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Hira is the Japanese Goddess of Spring who want to Eat Sprinpo's Son & Daughter's Souls.


  • name = Hira
  • Role = Goddess, Villain
  • Voice Actor = Upcoming American Voice Actress (US/UK) (English),

TBA (French), TBA (Polish), TBA (Russian), TBA (Japanese), & TBA (Turkish)

  • Properties = Evil
  • Insprirations = Shion (When they Cry), Zaha Torte (Sorcerer Hunter), Tobi (Naruto), Frieza (Dragonball Z), Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott (Date A Live), Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill), Dr.Tenmka (Tezuka's Astro Boy), Claw (Jungle Emperor Leo), Zangetsu (Bleach), Belladonna (Kimba The White Lion), Scar (Lion King), Zira (Lion King Simba's Pride), Mane-Ice (Friendship is Magic), Eris (MLP Friendship is Magic Gender Blender), Discord (Friendship is Magic), Mistress 9 (Sailor Moon), Yzma (Emperor's New Groove), Karai (Mutant Form) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)), Brikst Twins (Littlest Petshop), Eris (Sinbad: The Legends of The Seven Seas), Mephisto (Tezuka's Princess Knight), Heckett (Tezuka's Princess Knight), Lyric (Sonic Boom:Rise of Lyric), & Eris (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy).
  • HomeCountry = Japan, The Forest
  • Goal = Eats Ferd & Abby's Soul
  • Fate = Falls into a River with Spiny Brushes & Melting away in her death.