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Sword of Light
Kanji 光の剣
Rōmaji Hikarinotsurugi
Titles/Alias Sword of the Archangel
Sword of the Divine
Sword of Light
Type Magical Weapon
Magical Sword
Holder Magic
User(s) Arthur "Uther" Pendragon

Hikarinotsurugi (光の剣, Sword of Light) is an "sword" wielded by Arthur "Uther" Pendragon, and is one of the "Three Legendary Swords of Arthur". The "sword" is capable of emitting Light Magic and Holy Magic, and able to cast Light Fang which is compressed Light in a single point to cut through anything but magic-infused items. Hikarinotsurugi is currently in with the "Gate of Albion", along with the other Swords.


  • The Hikarinotsurugi is based on Ea used by Gilgamesh, and the appearance is also that of Ea.

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