitting close to one another, twiddling their thumbs, worrying for her.

Kurt: You know, I can't wait out here much longer....

Rachel: Kurt, I'm worried as much as you, but we have to give her the best support.

Kurt: And best prayers.

At that point, Kurt just grips his cross and holds it tightly.

Kurt: My lord in heaven.....please, give my darling wife the best of strength and to give our child.

Awhile later, Carrie was still in labor, although the pain was little less vigorous this time around, even she was still sweating and panting.

Carrie: How long has it been?

Xavier: Just two hours.

(Most labors do take that long)

Jean: How are you feeling?

Carrie: The baby's still kicking, but....not as bad as earlier.....errr.....Ugh! AAAH!!

Xavier: Jean, this is it!

Jean: Ok, Carrie. Just one more push, ok?! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Carrie: UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHH!!! Ahh! Ahh......

All of a sudden, there were sudden cries......

The traumatic process of what she just experienced was something unlike she had yet to witness first hand. But the pain had subsided and the good news was just starting to get better.

As the cries start to get louder, she finally looks down underneath her hospital gown and what she sees......brings tears of joy to her eyes.

Her newborn baby.

Xavier: We welcome another entity.

Carrie: *sniffling* H-he's beautiful.

They both look at her, figuring out she had already discovered the sex of her child.....just like she had done with Sue's baby all those years ago. After all she had done, after the adversary's and the ups and downs.....the bulls__t had seemingly stopped.

She was now the one thing she never thought she would be: a mother, an inspiration.....a hero.

Carrie: He's.....he's so magical.

Xavier: Everything such as this.

Jean: *sighs* I-I'm so proud of you......w-what are you gonna name him?

That question gave Carrie pause for thought for a few seconds.....until only one name came to mind......which caused her to smile.

Carrie: Noah.

Jean: Noah?

Carrie: From Noah and the Ark.

Xavier: It suits him.

As soon as the baby was all cleaned up and in a wrapped blanket around him, Jean placed Little Noah in Carrie's arms and was in more tears of joy

Carrie: *Giggles and cries* Hi....Hi....

Soon enough, Kurt had teleported in just to see.....he was now a father and since he never had a strong relationship with his own father, he now had a chance to make up for that with his own son.

Kurt: Oh I a Vater?

Carrie: *Looks over* Oh Kurt.....Meine Libeling. Come your Sien.

Kurt slowly urged himself forward, seeing his new born son in the arms of his love

Noah resembled the normal human appearance like his mother, but on the other hand, he had his father's yellow eyes

But either way, he was still a mutant.

Kurt: *Chuckles* Guten tag, mien sien.. *Kisses his head*

At that point, Rachel just came in time and her heart apparently must've skipped a beat, seeing her new born nephew still in Carrie's arms

Rachel: Oh sis.....

the sisters hugged and Rachel looked down at the new born Noah

Rachel: Carrie....he looks just like you....and he has Kurt's eyes

Kurt: I'd worry he'd have my blue skin.

Xavier: He just might one day, Kurt. His gifts will be extraordinary. He may have your teleportation and Carrie's telekinesis.

Rachel: What about her mind reading?

Xavier: Its safe to say he'll have that too. The limits on his power will somewhat have to be tested for a later time.

Rachel: Point taken.

Jean: But not now. For now, you two should cherish this moment together. It's what it was always meant to be.

The new married "It" couple looked up at each other and smiled brightly at each other.

Kurt: Do you mind if I hold him again?

Carrie: Well....depends on how much good you been.

Kurt: *Chuckles* Don't make me.

Carrie Oh trust me. I will.

Rachel: Alright, I'm moving out.

As Rachel left the room, Carrie gave him to him anyway Kurt took his moments to gaze into his sons eyes feeling blessed in his heart, but then.....

Carrie: Oh um.....can someone hand me a phone? I-I need to make a call.

We cut to Chamberlain again where at Sue Snell's house, she was just on the phone with Carrie and had a brief rundown on everything that happened recently.

Sue (Gabriella Wilde): Oh Carrie, I can't imagine how this must be for you. I mean--to think after everything we been through....for it to finally came to this, it's--What? Oh my'll be in town next week? Oh, that is great! We can't wait to see little Noah. Yeah. Erika, George and Ms Desjardin are coming too. Oh, and my cousin Vanessa. We're having a Christmas reunion. More like FAMILY reunion, ok? Will you be bringing Ralph and Rachel too? Okay. The more the merrier. Wait, how come? Oh.....I get that feeling. It happens to all of us. There's this one word it was called, but u don't remember it now.......Well.....anyways, we look foward on seeing you next Monday. Ok, Carrie; and congratulations. Ok, bye.

Just as she hung up the phone then, she slightly heard the front door opening as she saw Tommy (Ansel Egort) and Little Carrie; age 6 (Abby Ryder Fortson) come in with bags after a heavy afternoon of Christmas shopping

Tommy: Sue, we're home.

Little Carrie: Mommy! I saw Santa Claus at the mall!

Sue: Oh, you did huh?

Tommy: She was so in sight for it.

They kissed softly then Sue spoke

Sue: I just got off the phone with Carrie. Her child was just born.

Tommy: No way......*chuckles*. Born near the holidays......that's gonna be fun having a birthday near Christmas.

Sue: Yeah. Noah will have extra presents.

Tommy: Noah's the child's name?

Sue: Yeah. Not only that, but her and the others are coming next week.

Tommy: Oh, kick-ass! *chuckles* Little school reunion on the holidays.

Sue: More of a family reunion.

Tommy smiled brightly at her before turning his attention towards indistinct chatter on the television as it turns out Little Carrie's eyes were caught on it as well.

It was the news channel......more specifically Fox 5 news.

Reporter on T.V: This just in.....we come back to the story that has made headlines for the past two months, as we've gotten reports of yet ANOTHER child who was reported missing late in the midst of last night. Seven year-old Jake Dawson (The same boy at the beginning) has been the EIGHTEENTH to disappear this year. Details are still vague on this mysterious child Christmas napper (They don't know who it is yet) and no said witnesses claim to have any type of knowledge about the event. All we CAN say is....keep cautious, keep your children near at all times and hold onto them for dear life.

Tommy apparently took that well in hand as he slowly but surely gripped Little Carrie in a hug, as the news had caught both of their attention deeply. Despite being in the bright and jolly mood for the holidays, the disturbing graphic of what they just saw and heard creeped them out a little bit.

Sue: Honey? What's the mat-

She takes a look at what it was showing in the news.....and abruptly shuts it off.

Sue: *sighs* Now is not the time for panic.

Tommy: Did you even see that?

Sue: I've heard a lot about it, but I don't know much about stuff like this. I want nothing to do with this Exorcist bulls__t anymore.

Tommy: Well.....*picks up Little Carrie*.....don't you still think it's best if we have some security?

Sue: Secur--Tommy, this isn't White House Down.

Little Carrie: The White House is down?!


Tommy: *chuckles* No, baby. No. *turns back towards Sue* I get that, but the last thing we want is for this.....event to go utterly wrong because you didn't take measures when you SHOULD'VE. So.....I take it that it's only fair if we set up the event at somewhere where.....we're the most likely to be safe. Hell, if it's even out of this crazy state, you can do that.

The idea seemed like a stretch to Sue, but it made perfect sense to her.

Sue: Hmm......I guess we gotta start somewhere.

As Tommy just smiled over at her, we cut over to one young woman as she walked around.....or should I say, SNEAKED around.....cause this girl had decided to get down and dirty with the information being discussed over the news and decided to take matters into her own hands....

....depending if she remembered anything from the news.

Her name was Anisha Paris (Donnabella Mortel) and it's safe to say she was nervous.

Anisha: *sighs* Let's see what we got.

She slowly lurched her way around house after house.....until she ran across this one house (you know which one) and it didn't give her a great feeling. Nauseous, yes. Uneasy, yes. Nerve-wrecking, yes.

But scared......not so much. In fact, it was THAT very feeling that made Anisha decide that THIS was the house she should look into.

Positive that going through the front would be a mistake, she decides to investigate in the backyard as she cautiously tip-toed her way towards the back, while hearing each leave scuffle over her shoes. Unfortunately, the sight she was yet to discover was too much for her to keep in.

She, unfortunately, discovered the homemade gravesite in Margaret's backyard as she also so happened to see a HUGE dried out bloodstain in the grass, only having it lead towards the outer inside of the backyard into a homemade grave. It was already terrifying on its own, but Anisha needed more. So she creeped into said grave, only to discover a FOOT, sticking out of the dirt like a sore thumb.

Acting somewhat out of curiosity but mostly out of fear, she quickly scuffled through the dirt; not worrying about how dirty she or her clothes were getting. Unfortunately, it was (and wasn't) worth it.

The image had gotten through to her. This kid she found was Jake, one of the eighteen other kids that "disappeared". Unfortunately, upon realizing the reality of Jakes fate, it caused Anisha to throw up......

.....for she knew the other kids suffered the same fate, in this very backyard.

Anisha: Jesus Christ......

It took her some time before she recovered from the shock but when she did, she found the opening to a cellar right next to the backyard door. That only deepened her curiosity as she reached for it, prepared to open it up......

......but that's when she heard a car pulling up to that current house. Anisha, unsure of what to do, just crouched down and hoped for the best.

Anisha: Oh god, I'm SO busted.

But at the instance, that's when she heard.....


It came from inside of the cellar and Anisha looked through the window of it to see if she can see anything. Unfortunately, it was too dark to see, so Anisha opened the doors and went in herself.

Everything she saw down there made her want to puke even more then normal 'till.....

Girl: got to get me out of here! She's crazy!

Anisha: Hey.....I saw you on one of the missing posters.

Girl: Never mind that! Just get me the f__k out of here!!

Anisha: Ok ok, just calm down. Stand still. I'll get you out.

Anisha tried to find something to unlock the shackles despite it being too dark to barely see anything down there. But that's when.....

......they heard footsteps from up above ground. And it freaked them out.....BIG TIME.

Girl: She's coming! Hide!

Anisha: Yeah, yell louder. Luckily, she can't hear a pin drop.


As soon as the steps elevated louder, Anisha made a break for it and hid near one of the empty cabinets......only to find out the footsteps were not headed for their direction, hearing each echoing step get fainter and fainter until they couldn't hear it at all.

They were safe.....for now.

Anisha: Oh god.....Ok.

Girl: You mind? Get these the hell off of me.

Anisha: Girl, watch your potty mouth there. Just hold still.

She picks up a broken piece of glass on the floor and hits her way through the restraints, freeing the girl.

Girl: Oh thank you, thank you.

She immediately turns and hugs her which surprises Anisha for a brief second.

Anisha: *chuckles* Yeah.....what's your name, hon?

Girl (Skai Jackson): *breathes heavily* Syd-Sydney.

Anisha: Sydney. Nice to meet you.

Sydney: Don't push it.

Anisha: I know. Alright, lets get the hell out of here. Stay behind me.

They both took their time and peeked out the cellar door and saw nothing first. And so they crawled with one after the other.

Anisha: Ok.....I think the coast is clear......

As soon as they climbed out the cellar at the dead last second, they quickly clutched down and peeked through the kitchen window, seeing Margaret at the sink. They both gasped and ducked down, covering their mouths underneath the window

Margaret inside moved her eyes up to the window thinking she might have saw signs of movement. And that's when she slowly reached into the sink, with the water still running high.....and pulls out her butcher knife.......

.....while the girls kept their mouths covered, whimpering.

Anisha: *whispering* We so gotta get off this train.

Sydney: *whispering* But where we gonna go?

Anisha: *whispering* I don't care; as long as it's not here.

At that point, they heard the door quickly fidgeting at the doorknob, until it swung open. Margaret eventually walked on out to the backyard, only to see........

.....that the two girls were gone.

However, she did notice that the cellar doors were open (Really?!) and it didn't give her a great feeling. Not wanting to anticipate the worst, she went down only to see that Sydney was not where she had left her.

Margaret: Oh....God in Heaven....enlighten me of Your way.....

Next thing we notice, she had dropped the knife from her cold icy grip as it clattered into the floor. While it didn't make as big as a sound, it did fell like an atomic bomb just went off when it happened. But Margaret wasn't done. Trembling and shaking uncontrollably, she was now pulling out a needle and rotating it up the side of her leg, cutting it up slowly.

(You're gonna bleed to death from that one day)

We cut to later that night at the Laguardia airport in New York where Carrie carrying Noah, Kurt in a disguise (To avoid panic) and Rachel were sitting down not saying a word, just waiting for Ralph's arrival

Carrie: He's gonna be so excited to see that he's a grandfather.

Kurt: Didn't you tell him when you talked to him on the phone?

Carrie: No....I wanted to surprise him. I only told him there was something important he had to see.

Rachel: Just imagine the look on his face.

Carrie: Oh, he'll be stoked alright.

At that last minute, Rachel suddenly heard a child far from her, saying

Child: Mommy, Mommy! I just saw Spider-Man!


Rachel's head turned, just seconds after she heard that, looking towards the child in a stunning reaction

(she doesn't know of Pete's recovery yet)

Carrie: Oh there he is!

That's when out of he corner of her eye, Ralph (Nick Notle) appears in the crowd, but only thanks to the fact that people got out of the way long enough for her to see him.

As Ralph sluggishly tries to get through the overabundance of people in his way, Rachel couldn't help but to wander off in the direction of the kid who said that.

She knew talking to people she didn't know wasn't in her best interest, but.....she needed to know if what he said wasn't all lies.

Rachel: Hey.

Child: Huh?

Rachel: Hey....did....uh.....did you say you saw Spider-Man?

Child: Just now, yeah.

Rachel: Which way?

Child: The.....mirrors down....there?

She can only imply that the hold meant Spider-Man passed by the windows, so she thanked the kid as she took off.

(You might wanna hurry up or you'll miss the flight)

Anywho, Ralph finally made it through the crowd to see his daughter Carrie and Kurt, sitting patiently and waiting for him.

Carrie: Hey, Dad.

Ralph: Carrieta.

He walked on over as she sat up and they hugged each other tight, almost as if it's the last time they would've ever hugged or seen each other. But there was a matter at hand. Carrie was about to drop a very.....very unexpected yet happy bombshell.

Carrie: What did it mean to you.....for be my inspiration, to be the father that I always knew you could be?

Ralph: I-it meant everything. Just being able to hold you in these hands.....meant the world to me. And I certainly would've payed the price if I spent my time in solitude and not with you.

Carrie:'s safe to say it's meet the newest member of our family......

Carrie slowly but surely brought her son, out of her arms and pulled the blanket off his head, revealing his face to Ralph. It stunned him for sure.

Carrie: your grandfather......

Noah just cooed softly as he tried to reach out for his grandfather, but to no avail.

Ralph: My this what you were talking about earlier on the phone?

Carrie: Mhm-hmm.

Ralph: I-I--*chuckles* I don't know what to say now.

Carrie: All I can that we've been blessed with a new generation near the holidays.

Kurt: That we have.

Ralph: Aren't you hot in that outfit?

Kurt: Very. It's burning up in all this. But I can't let the people see my skin to the penitentiary.

Carrie: *chuckles* We will be out of here, hopefully......quite soon. Our flights not gonna be in 'till another hour, but at least--

Her sentence was caught off as her eyes dazed over, steering away from the conversation as she saw Rachel nearby the windows with her head moving back and forth rapidly a sudden if she was twitching.

Ralph: Carrie?

Carrie: Uh....y-yeah. Dad, just take the baby for a minute.

Without even explaining why to him, she just handed Noah over to him and quickly walked down the now near empty hallway until she was right next to her sister.

Carrie: Hey. What's wrong?

Rachel: I-

It became silent again for a second as Rachel suddenly felt anything and everything slip away from her, as if that one day IT happened was officially her last day alive.

Rachel: I thought I sensed him.

Carrie: *sighs* Come here, come here.

She brings her close to her and hugs her tight as Rachel buried her face into her fur jacket.

Rachel: I know it's already been a year.....but I miss him so much.....there just won't be another one like him.

Carrie: True......there might be another Spider-Man down the road.....

.....but there's only ONE Peter Parker.

The voice startled the two of them as they looked around and noticed someone literally breathing on them and as soon as they turned around.....

Wilson: BOO.

.....the girls squealed loudly, almost alerting Kurt and Ralph down the long hallway. As the two sisters recover from that outbursting jumpscare, they realize Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) was the one who nearly jumped the pants off them as he so happened to be beside them in his hoodie, with his hands in his pockets.

Carrie: Wade?

Rachel: Wilson?

Wilson: The hell did you expect? The tooth fairy?

Rachel: As long as it didn't dress in that tight tomato spandex, then yeah.

Wilson: Stop. Calling Me. That.

Carrie: Not now, ok? Just....tell me what are you doing here?

Wilson: Well.....aargh......lets just say I've been digging through the pits of hell, raising the dead.

Both (Carrie, Rachel): WHAT?!


At that point, there was laughter. The squealing obnoxious type of laughter whenever you do it too much or too hard; and it was clear that Wade was enjoying laughing his ass off to their reaction

Wilson: My god.....You--you sh--you should have seen your faces.

Carrie: Well, can you knock it off? Now for real, what you are you doing here?

Wilson: Can't a guy just pass by every now and then? I know I'm far from the prettiest or normal....iest, but one here is. Plus uh....I was just skipping by in my high heals (Lol) and just happened to notice a lot of pubs saying "F__k it" in your hometown and.....

Carrie: Speak English.

Wilson: *sighs* People have been disappearing in that turdfest you called home and....I wanted to know.....if any of you.....powered ladies might have any knowledge on that.

Rachel: Disappearances??

Carrie: I'm pretty blank on that myself.

However, when it comes to Kurt, he could hear what they were saying from all the way down the hall, giving his pointy ears underneath his hood.

(I guess just like Namekians, he has good hearing)

Wilson: Well....that's quite a shame. I'll probably have to skip my red ass down there myself just to have a closer look.

Carrie: Well, we appreciate the support, Wade. But.....don't screw around.

Rachel: And no acting like a heavily armed child. Ok?

Wilson: Hey! When do I act like a child??

(Do you have to ask that, Wade?)

Rachel spoke on as Carrie and Kurt made eye contact as she could tell that he heard the conversation.

Kurt rotated his eyes towards Ralph behind him, still holding the baby before signaling Carrie: "Should I tell him?"

Carrie nodded "No" back as Kurt nodded and looked down at little Noah

Carrie: Well, we got to go. Our flight leaves in about 30 minutes.

Rachel: Wait, one wouldn't happen to know if......

Wilson: Uh....sorry, princess....I haven't seen him.....alive, that is.....

(He's lying, but you're about to see why)

Rachel just sighed heavily as her head dropped faced down towards the floor, as it was apparent that she was still upset.....and Wade took that on notice, as he kept a serious look on his face as she went with Carrie back to Ralph and Kurt.....

......but THAT is when Wade tapped in on his ear, for it was an earpiece

Wilson: I'll tell ya pal. She misses you. So why the secrecy?

(Guess who he's talking to.......)

I just want to her to have a chance to have a normal life for once.

Wilson: Ok, but.....this is kind of a s__tty idea. I're making the same mistake I made with Vanessa.

'I'm aware of that. I didn't want to do that at first. But....the last thing I want to do is ruin her chances at this......I put her life through hell enough as it is. And besides......there's something worse then me out there.

Wilson: Wait, what?

You wouldn't understand. But if you knew what was coming, you'd understand.....and you'd listen.

Wilson: Look, dude. Rach loves ya. She's not really gonna care if you can't give her a normal life. I mean.....if some douchebag forces you to come out by kidnapping that s__t-eating Frances took Vanessa, there's a 99.9% chance she's gonna kick your red and blue ass for bailing.

(I'm sure you can guess who he's talking to)

Well.....I'm not afraid to take the punishment. After all, I'd have it coming. From both sides.

Wade: True. True. Make sure I get a chance to bash your head in once when I see you again.

Not happening.

As Wade cuts off the transmission feed, it cuts back to Chamberlain as it cuts to the far end of town where Sue was trying to find a place to set up shop for the eventual family reunion.

She had looked just about everyone and unfortunately, nothing down there seemed to make for good revenue as well.

Sue: Closed, crowed, too public, empty.....empty......empty......empty, empty, wmpty, empty, WHAT THE HELL?! I can't find anywhere to look.

Erika (Mouna Traore): You won't find anything down here.

Sue: *turns around* Hmm?

Erika: I don't know what's really happening with you right now, but whatever you're looking's not in any of these buildings.

Sue: Erika, come on. Carrie's on her way back here to visit and.....she just gave birth.

The statement caught Erika off guard.

Erika: Wha-Carrie's a mother?

Sue: Yes. Why else did you think I was in a hurry?

Erika: In that case, that changes everything. I think I know where to go.

Sue: Show me the way then.

So for the next 10 minutes or so, Erika showed Sue around and as soon as they got out of the compressed area of the town, they got to where they were going.

Unfortunately, it wasn't really a good sight for Sue to see.

It was at Ewen High.

(Really, Erika?! Out of ALL places?!)

Erika: Well....I know it may not be open anymore know.....but at least......maybe this could make up for her misfortunes at prom.

Sue: Yeah......I don't think this'll work. This is the last place Carrie wants this event to take place.

Erika: I thought she'd let it slide at this point.

Sue: *sighs* Its unlikely. Besides, I don't like this place anymore then she did.

Erika: Makes sense. It's just know.....we had a lot of memories here. Some of them aren't really worth talking about now, but the rest was just pointless filler. There was us.....Heather.....Nic.....Liz.....Tina and......

Sue: DON'T......


Sue:....say that name around me, please?

That tone had Erika stop dead in her tracks and it suddenly made her feel bad for bringing Chris into this conversation.

Erika: I--I'm sorry Sue. I know she's done wrong....

Sue: Wrong?!?! I'm pretty sure there's more then ONE word to describe her then JUST wrong! She was vile and cruel and the others were just as pathetic! She was the real monster here.....and I was lucky enough not to follow her path of tyranny.

Erika: *Sighs* I know, ok? I hated her too. But Nolan, I hated more. He was psychopathic before she was.....

Sue: Let's just not talk about her, right now. I can see why Carrie didn't want to hear her name anymore.

Erika nodded slightly and pretty soon, they were back in the car, driving off again to head to the airport......unfortunately, they had a little bit of company there.

The psychotic and deranged Margaret was somehow following both of them in her car with this glaring look of pure insanity stuck in her eyes. the Chamberlain airport, Sue and Erika (who managed to escape being tracked by Margaret, unbeknownst to them) waited at the terminal, just when people were coming out from all different types of flight gates. At that point, over at Gate D20, people just kept piling out, and piling out, and piling out and the last people that came out was.....

Carrie and her family.

Sue: Carrie!

Carrie: Hey!

They rushed over and gave each other hug; each one more fulfilling than the last.

Sue: God, you look great!

Carrie: You too.

Erika: Hey, Carrie.

Carrie: Erika? It's been a while.

She soon gave Erika a hug too then Sue did as well with Kurt and then Ralph and Rachel.....and that's when they soon noticed Noah in Kurt's hands

Sue: Is this him?

Kurt: Ja. Little Noah.

Sue: Ohh....he's so cute.

Erika: Wait. Let me see.

Ralph: One at a time.

They gathered around to see Noah as it cuts to outside in which Margaret just sat in her car, nervously pacing her feet, twiddling her thumbs and twitching her eyes frantically. It felt like was mere seconds away from suffering a panic attack filed by PTSD. These unusual disturbing motions continued until she slowly turned her head towards her left and wouldn't you know it.....she see's her daughter, ex husband and......her grandson in her arms.

This DID NOT leave a good impression on Margaret AT ALL.

Margaret: S-son of satin has been conceived.

(Jesus Christ, Margaret......)

STILL unwilling to give in to the reality of what her daughter had grown into, she turned on the engine; rather quickly and tried to take off......unfortunately, she couldn't help but to get distracted somehow and ends up slamming into ongoing traffic ahead.....which knocks her out instantly.

The crash instantly attracted nearby civilians nearby, INCLUDING Carrie and the rest of her family.

Sue: The hell?

Ralph: Fire. There's a fire!

Out of the corner of his eye, Ralph sees fire, sparking out of Margaret's car thanks to the oil leak that burst due to the impact. It seemed as if Margaret, right her and there, had already met her perfect demise......

......unfortunately, a certain somebody wouldn't let that happen.

Carrie: Hold him.

Ralph: Carrie.....

Carrie: Just take the baby, Dad. I won't be long. Kurt?

As she handed the baby to her father, Kurt teleported her over to her as Carrie used her powers to telepathically remove the doors from its hinges as she drags her unconscious mother (she doesn't know that yet) and hands other over to Kurt. She then bursts open a nearby fire hydrant and thrusts it in their direction to dose the fire.

As silence erupted and eventually turned into cheers, Carrie and Kurt just looked over and smiled at each other until Carrie caught a glimpse of the woman in Kurts arms.

She couldn't help but to twitch and seem really uneven at the mere sight of the one person who had also caused her pain in her life. But now wasn't the time. Although she murmured under her breath......

Carrie: Momma......

She quickly nodded at Kurt and the two teleported back to the others as Kurt laid the unconscious Margaret down onto the pavement as Ralph got emotional and glimpsed over her.

Ralph: Maggie......

Kurt: Wait.....Carrie; is this-

Carrie: Yes.

Kurt: Hmm...

Sue: Umm, aren't we suppos--

Carrie: Sorry, Sue. There's new change of plans. I'm gonna have to take Mom to the hospital; for I won't let her go out like this. Dad, take Noah and go with Sue and Erika to her house. Rachel, Kurt come with me to the hospital.

Rachel: Carrie, are you--

Carrie: it.

The way Carrie took command of the situation all of a sudden struck everyone like Hollywood blank and it was apparent that she was being clear on it. Kurt, however, had a constant battle with his conscious regarding his feelings about Margaret. He knew he couldn't leave Carrie alone with her.....not after what happened all those years ago

A cut later at the hospital, we see an unconscious and bruised up Margaret out cold in her hospital bed as Carrie sat by, holding her hand tightly with Rachel and Kurt watching by. That's when she looks up and says.....

Carrie: Is she alright?

Doctor: Well, logic suggests she could have suffered some brain damage and trauma. But since her pulse is still strong, I'd say she might survive the night.

Carrie: Thank god.....

Kurt: I don't know.....

(Good thing Kurt still has his disguise on)

Rachel: There anything we can do?

Doctor: More likely to give her time to rest.

He eventually left the room and that gave Kurt the chance to pull off his hood in time.

Kurt: Rachel.

He signals her over to him as they both step out of the room.

Kurt: Rach....I don't trust Mrs. White. Carrie told me what went on before and it has me worried each time they're together.

Rachel: Ok, I get it. The links in their chains make them strange in their own way, but she's still her family, Kurt. Like Raven and Azazel were yours.

Kurt: Raven changed.....but Azazel was a monster.

Carrie: You know I can hear you two, right?

Rachel: Whoops.

Kurt: Sorry, babe. I it ok if I stay close with you with her? I don't want to leave you alone in case......

Carrie: *sighs* Of course.....

As the shadow of Kurt's body comes back into the room, the camera zooms & revolves around Margaret's body and something strange happens......

Most of, if not ALL her wounds were slowly healing and fixing themselves, especially at Margaret's face.....

We then cut to outside in Sue's car where the others were driving back to her house....

Sue: This is JUST how I wanted to spend my Christmas. Taking care of a mother in need who's an evil psychopath.

Ralph: She's still Carrita's mother.

Sue: *Sighs* I know. But that's still no--

Ralph: It IS no excuse. But perhaps, we can help her, while we can. It is what we were all made to do, at Gods intent.

Sue just sighed heavily at that comment until......

Erika: Uh....S-sue.....

Sue: What?

Erika: Look!

Up forward on the snowy road, Anisha and Sydney were legit in the middle of road, swinging their hands out and yelling out "STOP! HELP!"

Upon seeing that image, Sue immediately slammed on the breaks which almost brought her car to a complete stop. But she had to pull it over to the sidewalk to slow it down long enough for her to get out.

Anisha: Thank you, thank you so much. We ne-we need your help.

Sue: Why me? What do you expect out of me?

Anisha: Just some advice to get this girl home and get us the hell out of Dodge!

Sydney: She's crazy, she's crazy, that woman is crazy!

Sue: Sl-slow down, what are you saying?!

Anisha: You've heard about the missing kids, right?

Sue: Everyday of the freakin' week. Why?

At that point, Anisha calmed herself and definitively explained the situation that was happening and what it meant for them.

Anisha: Jesus Christ, its worse then I thought.

Sue: Get on with it, please.

Anisha: *sighs* About two weeks ago, when these disappearances started popping out of the blue, I immediately became fixated on what or who would do such a thing, so I kept watching. The weird similarity, however, was that by the time they all vanished, they were all LAST seen at the EXACT SAME address.

Sue: Which address?

Anisha: Didn't know at the time. But after the news kept displaying more and more and more kids going off the face of the earth, I finally decided to that I HAD to dig deeper into this story myself, so I can see what was happening.

Sue: I'm guessing you found out where they were.

Anisha suddenly became nauseous as the mere image of what she saw invaded her head again.

Sue: Hello?

Anisha: I really wish I hadn't. The missing kids......

Sydney: They're all many.....bodies, so much much insanity......

Anisha: All of the's horrible. She's a f__king monster!

Sue: Stop, stop, just stop for a second! Who's "she" and-

At that point, it clicks to her. It seemed hard to tell at first, but NOW....based on everything she's heard, it came to the conclusion that there's really only ONE person who she must be talking about.

Sue: Oh my god......

Sydney: What?

Sue: Both of you. My house. Lets go.

As that event takes place, we cut back to the hospital in which Margaret was finally waking up from the concussion from earlier as she looked.....wondering if she had died or still present on the mortal realm (still alive)

But she then suddenly felt the warm touch of someone else's hand beside her......only to be taken back by the familiar voice that followed....

Carrie: Momma?

Her vision finally cleared up as she saw her daughter, sitting beside her and letting out a smile......almost wide enough to fill up the whole room.

Margaret, at that point, slowly reached out her hand.....and held onto Carrie's.

Margaret: Carrie......

Carrie: Yes, Momma. Yes, it's me.

The sight of her mother sharing this moment with her was technically memorable than the time her house fell apart before than.....because at least she wasn't gonna get stabbed this time.

Upon grasping her mothers hand tightly like hardened iron, Carrie just looked down smiling for a brief second, until she heard something very, very, VERY slight.

The noise wasn't THAT unfamiliar, but at the same time, it was. It only meant one thing.....and she didn't like it. She slowly looks up again and turns her eyes towards her mothers arm......only to see the rest of the wounds on her body slowly wrap itself like a spider web and heal the inner confines of her skin.

This image freaked Carrie out.

Matters only got worse once Margaret suddenly bolted up from the bed, knocking away all the medical equipment and suddenly pulled her close to her

Carrie: Momma?!

Margaret: You've sinned to the deep birth to another child of his greatest enemy. For what ignorance and ignorance alone you've spat upon me, you've been deemed UNWORTHY.

Carrie: No!

Margaret: Submit....


They both IMMEDIATELY look over to see Kurt do a flip and swat Margaret off to the other side of the bed

Kurt: We're out of here!

Rachel grabbed ahold of Kurt, carrying Carrie by the hand as they all teleported just as Margaret recovered from that swat.

The last thing she saw was the smoke from the teleportation.

Margaret: What scheme is this?

Later at Sue's house, by the time Kurt and the two sisters made it back, Sue told 'em of Anisha and Sydeny's story and of what they just figured out about Margaret's devious plans.

Sue: When I realized they were talking about Margaret White....Ia-I feared you were in a snake pit.

Carrie: But....this is can my momma do such horrible things like that? And to children?!?! She wouldn't do that! Th-that's not the mother that I knew. I know she seems hardcore.....

Sue: SEEMS hardcore?

Carrie: Ok, I guess she IS. But she just wouldn't.....

Kurt: Didn't you tell me she tried to kill you after the prom incident?

Carrie: Well.....yeah....

As much as she wanted to dismiss the matter entirely, it was impossible NOT to talk about her mother because....well.....she was crazy.

Carrie: *sighs* Sue, listen....she's still my mother....Ik there has to be a way we can help her.

Sue: know I got your back right? I mean.....after everything in the past.....but just be serious for a minute: She had already snapped even before you went to prom. What if it's too little to late? What if she can't be helped?

Carrie: DON'T SAY THAT!!

The entire structure of the house shook and everyone had to recover themselves from Carries sudden burst of rage.

Sue: Ok, ok.....point taken. Maybe that WAS the wrong thing to say.....I just....

Carrie: She's only sick.

Sydney: SICK?!?! You call THAT sick?!?! She's a stone cold killer that had me trapped in that cellar of death! She murdered all those children and all my friends too! Accusing us sinners and trying to....sacrifice for a will to God....and she doesn't even know s__t! She's a monster and a cold blooded killer!!!

Carrie: SHUT. UP!!!

Her reaction once again caused the entire house to shake......but it wasn't 'till Kurt wrapped around her from behind and sat her down to keep her calm.

Finally, her anger subsided as she sighed and relaxed. But that's when she peeked over at Anisha and became suspicious.

Carrie: Who are you?

Anisha: Anisha Paris. I-I found the gravesites in-in her backyard.

It seemed only right that Carrie, at the moment, would seemingly finally come to terms with what her mother had done. But that wasn't enough. IT JUST WASN'T. And she wasn't afraid to show it......

Carrie: Prove it......

Anisha: Wh-what?

At that point, Carrie levitates Anisha up in the air, almost choking her with just her grip and freaking everyone out.

Carrie: I mean PROVE IT!

Rachel: Let her go, Carrie!

Carrie: Stay back, sis.

Anisha: *choking* Let me....let me show you.....what I'm talking about. I'll take you there.

Ralph: Carrie, she knows. Please.......

Kurt: Meine Liebling........

Hearing her husbands German voice pop up, she then calmed again as her eyes dilate to normal and lets Anisha go.....calming everyone down.

Carrie: Alright.....*sighs*......Show me what you saw.

As Anisha nods, they later drive up to the very house, which was once Carrie's home. From the outside, nothing had changed. The same paint texture, the same roof replacements, same windows, lights, doorframe......from the outside, the house looked exactly the same as it did back when Carrie was younger......

....which wasn't really a good sign, on Carries mind.

Carrie: This house has been haunting my dreams, for as long as I can remember.

Anisha: Wait.....are you saying-

Carrie: That "CRAZY WOMAN" you my mother. Yes.

Anisha's reaction was blank.

Carrie: I'll explain it later.

Kurt: Does it bother you that much?

Carrie: Not as much as it used to. I's where you saved my life.

Kurt chuckled nervously and then Sue spoke....

Sue: Can you two get mushy later? We're in the middle of a mystery here.....again.

Carrie: You didn't had to come along, Sue. This is really a job for the X-Men.

Sue: And you are my best friend. My real friend.

Carrie grinned and along with Anisha, the four went to the backyard and although they immediately spot the homemade gravesites, they realized the graves.....were completely empty.

All of the graves were digged up and all of the bodies that were discovered hours ago were missing.

Carrie: Oh god.....

Kurt: The graves are all open. That means-

Sue: She must have took them and fled after Anisha and Sydney escaped. Knowing they would inform the authorities.

Anisha: I didn't know what to do, but....the bastard. What's wrong with her? There's no way she must've planned this ahead of time.

Carrie: She's right. When I read her mind, I....didn't want to believe it at first but she was planning to set shop somewhere else.

Sue: Did you catch where she was going?

Carrie: No. I don't think she didn't know where to go during then.

Anisha: Well, we DON'T know what she's planning to do next, but we DO know that we can't have anymore kids being wasted. Perhaps maybe, this goddamn prison you call a home may hold the answers to shut down this procedure for good.

Kurt: Point taken. Let's check this place out anyway. We might find some evidence here.

Carrie: Oh my god.....

Kurt: I'll.....uh....Anisha and I will check the cellar, ok? You two check out the house.

Sue: Y-yeah. No problem.

Carrie: Stay behind me, ok? I got this.

As Sue nodded slightly at her, Kurt and Anisha went down into the cellar and the two gals headed on inside. As soon as they walked in......they became overwhelmed by a murky familiar stench. It dispersed the air that they were in and for was all too familiar.

Sue: *sniffs* Ugh.....the hell is that stench?

Carrie: Blood.......dried up blood. Either these kids put up a hell of a fight.....or she really took her sweet time with them.

Sue: I'm...uh....pretty sure we know which one, right?

Carrie: Y-yeah......

Normally, they wouldn't be so scared. But considering the fact that Carrie's mom has gone off the deep end yet AGAIN, it's gotten both of them pretty wiled up and petrified.

But they trudged forward to the main find the pools and splatters of blood on the the floor, on the walls and on the ceiling......STILL not cleaned up.

Carrie: Momma.....if only you could see what the Devil has cursed you with.....

Sue: Uhh.....this is more then enough evidence for a life sentence.

Carrie: Life incarnated behind bars is too good for her. With any luck, maybe I can find someth--

Her sentence gets cut off as a eerily traumatizing sight catches her eye. She then locks onto the camera suddenly jerks itself around in slow-motion as she comes face to face with.....the closet.

Sue: Carrie?

Carrie: *gulps* Do I DARE open the door?

With her stomach and her gut betting against the decision every inch of the way, Carrie ignored and stepped forward towards the close, with ominous music kicking in slowly.....terrified of what she might see from behind that hell inclosed space.....

....But she opened it, and Carrie and Sue jumped back and screamed. But not because it was was because it was.........

Deadpool: Argh! Hit the snooze, fella!


Carrie: Wade?!

Deadpool: Oh......You're welcome.

Sue: Deadpool?

Deadpool: The one and only. Mr. Deadpool at your service, toots.


Sue quickly eyed over at Carrie, as it became apparent that Deadpool wasnt JUST referring to her.

Carrie: Umm.....W-we work together......Sometimes.


Deadpool: SOMETIMES?!?! WHY I.......Hehehe......ok, yeah. She's got a point. We do work together sometimes. Also..... *Burps* Hold the hot sauce.

Sue: Just tell us what you're doing here?

Deadpool: I told you at the airport that I was gonna look into those disappearances.

Carrie: In MY closet?

Before he can say another word to her, Kurt and Anisha soon came out of the cellar, looking all....petrified that was until....they came inside the house and saw Deadpool.

Kurt: Oh....Guten tag, Deadpool.

Anisha: Who's the dude in the tomato suit?



Carrie: Let it go, alright? *sighs* Kurt, did you find anything?

Kurt: Crucifixes, coffee mugs, blown out candles, kitchen knives......blood stains.....and.....

Carrie: And?

Sue: And what?

Anisha: Th--I think we were already too late.

Cousin took ahold of Carrie for a second until Anisha stepped forward with her hand balled up.....and eventually she opens it up as DUST and ASH slowly fall and crumble down to the floor.

To Deadpool, he has no idea what it was or why it mattered to him, but it took Carrie and Sue mere seconds to figure it out.

It was confirmed once Carrie slowly knelt down, ignoring the stench from the blood in the room and witnessed the ruble-like texture of the dust and ash pass through her fingers.

Carrie: Cr-cremated?

Kurt just nodded "Yes"

Deadpool: Whoa whoa whoa. The hell are y'all staring into space for?

Sue: *sighs* Let's just get out of here. We don't know where to find her.

Carrie: Alright. But......*turns towards Wade*......Wade, you better take this.

Deadpool: Is it a taco?

Carrie: No! I--I's way to reach me in case you need to. I need to-to comfort my mom myself.

Deadpool: Sure. But what's in it for me?

They all stared crosseyed at him.

Deadpool: Hehehe.....just kidding. Sure.

Carrie: Ugh....let's go, guys.

As everyone left out the back of the house, Deadpool took time to look at the communicator that Carrie gave him, still wrapped tightly in his hand and when he opened was an....X-men communicator

Deadpool: *sighs* Four or five moments, huh?

As he puts the communicator away for the meantime, he gets taken up from behind as a knife gets thrusted to his throat by none other then Margaret White.

(Is it just me or is she flat out becoming a ghost)

Margaret: The devils hand......

Deadpool: Lady......tsk tsk're SO barking up the wrong tree here. I mean......REALLY.

The statement caused Margaret to press the knife further to his threat, although none of it seemed to freak out Wade in the slightest.

Margaret: you've been forever tainted with this unwisely worship of such demise and suffering; only reconciliation can find you worthy of such fury in the depths of Hell......

Deadpool: Trust me when I tell you: you haven't seen hell until you get a load of me.

That's when he actually threw her off and over him, only for Margaret to get back up almost immediately and slash at Wade. But he blocks and dodged them with almost no effort......until he grabs one of her knives, breaks it and then kicks her back.

Deadpool: You get what I'm saying now?

Margaret: He never dies......He will rise again.....He will......PUNISH YOU......

The sudden shift and change in her voice struck Deadpool as awkward and unusual at that moment. But being the crazy delusional goofball he is, it only seemed to deepen his interests more.

Deadpool: Girl, what in the HELL are you trying to play on me? This isn't one of those points in any streamline direct to DVD garbage in which someone goes through--

At that point however, Margaret got him right where she wanted him.

As soon as Deadpool approached, Margaret flipped her head around and punched Deadpool, square in the gut with SO MUCH FORCE, that it sent him through the closet all the way to the back of the house.

And the force behind her punch was so strong, that it was loud enough for Carrie to hear.

Carrie: Wade?

She immediately got out of the car in the front and made a run for her backyard, only to see Wade on the ground, stumbling to stay on his feet.

Carrie: Seriously, Wade. The hell did you do?!

Deadpool: Don't blame me, it's this psycho who took the chip off of Elm Street (Lol).

The two watch as Margaret slowly trudges through the carnage and to Carrie's surprise, she sees Margaret's eyes glow a deep, dark, bright RED.

Carrie: The devils got her now.....

Deadpool: Well.....I am both frightened and aroused.

(You too much, Wade)

It became apparent that this version of Margaret was not the one that Carrie was used. Given the fact that she was already out of it for a long time, this was more then just unusual. This was INSANITY personified.

Margaret: You know not of my will to God.....only your will to the devil.

Suddenly, at that point, the lights in the house suddenly began to dim and flicker with each passing spark until everything slowly blacked out inside.

Silence was deafening and imminent at that point; not a single sound was made or heard and Carrie & Deadpool had no idea what the hell was about to happen next.

Deadpool: Oh, don't tell me....this is where Dracula shows up.

(Lol, you wish)

And the next thing they heard was......

Deep sinister laughs echoing and booming throughout the dark, empty and shallow realms of what used to be Carries home.

(Sound a little familiar?)

And just when the lights came back on, then.......

......Margaret was gone

Carrie: The hell? MOMMA!!

Deadpool: Momma??

That was probably a response Deadpool was NOT expecting to hear from now, as he now knows how related she and her mother least from this standpoint.

Deadpool: You mean to tell me--

Carrie: Don't....push it....right now, Wade. I'm really not in the mood.

Deadpool: Push it? Oh come on sweetheart. You REALLY think I'm pushing it? Look, I'm just a lonesome guy that tries to get by on Main Street, but I always get slapped the b__ch out of there with a bullet or a knife shoved up my RED ass and always ends up......with a Christmas tree with no presents. Now, since Christmas don't got you presents waiting to be opened at your house......I can take over from here.

Carrie: Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. Look, Margaret White maybe psychotic, I'll admit that. But she's still my mother. And now she's a grandma. I need to see for sure if.......there's any way I can help her. You find her......and you contact me. Don't do anything stupid. Is that clear?

Deadpool: Since when the hell did you get--

Unwilling to let him finish the sentence, she immediately grabs him with her powers without choking him, as her eyes slowly revert to black.

Carrie: Don't make me tell you twice, Wilson


Deadpool: Y-yes, ma'am.

Carrie: Thank you.

(What caused that deep laugh earlier, you're about to be.....surprised about it....)

She lets him go thoroughly

Merely a few hours later, we're on the road in midst of traffic, as the snow ❄️ kept falling down, forming a very thick blanket over anything it falls on. Then literally, right the hell outta nowhere, Margaret suddenly reappears on the middle of a highway as cars quickly zoomed passed her, honking their horns and telling her to move. But she couldn't do anything or think of anything at this point. It was night-time, she was cold, she was shivering, she was physically shut down.

That was until then......

She heard a very deep maniacal laugh echoing through her head. But despite this crazy chain of events, this did very little to shake or stir her because of the fact that she was already messed up.

Because of this, she wasn't able to hear a random angry driver, honk he horn, repeatedly yelling out......


Just hearing the sound of ANOTHER voice pop up so suddenly pissed Margaret off. So much, that her eyes flashed red again and once she turned around.....

....a energy wave swept through her body as it immediately knocked back the angry driver as the car flipped over backwards, crushing any other cars behind it until it finally exploded in a burst of flames.

As for the pedestrians.....they ran for the hills.

Margaret just breathed heavily and looks down at her hands, convinced that she had just done what happened. Unfortunately, that "satisfaction" in that discovery was cut short as she felt a sudden urge behind her.

And she knew this wasn't normal.

But she ended up turning in around only to see that the fire from the car had somehow increased dramatically as it spread throughout the streets and SURROUNDED Margaret in a blanket of fire. She just looked all over her until she looked up.....noticing somebody literally dousing in the flames.......and her eyes BOLTED UP

Margaret:'re HIM......

Eventually, a shadowy figure with a cane with a skull on top of it slowly, but surely walked through the blanket of fire, as the flames immediately doused themselves out, quickly revolving to ashes and dust.

The shadows still covered him up from head to toe, so there was no way to see his face. But his voice.....was as frightening as it needed to be.

Figure: I AM......

We then cut to the early the following morning where Carrie was just staring out of the window of Sue's living room in her nightgown, pondering to her thoughts about why it had to be this way. It was never fair for her most of her life and it just kept getting worse up to this point.

As soon as the camera revolves behind her, we see Kurt teleport behind her as he kept a worried look fixated on him. But he wasn't the only one who knew that.

Carrie: Hey, you......

Kurt: I wake up, you're not in bed. Is something wrong?

Carrie: Yes......Is it just too much....for my momma to come to her senses? I mean, it's the holidays, for God's sakes.

Kurt: Hey....our first Christmas was a disaster as well, remember? I thought I lost you when SInister's castle was destroyed. But our Christmases after that turned out well.

Carrie: For a time, yes. But the world just doesn't feel like leaving well enough if we ever asked for it. And what happens now? I give birth to our first child. We're about to have Christmas and New Years with our family in my home town....and then my mom goes on a killing spree and ruins all the fun.

Kurt: Well, I'm more concerned about what made that weird laugh from last night.

Carrie: I don't know.....and I don't want to.......

Before she can speak on about it.....she hears a car pulling up on the sidewalk and when she looks out again, she sees......

Ms Desjardin (Judy Greer) and Bucky (Sebastian Stan) coming out of their van

Carrie: that--

She manages to peek through the window again just enough as she sees that it was in fact, both her and Bucky about to come inside.

Carrie: It's them.

Kurt: Wh-what?

She makes her way and bolts open the door, surprising both Desjardin and Bucky, as they weren't expecting anyone to open the door right away.

Desjardin: Carrie?

Carrie: Get in.

They did as Carrie slammed the door shut.

Bucky: Woah! Is she ok?

Kurt: Not one bit. But how did you guys make it here?

Desjardin: Booked a flight. Like we always do. Plus, we now have a little....debriefing on the situation you're in.

Kurt: Let me guess: Sue told you?

Desjardin: She told me everything. At least now, I understand why you....didn't want to come home to her sometimes.

Ralph: It'd be best if she didn't go at all.

Desjardin: Huh?

They see Ralph facing all of them, with his hands crossed.

Ralph: If I had known what type of woman she was making out of herself, then God forbid I ever see her again.

Bucky: I take it she's not a very bright person.

Kurt: The farthest thing from bright.

Carrie: Yeah, I wish I could tell myself that. The fact that she's been like this practically since the day I was born tells me that my mother isn't CLOSE to the person that I once thought she was. I don't know what else to say.....she.....she thinks everything I do is worth a trip to the closet. She thinks I already sold my soul to the one person I never would.....she GENERALLY does think that her way of religion is the only one that'll work either through her merit or someone else's. Without a gifted proctologist to yank her HEAD OUT HER ASS, we're not gonna shake her out this delusion. It's just not gonna happen.

Bucky: So....what do you reckon we do?

Carrie: I already have someone trying to find my mother. And once that happens, Anisha and Sue have something special planned......I hope......

Desjardin: And what do you suppose that is?

Before Carrie could speak on about that, that's when she heard baby cries from upstairs quickly revolving it's way downstairs, only to see that it was Erika coming down, carrying Noah.

And the baby had somewhat gotten through to not a good way.

Erika: Sorry, Carrie; the little one started crying and I can't find his bottle anywhere.

Carrie: It's in the fridge.

Erika: I didn't see it there earlier.

Carrie: Check again.

Desjardin: Oh this the little one you told me about on email?

Carrie: That it is. Our baby son, Noah.

Desjardin: Oh he's--darling--

Carrie: I know, he's a beauty

Desjardin: I mean--Oh, who am I kidding. Here, I'll get the bottle.

Carrie: Top shelf.

She walked in the kitchen to get Noah's bottles as Carrie took the baby as she sat down on the couch.....rather slowly.

Carrie: Sorry if I'm a little cranky. It's just....having a baby and my mom going off on the holidays has me a little crazy.

Kurt sat next to her

Kurt: No body blames you, Carrie. We understand that.

She grinned softly as she ended up leaning her head onto his shoulder; and that's when Anisha and Sue quickly came down with Tommy, George (Demetrius Joyette), Sydney and Little Carrie not far behind them.

George: Anything happening?

Both (Kurt, Carrie): No.

George: Well, then.....I guess we're in the clear.

Kurt: In the clear for.....

Tommy: Sue has a way out of this.

Carrie: You sure about that? And you sure this ain't gonna involve-

Tommy:, no, no. No one is going to die, ok?

Sydney: Speak for yourself.

Tommy: Watch it.

Sue: Alright, everyone gather around. I mean EVERYONE. Come on.

Eventually, everyone piled up around as Sue began to explain....

Sue: Alright.....Carrie, me and Anisha have an idea in may not like it, but I guarantee she won't bite the dust or anyone else for that matter.

Carrie: Ok, I'm lis--Hold on. Rachel?

As she goes on to explain, it cuts to Deadpool again, looking for Margaret while listening to "Careless Whisper" (this time performed by Seether). And he couldn't help but to dance like a nation and sing along.

I'm never gonna dance again Guilty feet have got no rhythm Though it's easy to pretend I know you're not a fool I should've known better than-

Admist halfway through the chorus, he gets tackled and lifted up by a certain someone as it slams him down on the concrete.

Rachel: I'm done f__king around with you, Wade. What do you know? HOW MUCH do you know?

(She still won't know know.....)

Deadpool: Jeeeeeeeez-SUS! What happened to "Don't say anything at all if you don't have nothing nice to say?"

Rachel: You expect me to say something like that after.....I mean....what ARE you? Really? And....what made you fascinated about.....

Deadpool: About?

Rachel: About Peter.....

Deadpool: I understand your pain....really. Just let me loose and I'll spill my guts (tell you everything)

As much as she wasn't sure about Deadpool, she could tell he had some sort of connection with Peter Parker. She's figured it was best for her to let him tell her what he knows.

So she loosened her grip and lets him go, allowing him to breathe again.

Deadpool: brreathes heavily Ahh.....again.....frightened.....and aroused.

Rachel: Save it. Now....what is about Peter that gained your interest?

Deadpool: Well, just to start off.....I'm a fan.....*turns to the audience*.....just like all of you are, and well.....what else do you expect me to say? He's f__king Spider-Man.

Rachel: Well, he was MY Spider-Man

Deadpool: I know THAT for a fact. I can tell that even in death, he still loves you. But then again, everyone else loves him just the same. Cause he was everyone else's Spider-Man too.

(He has a point there)

Rachel: Yeah......their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.....and now he's gone......and when he died, my life got f__ked up more than it did before I got captured. Before my friend committed suicide on top of the car roof. Before Jesse betrayed me with that chicken coop prank.....And Peter....I-I'm just talking to a grave. And I can't even talk to the real him anymore.

Deadpool: You loved him more than held on tight and you never let go.

Rachel: I didn't. And neither did he. But......he.....

At that point, she started breaking down yet again, only this time in front of Wade. Wade was about to step forward, but Rachel quickly stepped back from him and then ran away.

Deadpool: *taps in* I hope you caught all that.

Of course, I did.

Deadpool: Well, why aren't u doin' anything?

I still can't ruin it for her.

Deadpool: Are you ever gonna ever get off your f__king red 'n blue underwear ass of your back and just go back to her? She's miserable without you! Didn't anything that wondered out her pretty mouth mean anything to you?!

It means the world to me and you know that. But you also know what I told you earlier.

Deadpool: i don't care if you're sh__ting your pants from being ravaged by sunburned skunks or rashed penguins, ok?! Whether or not this threat is actually worth my time, is up to yours truly......*turns to the crowd*.......Nothing personal. But if this keeps up, I'm gonna put a bullet up your head and f**k the brain hole!

I SO don't want to see that or think of it.

Deadpool: You'd be dead then! You wouldn't have to.

As he ends the conversations then and there, we cut later back at the mansion where Xavier was in his office, filling out paperwork as he just so happened to be checking on the files of (who else) Carrie and Kurt. This was a decision he had thought long and hard about, but up to now, he knew it was necessary.

Xavier: time.

As he quickly left a check mark on both of their files......

The lights started to dim slightly, just like they did at Margaret's house......which means that what happened there was FAR from a one time event. SOMETHING was happening or SOMEONE was causing this to happen.

Xavier looked around as they kept on flickering all over the household and suddenly, they all exploded one by one......and then all at once.

And then that's when he heard it......

The maniacal laugh.

(No, he doesn't reveal himself yet)

For reasons unanswered, Xavier was not frightened the slightest by this paranoia of events.....which led to the conclusion that he probably already knows who's behind this.

Xavier: I know it's you. Why are you here?

Figure's voice: You always manage to catch up. I'm impressed.

Xavier: What do you come here for?

Voice: I come to pay you a compliment, Charles Xavier. For your teachings upon that girl.

Xavier: Carrie?

Voice: The woman that gave her life countlessly claims she has the power that even the angels above have feared.

Xavier: She's very unique, yes. I have taught her to use her powers wisely and with self-control.

Voice: And the child?


Xavier:.....his gifts will be unique as well.

Voice: But the woman will see to it that it doesn't happen. And so will I.

Xavier: Why are you doing this?

Voice: That's a conversation.....FOR ANOTHER TIME......

Lightning and thunder clashed outside until a lightning bolt literally crashed through one of the windows, barely striking Xavier and causing him to fall out f his wheelchair. It wasn't until after he sat back up that the floor starts revealing a devil-like shadow merging from all corners of the place, and then lunges at him.....

.....only for the lights to dim back on as Xavier just looked around the room, feeling rather alarmed.

That very same afternoon, Noah was just having a peaceful afternoon nap with Ralph watching over him upstairs; while downstairs, Carrie had come out of the bathroom, wearing a towel although she was already dried off. As she was about to head in towards the guest room, her foot numbs into something adjacent to her on the floor, by the bed. It was a backpack (Little Carrie's backpack, to be exact) and curiosity crossed her mind at that point. So she opened up the bag and what did she see.....?

X-Men comics.

Carrie, upon catching the sight, couldn't help but to chuckle mildly and looked through them

Seeing Wolverine slashing, Nightcrawler hanging by his tail, Storm and Jean blowing through everything, it was literally a blast to be reading this, for it offered her some reconciliation and cool-down from yesterday. Unfortunately, what saddened her about it was that she saw a familiar face through one of the first few pages......

It was Rogue.....

At that point, old memories with her and conversations kept booming through her head.

You don't want to know anything about me.

I understand. What's wrong?

I just never met anyone who are like you. Kind. Supportive. Except there was one. But after my episode, I never saw her again.

Well, you're gonna find a lot of things different here. Cause a lot here have been in your shoes.

Carrie: *Sighs* Rouge.....

A cut later, Carries all dressed up with her hair tied up in a bun as she came downstairs to the living room, seeing Kurt and little Carrie sitting together, watching cartoon Scooby Doo shows

The sight of it made her smile a lot.....for only a brief time.

Daphne on tv: Would you do it for a scooby snack?

Scooby on tv: Rooby rack! Oh roy!

Little Carrie: Scooby Doo's always been my favorite talking dog.

Kurt: Ja. He IS quite funny.

Carrie: Hey, you.

They both turn around towards her.

(Logan reference)

Carrie: So.....Carrie, just a question.....*holds up the comic book*.....You read these in your spare time?

Kurt: Is that--

Carrie: Oh ja, Kurt. We got us an X-Men fan here.

Little Carrie: I see you guys on TV all the time. They even made some movies of you guys.

Carrie: I'm flattered. Not all of them tell the truth though, but they're for good entertainment.

The smile that brightens Carries face suddenly vanished as her mental look and reaction changed.

Carrie: But then again.....why would it matter? You know what REALLY happens during the life of a's nothing but hell.

Kurt: Carrieta?

Carrie: There's blood, guts and unfair social standards riled deeper by destruction, civil wars and one tragedy after another after another after another.....

Kurt: Carrie....I don't think little Carrie needs to be reminded of life's impermanence.

Carrie: Hehe.....sorry, Carrie. Guess I got carried away.

Little Carrie: It's fine. come you're not in any of those comics or movies?

Carrie: I--I don't know.....I guess the people who made these don't know about me.

Kurt: Or maybe they do. Just saving you for a new issue to be released.

Carrie: Well, they definitely don't need to know what your eyes really look like.

Kurt couldn't help but to cackle slightly at her response as he placed his arm around her. But soon....everyone (Sue, Tommy, George, Erika, Anisha, Sydney, Drsjardin, Bucky) came downstairs and stood together

Carrie and Kurt stood together arm and arm as Sue, Anisha and the rest all stood together.....rather oddly.

Carrie: all ok?

Desjardin: I was gonna ask you the same thing.

Carrie: My well being, isn't really worth worrying about right now.

Kurt: Carrieta.....

Carrie: Baby.....please......

Sue: Well, lets just say that we know what to do now. But again, you may not like it.

Carrie: At this stance, I'm willing to take anything I can get at this chance.

Rachel: Is it worth it?

She then hears her sisters voice urging behind her and as soon as she sees her, she hugs her tightly.

Carrie: Rachel, where were you?

Rachel: I'm sorry, Carrie. But I can't take it.......sobs.....I can't take it anymore.

Carrie: I know, I know, I know......tell me in the car, ok?

A cut later, they were on their way to.....whatever the hell Sue and Anisha had planned for Margaret.....unaware that she was watching.....from ABOVE.

She stalked Carrie and Rachel from the other side of the road as they walked to the car.....but then Carrie just stopped.....for she had a question for Rach.

Carrie: hardly been acting like yourself since we got here.

Rachel: Nor have you.

Carrie: But i don't know what yours is.

Rachel: *Sighs* Its just.....I miss Pete so much. But.....after that kid at the airport said he saw Spider-Man and with Wade popping up.....I just like feel in my heart.....he's near. And it's tearing me up so deeply.

Carrie: I'm really's always hard when your first love ends. But listen....if you need a break, you can go home. I won't stop you.

Rachel: And let you face your mom alone?

Carrie: I won't be alone. Kurt, Sue and the others will be with me.

Rachel: Still....I hate to leave you and Dad alone while she's out there.

The two got in the car with Sue and Anisha and took off, but they were still unaware that Margaret had heard what she said and....eventually walked away from the window.

Inside of Sues house, Ralph was resting on a rocking chair with Noah still in his crib 'till....the sound of a door opening slowly woke him up..... but then again, he hardly moved.

Whoever stepped in came by the crib

Ralph: Don't wake him yet. Let him sleep another hour.


Ralph: You know, Carrieta......this was without a doubt.....the most perfect stress relief that I've had in a very long time.......And I don't deserve I? I did....some things.....some things unspeakable.... I remember what happened that night.....and it was just......and it wasn't the first time I hurt people. Until you came back in my life.....and until today....I didn't know how to live with myself. You weren't afraid to look in my eyes and tell me you still love me. You and we just....kept on.....I think....I finally understand you.

A hand was laid down on his shoulder ever so slightly as Noah slowly opened his eyes to a terrifying sight.

Ralph: Carrie?

Suddenly.....a kitchen knife was shoved into his chest, piercing him deeply as he gasped.

The knife was then slowly pulled out as the shadows cleared up, showing Margaret looking down at her wounded former husband

Margaret: May God keep you darling husband.

Next thing you know, Noah started crying and everyone else who was downstairs heard it.

But then.....Margaret looked over at Noah's direction and heard him crying.....causing her to pull out the knife again.

Margaret: It's a test.....c-cut it down......CUT IT DOWN.......

Before she could even try and kill the newborn, Everyone who was downstairs immediately rushed up the stairs to see the carnage, unfold.

As soon as they saw Ralph with the stab wound unconscious, Margaret turned around with such sinister intent that it freaked all of them (Tommy, Desjardin, Bucky, Sydney, Little Carrie) out to no end.

Sydney: Y-you again?

Margaret: like....evil-doers. And you are ALL GUILTY.

That's when her eyes pulse RED again.

Bucky: Holy-

Desjardin: RUN!!!

Her, Tommy, Little Carrie and Sydney run back downstairs to get the hell outta of there as Bucky tries to SHOOT her, but big surprise.....(you won't believe this).....she ABSORBS all the bullets until Buckys guns run out.

Bucky laid back in confusion as Margaret literally popped the bullets out of her, and when Bucky went for an attack, Margaret blocks him and then STABS HIM clean through with her knife.

(Don't worry. He makes it.)

Margaret just let the knife sink deeper into Buck as he backed up and staggered to a knee, but that's when Kurt teleported in and kicked Margaret off to the side, crashing her into the wall.

But only momentarily.

She quickly regained her balance as she sees Kurt aiding Buck

Kurt: You ok?

Bucky: I'll live....but he's worse.

Kurt looked over on his left to see Ralph losing blood as he suddenly slipped off his chair and landed with a thud.

Kurt: RALPH!!

He was about to rush his aid, but Margaret glowed up again and lunged forward at Bucky, who was still covering his wound. At the last possible second, he gets out of the way as Margaret missed the attack, resulting in exploding a huge chunk of the house.

Buck once again, stood up only to see Margaret disappeared (just like that) but she wasn't really gone.....cause when he looked out the hole, he sees an image of the shadowy figure standing outside, holding the skull cane again and making that deep laugh.....

......until he vanishes.

Buck: The hell?

Kurt: *to Ralph* Hang on, hang on. You're gonna make it. *Turns to Buck* We got to call 911. Schiell! (Now!)

Bucky: You stay with him, I'll check on the others.

As soon as Buck was out the room, Kurt continued to hold Ralph in his hands, as the mere hashing of blood from his wound resulted in him gasping in more pain

Kurt: Ralph....please....just a little longer.....

Ralph: Don''s worth it. I hav--haven't done anything worth enlightenment....since m-my divorce.

Kurt: Div-divorce?

Ralph: So that's....where you come in. You....have to....protect my girls. They need you more.....than they needed me.....EVER.....tell them....don't let their past hold them mine did on me.....It's-it's too deep now. Go....protect your Carrieta.....may the lord....bless....and keep you all.....

And slowly, the grip in Ralph's hand hardened as his pulse faded until.....there was nothing left.....and his life.....slipped away

Kurt couldn't believe it. It seemed unreal at first, cause he had known him for the longest time and had developed a real bond with this very same man. But he knew Carrie and Rachel would take it worse. MUCH WORSE.

All he could do was take his cross off his neck and place it in Ralph's cold, hands. He slowly balled it up as he couldn't help but to shed a tear himself.

Kurt: keine Angst vor dem Tod......Angst vor einem Leben ungelebt

He then closes both of Ralph's eyes as he then went over to soothe the crying Noah as he then teleported away.

It then cuts back to Carrie, Rachel, Sue and Anisha as they finally arrived at.....the place where Sue had her plan in store. As soon as Rachel steps out, she immediately asks.....

Rachel: The hell is this place?

Deadpool: Wrong time to ask, sweet cheeks.

The girls were all startled by Deadpool's third unexpected appearance as it sorta became stalker-ish to them now.

Anisha: Jesus.

Rachel: Can you--Can you please come up with entrances that won't give anyone a heart attack?

Deadpool: Where's the fun in that?

Sue: *Whispers* No offense, Carrie; but this guy is really getting on my nerves.

Carrie: *Whispers* Never mind him. He's.....ya know.

Deadpool: No, I DON'T know.

Rachel: You're not in this, ok? Have you found her mom?

Deadpool: No sign of the scorching baby mama.

Carrie: Watch it. *sighs* So, what's the plan?

Anisha: Well....what we had in mind was......who is that?

Carrie: "Who is that"?

Anisha: No, not that....HIM!

Carrie and he rest immediately looked over behind them and they couldn't help but to feel visibly shaken and stirred fear.

Once again, that eerie maniacal laugh echoed through the background. However, only one person (Deadpool) wasn't freaked out by it.

Yet, he didn't say a word.

(You ready for this?)


The sound of premature hissing backed up by a sudden spark eventually led to another blanket of fire as it, once again, surrounded the streets and crowed our heroin and her friends deep inside.

Eventually, the compressing heat closes in in them as they all start sweating and pull each other closer together. At that point, Carrie and Rachel, thinking alike, grabbed ahold of their hands and closed their eyes......

.....before quickly pushing the fire back away from all of them, seemingly dousing it.

But that wasn't enough. Unfortunately, the shadow image that remained stuck to beneath their feet like a stand in poster.....suddenly brought itself up and out the ground, as the actual shadow from his body, quickly faded.....revealing himself to be......

Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda)

(From the movie Ghost Rider)

All was silent for a brief moment, for his appearance was having them staggering in pure intimidation that he had displayed......

.....yet his voice....was just as frightening.

Mephistopheles: Hello, Carrie.

Everyone, including Wade, backed up, not so much in fear but rather in confusion.

Rachel: S-Someone you know, Carrie?

Carrie: N-no....I-I mean.....I hope not.

Deadpool: Why is that?

Mephistopheles: THAT is not for you to determine. Everything is always done for certain reasons, Wilson.

Deadpool: What the s__t biscuit!! How do you......oh, never mind....

Mephistopheles: Hmm.....Well, I can definitely see how much you've grown up......since the last time I saw you.

Carrie: L-la--last t-time....??

Mephistopheles: Oh, come on....deep down in your heart of hearts, you must have known that something was watching over you; that SOMETHING was always there from the beginning. School. Home. The prom. Your "civil war".......*chuckles*......Ive practically been watching you since the day you were born. Even when you changed history....and saved those who died in the past.....the evolution of you is incredible. From the lonely special girl....a a goddess. I Especially with your battle with Apocalypse....

Carrie: You been watching during all the times of hell I been through?

Mephistopheles: It was not my intention at first.....since I was dealing with a defiant little ingrate at the time......but it was your MOTHER that drew me to you... years after that stubborn Johnny Blaze....refused to return the power of the Ghost Rider. Interesting yet broken in so many ways, I had to follow her activities. It wasn't until she gave birth to you.....that she dragged you....into my arms unknowingly.

Deadpool: 🎶S__tbags🎶...

Carrie: What did you do to her?

Mephistopheles: I do what I'm designed for: I offered her a deal.....and she offered her soul to me. She offered me sacrifices; and in return.....I made her my own.....made her INDESTRUCTIBLE.

Carrie: You corrupted her??!

Mephistopheles: It was her choice. Her own life. The thing is Carrie....your mother's heart was never meant for you. She was never gonna find her sacred road to enlightenment with you, regardless whether or not it was by the will of GOD. SHE was the one who was lost....until I came along.....and now, she's my priestess

Rachel: Carrie?!

Sue: Not now, Carrie. Relax!

Carrie: *to Mephistopheles* You son of a b__ch!

Carrie's eyes pulsated quickly as it looked like she was about to launch an attack, but then he just.....VANISHED.....almost like he was never there.

She breathed heavily as she backed up slowly but the moment she turns around, Mephistopheles shadow goes straight through her and vanishes as it knocks her off balance, rendering her shaken, but not injured.

With or without her powers....she won't die easily. Not like you have any plans in taking her out, but you, unfortunately, are the only thing keeping HER human....and ME from my conquest. Stop me if you must....but you would be corrupting the world around you as well. MAKE YOUR CHOICE......

Carrie panted heavily in sweat after hearing that stunning statement from the devil himself, as she finally lingered herself back up. Luckily, Rach and Sue were there to comfort her, but that's then......

The Black Bird landed only a few feet in.l front of them and out came Xavier and Andrew Detmer.

And it didn't take long for the others to notice.

Rachel: Guys?

Carrie: It's them.

Anisha: Hold on......Charles Xavier from "X-Men" that the kid from "Chronicle"?

Carrie: Wha-

Sue: You never saw "Chronicle", Carrie?

Carrie: Do I even have to.....Never mind, ok? I got this.

Still feeling extremely confused and cornered after staring down Mephistopheles for the first time, she wasn't in the mood for no introduction. As soon as she approached Charles, she IMMEDIATELY asked....

Carrie: Did you know? And for how long?

Deadpool: Straight to it then, ehh?

Andrew: Alright, no offense. But who the hell is this Rotten--

Deadpool: *thrusts his sword to his throat* Say it again, and your bloods getting squirted right in my tight spandex.

Andrew: Ugh......


Carrie: Again.....*to Xavier*.....answer the damn question. How long have you know that-that....bastard?

Xavier:.....for as long as I've lived.......Just to be fair, Carrie, he truly is unlike any other being you've currently seen on this earth. He's the pure definition of Hell Incarnated.

Carrie: So.....he's the ACTUAL devil? My mom literally sold her soul to the I might've done myself (referring to her massacres)

She just looks down at the pavement below and feels the ashes from Mephistopheles shadow rain down over all of them. Only one thing was certain: what is sure to come is not going to be pretty.

Carrie: I'm in his playground now.

At that point, her phone vibrates. She let it vibrate for a little bit before finally picking it and answering. The news.....

.....was not good.

Carrie: Hello?

Kurt: Mein Liebling, where are you?

Carrie: I'm with Sue and Anisha like I said I was gonna be. But the Professor is here now and he brought Andrew.....

Kurt: need to come back. And bring them back with you.

Carrie: Why? What's wrong?

Then there was silence.....

Carrie: Kurt, speak to me baby. You're scaring me.

Kurt: It's your Vater.

Carrie: What? Wh-what's wrong? Is he alright?

Kurt:....just come back to the house.

The dial was soon cut off and Carrie looked all confused, looking at Rachel who was clueless herself....

That was until she said....

Carrie: Somethings wrong with Dad.

A cut later, they immediately drive back to Sue's house and pull up on the sidewalk (no less) just to see Tommy sitting outside with Little Carrie crying and Ms. Desjardin and Bucky (Bandaged up) arm in arm

All of this wasn't a good sign, but Carrie still didn't know of the horror that would soon befall her when she stepped in that house.

Carrie: Guys, what's going on?

Desjardin: Just.....go inside honey.

Carrie quickly looked back at Rachel as, in unison, they both gulped.

Upon opening the door, they immediately went in just to be taken aback by George, Erika and Kurt carrying the baby looking towards them with.....utter silence

Kurt: Carrie, I'm so so sorry.

Still in confusion, Carrie nodded slightly till.....

Kurt moved away, revealing.....

Ralph's lifeless body on the couch with his hands on his chest, still embedded with Kurt's cross in between his cold, dead fingers.

Dumbfounded and emotional behind their shock, both daughters of Ralph approached him with tears beginning to fall from their eyes, and with no intentions on hiding them, they both fell flat on their knees and touched him in a state of panic

Carrie: No, no, no....come on, Dad.....NO!

Rachel: D-daddy.....Please, no......NOOOOOO!!!

The sight of his lifeless body on the couch, embedded with the knife still in his chest with dry blood choking the sharp, shiny texture of the blade, was just sickening. The last person who was a true father figure to them just decomposed right in front of both of them.

To Rachel, it was another emotional loss for her.

But for Carrie, it was the ultimate sign of betrayal.....a blatant slap in the face caused by the one woman who SHE thought she loved. After was clear that her mother was now the WORST PART OF HER.

All the voices, all the lies, all the.....everything that her mother said to her in the past kept echoing back in her head.......and it only filed her fire.

There will be a judgement.....

They're gonna laugh at you; they're all gonna laugh at you.....

Go to your closet and pray for forgiveness


You must give it up; you must never use it

.....I thought you were cancer.

.....nothing's gonna stop me.

You know he Devil never dies. He keeps coming back......and you got to keep killing him......

Keep killing him.....

Keep killing him......

Keep killing him.....

With each and every fanatic quote from her mother beamed into her head, it only complicates matters worse. Carrie's fists balled up ever so slowly as she stood up with her face, almost stone cold frozen.

Erika: Uh....Carrie?

George: Hey, its al-

Erika: *pulls him away* Babe, it's not gonna work. You can tell where this is going......

Somehow, Erika guessed right as Carrie ferociously YANKED the knife out of her fathers dead chest, startling the hell out of everyone. Carrie then watched as whatever blood Ralph had left trickled down onto her hands.....passing through her fingers, onto the floor.....

And then......

You got to keep killing him......

Hearing that statement again caused her eyes to go BLOODSHOT RED as everything starts to levitate, shake and even break from the sheer force of Carrie's mind (yep, she doesn't use her hands anymore) and all (especially Sydney) was freaking out. Even Tommy, Bucky and Desjardin could hear it from outside.

At that point......she screams.......with SO MUCH velocity that it practically blew out the windows in the entire house as well as other houses from blocks down and it knocked everyone back.....

All except for Kurt and Rachel.

Carrie: *breathing heavily*

She stands in the middle of the wreckage as she then notices a sudden change to her appearance: an aura pulsating around her body.

Whether or not it was unlocked from the sheer force of her rage, it was definitely a phenomenon unlike anything she or the others have seen, even more so when she began to glow up like a lightbulb the same way she did during the fight with Apocalypse.

Meaning that wasn't a one time use event.

Kurt: Carrie....

She slowly looked over towards him with her eyes glowing a special type of gold. It was fascinating but also confusing.

Kurt: Mein liebling.

Rachel: Sis.

Ignoring their remarks, or lost in her own realm in her mind, Carrie blew up open the front door and walked out emotionless with no clear objective in mind. Luckily, Desjardin, Bucky and Tommy got out the way long enough to see the next act. Exhorting with more power and glowing more brighter, the sudden flash of light that came from inside her blinded everyone in sight, causing them to look away and the next thing you know.....

As soon as she levitated up in the sky......she just disappeared.

Rachel: SIS!!


Desjardin: What in the--Where did she go?

Bucky: Beats me.

Sue: Did you guys see the way she glowed up like that? It's almost as if she....transformed.

Xavier: Perhaps I should explain.

They quickly turn to the right to see Xavier popping up out of nowhere alongside Andrew.

And he wasted no time explaining.

Xavier: During the battle with Apocalypse, Carrie's powers somehow interfered and made an interaction with his. She managed to absorb his powers on behalf and to the best of my knowledge, they didn't just increase changed her.....into.....

Sue: Wait, wait, wait. Are you saying.....are you trying to tell me that.....Carrie is....

Rachel: A goddess?

Xavier: *nods* Yes. Unable to age. Unable to die. Depending.....

Kurt: Depending on what?

Xavier: Depending how much energy she fed off from him. She could still age and die the normal way if she remains in her human form. But remaining as a Goddess.....time will end up losing it's effect on her......and it could spell out disastrous consequences.

Andrew: Why couldn't I be a god?

Anisha: Oh, YOU KNOW why.


Kurt: Let's leave the details later. We got to find out where she went before her Mutter and Mephistopheles find her first.

Rachel: Agreed. But where will we start?

Xavier: I can go back to the mansion and try and track her on the surebro. However.....someone will have to get Ralph's body to the morgue.

Tommy: Let me worry about that. It's the least I can do.

Bucky: I'll give you a hand.

And as they took their own separate missions......

.....the glow from Carries body resinated itself as she remained her goddess form and soon reappeared...... Ewen High.

Her strange aura then vanished as she laid her feet on the ground and approached the front doors.....before slamming them open.....and then looking around.....inside.

Looking at every single locker, office, classroom in that very school was very surreal to her. She never quite had the feeling of gratitude that every other kid had.....but it didn't matter at that point. That moment in her life where she finally put her foot down and stood up for herself......was probably the best mistake that she made.

That is.....until she ran across those two eerily familiar places: the girl's locker room.....and the gym.

Like a bull in a China shop, it rammed into the back of her skull, deliberately trying to enforce itself upon Carrie's mind, but she blocked it out.

Carrie: Never again......

After leaving the girls locker room, she slowly trudged through the halls again as she forced herself to walk onto the gym.

Staring blankly over the bleachers and the front of the gym court, replaying images from that day in 2013 came resonating back like a broken record player on steroids.

Just having to look at all of the painful memories of her school life was overwhelming to say the least, and it got a little too emotional for her......that was, until.....she felt a VERY keen familiar presence she knew all to well. It really PISSED. Her. Off.

Carrie: Do you have the faintest idea what you have done?

She turns around as the camera revolves around behind her to Margaret, still wielding that damn knife.

Margaret: My poor child, this is my life's work in its finest moment. I'm restoring Gods last realm.

(She's still in that damn delusion)

Carrie: By oppressing people.....and BUTCHERING KIDS?!

Margaret: I-it was by His demand.....

Carrie: Mephistopheles demand! Not yours, not mine and especially NOT His!!! He would never demand innocent sacrifices on His children. If he did, it would be all of us who died for our sins and not His blessed son. This is FAR beyond any of His will!

Margaret: I've always feared you would look outside of his vision.....selling your soul to that hell-beast. Giving life to it's offspring makes you just outside His love.

Carrie: Stop TALKING LIKE THAT! He LOVES all of us in the universe! Humans and mutants alike. Kurt is not a hell beast, Momma. Noah is not a child of the devil. YOU, on the other hand.....I....I-I really thought I knew who you really were inside. But who am I kidding; that's impossible. You were definitely out of it before, but you were NEVER THIS vile. But then again.....deep down.....I always knew you were......even when you almost stabbed me with a pair of scissors the day I was born.

(Whoa......wonder how she found that out)

Margaret: I still took you in my arms.

Carrie: And then you slapped me! Beat me with the Bible! Accused me of sinning! Locked me up in that damn closet every day! Just while EVERYONE else in this town showed me NOTHING but hate, cruelty and despair. YOU and THEY TORTURED ME ALL MY LIFE!!

For a moment, her excessive yelling subsides for the moment as her temper goes down a little to explain even more....

Carrie: And the only good things that I've had were the TRUE sister....and my Father.......

Margaret: Baby......

Carrie: But then stole him from me......

Margaret: Carrie.

Carrie: Took him from me......

Margaret: My child!


Margaret: Carrieta! Please listen....

Carrie: NO! I'm tired of being your little lucky charm to carry around in your back pocket! It's YOUR turn to listen now, you understand?! All of my life, you've told me the world is nothing but a dark and cruel place! But you're right about one thing; it's FAR from perfect. But the only reason why the world is like this is only because of people like.....Azazel. Sinister. Heather. Tina. Nic and Lizzie. Nolan. C-Chris.......And YOU!

That entire Rage-fit struck Margaret back again as she felt the weight of Carrie's powers increasing by the second and eventually, she suddenly felt weak at the knees as Carrie brought her down to her knees.

At that point, she was DECIDEDLY defenseless as she witnessed that golden aura appear around Carrie again as her eyes dilate from brown to black to bloodshot red......until her pupils finally dilates into GOLD.

The very image of Carrie ascending in the air like an ACTUAL ANGEL.....left Margaret completely speechless and frozen where she kneeled.

Margaret: M-my Angel......

Carrie: Never was.....never will be.....

And then, at a moments notice, Carrie flipped Margaret around and slammed her through the benches, attempting to literally CRUSH HER as the benches deformed itself and bonded around Margaret, assuringly trapping her in its grasp......

Margaret: *sighs* It did not have to come to this. I do not wish to fight you, Carrieta.......

There's a slight pause.

Margaret: But if I MUST......

This time, HER eyes glowed a deep red as she broke the bleachers apart, blinding Carrie for a few seconds as she then charged herself forward, attempting to strike with the damn knife.

Unfortunately, just when she's about to thrust the knife, it stops. She tries to exert more pressure behind the knife, only to realize that Carrie was stopping it.....without having to touch it. And then (you'll love this)......her eyes flashes red for a second and the knife melts from Margaret's grip.

Undeterred by this misfortune, Margaret forced pushed Carrie back into the other bleachers before punching her through the entire thing. She then picks her up from the wreckage and throws Carrie towards the lights on the ceiling, as her head bounced off the lights.....only to recover mere seconds later.

Carrie then grabs her own mother by the throat and pulls her close to her, unaware that a certain somebody (you know who) was monitoring her actions from far away.

Margaret: W-what.....are you?

Carrie: You will soon find out

It then cuts back to the mansion...... we discover Xavier on the sureburo barely keeping his kind in contact with Carries, as he managed to get a brief yet fading glimpse on her location......and he had a reason to be alarmed.

Xavier: Dear lord.

A cut later, we're at Sue's car as the others were finished dropping or delivering Ralph's body to the morgue, but just as they got back inside, Kurt was in midst of a phone call.

Kurt: What? Where? Are you sure, is it even safe to--*sighs* Alright, thanks Professor.

He hangs up

Rachel: Well?

Kurt: She's at the old school. So is Mrs. White.

Sue: S__t. Well, guess Erika was right. We ARE going back to school.

Kurt: I never really been there before.

Sue: Well, you're in for a field trip. That school was the worst one ever built. After everything that happened, we just so happen to GO BACK there.

Andrew: Then it's time for some serious ass kicking.

Anisha: Hold up....unless Carrie can squish her like a bug given her....god powers....we won't know how to fight her. I mean....that Manifesto or whatever his name was said he gave her powers for human sacrifices.

Rachel: We'll have to improvise.

Deadpool: That's always our tactic. I was thinking of walking her to a cliff and handing her an amble but.....seems kind of cartoony. *At the screen* Don't you all think so?

Sue: Do you ever get serious?

Deadpool: If you piss me off.

They just stare at each other for a brief second.

Sue: Yeeeeeeeaaaaahh.......So I'm guessing.....that's why you wear that tomato....

(Really, Sue?)

Pissed off, Deadpool actually pulls out his gun and aims at her, cause NOW he was getting serious.



Both (Anisha, Rachel): Eww.

Deadpool: Just drive, God-dammit.

Sue willingly, or unwillingly (if you will) started the engine and take off. Yet, one cut later, they're already parking outside the school.

Sue: Alright. This is it.

Kurt: Doesn't look like much.

Sue: They all would say that.

Andrew: Stay back.....glimpses over at Deadpool......we, uh, we got this.

Deadpool: Alrighty, ladies and gentlemen.....looks at Kurt.....and, uh......furball.......prepare to see your favorite Merc....unsheathes his swords......blow up in this f__king nuts house.

(chuckles Wade, man. U too much)

Unfortunately, before he could "blow up in this", the front of the school exploded as Margaret burst out of the front. Deadpool dodged and jumped over her in slow motion as Andrew caught her in grip.

But Margaret was literally able to counteract with his grip and she cracked his arm, then knocked him down.

Carrie: MOMMA!

They all heard the voice from the front of the school and eventually saw Carrie levitating out of the dust, once again surrounded by that godly Golden aura as she launched an attack at Margaret.....only for her to disappear immediately.

Carrie: Damn it.


Carrie, at that moment, looked over at the direction opposite of her as she saw Kurt standing there with his arms out while Sue and Rachel appear behind him. Seeing this image snapped out of her godly aura as she reverted back to human form.

Carrie: Guys?

As she stepped forward with accuracy and with no intent on hurting anyone else, she took her time approaching before suddenly stopping.....and the she gasped silently.

Unfortunately, it wasn't her intention to stop and she soon found out as she looked down towards her stomach.....seeing the texture of sharpened silverware Ooze out the blood flowing through her body and internal organs.

In other words: SHE HAD BEEN STABBED.....AGAIN.....right in front of the others, no less.

And to further complicate matters, since Carrie's god form wore off, she was able to feel pain again.....and it wasn't long before she groaned in agony, slipping off the blade and falling face-first onto the concrete; revealing the culprit to be....who else.....Margaret.

Kurt: NOOOO!!

In rage and fury over his wife harmed again, Kurt teleported over there and wrapped his tail around Margaret's neck, trying his best to struggle with her. Unfortunately, the demon inside f Margaret wouldn't tolerate that.

Margaret: Get your vile hands OFF OF ME!!!

She quickly lifts him up and sends both of them crashing into the walls of the school, and then plummets Kurt towards the ground.

But Kurt gets out of harms way intrude as he teleports away and then swats Margaret back down as she immediately recovers. But that's when Deadpool comes right the hell outta nowhere and starts shooting Automatic pistol bullets at her non-stop, yet the bullets keep going right though her.....until the guns run out.

Deadpool: Goddamn it.

He then unsheathed his swords and goes for a lunge attack, but Margaret immediately pulsates a wave from her eyes, and sends him crashing into the concrete 3 feet back, cutting his swords in the process and almost knocking him out.

By the time he gets up to see his swords sliced in half, he says....

Deadpool: That's--qu-quite emasculating...

....and lays back down unconscious.


At that point, Rachel tried to get a head start on Margaret, but she grabs him almost immediately. But following the distraction, Kurt once again teleports behind Margaret and snaps her neck, causing her to release Rachel as they both fall.

Kurt: Carrie!

He quickly teleports to her and holds her up as Rachel, Anisha and Sue came running up to her, watching the gaping hole from her stab wound just stare back at them.

Sue: H-how? But I thought she couldn't be hurt no more.

Kurt: The professor said her god powers could deplete over time just like her telekinesis. That's what it takes hit at the right moment.

Rachel: *Sobs* Come on, can't die....yo-you're all I have left now.

Kurt: She needs blood. We got to get her out of here.


Deadpool just so happened to wake up only to notice Margaret's body twitching excessively. It freaked him out so much that he had to go over and tell the others.

Deadpool: Uh.....kiddies....*chuckles nervously* might wanna....

As he points, they all look over just to see.....

Margaret suddenly sitting up (Undertaker style) and a few seconds later, she cracks her neck back into place and then looks back at ALL of them with her eyes glowing red again.

(Damn, she ain't human no more)

Kurt: Schiza.

Rachel: Son of a b__ch.....

Deadpool: I don't know about you, but this girl's f__king Michael Myers.


Deadpool: Just sayin'.

At that point, Margaret just holds out her hand and all of a sudden, makeshift spears with a fiery tip on the end literally appear from above the pavement floor in all things considered and thrust towards Kurt and the others.

Anisha: *screams*


The girls and Kurt get down from cover, but they don't really feel anything. They suddenly look up in front of them as they see Rachel and Andrew (with one arm) using their powers to slow down and break the spears apart.

Unfortunately, Margaret kept regenerating and bringing up more spears as she finally managed to get a hit on Rachel and Andrew. Yet, they still stood. But their powers depleting faster then the average millisecond of a speeding bullet, it was clear they couldn't stay long.

Rachel: Kurt! Could you get us out of here?

Kurt: I don't think I can carry this many people again.

Deadpool: Aw COME ON, gaggles! No f__king excuses! You've done it once, you can do it again! Hurry up!

That's when they all grabbed ahold of each other and then onto Kurt as he desperately tried to get them all out of there.

But the spears dawned closer......

Andrew: Come on, man......


Sue: Kurt?!

Rachel: KURT! COME ON!


Despite being having 5 people onto him at once, Kurt managed to get all of them out of there in time..... they teleported outside of the hospital.

Kurt just laid flat on the ground completely depleted of energy as everyone looked around while Rachel got Kurt up on his feet again.

Kurt: Wha-

Rachel: Kurt, you did it!

Andrew: Nice going, fur ball.

Kurt: I-I guess I did it. I didn't think I could. At least, not with that many again.

Sue: You--brought us to a hospital.

Kurt: Cause it was where we needed to go. All I had to do was think ahead where I needed to go.

Anisha: Nice.

He looks down at Carrie still unconsciousness, but still bleeding from the stab wound. Just looking at that made him shed another tear.

But that's when Sues phone vibrated and when she answered, she found something out.

Sue: Oh shoot. Tommy's downstairs with the others, I gotta go check on 'em.

Rachel: Go ahead. Kurt, you better let me take Carrie to a room, ok? You just find a place to hide before someone sees you. I'll signal you the moment when it's all clear.

Kurt: The second.

As she picks Carrie up, we cut to another part of the hospital where inside the morgue, a female doctor was examining Ralph's body and for some strange yet odd reason.....she couldn't help but to......recognize him, somehow.

The mere fact that he was dead just shocked her......

(This will be another surprise)

Female Doctor: Ralph.....? My God.....who would ever want to take you out?

Suddenly, a nurse just so happens to come in behind her, although not startling her in the process.

Nurse: Dr. Lang. Detectives have shown up here. They want to see if you know anything on the body.

Dr. Lang: I'll be right there.

(Dr. Lang?? Something's a familiarity here.)

As that was happening, we cut to the other side of the hospital when other doctors were pushing Carrie on a stretcher to her ER room, just as Rachel was on the outside, watching and waiting for what would happen next.

At that same instance, Sue was still downstairs, just about wrapping up her conversation with Tommy and the others who were down there.

Tommy: Is she ok?

Sue: No word on it yet. But if I know her.....she'll battle through. She's got heart.

Tommy: Heart of a warrior.

Sue just chuckled mildly and kissed him.

Sue: I'm about to go back up; I'll let you know if she's up.

George: As soon as you hear it--

Erika:--you let us know.

Sue just nodded as she then turned around, prepared to go back upstairs, but right at the bridge of the stairs, she had an unexpected bump into.....

Sue: Sorry....

Vanessa (Sarah Michelle Gellar): Watch it....

Sue: Vanessa??

Vanessa: Sue??

Sue: Cuz, w-what'd you doin' here?

Vanessa: I was gonna ask you the same question. I'm here to question the doctor examining the body of a recent murder victim. Apparently it's also related on the case of these children disappearing.

Sue: But I thought you were fired.

Vanessa: I was. But....they gave me another chance to redeem myself. If I can close this case, they'd give me back my job.

Sue: Oh....well.....good luck with that. My friends got hurt and rushed her here. You wouldn't believe the hell we've been going through.

Vanessa: Try me.

Sue didn't even have to try. She basically whispered the truth in her ear, anticipating her answer back.

All she said was.....

Vanessa: I don't know how this is possible.....but you just gave me everything I need to make a case.

Sue: Depending if you can even make it case. She sold her soul to some dumbass named Mestizo--Mephistopheles.....

Vanessa: Whoa whoa whoa. Did you--say--Mephistopheles?

Sue nodded.

Vanessa: Which one?

Sue: Ghost Rider?

Vanessa: Oh hell no.....

Meanwhile, Rachel was still sitting outside Carries ER room as she couldn't help but to dig through her jacket and pull out the picture with her and Peter the same night of Carrie's wedding.....along with another picture with her, Carrie and Kurt. She had to shed a few tears to get the sadness out of her system, unaware that Wade was watching.

After watching that, he was positive that the "Somebody" he was talking to was making a HUGE mistake. So he made his way to the nearest bathroom (while creeping out a few doctors along the way) and as soon as he checked in the LADIES ROOM (Dammit, Wade), he tapped in.

Wade: I bet ya heard that, didn't ya?

Yeah, of course.

Wade: I'm telling you, buddy. She NEEDS you more then you needed your Uncle that day. Just give the f__k in, already.

DO NOT bring that up, Wade.

Wade: Touched a nerve there, huh?

It's not working

Wade: I think it is, cause it's OBVIOUS that nothing else is gonna dig through that thick skull of yours. My reasons were: I was doing what I thought was gonna cure my cancer. Then I got turned into this f__kly mug. I was worried Vanessa wouldn't accept me as a brain with legs, but it worked itself out. You, on the other hand, are just being a p___y, thinking long-distance is gonna give out her own "Happily Ever After". Well.....newsflash: IT AIN'T WORKING, "bro". If you be standing where I'm standing, you wouldn't bother keeping your distance.

There was a long moment of silence over the other side.....until.....

I don't even expect you to understand it.....cause you don't know what it's like to be me. Then again......I don't think anyone REALLY knows how risky this situation is for me

Wade: Yeah......unless you convince me otherwise, I doubt I ever will.

Once again, Wade cuts off the transmission and puts the earpiece away before fully stepping into one of the few stalls and.....closing it.

Wade: AHHHHHHH........ahhh, that feels betttttteeerrrrrrrrrrr........


We cut to outside just as Dr. Lang just passed by the ladies room, and was about to head into one of the ER rooms to inform another nurse about detectives, but little did she know that she just passed by Rachel......and that had suddenly stopped dead in her tracks.

She didn't know what was happening but something was fishy. In order to find out herself, she slowly turned around and looked directly down at Rachel and the moment she saw her face....her mouth almost dropped to the floor.

Dr. Lang: R-Rachel??

Rachel heard the voice, but it didn't ring a bell at first, but once she looked up towards her, she....dropped her pictures.

Rachel: M-mom??


The doctor took off her surgical cap and mask as it revealed the woman to be Barbara Lang (Reese Witherspoon) who was actually Rachel's MOTHER.

(Two separate mothers, but the same father.)

Barbara: Baby.....

Rachel slowly got up from her seat and approached her mother....with conflicting emotions. She couldn't help but to hug her tightly. After all she had lost, she was glad there was someone else to comfort her.

Rachel: I'm sorry, I'm so sorry that I left you. I'm such a huge f__king mess, ok?

Barbara: It's alright, it's alright. You're good hands now, Rachel.....but i can't say the same for your father yet.

Rachel: Yeah, I know.

Barbara: Wait. How do you-

At that point, Rachel just points behind her towards Carrie's room as the other doctors were going over her, with procedure after procedure taking place.

Rachel: My father had another daughter, before he met you. That right his first daughter......and MY SISTER.

Barbara: Oh my god.....

Rachel: As if losing him and Peter wasn't enough.....

Barbara: Peter?

(Don't give it away, Rach)

Rachel: Um....m--my boyfriend who....died in an accident almost 2 years ago.

Barbara: Oh honey.....I'm so sorry.

Rachel: *Nods* I'm making it through. I'm trying......

Barbara: Well, based on these pictures, I don't think you are.

Rachel: *chuckles* So....when were you a doctor in Chamberlain?

Barbara: Well.....after your father and I split, I had intentions on being a fire-fighter at first....but....during the Avenger got too dangerous than it already I changed gears and became a doctor to help people better than I was before. I was actually transferred here.

Rachel: Wow.

Barbara: found your sister huh?

Rachel: Yeah. Awhile always seems like yesterday when I remember how we two met.

Barbara: Your father only told me some small stories of her but.....nothing huge much.

Rachel: He didn't say anything.....that sounded like Carrie was a force of nature, did he?

Barbara: No. What made you ask that?

Rachel: reason.....

Before she could speak on any further, another doctor came out of the surgery room, informing Rachel......

Doctor: Miss Lang? Miss White is awake.

Rachel: Oh, thank God.

Rachel frantically rushed in fallowed by Barbara as Carrie, still laying on the bed, slowly opened her eyes as they dilated for a quick second.....but then turned back to normal upon seeing her sister.

Carrie: Hey, sis.

Rachel: Hey, you had me worried.

Carrie: Are--are the others alright....?

Rachel: They're safe. The rest are downstairs.

Carrie: Thank the lord.

That's when she sees Barbara.

Carrie: Um....are you the doctor treating me?

Before she could answer, Kurt teleported in to see his love but.....

With Barbara there......


It got a little.....awkward.

Kurt: Hey.

Barbara: Hey......

Kurt: Umm.....mind if I-

Barbara: Uh....

The guys appearance freaked her out so much that she had to look over at both Carrie and Rachel to know whether or not if she should. Unsurprisingly, they both nodded "Yes".

Barbara: Well....*chuckles mildly*.....I guess I'll step out.

Rachel: No. Stay here, Mom.

The response kinda startled both Carrie and Kurt mostly because Rachel never told them she had another mother. But, on the other hand, Carrie kinda always knew.

In fact, as Barbara sat down in the other side of the room, Carrie said.....

Carrie: You could've just told me that you were my sister from another mother.

Rachel: There's a thing called "Playing Hard to Get." Look it up.

The two both chuckle as Kurt lays his eyes on Carrie, feeling more than satisfied that his wife was safe.....for now.

Kurt: Carrieta.....

Carrie: Kurt.....Meing Geliebte......

Barbara: Meing....geli.....what?

Rachel: They speak German. But even I don't get it.

Kurt: How you feeling.....?

Carrie: I-I feel like crap. But at the same time, I understand what Magnetos.....what Eriks true intentions were all this time. I think I get it now.....cause he had a point: the Professor did more for mutants then anyone will ever know, and some humans just....just won't accept us for who we are. It doesn't really matter if there IS a cure for us.......We could possibly save every city on the planet and they'll treat us the same way they always MONSTERS.

Something about that particular speech (if you can call it that) got through to Kurt and Rachel. They've both been in the same shoes as her and they both knew what it felt like to be alienated and past aside as if nothing mattered to them......something that didn't change much, after the discovery of their abilities.

Rachel: Yeah.....monsters.

Kurt: I-I guess I get where you're going with this.

Deadpool: You forgot about one other thing......

All four of them looked over to see Deadpool (full outfit and all) standing outside of the room, looking kinda impatient.

Deadpool: Retaliation.

Barbara: Uh....Rachel? Who's the guy in the to---

Rachel: *Covers her mouth* Shh! You say the red word, he's gonna go off.

Carrie: No-no-no worries. He's just a friend from work.

Barbara: Work??

Kurt: Well......just--take me for example.

Barbara: Uh....yeah, I guess I could understand where this is going.

Rachel: Come with me.

Rachel silently pulled her mom outside the room and walked past Deadpool as he looked towards the screen......

Deadpool: Ohhhhhhhkaaaay. We're in for another reality check.

.....before turning back to Carrie and Kurt

Deadpool: I gotta say sweetheart; you really pulled off the wrath of God type right through the window. I mean, all I got was the cure to el everything.

Carrie: Riiiiiiiigggggghhhhht. And it wasn't just the cure to "El" cancer? Hehehehehehe

Both Carrie and Kurt laughed as Deadpool imitated their laugh with his arms crossed

Deadpool: Reeeeeeaaaaaal funny.

He turns at the screen again.

Deadpool: The sooner it comes to Deadpool 2 the better.

Kurt: You know we can hear you.

Deadpool: I wasn't talking to you, hairball. *Points at the screen* I was talking to THEM.

Carrie: To WHO?

Deadpool just sighs......heavily.

Deadpool: *to the screen* They'll get it eventually.

(No, I don't think they will)

At that point, he got serious and got his point across.

Deadpool: I was trying to say, we've all had a clusterf__k of a roller coaster. But that's the beauty about something broken. They can either be fixed or you or it becomes someone else's treasure. And as for you,'s safe to say you have a broken dream of your own.

Carrie: Broken--wha-what do you mean?

Deadpool: As much as that woman gets on your last still wish to give your mother peace.

Carrie: Yeah......but then again, that means I'll have to--you know......

Kurt: But what about Mephistopheles?

Vanessa: We got something for that.

They all turn around.

Carrie: Detective.....Daniels???

Vanessa: The one and only.

Deadpool: Oh HELL NO!

Vanessa: Umm.....what is Deadpool doing here?

Carrie: It's complicated......

Kurt:.....along with everything else.

Vanessa: Yeah, well.....those complications can be put to rest for now. I have these files that could enlighten you on our mutual friend.

As Carrie's eyes bulged up wide, she took the files after Vanessa handed her them and as she read through them very carefully, Vanessa had to explain what everyone else already knew so far.

Pretty soon, Carrie began passing the file around.

Deadpool: Too familiar.

Vanessa: For a few decades, there were reports of that same man walking through each realm of the night talking to a bunch of random people.....and making deals with them. But the people whoever made those deals with him.....always ended up disappearing. And it wasn't long before these rumors.....of undead demons started popping up.

That comment somehow got through to Kurt as he turned his head head so fast at Vanessa, she thought he almost cracked his neck. But he knew the name.....he knew what it meant.....and it had Kurt a little shook.

More evidence added to his astonishment as Carrie then came across a picture of a man with a familiar file info......

Carrie: "Johnny Blaze"?

Vanessa: He was a young daredevil biker that made some of THE MOST IMPOSSIBLE world records to break. Doing biker jumps over.....trucks on fire and even.....helicopters. Anything you gave him, he could do it. His father, Barton Blaze; was a daredevil biker as well.....that was until he was killed in a freak accident 20 years ago. The day before, that same man made a deal with him, so the rumors say.....and ten years after that, he became a rider himself 'till there were reports and sightings of him.....changing into a skeleton on fire.

Deadpool: So, WHAT? Did he urinate himself out?

Vanessa: Wha--No....he just disappeared. No ones seen or heard him since 2012

Kurt: He was a Ghost Rider.

Everyone looked towards him

Kurt: When I was younger.....after I left the circus, I came to this cemetery, looking for St. Michael's Church.....desperate to find sanctuary. I ended up meeting this old man there, who was the caretaker of that same place. We got to talking for a while and then he slipped up.....when he told me about the story of Mephistopheles and the Ghost Rider. The only thing he didn't tell me was where it took place.

Carrie: You ever find out?

Kurt: Yeah.....yeah, I did.

As they continued talking on, Sue (who was walking around trying to find Carrie's room) couldn't help but get the feeling that something was wrong. VERY wrong.

A feeling only confirmed after she bumped into Rachel and Barbara.

Sue: Rach.

Rachel: Hey, Sue. I don't think I introduced you here. Mom, this is Sue Snell.

Sue: Pleased to meet you.

Barbara: Same here. Another friend of yours?

Rachel: You could say that. But then again.....



They suddenly heard dripping

It almost caused a heart attack in all of their hearts. The feeling, uneasy. The atmosphere, murky. The problem?

They were tracked down.

Suddenly, they saw a bunch of acid dripping down from the ceiling in buckets, as it started to take horrifying shape, as it formed actual human body parts and soon resonated into TWO BODIES.

Margaret......and Mephistopheles.

Rachel: Mep-me-Me-meph-isto-

Sue: GUYS!!!!!

Sue immediately took Rachel and Barbara with her as they ran off while Mephistopheles just tapped his cane on the floor ever so mildly and caused nearly half of the emergency rooms in the hospital to explode.

Somehow, Carrie was able to hear from all the way from the other side as her godly powers were reawakened again and her eyes glowed gold.

Carrie: He's here.

Kurt: What?

Deadpool: The Boogeyman.

Carrie: Mephistopheles. He's found us. We gotta move. NOW.

At that same instance, everyone witnessed as Carrie glowed up on the bed even more, so much that it blinded everyone and she was immediately healed with.....body armor?

Vanessa: Whoa.....

Deadpool: trippy.

At that same instance, Sue and the other two (Rachel, Barbara) just so happens to run into them in the same room.

Both (Rachel, Sue): Carrie, GET US THE HELL OUT OF HERE!

Carrie firmly gets up from the bed and says.....

Carrie: Stand back.

The others did what she said and Carrie quickly blasted a hole into the wall and without even having to tell them, Rachel took her mother as Sue, Vanessa and Deadpool followed suit and ran out

Carrie: Kurt. Get Tommy and the others OUT.

Kurt teleported quickly just as we cut to Mephistopheles roaming the hospital halls, trying to find Carrie again. And with all the lights he passes by, they explode ok impact until they suddenly just stopped. And by "stopped", it means the light bulbs stopped exploding because he soon was confronted by.....the goddess Carrie; whose powers were keeping the rest of the lights on, in her intent.

Mephistopheles: Finally.....your TRUE form. Now this could get interesting. No limits, no worries, no regrets. You would have made a magnificent Rider.

Carrie: Screw it. I know your real purpose now. Just like me, you condemn those foolish enough to cross your path.....except you bribe them with a gift and then curse them with their own self-destruction. But now....Now.....the tanks are turned. Now that I have this will.....the power of a GOD.....I WILL DEFEAT YOU.

Mephistopheles: You foolish girl. Without me, there can be no balance. Without hell, there be no heaven.

Carrie: Then I'll just have to be the UNBALANCE IT'.

Carrie quickly made the place shake with her powers increased way above her normal rate. Clearly not tying to intimidate him, she finally let out an energy wave, only for Mephistopheles to disappear, avoiding the attack. At that point, it was silent. But then Carrie caught a disturbance behind her and without even having to turn around, she knocks Mephistopheles off his feet for the first time as he stumbled back and tried to recover.

Carrie: How you like me now?

Mephistopheles: THIS much.

Carrie whet in for another attack, but Mephistopheles blinded her with an attack of his own, and once the lights cleared up, he was gone.

But the shaking didn't stop.

Carrie: Argh!

Meanwhile downstairs, Tommy, Erika, George, Buck and Desjardin all felt the shaking

Tommy: Feels like Carrie just got back up on her feet.

George: Feels more like she's gonna bring the roof down with us. We better clear out.

Before they can even make such a move, suddenly, Erika was grabbed from behind by a demonic Margaret, holding up her damn knife up to her neck frantically as if it was her first time doing it.

As soon as they heard her screaming, they looked over.

George: Erika!!

He goes to charge at Margaret, but she immediately pushed him back as he tried to rebalance himself. Bucky points his gun at her as Desjardin stood behind him and Tommy......well.....

He stepped forward, just a little bit.....

George: Dude, what are you doing?

Desjardin: Tommy!

.....and tried to reason with her.

(Yeah. That ain't working out wel)

Tommy: Mrs....Mrs. White....please.....just take it easy on all of us, ok? We want nothing to do with this. Let Erika go......and we can talk about this.

Margaret: Incoherent rubbish resonating from you, Ross. As always, I despised against you since you dragged my little girl to that snake pit called prom. Then look what happened to her.....and such as myself?

Bucky: How can you remember that.....unless the course of history was changed?

George: HELLO. She works for the demon. He could have put those memories back!

Erika: And HELLO, again! I'm the HOSTAGE here!

At that moment, Margaret thrusts the knife further into her, causing Buck to step closer with the gun still gripped to his fingers.

Tommy: Take it easy, trigger fingers. *to Margaret* Please....Mrs. White, that wasn't my fault. I didn't know what they were gonna do.

Margaret: Simpleton.....I warned her of you. Of ALL OF YOU.....And you've shown your true colors when the instant the plight of the devils craftsmanship was poured all over her and stained her soul.

Bucky: What?

George: The blood.

Tommy: Hey, watch it....I never meant for that to happen; at least I actually did SOMETHING to help her.

Desjardin: We ALL tried to help her; unlike you, you devil b__ch!

She held the knife closer to Erika and just when she was about to make another thrust......Kurt teleported behind her and knocked her down with his tail, temporarily releasing Erika.

Kurt: Go.

Erika ran to George and held him that tightly as the hospital continued to shake to the point where the intellectual structure of the building was starting to give wah

Kurt: Everyone, hold on. I'm gonna make another heavy delivery.

In slow motion, Margaret had just recovered in time to see Kurt beginning the teleportation to get out. Her eyes flashed red again as she brought up a fiery spear from out of the ground and when she threw it at them....... a state of panic, Kurt immediately tried to brush it away at the last second, but due to his technique, it was inevitable that the spear vanished with them.

Seemingly, they all teleported back to Sues house safe and sound without a single drop of blood shed between any of them.

That was close.......

.....or was it?

Erika: Oh my god.....

George: Whew.....

Kurt: I guess we made it again. Everyone ok?

Everyone: Yeah.

Carrie (From behind): Kurt.

He looked over and saw Carrie in her human form and hugged her tight

Kurt: Oh, thank the Lord. Wait; where's Mephistopheles?

Carrie: The bastard disappeared. But I almost had him. Rach and Sue will be here shortly. Is everyone else here?

Bucky: All and accounted for.

Tommy: *breathing heavily* Carrie......

Carrie soon looked over to him as well as all the others as their expressions turned from glee to bleak once again. What exactly did they see.....?

They saw Tommy....with only half of the spear embedded through his he suddenly upchucked blood from his mouth and dropped down to a knee.

(I'm sorry, guys....)


George: Dude?!

Both Carrie and Kurt ran towards him as he ended up falling flat on his back as Carrie caught him and laid him down on the concrete gently while Kurt kneed down next to 'em, looked at the spear and slowly pulled it out.

Tommy: Argh!

Desjardin: Tommy.....oh god.......

Carrie: To--Listen, yo-you can't die again.....Sue and little Carrie need you.

Tommy: Ye--*coughing*.....Yeah. But th-they need YOU now.

Carrie:, don't talk like that. Don't you go and do that.

Kurt:'re gonna make it.

Tommy: Not like this.....not like this.

At that point, in a risky move, he reached his hand out for Carrie and slowly placed his hand in the side of her face, with Carrie desperately trying to hold back her tears.

Tommy: Hey, ace....I never thanked you.

Carrie: For what?

Tommy: For opening my eyes....and showing me just how wonderful you were really were inside.....despite all the s__t you went through......You know sometimes I....I wondered....*coughing*.....if we'd be standing together in the end.....and now, I see it was all worth the of us had spent together.....even prom was.....wonderful.....

At this point, she really couldn't hold her emotions back now; even with her voice cracking, it was clear this was tearing her up.

Carrie: It was the best time I ever had with you.....

Tommy: And it was.....just before that b__ch set you off. Well.....If I see her on the other side.....make sure I'm gonna blow....her lights for you....ugh.....

She held him up again before face closing her and ushering.....

Tommy: Please.....Sue.....and my daughter.....take care of them.....for.....for me.

Carrie nodded with tears as Tommy wearily nodded back, but then he coughed more excessively as he then laid motionless for a few seconds until it became clear.....that his life had slowly passed.


For TWO times, the FIRST boy who ever showed her any kind of love and compassion was ripped away from her once again.

And it just got worse when Sue and Vanessa just so happened to walk by

Sue:'s safe to s-looks at Carrie......Carrie?

Carrie had to will herself just to turn herself around to reveal what happened. But she she turned around towards Sue......holding Tommy with the knife embedded in him as well as she laid him down gently.

Sue almost hyperventilated for a second, as she couldn't believe this was happening. She lost him once and now it's happened again. Vanessa tried to comfort her, but Sue shrugged it off and looked at him.

Tears started to stream down her face as her sadness quickly balled up into Rage.

Sue: Carrie.....

She turns over towards her slowly, still feeling anger within her as well.

Sue: Please tell me......that you're gonna give your mother a world class famous ass whooping.....

Carrie: Oh don't worry. I plan to.

At that point, the ground shakes again only this time it wasn't Carrie. The cause was a giant crevice from Hell that mysteriously cracks in the middle of the road, with fire sparking out of it like fireworks.

They all stepped out further to see it and they already had a sinking feeling about it.

Anisha: Guys? I'll give you three guesses on what's happening.

Bucky: We only need one: It's not over yet......I pray tell this is only just the beginning......

Kurt:.....of the end.

But not everyone had lost hope.

Carrie: Not yet.

Sue: What?

Desjardin: Carrie, have you lost it?

Carrie: No.....I'm.....I'm refreshed.....I'm......focused.

George: How--

Carrie: Kurt......get George, Erika, Anisha, and Ms. Desjardin out of here. But come back.

Kurt: Yeah.....

He held on to all of them as they did the same and they teleported them away (to Xavier's school)

Only Carrie, Sue, Bucky and Vanessa were left.

Sue: What's going on?

Carrie: We're gonna end Mephistopheles reign of terror is what's going on.

Bucky: How do you expect us to-


Rachel: She's right, you know.

They looked over to see Rachel sanding alongside Deadpool.

Deadpool: Sup, pubs?

Vanessa: Son of a gun, Deadpool.

Bucky: You again, huh?

The heard more creaking as they saw the crevice getting bigger and bigger with literally ashes and lava spitting out of it. The six quickly gathered together.

Carrie: Alright, listen up. We need to find a way to shut down this monstrosity for good. Until we can find Mephistopheles, our priority is containment. Bucky, Rachel, we stay on the ground. We keep the fighting here.

Bucky: I could fight all day.

Rachel: Right behind ya.

Carrie: Good. Vanessa, I need you to contact the police department and tell 'em we need everyone with a gun and badge that can handle the situation with us. Then I need you to set up a perimeter team to keep these people out of harms way. Set the perimeter all the way back to the damn state border if you have to. TWO TEAMS: One to help us fight and another to get the people to safety.

Vanessa: That's probably a bit of a stretch. But I can handle that.

Carrie: And Sue......

She slowly places her hands on her shoulder.

Carrie: You wanna be a hero for once? Wanna avenge Tommy as I do?

Sue: Yea.....

Carrie: I could definitely use a partner.

At that point, Kurt teleported back aside all of them.

Kurt: Make that two partners.

Deadpool: Uh, how about three?

They look back at him.

Vanessa: You think you up for this?

Deadpool: Trust me, the bastards ain't got nothing on us.....besides if he wants to get to us.........he's gonna have to tangle.....with MY ARMY!.....and by army, I mean Production assistants.....and by production assistants, I mean unpaid interns.....and by unpaid interns, I mean fans!

They all look at him, completely confused at what he meant.

Deadpool: Yes, you heard me. He's gonna have to tangle with MY FANS, if he's gonna get to you.

Everyone just looked at him oddly

Deadpool: Y'all see what I mean shortly, ok? I just got make an important call.

He dialed on his smart phone and over at Sister Margaret's bar, Weasel (T.J Miller) was serving drinks and telling jokes like he normally would 'till he felt his phone vibrating

Weasel: Oh hold on, guys. *Answers* Yeah?

Deadpool: Weasel. Shut down the Deadpool and round up the posey. We're about to go to f__king war with Lucifer himself.

Weasel: Wh--wh--what you mean by that?

Deadpool: Just get everybody's asses down to chamberlain. And bring the guns and tacos

(Wade, you have got a one track mind)

Soon as he cut off, he looked at Carrie

Deadpool: Hey, more thing. Think you can get a hold of your wheeled teacher and have him bring Negasonic? We might need her on this too.

Carrie: I guess.....but why?

Deadpool: It just wouldn't hurt to have a little.....backup to cover your ass. And perhaps.....a couple of.....bigger guns.

Kurt: Please hold the hot sauce.

Deadpool: Zip it, elf!

Man nearby (Stan Lee): Hey! Are you guys the X-men?

Deadpool: I thought I told you to f__king zip it, Stan Lee!

Stan: You too, Wade!


He just walked away as the crevice cracked completely wider and some of Mephistopheles riders started crawling out.

Bucky: Guys?

They all turn around to see it.

Carrie: Alright, guys: We know our roles. Lets put 'em to use. Kurt, Rachel, Sue, stay by me. Deadpool, lead Vanessa down to the PD. Help get us the OTHER backup we need.

Deadpool: Argh. I got it, I it it. Come on, Daph (lol, referring to her Scooby Doo roles)

Deadpool got Vanessa off down to the Police Department as Carrie and the rest stood there ground as the orders finally appeared looking more vicious and hideous then ever......led by Mephistopheles himself.....

.....and of course, Margaret was with him.

Mephistopheles: Well well.....hardly up for war....but, still just in time.....Just in time for my kingdom to rise from the depths of the Earth. I'd expect this to be a battle for the ages and yet.....the only defense you have is a Goddess.

Bucky: Yeah......well, our army's just running late.

Rachel: They just had to stop for gas.

Mephistopheles: And here, we have another talker.

Thing is, Carrie wasn't so much focused on Mephistopheles ugly mug (face) as she kept her eyes fixated and glued onto her mother, still rather shocked and mad that she CHOSE to follow the wrong path.

Carrie: Momma, this is gonna stop now.....whether you want to accept or not.

Margaret: You know not of real will.

Carrie: I heard that before; a million times.

Mephistopheles: I think we're past the family drama now. I'm just hear to drop off my children to play. As for me, I'm gonna to the grown ups.

He looks over at Margaret as she looks back at him with that thousand yard type of stare.

Mephistopheles: Have fun.

He vanished in flames.


Carrie: GO!!

Kurt quickly teleported away as Margaret slowly lifted her hand up, diabolically no less....and simply pointed towards Carrie and the others. After that, the Riders charged

Sue: Oh my god.....

Carrie: Sue, stay calm. Stay behind Rach, ok? We gotta deal with this.

At that instance, Carries eyes immediately flashed to gold and at the last second, she sparkles a huge flash of light, blinding all the Riders......but not Margaret.

Margaret: Such power.......

As soon as the light dimmed down, we see Carrie in her body armor surrounded by that illuminating golden aura and with that glow in her golden eyes.

Rachel: I'm so jealous......

Carrie: Behold......the wake of your destruction. The Angel Of Havoc has arrived.

And then, she blew away like half of the army away into dust, startling the other Riders and Margaret, but being the stubborn ones, they refused to stand down. They charged yet AGAIN, as Carrie calmly walked towards her mother as other Riders incinerated upon touching her.


That gave Rachel, Bucky and Sue the opportunity they needed to attack the distracted Riders and make their move on 'em.

Sue: It'd be more easier with a gun.

Rachel: Guns don't work on these pudgy asshats.

Sue: Then what's stopping him?

Bucky: I'm still a solider. Get used to it.

The trio continue to fight them off as Carrie and Margaret finally approach and stare straight at each other, for all of it has come to this. From the moment Carrie put her foot down and stood up for herself, Margaret has had it in for her. And would all come to an end.

Margaret: There will be a judgement day, Carrie......

Carrie: Indeed. It so happens to be today.

The Angel Of Havoc (Carrie) flies through Margaret and tackles her onto the pavement as we cut to Vanessa at the police department.......with Deadpool, shaving himself with his swords.

(Too much, Wade)

Vanessa: Do you have to keep-

Deadpool: Straight ahead. Keep going , come on. Move, move, move.

Wade then just stayed downstairs as he watched Vanessa make her way up to address the situation. He couldn't help but to pose up next to the main desk.

Deadpool: Hey.

Main desk guy: Wade?

Deadpool: Son of a--Anthony? Holy s__t. I haven't seen you since elementary school. What the hell, man?

(Again, too much, Wade)

At that point, it cuts back to the mansion as it started to thunder and rain down over there. We go inside as Jean was trying to comfort Desjardin, Anisha, George and Erika as it became clear they were still petrified over what the hell was happening.

Anisha: I SO did not want to dragged into this.

Desjardin: Guys, just breathe. We'll be alright.....until the inevitable occurs.

Jean: I wouldn't beat my money on that. I still have a little somethin' (you know what) left in me. Where's the others?

George: Cleaning up the mess they made.

Erika: And rightfully so.

Desjardin: *sighs* Bucky.......

But then......


They all heard it. Non of them liked it, for the most part. So they decided to move down to the bottle level, and into the training hall.

Anisha: Ok......

George: You know, I've always wanted to come here.

Desjardin: Drink it in, George. Me and Erika been there, done that, got the get the point.

Jean: here.

She led the four into one of their briefing rooms and locked the door, only for the lights to burst just few seconds later.....

.....and if that wasn't bad enough, they started to hear the dripping coming from the ceiling and pretty soon.....well, you know what that means.

The drops started to take its shape again as Mephistopheles quickly made his presence known.

Anisha: Uhhh.....Ahhhhhh!

Desjardin: I'm freaking out!

George: Any weapons?!

Erika: Do YOU see any?!

Mephistopheles: No, no, no, no.......Why run away now? The party's just getting started this holiday season and I HATE for people to be left out.

George: Left out, huh?! You left my best friend Tommy out when you got him killed, you bastard!

He was just about to swing a punch at him, but the devilish incarnation vanished and hen reappeared just as quickly. And it startled all of them.

Mephistopheles: Oh Georgie, my boy. I never meant to kill your buddy, you know. I didn't even throw that spear that struck him down. Poor Margaret just can't control herself when she's both ways. But would to make a deal?

George: Wh-what?!

Erika: George, no!

Mephistopheles head quickly turned over with actual flames, rampaging in his eyes which made the others back off, but then.....

Kurt appeared out of the blue and wrapped his tail around Mephistopheles's neck, but when he tried to snap it,

.....his neck sizzled from the impact as it caused Kurt to jump back and let go, yelling:


Mephistopheles: If you can't take the heat.....go outside.

Kurt backed up along with the others, for in his beliefs, he was absolutely terrified of him.

As Mephistopheles chuckle sinisterly and vanished once again, we cut back when Carrie and her group as they hopefully continue to fight off the riders.

Rachel used full force, Bucky shot at them, Sue had to borrow a baseball bat to wack them around and Carrie glew up again as she confronted her psychopathic demonic mother once more as they tied up in clutch and elbow.

Carrie: You always told me that the devil was always deceitful.....but you never told me why you let YOURSELF be deceived.

Margaret: You'd do anything to fall in the Lords good graces.

Carrie: Well apparently, you've been very naughty this year cause he'd be DISGUSTED with you. Just look at those Riders! They only made a deal cause they don't have a choice. YOU DID! And you chose the dark path....and became everything you've talked against.

At that point, they clash again.

Margaret was having a lot of trouble trying to keep herself up right, considering the fact that her daughter has possessed powers she could've never even dreamed of. Carrie's godly powers were clearly a match for Margaret and she was able to counterattack and have an answer for every move that Margaret TRIED to make. As soon as Margaret went for another move, Carrie stopped her immediately and threw all the way down to the center of the earth, for her to get incinerated. For a moment, all was silent. No scratching, no twiddling, nothing.

Unfortunately, she heard rumbling from up underneath her and soon saw Margaret's hand pop back up from the pavement.

It became that even though Carrie has her mothers number, Margaret could regenerate over time......which could led to a battle that might as well never end.

Carrie: Damn it.....

At that same moment, SWAT and police cars came pulling up as they started shooting at all the Riders, including Vanessa who came with a double barrel gauge shotgun.

And of course, Deadpool couldn't miss out on the fun.

It didn't take long for her to join the brawl as she kept bashing and bashing Riders in the head multiple times as Deadpool slashed them all up with his swords.

So it seemed like a fighting effort......that was until it got them outnumbered.

Out of bullets, Bucky and Vanessa got pushed back with force.

Out of power, Rachel literally got bounded and tossed next to them.

And out of luck, Sue got her at ripped off and she, too, stumbled down with the other three.

And as for the other police and SWAT officers, they kept getting massacred.

Sue: Damn it.....

Rachel: Uh guys......They're still coming for us.

Bucky: Back to back!

The four put their backs to each other and stayed close; anticipating what would happen once the Riders got their hands on them. Fortunately, Rachel thought back to one of the moves Peter did during their first battle with Magneto and as soon as she saw the fire hydrant behind her, she got her idea. And since the Riders were probably a combination of fire and other such hellish made sense.

Rachel: This is for you, Pete.

She carefully forced her hand out as the force of her powers started to crack the hydrant and bend over in her direction.

And pretty, soon......

The screws came popping out one by one.

Sue: Rach, what are y-

Vanessa: I think she knows.

Rachel: Hey, riders......(Fever of Rage reference)......I hope you like your water black!

She bursts the hydrant open as water burst out over her and Deadpool as it soaked the Riders completely and disintegrated some of them.

Back with the two siblings, Margaret was barely keeping her marks upright as the tremendous amount of damage done to her body was taking everything out of her. And rightfully so, since it was taking a while for her to regenerate.

Carrie: last chance: this HAS to STOP.

Mephistopheles: And so it shall......

The both of them look over behind them, just to see Mephistopheles reappear yet again, this time throwing an injured Kurt aside. He then disappears just as quickly.

(That's getting kinda annoying)

Carrie: KURT!

Almost immediately changing back to her normal state, she went over to his aid

Carrie: Baby, are you ok?

Kurt: Yeah. Never better.

Margaret: aid that thing like it's a dog. Exerting even more sin then I could possibly make. I can even smell the....

Before she could even finish another one of her rants, the first thing that immediately snapped into Carries head was simply:

Carrie: F-F__K YOU!!


Margaret, at that point, was absolutely paralyzed after what Carrie, her own flesh and blood had just said.....

......and she just backed up as a result.

Kurt: Noah.....Carrie....h-he's got....

Carrie: What??

She quickly looks over to see Mephistopheles reappear AGAIN, this time with her baby son in the arms of the fiend that she feared her entire life, crying within the grasp of the enemy. Carrie quickly gasped and frowned at the sight of it as she stood up m, but....

Mephistopheles: Uh uh uh. Whatever you do will only bring more harm to him than me.

Carrie: Let my baby go.

Mephistopheles: Now WHY would I do that? With his gifts, just think of how much of use he would be for me under my will. Best of, as a god, are more likely to pass on to him, which would undeniably make him my finest warrior. His gifts....should serve me well. Ta ta.

If the image of Mephistopheles holding her baby wasn't frightening enough, the sight of him VANISHING with Noah put both Carrie and Kurt's emotional status into overdrive.

Both (Carrie and Kurt): NOOOOOOO!!!!!

Just when the opportunity presented itself, Margaret basically stood herself back up and attacked again......

.....but Carrie went back into God mode and charged at her as well and......(here it comes......)she goes STRAIGHT THROUGH her mother and RIPS her damn heart out of her chest, causing her and all of the other Riders to suffocate and drop to their knees.

The others just looked back towards her in amazement as they see the goddess Carrie carrying her mothers heart square in her grip, watching the blood pour out of it after each second.

Finally, Margaret twisted her head around to face her daughter for the last time before ushering out.....


Carrie: "In repentance in rest is your salvation, in quietness and truth is your strength.....but you would have none of it......Repent then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord....."

Before Margaret could say anything else from her motormouth, Carrie firmly crushed the heart with her hand, resulting in the Riders pulverized to dust and Margaret to drop dead immediately as the fire in her eyes faded away.

Carrie went back to her human form as she looked down over her mothers body, suddenly feeling a little bit of remorse for what she was forced to do. She never wanted it, but it's what she had to do.

All (Vanessa, Sue, Rachel, Bucky): Carrie!

They made their way over to her as Kurt picked himself up from the dirt

Rachel: Sis, you did it.......

Carrie: what cost though? The bastards still got my baby......and he's gonna rot in hell for it.

Kurt: Uh, he LIVES down there.

Carrie: Guess we gotta crash the party, Kurt.

Deadpool: HEY!

They turn around to see Deadpool yet again, this time with an old buddy of his.

Deadpool: Weasel's crew just showed up and all the goddamn skeletons had to cool off.

Weasel: Sorry, we were stuck in traffic.

Deadpool: F__k it. Now we got to go devil hunting.

Weasel: Wha--?

Rachel: Not that simple. We don't even know where to start. Mephistopheles could have taken Noah anywhere, for Christ's sake.

Kurt: I might know.

They all looked towards him.

Kurt: That town I told you guys about earlier: San Venganza. We COULD start there. That empty town has more links to hell than anything on earth. We might find Noah there....or maybe that's just another gateway to hell.

Carrie: Ok. We'll have to go back to the mansion and take the jet to get there. Wade, Rachel; you're both coming with us. And we're gonna bring Andrew with us.

We cut later back to the mansion where the Professor, Jean and their group had since awaited for them to get back. To their delight, they all made it back in one piece.

Each knew about Margaret's death by Carrie for the second time and of Noah's kidnapping

They all took their turns to hug Carrie and Kurt since their child was taken till Carrie spoke

Carrie: Professor.....we.....we need to take the jet to San Venganza. We believe it's the only place that can lead us to Noah.

Xavier: Very well. I'd have the others go with you, but they're dealing with another situation at this time. I'll have Andrew accompany you but....I advise caution. That town is filled with all of the dark images that have set foot there and have never returned. The sight might easily corrupt you. After the people that lived there destroyed each other, San Venganza has been a forseken shell of the damned.

Carrie: I know. Kurt told me, so I'm very aware. But I got to take my chances. I'm not leaving my baby in the hands of that monster.

Xavier: I understand.

We cut later in the jet where the ones Carrie asked to join her including Andrew redied themselves for take off

Kurt: You know, this is tournament first time getting behind the wheel?

Carrie: Yeah?

Kurt: So you never piloted before.

Carrie: Logan gave me a few lessons before he left. I think I can manage. Besides.....nothing's gonna stop me from getting Noah back.

Kurt: You and me both.

Carrie smiled and soon started the engines

Deadpool in the backseat was having his last taco (Really, Wade?)

Andrew: Are you gonna share those?

Deadpool: Ruffled hair, nobody these but me.

Andrew: Did you learn how to share in Kindergarten?

Deadpool: Nope.

Andrew did tried to grab himself some but he and Deadpool began fighting over the taco

(Really guys?)


Carrie: ENOUGH!

The tone of her voice made them sit back down and Rachel cracked up softly in her hand

Eventually the Black Bird  took off

As the Bird eventually reached to the steady atmosphere and air velocity of a typical airplane, Carrie set all directions to San Venganza, Texas.

She also increased thruster levels up to a mere 70%, so that way they'd get there faster. Lets say it's something that she put in the thrusters before they took off.

Carrie: Everyone alright back there?

Andrew: Yeah.

Bucky: I'm fine.

Desjardin: I should be.

Negasonic: We there yet?

Kurt: We get there when we get there.

At that point, Carrie just had to reach out, grab Kurts hand and hold it tightly as if its the last time she might hold onto him.

Kurt: If you'll tell me we'll make it, I'll believe you.

Carrie: We'll make it......*grips his hand tighter*.....we have to.

The two couldn't help but to stare at each other until they got interrupted by....

Deadpool: Unidentified thingamabob coming up on the right.

This caused Carrie to quickly grasp on the wheel and shift right, away from whatever that was. A quick sigh of relief left her mouth.

Negasonic: Yep, its official. He knows we're here.

Desjardin: I don't like this, Buck.

Bucky: Same here. Do you even know what the hell was that?

Carrie: I don't know. Must be a building or something.....AAAH!

Another object similar to the other one they crossed this time came upon their right and even though Carrie dodged it, the wing barely skimmed it.

Kurt: Oh my god.....

Rachel: Carrie, what WAS that?!

Carrie: Don't ask me. We can't be this close to the ground yet.......right?

The fog quickly adjusts in front of the Black Bird and it shows that they, in fact, WERE too close to the ground.

Which meant only one thing: Crashlanding.

As the Bird slammed hard against the ground with no intention of slowing down, everyone was getting ruffled up from the inside as this was NOT the way they were expecting to land in the first place. The only thing that Carrie could do at this moment was just use her telekinesis to SLOW down the collision.

She lifted her hand out towards the window with her other hand in the wheel, and started to concentrate slowly.......



.....but finally, the jet came to an aggravating stop.

After the dust cleared everyone tried to recover

Carrie: Kurt....

Kurt: I'm alright...

Carrie: Omg! You're head's bleading!

He clapped his hand on his forehead only to discover....

Kurt: It's not my blood. It's not even blood at all.

Deadpool: Sorry! I was trying to put hot sauce in this taco but accidentally squirted at your head when we crashed.

(Lol always with the hot sauce)

Carrie: Wade, for crying out loud put that taco away and let's gather everyone up.

Deadpool: Ok, ok, sheesh. *Looks at the screen* when did SHE get so bossy?


Desjardin: AAH! MY LEG!

Buck looked over and pulled his seat belts off to aid Desjardin

Buck: Rita, what's wrong?

Desjardin: *Sobs* My leg...I'm stuck....I think it's broken!

Buck tried to pull the seat up but it was too tight

Bucky: Somebody help me here!

Kurt: Hold on.

Kurt took Desjardin and teleported her from where her leg was stuck in but....

Desjardin: My leg....MY LEG! *Cries out*

Bucky: Give her to me.

Kurt handed her to him and he looked over

Bucky: Carrie she can't walk. Not in the leg. I can't leave her here either.

Carrie: I know. Someone will need to stay here with her anyway.

Sue: I'll stay. You go, Buck. She's in good hands with me. Carrie? Avenge Tommy for me.

Carrie nodded and with the others behind her, she soon opened the emergency hatch to see beyond her eyes.....

The town of San Venganza

Just like Chamberlain after her episode, San Venganza was nothing more but an ashy, abandoned and bloody ghost twin filled with all the dead people who had sold their souls to Mephistopheles for their own purposes. But the mere sight of seeing everything so bland, so colorless, made her feel empty inside.

Carrie: mein Gott

Trying to hold in her disbelief wasn't so easy especially when the others got the view as well.

Kurt: Lord have mercy.....

Rachel: Jesus Christ.

Negasonic: Took the words out my damn mouth.

Andrew: Well......just another brick in the wall. Lets move.

Carrie: Woah, woah, woah. Everyone hold up. We can't leave the jet like this. Sue and Ms. Desjardin won't be alright on their own.

Bucky: So you need someone to guard this thing?

Rachel: That's pretty much what she's saying. I wouldn't mind.

Andrew: How come?

Rachel: Cause it's her baby. She and Kurt need to handle this on their own.

Negasonic: All this way for nothing?

For once, I can agree.

Kurt: Guys, please understand. This is necessary. Besides, I'm more than positive we're not alone here.

Carrie: Justt stay here, ok? We won't be long......I hope. *gulps*

The two of them walked out one at a time and found out that it was safe to them to walk on after all, since there wasn't really restricted access (if you will). Deadpool was the only one left behind to step out of the Black Bird, but not before making a call to......

Deadpool: Weasel, change of plans. Bring my fans to Texas.....San Venganza.......this s__t's gonna have some nuts in it.

(Lol, I HAD TO)

As he was talking on his phone, Carrie and Kurt went on a few more feet , determined to find their new born child regardless of where they had to go next.

However, with Carries god powers, she was able to feel a dark presence lurking nearby. It made her stop dead in her tracks.

Kurt: Carrie?

Carrie: I felt it.

Kurt: You think it's him.

Carrie: Or maybe something else....

Suddenly, they heard a very distant type of noise. They couldn't tell what it was at first, but it gave them room for concern.

That's when suddenly they heard baby cries

Carrie: Noah!

They rushed into the abandon church to see an image of a baby at the alter

Carrie: Noah....

She rushed towards the alter and pulled off the blanket and....

A baby sized demon attacked and hissed Carrie backed off and her and Kurt were surrounded by an army of demons

Carrie: Are you kidding me?!

Kurt: They are not.

As the army continued ro pile around and around them like a pack of hyenas, the dripping started up yet again and it quickly dispersed into Mephistopheles

Only difference was...his cane was gone but had his hands behind his back

Mephistopheles: Hmm....I see Maggie wasn't up to her task. No matter....welcome, welcome to the area where young Johnny Blaze refused to give BACK what belong to me once.

Kurt: The Ghost Rider.

Mephistopheles: You've hear of him, Impressive.

Carrie: Where the hell's our son?!

Mephistopheles: No longer yours. Once you've tasted your blood in defeat, you will help me rule the mortal realm....or you will die

Kurt: Dream on, demon! NONE OF THE ABOVE!

He quickly latched onto Carrie as they both teleported up to the inner levels of the church....presumably speaking...near the bell

Carrie: Son of a b**ch

Kurt: Read my mind. What now?

Carrie: YOU tell me.

Apparently, Carrie wasn't kidding when she said that, for whatever Ghost riders that were left began climbing up the bell tower, surrounding it completely.

Carrie: We're trapped!

Kurt: Maybe not. Not if we bring this tower down. You can crack it down with your powers.

Carrie: You crazy?! We'll be killed during the process.

Kurt: Not....if we teleport.

Carrie smirked then by concentration the tower began to crack and slowly come apart by force of her telekinesis. Pretty soon, it began to tumble and Kurt and Carrie grabbed each other teleporting out of the tower just in time, as it completely fell apart, burying the rest of the riders that were climbing the tower

It's unknown for a minute where they ended up but what they saw was....

Carrie: Kurt...are we...?

Kurt: In hell.

Carrie and Kurt somehow ended up in the forbidden depths of HELL itself and.....honestly, it was just as horrible as Carrie had always imagined. So there ACTUALLY WAS telling what types of dangers awaited the two.

Carrie: Oh great......

As we cut back to the Black Bird, on the outside, Rach and Andrew were still on the outside guarding the hatch while Negasonic and Deadpool just flat out disappeared.

On the inside, however, we see Sue STILL trying to tend to Ms. Desjardin and her injured leg, which wasn't hurting as much as before. But it was still stinging.

And thankfully, Bucky couldn't leave her alone with her. He just hadn't to check in on her.

Bucky: Feeling any better?

Desjardin: Barely. It-it still hurts.....

Sue: But not a single bad a she before?

She simply needs nodded onwards as Sue and Buck just looked at each other. But that she when Desjardin spoke on.

Desjardin: Hey, Sue. I--I'm really, really sorry about Tommy. Ik this wasn't the first time you lost him.

Sue: *Sighs* I survived this long......and this may not have been the holiday I planned to spend but.....least it couldn't get any worse.

But then the jet's alarm went off

(You were saying Sue?)

She looked out to see......

More Ghost Riders approaching the black bird

(Ah they're screwed)

Sue: Oh f__k me!

She gets Desjardin on her injured leg as she places her in the copilots seat and then shuts the hatch to keep the riders from getting in

Luckily they weren't gonna get in either way because all of them got pushed back as soon as they got close by Nucleokinesis force by..... (Who else)

Negasonic: Wrong time to come back, b__ches.

The Ghost Riders quickly recovered only to keep getting pushed back as Negasonic went foward and attacked one after another

But once again, the numbers game got the better of her

Pretty soon, she was running low on juice and that gave them the oppertunity to launch a barrage of attacks, knocking Negasonic back towards the Black Bird. But luckily it wasn't over yet cause had arrived.

Deadpool litterally jumped off the Black Bird over Negasonic and counted the bullets he fired from his it did absolutely nothing to the Riders.

The bullets passed right through them.

Deadpool: What the......s__t biscuit?

Of course, it didn't take Negasonic long to notice him.....again

Negasonic: Oh you again.

Deadpool: Sorry to keep you waiting peeps. Just getting my fans here.

Negasonic: Wait....what?

(You'll see.....)

As a mild rumbling starts to shake the ground they were standing on and Negasonic turns around, we cut back in hell where Carrie and Kurt noticed they were in the palace of Mephstopheles 

Carrie: Kurt....I don't like this.

Kurt: Neither do I.

They came into some palace's thrown room where in a small tower revealing Noah

Carrie: Noah....*Runs up and picks him up* Oh baby....*Hugs him while sobbing* I thought I would never see you again.

Kurt: Thank the lord.

Don't thank him just yet.

They looked over to see Mephistopheles once again appearing out of the fire and flames as he slowly and methodically approached them both.

Carrie: You bastard. You've done enough damage!

Mephistopheles: Have I? Well....that's debatable. But tell me, Carrie....after the lives you took in your past, did you not think you would end up in this realm....yourself?

Carrie: Times have changed, I mean....literal time.

Mephistopheles: Oh yes. I know of your journey to the past. And also....know they're the past of your past.......cause you CAN'T escape it.

They turned to see.....

(Prepare to be shocked)

Everyone of Carrie's bullies from the past that died at prom!!

Carrie: Lord have mercy on me......

In what seemed to be her final pit stop on her journey through her life, it seemed as if Carrie looked down and finally accepted that.....that this is what it would come to......

Carrie: Kurt?

He looks over at her.

Carrie: Take Noah and get out of here.

Kurt: Wh-are you sure?

Carrie: Ja. I'm the demon they created. And I'm the one that has to burn for it.

Kurt: No....Carrie, no! Why must you do this? What of Noah, Rachel and all your family for Christ's sake?

Carrie: Trust me. There's always a point in life where you know it's time to throw in the towel and trust've been in my shoes enough to know.....that you'll know too one day.

Kurt didn't want to believe it, but he sighed softly for he understood where Carrie was coming from on this.....and in doing so....all he could do was pray he'd be with her again soon. To save his child.....he went up and kissed her for possibly one last time......

Kurt: Auf Wiedersehen (Good bye), my Angel of Havoc.

Carrie: Auf Wiedersehen.......My Nightcrawler.

Kurt teleported with Noah and Carrie turned face to face with her old enemies



Nikki and Lizzie

Even Billy Nolan

(Surprisngly no Chris this time......thank God)

And wouldn't you know it.....their skin slowly melted away, revealingly them all to be Ghost Riders as well........

Carrie: So you all made deals with him too? Just to get me? Well......HERE I AM!!!

That's when the golden aura surrounded her and she turned goddess yet again for her confrontation

She stared straight into their eyes even Menphistopheles eyes as she balled her fist up and then pushed the Riders away as they hit the walls befor punching Mephestopheles back with a HUGE force

She then turned around at the other impersonator Riders and wiped them all out with a single energy swipe from her arm.......

(Man, she IS a havoc)

.......before reaching out and grabbing Mephistopheles with her powers and since her powers were a LOT MORE ADVANCED than before, she made sure that he was choking when she grabbed him.

But since Mephistopheles was kinda a god in his own right, he broke out the hold easily and PIERCED Carrie with his cane. But it disintegrated instantly.

This began to worry him.

Mephistopheles: What do you think you're doing?

Carrie: When will you ever learn: Evil NEVER triumphs. Not even by the means of demons such as yourself, Mephistopheles.

She then levitates up in the air as her aura blinds the entire realm of hell.....which ACTUALLY seemed to intimidate Mephistopheles only by a little bit.

Carrie: Kneel before your goddess......'

Mephistopheles: *scoffs* I bow to no one. It's me who has their victims on their wits end, desperate to sell their lives for their desire.

Carrie: If that is the case, then for the sake of all that is good and just........I will destroy you.

Mephistopheles: Hehehehe even if you could there would be no God withut me. That's the way the balance works.

Carrie: Then I guess I'll have to take my UNBALANCE it!

They both made energy blasts at one another

(Kinda like the stuff in Dragon Ball Z)

His was a streak of fire similar to Pikkons Thunder Flash and hers was a light wave somewhat similar to Vegetas Final Flash. However, both blasts were evenly strong as one another.

Mephistopheles: HELL HAVE NO FURY!

Carrie: DAMN YOU!

The blasts kept raging onwards and onwards and onwards on 'till........HE increased his wave to a much bigger size as it quickly pushed Carrie's beam back. She was struggling so much to keep her grip on the beam, but she was almost about to lose it.....

Carrie: No....NO!

Mephistopheles: Yes! The hell on earth will rain upon your world. And things will be nothing but mere play things to me! All shall bow down to Me......

Suddenly Nightcrawler teleported back for he couldn't really leave his wife behind then he BIT Mephistopheles in the shoulder

He yelled in pain

Kurt: NOW CARRIE!! *Teleports*

Carrie saw her chance and YELLED out by increasing her power and the energy of the blast was forced towards Mephistopheles

Mephistopheles: NO.....NO!! IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!! I AM.....A GOD!!!!!

And then.....the devil himself was completely.....OBLITERATED

As the dust cleared from around her, Carrie breathed in and out of heavily as she had another enemy to cross off in her long list of enemies. Mephistopheles was gone....but as Carrie's aura faded away, it became apparent that....what if he was right? What if his demise leads to the corruption and unblanced connection between heaven and hell? What if it was all for nothing?

Unable to think of the potential consequences due to being in much pain, Carrie breathed heavily Kurt soon came to her aid.

Carrie: Kurt....

Kurt: Carrie....

Carrie: Is he safe?

Kurt: Sue's got him. At the black bird.

Carrie: What about the others?

Kurt: Wade.....brought some reinforcements....if I can even call them that.....

Cutting back up to Wade's army of "fans" (Lol) as they hopelessly kept beating down the rest of the Riders.....which actually was kinda easy since Deadpool's army was the size of an ACTUAL army

(He does have a lot of fans though)

And even though he was admist fighting the rest of his fans (Lol) he had trouble keeping Weasel inlvolved in the fight

Deadpool: C'mon, Weasel. After all our discussions, is that REALLY all you got? You gonna let these powdered fluffy Robert Pattinson from f__king Twlight take you to town?! You gonna let 'em show us up?! Put something into it, Man!!!

Rachel overheard that blatant yell, however.

Rachel: But I love that movie....

Negasonic: Than there's something a ring. You need to watch Vampire Diaries. It'll cure you. TRUST ME.

Weasel: Sorry Wade....I suck at these assembling armies.

Deadpool: Oh luck out. You sucked ass when you betted on me to die on the Deadpool.

Weseal: Oh you had to bring that up

Sue came out carrying Noah

Sue: Sorry to interupt but.....look!

They all looked over to see Kurt and Carrie teleport back

Sue ran up to them hugging them both Carrie took her baby holidng him tight

Sue: Is it over?

Kurt: Ja. But....we're a little worried.

Sue: On what?

Kurt: That we destroyed the balance. But....what matters that it is over.

Sue nodded

Carrie: Let's go home.

As the army kept on with the beating, the others piled on back to the Black Bird as the hatch opened and reclosed. The bird eventually took off lifting a huge cloud of dust with it as it over took the screen..... it cuts to a few days later in which the baby celebration (believe it or not) still happened....but not at where it was supposed to be.

The time Sue decided it would be best to celebrate it at the one place that it could be: Xavier's mansion.

We had fliers hanging up elsewhere, decorations galore and the energy was just ecstatic and everyone who was involved the couple of days prior (Sue, George, Erika, Anisha, Desjardin, Bucky, Vanessa, etc) (not the X-men since they were still on that mansion) were all there.

Of course Carrie and Kurt were having the most fun, however.

Rache: I don't think I had the chance to say congratulations and thank you.

Carrie: For what?

Rachel: For giving me this life. And being able be an know? Never thought I'd get to this next chapter in my life.

Carrie: Even without Peter?

Rachel: *Sighs* Yeah.....I don't know how I'll manage but.....

She once again stops in her tracks and looks down upon her ring still thinking about the day in which IT happened. Kurt just happened to teleport next to the two sisters while carrying Noah in his arms and once he gives Carrie a kiss.......

....he turns to Rachel and SEE'S the ring

Kurt: Rachel....were you and Pete.....

Carrie: Kurt, honey....

At that point, she just whispered the truth into his ear and pretty soon, he understood.

Kurt: Es tut mir Leid.

Rachel: Wh--what?? I'm so--sorry, I still don't understand German.

Carrie: He said I'm sorry.

Rachel: Oh...ehh, it's alright.....

However, it became a certain point that Xavier had penetrated himself into Carrie's mind

Xavier's voice: Carrie, I need to see you and Kurt in my office. I have something to give you.

Later Carrie and Kurt carrying Noah came in the professor's office as his chair turned around from staring at the window

Carrie: You wanted to see us Professor?

Xavier: Today you can call me, Charles. Because you two have earned your rights to a higher postion in the school

Kurt: What's all this about?

Xavier: Carrie Kurt.....your achievements over the years has done nothing but make me more proud than ever. All my students have been like children to me. That does include the two of you.

Carrie and Kurt grinned softly of his sayings

Xavier: Kurt your extraordinary courage has pulled us out of many hopeless danger and your services to the school has been more than I could ask for.

Kurt: Dank. (Thanks.)

Xavier: And Carrie. For your pure love and loyalty to everyone here was grateful even when you were willing to give your life for theirs. For me. For your family. Even your son. I can't thank you enough.

Carrie: Oh god...Proph---Charles you're gonna make me cry.

Xavier: And....for your rewards for your services to the school....*Hands them something* Your wills as new teachers to the school.

Carrie: Oh my god.....

She cried in joy squealed hugging Kurt

Carrie: Dank for this. I--Idk what to say.

Xavier: Say no more. You both earned it. Welcome aboard.

Carrie smiled and she kissed Kurt as the screen slowly cuts out

(End credits)

Post Credit Scenes

We then cut to high tech computers and services as we see one Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) tracing a certian energy reading that was spiking off of gamma radiation he was watching the activity from his lab as he had feared that THANOS might've scent out a ultimatum or a warning shot to intiate the planets demise

Bruce: What the hell?

He zoomed his camera on his foresnsics to see what it was....and turns out it was a meteorite (The same ones from Spider-man 3.....but no symbiote) and it was glowing

Bruce shot off the monitor and just scratches his head utterly stunned at what that blinking meteor was but he knew it was far from good. 

Bruce: Jesus, it's happening.

What's happening?

(Men in Black reference)

Bruce: I doubt this is part of their battle tacticts but it's normally what other species tend to. First there's an ultimatum then a warning shot....and normally......there's a galactic standard week to respond.

A galactic standard week? How long would that be?

Bruce: One hour.

One hour. Do we have that long?

Bruce: Yes and no. This isn't one of those kind of attacks....but we still need someone to go down to investigate just to be sure it isn't what I think it is.

At that point, that mystery figure from the shadows peeked his way out of the dark and revealed to be.....

Peter (Tom Holland): Send me and Wilson in, Mr. Banner.

(Cuts out)


(Coming soon)


  • Margaret White - gets penetrated through by her own daughter and then gets her heart crushed (Metal Gear Rising style)
  • Mephistopheles - blown to dust by Carrie
  • Tommy Ross - got stabbed by the spear halfway through Kurt's teleportation and bleed out as well
  • Ralph White - stabbed by Margaret and bleeds out as his life fades from him

Main Cast Gallery

More Coming soon......

Featured Songs

  • Good Time ~ Charlie Wilson
  • Believer ~ Imagine Dragons
  • Chaos, Worst Part Of Me ~ I Prevail
  • Dance With The Devil, Evil Angel ~ Breaking Benjamin
  • Rendez-Vu ~ Basement Jaxx
  • Headlights ~ Eminem ft. Nate Ruess


  • Avengers: Galaxy At War ~ Part 3


  • X-C 2: Rise Of Sinister
  • Avengers: Fever Of Rage

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The following film is rated "R" for excessive violence and strong language throughout

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