Hippopotamus Yandereacus is a Species of Hippo That Was Recently Discovered and Was Dated In The Fossil Record From The Oligocene Epoch. Hippopotamus Yandereacus is a Ancient Species That Has Lived Into Our Times and will survive until 3.8 Million Years Time. Hippopotamus Yandereacus is a Herbivore but has been reported to eat Lions, Leopards and There Smaller Cousins Hippopotamus Amphibius. Hippopotamus Yandereacus means Yandere-Chan's Hippo. They grow 17 Ft. Long and 11 Ft. High and Are Very Aggressive in which they are 14 Times More Hostile Than Hippopotamus amphibius.

A Description of Hippopotamus Yandereacus

Zombie hippo by williamsquid-d6qj078

The Description of Hippopotamus Yandereacus.

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