High School Musical is a 2012 comedy drama film and a reboot to the High School Franchise, previously owned by Disney. The film is set in a high school at the beginning of a new semester; two students from rival cliques, Troy Bolton, the basketball team captain, and Gabriella Montez, a 'braniac' student, fall in love and decide to try out for the upcoming school musical.


On New Year's Eve, the captain of the Madison High basketball team Troy Bolton is vacationing at a ski lodge with his parents. His father, Jack, is the team coach and also known as 'Heartbreak Bolton' as during the 1981 Championship Game, he missed the potential winning basket. Meanwhile, Gabriella Montez, a shy book worm, is also at the lodge with her mother. During the party, random guests are selected to sing karaoke. Troy and Gabriella happen to be thrown together and both try to back down, but are cheered on by the crowd. Suprisingly, they both turn out to be good singers and receive a roaring reception from the party crowd. Following the count down and the new year, the step out onto the balcony and exchange numbers before Gabriella hurriedly leaves to wish her mother a happy new year.

Following the Christmas Break, Madison High reopens it's doors. Troy is welcomed by his close friends and fellow team mates Chad Danforth and Zeke Baylor, as well as high school diva Sharpay Evans, who has a crush on him. Unexpectedly, the same day, a new student is welcomed to Madison High; Gabriella Montez. Troy is shocked when he encounters her in their home room, where they both wind up in detention with Ms. Darbus alongside Chad, braniac Taylor 'Learning Curve' McKessie, Sharpay and her twin brother Ryan.

Troy shows Gabriella around the school and they come to a stop beside the bulletin board; Troy asks Gabriella if she is considering signing up for the school musical, the romantic tale 'Juliet & Romeo' written by music student Kelsi Nielsen. Gabriella tells him that she won't be signing up for anything yet, but tries to prompt Troy to sign up. Troy explains that he never told his friends about the singing, as they wouldn't understand. Ryan spots Troy taking a second look at the sheet during class change and informs Sharpay. They google Gabriella and find that she has won several academic awards in the past, a fact she is trying to hide. Sharpay then places a printout in Taylor's locker, prompting her to invite Gabriella to join the school's scolastic decathalon team, who are approaching a big final, as is the basketball team, who are nearing the State Championship Game.

In spite of the upcoming final, Troy forgets about missing basketball practice while chatting to Gabriella in detention. Suddenly, his father, the coach, storms in and gets into an argument with Darbus while Chad and Troy run to the gym for practice. Darbus brings Coach Bolton to the principal, who has trouble hiding his favouritism towards the basketball department.

Troy sneaks away to watch the auditions but is caught by Gabriella. After a parade of awful performances, they observe the over-the-top rendition performed by Ryan and Sharpay, although the duo appear shocked when darbus advises further work on the number. Once Darbus determines that there are no more sign ups, she declares the audition closed. However, after everyone has left, Kelsi trips and drops all of her belongings. Troy and Gabriella quickly rush to help her up and they poke fun at Ryan and Shapray's attempt. Kelsi admits that she imagined the song being a much slower tempo and is delighted when they accept her offer to show them how she wrote it. As she plays it, Troy takes a look through the sheets and begins to sing along, and is soon joined by Gabriella. Darbus secretly watches from the wings and informs them that they have a callback.

When the callback list is posted, Sharpay is horrified that she has competition and the school at large is surprised. At lunchtime in the school cafeteria, the school is divided, as several students begin to reveal hidden passions; Martha Cox, another braniac, secretly loves hip hop, skater dude Ripper wows his friend Mongo by admiting that he plays the cello, and Zeke reveals that he bakes. During the chaos, Gabriella accidentally ends up covering Charpay with her lunch. Zeke makes an awkward attempt to ask Sharpay out as she cleans herself up.

Chad and Taylor decide to put their heads together and hatch a plan to drive Troy and Gabriella apart; for their own sakes. They set up a meeting with the two at seperate points; Gabriella in the lab and Troy in the locker room. The team shows off several past stars, concluding with Troy's dad, and ask him not to turn his back on the team. Meanwhile, the decathlon team shows off several notable women from history. Troy snaps and renounces the callback and Gabriella, while a secret wire broadcasts his speech to the lab. 

Troy tries to speak to Gabriella about the callback but she tells him that she doesn't want to do it and tells him to win for the team, and she will win for hers. Troy falls into a depression, so Chad and Taylor team up once more to reunite them. They confront Troy and Gabriella and admit that they were wrong. Troy then serenades Gabriella and they decide to go for the callbacks.

However, Sharpay has been plotting against them. As she is the president of the drama club, she decides to manipulate Ms. Darbus and have the callbacks moved forward to the same day as the decathlon and basketball finals. The two cliques then come together and devise a plan to win both finals and help Troy and Gabriella make the callbacks.

During the game, Ryan and Shapray audition, and Gabriella wins for the decathlon team. The braniacs then cut the power in the gym, allowing Troy to run to the theater where he meets Gabriella. However, due to safety precautions, the crowds from the decathlon and the basketball final move to the theater. Ryan then informs Darbus of Sharpay's treachery, having finally had enough of her. Troy persuades Gabriella to give it her best and they receive a standing ovation. Troy then returns to the gym, where the Madison High team finally win the championship. Troy reconciles with his father, as the two had been arguing throughout the story. Kelsi finally hooks up with the school announcer, Jack Scott, Zeke lands a date with Sharpay, Chad and Taylor decide to pursue a romantic interest in one another and the 'rebels' such as Ripper and Martha become widely accepted. The film ends with the entire audience joining in with the final song at the musical, with Troy and Gabriella as the stars.


Troy Bolton - The handsome and popular young captain of the Madison High Basketball Team (Wildcats). He is Chad's best friend and Gabriella's love interest. Many other girls have a crush on him; the most notable is Sharpay. He shakes the school by getting the callback but ultimately changes the school for the better. 

Gabriella Montez - A shy, brainy young girl who transfers to Madison High during the Christmas vacation due to her mother's new job. She turns out to be a great singer and Troy's main love interest. Her best friend is Taylor McKessie.

Chad Danforth - Troy's best friend and his 'co-star' basketball player. He and Taylor are initially rivals, but set aside their differences to break up Troy and Gabriella. However, due to the negative results of their actions, they team up again and Chad and Taylor begin to develop a romantic interest in each other.

Taylor McKessie - Gabriella's closest friend at Madison High and the team captain of the school science club. She and Chad are initially rivals, but aside their differences to break up Troy and Gabriella. However, due to the negative results of their actions, they team up again and Chad and Taylor begin to develop a romantic interest in each other.

Sharpay Evans - The president of the school drama club, primadonna and Ryan's twin sister. She has a crush on Troy but the felling is not mutual. She will sell out Ryan at any given moment to reach a higher status.

Ryan Evans - The vice president of the school drama club and Sharpay's flamboyant twin sister. Despite his sister's attitude, he is actually very friendly and tries to help everyone out, and ultimately sees that Sharpay is in the wrong so he informs Darbus of her plan.

Zeke Baylor - Another team mate of Troy and Chad's, he has a massive crush on Sharpay and also secretly bakes. He bakes her cookies and tells her that he loves her regardless what role she is in, and subsequently lands a date with her.

Kelsi Nielsen - A shy but musically gifted student who writes the play 'Juliet & Romeo.' She is often walked over by Sharpay, due to her timidness and lack of experience. Despite this she helps Troy and Gabriella practice and finally stands up to Sharpay when Sharpay tries to warn her not to play for Troy and Gabriella.

Jack Scott - The zany news announcer at Madison High, known as the 'Velvet Fog of Madison High.' He has a crush on Kelsi Nielsen and later admits that he really admires her work. She replies with that she likes his voice and they get together.

Martha Cox - Another braniac who secretly harbours a passion for hip hop. She shocks the science club by revealing this during the 'canteen rebellion.' However, by the end of the story she becomes widely accepted in the school. She is last seen performing hip hop dance moves during the musical.

Kratnoff - One of the braniacs who 'knows everything about everything' and is very publicly against Martha's dancing. However, he ultimately accepts her and joins her dancing (though not very well) during the musical.

Ripper - The head of the skater dudes of Madison High. He also secretly plays the cello. He finally reveals this during the cafeteria scene to his peers, shocking them. However, like Martha, he becomes accepted in the end and is last seen playing his cello during the musical.

Mongo - Ripper's 'sidekick' and a passionate skater dude. He is shocked when Ripper reveals that he plays the cello and their friendship is tested. However they reconcile at the end and is last seen joining Ripper in playing the 'air-cello' during the musical.

Coach Jack 'Heartbreak' Bolton - Troy's father and the Wildcat's dedicated coach. He was the star basketball player during his time at the school as a student, but missed the crucial basket during the 1981 championship games, leading to his becoming known as 'Heartbreak Bolton.' He becomes aggravated by Troy due to his missing practice and general absent-mindedness. However, when he sees how talented his son in he changes his way. He is last seen cheering Troy on during the musical.

Ms. June Darbus - An overly dramatic music and drama teacher. She often clashes with Coach Bolton, not agreeing with his methods and ideals, but sees something special in his son. She and Coach Bolton later reconcile after Troy's callback the championship win. Darbus is last seen singing with Coach Bolton during the musical.

Ms. Tenny - The Madison High chemistry teacher who is eight months pregnant. She warmly welcomes Gabriella to the school after the latter points out an error in an equation.

Principal Dave Matsui - The Madison High principal. He is the victim of a prank when someone releases the air from his tires. He tells the arguing Bolton and Darbus to work together, but has trouble hiding his preference for the basketball team. He is last seen dancing during the musical.

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