Hiking Horror is a 2014 horror film. This stars Nicholas D'Agosto, Amanda Righetti and Eliza Bennett, with Christina Milian, Nico Tortorella, Chace Crawford, Daveigh Chase, Megan Fox, Texas Battle, Jennifer Lawrence, Bobby Campo, Robert Knepper, Abigail Breslin,


Nine friends are on a hiking trip to found 18 year old girl who was missing for 4 years until a old man tells them that can't escape and they must survive the hiking trip from a bear.


The movie open with 4 years ago, 15 year old Alice Cotton (Eliza Bennett) is chased by a bear on her hiking trip. Alice is hide in her bed and sees both of her friends dead in her bedroom. The Bear finds Alice, and Alice screams.

4 years later after Alice was missing. Stan (Nicholas D'Agosto), his best friend Clarisse (Christina Milian), and their other friend: Mike (Nico Tortorella), Joan (Daveigh Chase), Robyn (Megan Fox), Pike (Jennifer Lawrence), Ashton (Texas Battle), Dan (Chace Crawford) and Douglas (Bobby Campo) meet with Alice's sister, Carly (Amanda Righetti) to help her find Alice.

A 18 year old Alice lost her left arm after the bear bite her left arm out. The bear leave Alice to be the bear's dinner. Alice escape and the bear chase Alice. Alice found a teenager, Anne (Abigail Breslin). She need her help. Anne was shocked to see Alice's arm, Anne take Alice's coat to get idea. The bear look for Alice. Anne with Alice's clothes look at the bear. The bear attack Anne and take Anne to eat. Alice is in Anne's clothes saw Anne get eat by the bear and run away. Alice lost lots of the blood.

Stan, Mike, Robyn, Joan and Douglas wait for Clarisse, Pike, Dan and Ashton with the car for find Alice. The car here and Carly wanted to come with them to find Alice. Stan let her but his friend was not sure about let Carly.


  • Nicholas D'Agosto as Stan Stevenson
  • Amanda Righetti as Carly Cotton
  • Eliza Bennett as Alice Cotton/Carly's sister who was missing for 4 years
  • Christina Milian as Clarisse/Stan's best friend.
  • Nico Tortorella as Mike
  • Chace Crawford as Dan
  • Daveigh Chase as Joan
  • Megan Fox as Robyn
  • Texas Battle as Ashton
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Pike
  • Bobby Campo as Douglas
  • Robert Knepper as Robert Havelock/A old man
  • Abigail Bresiln as Anne/A teenage who was killed by the bear and dress like Alice

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Stan, Carly, Clarisse and Alice


Alice's friends- Devoured by Bear

Anne- Half body eaten by Bear

Robyn- Leg bitten off by Bear

Ashton- Eaten by Bear

Pike- Eaten by Bear

Joan- Strangled by Bear

Mike- Dragged by Bear and Eaten

Douglas- Chest slashed with Bear paw

Dan- Bitten in half by Bear

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