High Time to Kill is a British spy film based on the 1999 James Bond novel by Raymond Benson and follows Zero Minus Ten and The Facts of Death.


A scientist named Steven Harding steals a top secret British formula contained in microfilm, codenamed Skin 17. The microfilm is surgically implanted in the pacemaker of an unhealthy, former Chinese agent. 

The man is located in Nepal, so Bond is sent to track him down. The man is put on a plane, but Harding secretly plans to hijack the plane to steal the microfilm for himself, as opposed to allowing the organization he is working for to sell it to a foreign power. The organization deduces this, however, and kills Harding, dumping his body in the ocean.

When the plane crashes into the Himalayas, the race is on between the British and the Chinese to retrieve Skin 17. Bond, an RAF officer named Roland Marquis, and the attractive mountaineer Hope Kendal lead the expedition and together they raid an enemy base camp and drive the Chinese away. However, it isn't long before only Bond, marquis and Kendal remain alive. 

The group arrive at the peak of Kangchenjunga and find Skin 17, when Marquis turns on them. He reveals that he was working with Harding and helped him to steal the microfilm, but it was never their intention to give it to the organization, which Marquis identifies as Quantum. A brutal fight ensues between Bond and Marquis, culminating in the villain's death. Hope and Bond, having successfully retrieved Skin 17, descend the mountain.


Michael Fassbender - James Bond 007

Helen Mirren - Barbara Mawdsley (M)

Kelly Reilly - Miss Moneypenny

Tim Roth - Roland Marquis

Hector Elizondo - Steven Harding

Natalie Portman - Hope Kendal


The film was followed by DoubleShot and Never Dream of Dying.

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