High School Massacre is a 2015 horror slasher drama television series.

Season 1 (2015)

The season is about high school students being targeted by a serial killer.

Main Cast

  • Hayden Panettiere as Sarah Moore- A sophomore in high school. She is smart, beautiful, strong, sweet, caring and kind. She is one of the targets and one of the killer's favorite target. (6 episodes)
  • Steven R. McQueen as Peter Smith- A sophomore in high school and Sarah's best guy friend. He is smart, independent and strong. He is one of the targets and one of the killer's favorite target. He is in love with Sarah (which she doesn't know) and wants this all to end. (6 episodes)
  • Chris Zylka as Greg Harris- A sophomore in high school and Sarah's boyfriend. He is on the football team and all of the girls fall for him. (6 episodes)
  • Bianca A. Santos as Jennifer Perez- A sophomore in high school and Sarah's best friend. She is one of the bravest students and is not afraid to put herself in danger. She is one of the killer's favorite target. (6 episodes)
  • Taissa Farmiga as Julia Campbell- A new student at the high school and is a sophomore. She is intelligent, brave and a horror movie buff. She loves to watch horror movies and read horror novels. She is one of the killer's favorite target. (6 episodes)
  • Douglas Booth as Josh Morrison- A sophomore in high school. He is the bad boy in school who is also a horror movie buff. He knows a lot of horror movie knowledge and starts to have feelings for Julia. He is one of the killer's favorite target. (6 episodes)
  • Connor Jessup as Kyle Anderson- A freshman in high school. He is bullied and has depression. He attempted suicide and cuts his arms but has a dark side to him. He may have depression but he is intelligent and strong in his own way. He is also a horror movie buff and loves rock music. (6 episodes)

Recurring Cast

  • Skyler Samuels as Riley Marshall- Riley is a sophomore in high school and Sarah's best friend. She is kind, sweet and caring but when it comes to the killer she wants to take him down. (6 episodes)
  • Max Carver as Dean Sullivan- Dean is a sophomore in high school and Greg's best friend. He's a fun-loving guy and wants to get all the girls' attention. (3 episodes)
  • Amber Borycki as Ms. Diana Bennett- Ms. Bennett is the school's guidance counselor and wants to put an end to the murders. (5 episodes)
  • Devon Sawa as Deputy Brian Patterson- He is the sheriff's deputy who gets along with Sheriff Moore and has a crush on Ms. Bennett. He is brave, strong, kind and trustworthy person and wants the killer in jail. (6 episodes)
  • Beau Mirchoff as Austin Shepherd- Austin is a sophomore in high school and Sarah's ex-boyfriend. He is charming, selfish and unreliable, which is why Sarah broke up with him. (3 episodes)
  • Gina Holden as Rachel Parker- Rachel is Sarah's mother. She shares the same personality traits as Sarah. She doesn't want her daughter in danger and does everything she can to protect her. (6 episodes)
  • Brian Geraghty as Sheriff John Moore- Sheriff Moore is the father of Sarah and ex-husband of Rachel. Sheriff Moore has problems with his daughter and always gets in a fight with Rachel. Like Rachel, he will do anything to protect his daughter. (6 episodes)
  • Derek Luke as Principal West- Principal West is the high school's principal. Principal West will protect his students. (6 episodes)
  • Paloma Kwiatkowski as Annie Hall- Annie is the new freshman in high school. Like Kyle, she is going through depression and is bullied. She starts to have feelings for Kyle. (6 episodes)
  • Cayden Boyd as Nathan Campbell- Nathan is a sophomore in high school and Julia's brother. Nathan is a nerd who seems wimpy and scared most of the time and has a crush on Alex. He loves to read comics and loves The Walking Dead. (6 episodes)
  • Jill Wagner as Detective Heather Brown- Heather is trying to bring the murders to an end. (1 episode)
  • Alexandria DeBerry as Alexandra "Alex" Roberts- Alex is a sophomore in high school. Alex is hot, flirty but intelligent and has a crush on Nathan. (4 episodes)
  • Casey Affleck as Gary Brooks- Gary is Rachel's boyfriend. Gary may act sweet and innocent but is cheating on Rachel with Kelly. (4 episodes)
  • Melissa George as Kelly Howard- Kelly is a woman who is seeing Gary. Kelly use to be abused by her ex-boyfriend. (4 episodes)
  • Oliver Hudson as Ryan Butler- Ryan is Kelly's ex-boyfriend. He use to abuse Kelly and is rude and unkind. (3 episodes)
  • Sean Bean as Harry Murray- Harry is a serial killer who was supposedly killed by Sheriff Moore. (6 episodes)

Guest Stars

  • Britt Robertson as Emma- A teenage girl who was murdered along with her friend, Jenny. (1 episode)
  • Bella Thorne as Jenny- A teenage girl who was murdered along with her friend, Emma. (1 episode)
  • Marie Avgeropoulos as Stacy (1 episode)
  • Kyle Gallner as Andy- He is a killer who looks up to Harry. (2 episodes)
  • Luke Benward as Dave- He is a killer who looks up to Harry. (2 episodes)
  • Jodelle Ferland as Alice- She is a killer who looks up to Harry. (2 episodes)


1. Pilot

It starts off with two teenage girls named Emma (Britt Robertson) and Jenny (Bella Thorne) watching Scream. Jenny then goes to the bathroom, leaving Emma by herself. Emma gets a call from an unknown number. Emma then hears breathing on the phone and the person hangs up. She then starts calling for Jenny. She opens the bathroom door to find Jenny was stabbed to death and she screams. Emma turns around and is stabbed in the chest by an unknown person.

It then skips to Sarah (Hayden Panettiere) running from someone and she is then stabbed in her heart. She then wakes up from her nightmare and gets ready for school. Rachel (Gina Holden) is making breakfast and asks if she got some sleep last night, before Sarah could answer a horn beeps. She is picked up by Peter (Steven R. McQueen) Jennifer (Bianca A. Santos) and Riley (Skyler Samuels). They ask if she got some sleep but she ignores and they drive away.

The four friends then make it to school and meet up with Greg (Chris Zylka), Alex (Alexandria DeBerry) and Dean (Max Carver). They then go to class and Principal West (Derek Luke) introduces Julia (Taissa Farmiga), Annie (Paloma Kwiatkowski) and Nathan (Cayden Boyd), he also annouces that Emma and Jenny were killed last night. They then see new vans drive up to the school and Principal West then goes outside. Julia then says "what if we're in a horror movie and we're the victims." Josh (Douglas Booth) says "if we're in a horror movie then that would be cool. Maybe it's Harry Murray." Sarah then leaves the classroom and Kyle (Connor Jessup) drops his books. Sarah helps him and he asks "why are you even helping me? No one likes me. Everyone hates me for who I am." Sarah then hugs him and says "everything will be okay in the end."

Sarah then enters Ms. Bennett's (Amber Borycki) and tells her about her dreams and thinks it's Harry Murray. Ms. Bennett says "there just nightmares. Don't let them get to you." Sarah looks out the window and sees Harry Murray (Sean Bean). Sarah then runs into Austin (Beau Mirchoff) and he asks her if she is better off with out him. Sarah says she doesn't want him back. He tries to kiss her but she pushes him away and slaps him, then leaves him by himself.

Sarah then leaves school to go home and runs into her dad, Sheriff Moore (Brian Geraghty) and Deputy Patterson (Devon Sawa). Sarah asks what he wants and Sheriff Moore says that he just wanted to make sure she was okay. Sarah then says "now that you checked. You can stay out of my life." John says that he cares for her and Sarah says "you wanted to put me away in a home. Now, you care for me all of a sudden. I wanted to end my life because I have nightmares. That was none of your business." Sarah then leaves them and Deputy Patterson says "you tried."

Rachel calls Gary (Casey Affleck) and asks if he's okay, he tells her he is fine but Rachel says that she called him but he didn't pick up and he tells her he is fine, she says she will make dinner for Sarah and her and wants him to come over and he says "I would love that" and hangs up. Kelly (Melissa George) asks who he was talking too and he says a friend. Ryan (Oliver Hudson) then starts banging on the door and Gary punches him in the face 5 times and tells him to leave Kelly alone. Ryan says he'll be back and leaves.

It then skips to Sarah driving away and she notices that someone is following. The person then hits her car and she then runs home when she notices it's Harry. Rachel then takes her to a hospital. The doctor says that Sarah has no serious injuries and they leave. At night, Sarah then goes to a bon fire party and Sarah then meets up with Greg, Peter, Jennifer, Riley and Alex. Harry then comes out of the woods and attacks the teens. He kills 6 teenagers and Greg then stabs him in the chest, supposedly killing him. Harry is then put in a body bag and put in an ambulance. The body bag then moves and he kills the two medics and escapes.

2. Hacked

It starts off with a girl named Stacy (Marie Avgeropoulos) talking on the phone, while walking home from a party. Stacy then hears footsteps and she starts walking faster. Stacy then trips and is hacked to death with a machete by Harry Murray (Sean Bean).

It then skips to John (Brian Geraghty) coming home, only to find Sarah (Hayden Panettiere) waiting for him. Sarah says "I thought you killed Harry Murray" and he says that he escaped before he could kill him. Sarah says that she doesn't know what to believe anymore and leaves.

Sarah then walks home and Rachel (Gina Holden) and Gary (Casey Affleck) are waiting for her. Rachel asks if she's alright and Sarah says that she is fine. Sarah is then picked up by Greg (Chris Zylka) and they drive to school. They meet up with Jennifer (Bianca A. Santos), Peter (Steven R. McQueen) and Riley (Skyler Samuels). Principal West (Derek Luke) announces that Stacy was murdered last night. Julia (Taissa Farmiga) tells Nathan (Cayden Boyd) that they should watch each other's back and Josh (Douglas Booth) tells her that it feels like a horror movie already. Alex (Alexandria DeBerry) asks Nathan if he thinks Harry Murray is still alive after he died twice. Nathan has no clue who Harry is and Alex explains who he is. Kyle (Connor Jessup) then runs into Annie (Paloma Kwiatkowski) and he apologizes. Annie and Kyle then talk about their life and realize they have the same problems. Kyle then asks her out and she accepts.

While walking in the halls, Sarah is attacked by Harry and he cuts her arm. She screams and he disappears, while the class walks out to see what happened. Sarah is then put in the hospital and Rachel, John and Gary show up. Rachel asks what happened to her and Sarah explains the situation. John asks if she cut herself and Rachel slaps him and asks what he was thinking saying that to her. Brian (Devon Sawa) then radios in and says their has been another murder.

John and Brian then investigate the victim. John says that the victim was hacked to death, like Stacy and John says that they can't tell anyone that Murray is still alive. Greg, Jennifer, Peter and Riley arrive at the hospital to make sure Sarah is okay and Austin (Beau Mirchoff) shows up. Sarah says to leave them alone and Austin says he wants to get back with her. Sarah says "you cheated on me. You never cared for me. You don't care for nobody except yourself." Austin then smiles and leaves.

Austin is going to his car until he hears footsteps. He then sees Harry and he is hacked to death. Sarah then leaves the hospital with her mom. Gary then goes home and finds Kelly (Melissa George) waiting for him. She tells him that Ryan (Oliver Hudson) hit her again and Ryan then shows up. Ryan tells her to come outside but Gary and Ryan get into a fight. Ryan then comes at him with a knife but Gary gets the upper hand and accidentally stabs him in the stomach. Sarah and Julia then run into each other and Sarah asks why she moved here. Julia is about to answer but they are both knocked unconscious and taken away by Harry.

3. Death's Assessment

It starts off with Sarah (Hayden Panettiere) waking up and finding all of her friends tied up. Harry (Sean Bean) then tells them that there is a key to unlock their cuffs on the table. Sarah then grabs the key and unlocks all of their cuffs. Harry tells them that he prepared traps for them.

The teens then go search around and Dean (Max Carver) trips on barbed wire and cuts his leg. Alex (Alexandria DeBerry) rips off a piece of her shirt and puts pressure on his leg. Harry then announces that they better watch out.

It then skips to Gary (Casey Affleck) and Kelly (Melissa George) telling John (Brian Geraghty) and Brian (Devon Sawa) that Ryan (Oliver Hudson) attacked them. Ryan is about to be put in a body bag but Kelly spits on his corpse. Rachel (Gina Holden) comes over to see Gary but tells John that Sarah is missing. John then gets a call from an unknown number and Harry tells him that he captured the 12 teens including Sarah. Harry tells him that he won't let them out until their test is over and hangs up.

Sarah then suggests that they should find a way out and split up. Sarah, Peter (Steven R. McQueen), Riley (Skyler Samuels), Kyle (Connor Jessup), Annie (Paloma Kwiatkowski) and Dean go together while Greg (Chris Zylka), Jennifer (Bianca A. Santos), Josh (Douglas Booth), Julia (Taissa Farmiga), Nathan (Cayden Boyd) and Alex ogether. Greg's group then enter a room and Jennifer almost trips over a wire but Alex warns her that it's a trap. A cell phone rings and Alex picks it up only to find out it's Harry. He congratulates her on saving her friends and tells her that someone will die tonight.

Sarah's group smell a dead body and Sarah opens a closet door, only to find Austin's (Beau Mirchoff) dead body. Sarah then closes the door and they leave to find the others.

Alex then starts to cry and Nathan comforts her. Nathan tells her that she did a great job and admits that he has a crush on her since he came to school. Alex admits her feelings and kisses him until Sarah comes and tells them that they found Austin's dead body. Sarah then screams at Harry to let them out and Harry tells them to push the red button to leave. Sarah pushes the button, only to find out it's a trap and Alex is decapitated by barbed wire. Sheriff Moore, Deputy Patterson, Gary and Rachel arrive at the school and ask Principal West (Derek Luke) and Ms. Bennett (Amber Borycki) where they would find the kids and Ms. Bennett said their was an old factory that is now abandoned. Ms. Bennett then shows them the location and they find the teens inside the building. Sarah then runs into her mother's arms and starts to cry. Sheriff Moore then rushes to find Harry but find him gone. He finds a note that says "I'll see you soon."

4. Secrets

It starts off with Sarah (Hayden Panettiere) walking in the abandoned factory and finds Alex (Alexandria DeBerry). Alex then tells her it's all her fault and attacks her. Sarah then wakes up screaming and Rachel (Gina Holden) comforts her.

Sarah and the teens are then called in by Principal West (Derek Luke) and Ms. Bennett (Amber Borycki) to tell them if they need someone to talk to they could talk to them. Sarah then sees a hallucination of Alex but Greg (Chris Zylka) touches her, which makes her scared and Alex disappears.

Josh (Douglas Booth) is at home by himself and a message written to him on the window saying "you shouldn't bully people." Harry (Sean Bean) then pops out from Josh's closet and chases Josh. Josh is then stabbed in his side and Harry escapes. Josh then goes outside and his neighbor calls 911.

Sarah, Jennifer (Bianca A. Santos), Peter (Steven R. McQueen) and Riley (Skyler Samuels) arrive at Greg's party. Dean (Max Carver) tries to kiss Sarah but she rejects and he tries again but Peter punches him in the face, which he then leaves her alone. Sarah then sees Harry and goes outside to find him, once she finds him he then tells her "it's all your fault Alex died." He then knocks her unconscious and shoves her in a closet.

Kyle (Connor Jessup) and Annie are making out until he has to go to the bathroom. Harry is in the bathroom and he tells him "you shouldn't have stabbed your therapist." He then knocks him unconscious and puts him in the shower.

Sarah then gets out of the closet and runs to her friends to tell them about Harry. Julia (Taissa Farmiga) and Nathan (Cayden Boyd) then show up only for Julia to get stabbed in the shoulder by Harry and tells her "you shouldn't have ran over that boy." Dean then tries to punch him but Harry stabs him in the heart and says "that poor girl didn't deserve you. After, you tried to force yourself on her." Harry is then shot at by Sheriff Moore (Brian Geraghty) and Deputy Patterson (Devon Sawa) but he escapes. Sarah then asks her friends how he knew that and Jennifer says that he moved around so he would know what jthey did wrong. Harry then looks at the teens and smiles.

5. Taken

It starts off with Sarah (Hayden Panettiere) dreaming about her aunt Wendy (Elizabeth Mitchell). Wendy tells her “Save your friends.” Sarah wakes up and goes downstairs for water. Rachel (Gina Holden) asks if she had a nightmare again but Sarah says “I dreamt of Aunt Wendy. She told me to save my friends.” Rachel then says “I’m sure everything will be okay in the end.” Sarah then says “Will it Mom because my friends are dying and I don't know how to save them.” Rachel says “It will get better. Trust me.” Rachel then goes to bed and Sarah continues to drink her water until she hears her mother fall. She runs upstairs and finds her mother on the floor, she runs to her side and Harry (Sean Bean) covers her mouth with a cloth. She tries to fight back but she then goes into a deep sleep.

She wakes up to find herself with her friends, her mom Rachel, Principal West (Derek Luke), Ms. Bennett (Amber Borycki), Gary (Casey Affleck) and Kelly (Melissa George), (who she doesn't know). Sarah asks Rachel “Hey Mom, who’s that lady?” Rachel says “Gary saved her the night she was attacked but I don't know why she’s here.” The truck stops and he lets them out. Harry introduces Dave (Luke Benward), Andy (Kyle Gallner) and Alice (Jodelle Ferland). He then tells them to start walking. Alice comes over to Kelly and Kelly pushes her. Kelly then runs but Dave is quick enough and shoots her in the back of the head, killing her. Gary (Casey Affleck) starts to cry and Rachel notices this, knowing that he cared for her. Harry then says “Start running cause it’s hunting time.” Sarah and the others then run, separating them into groups.

Sarah, Rachel and Gary are running until they stop. Rachel asks Gary “Were you dating her?” Gary says “Yes. Her name was Kelly.” Rachel then walks away and Gary tries to stop her but Sarah says “Leave her alone. You caused enough pain.” Sarah follows Rachel, leaving Gary by himself.

It then skips to Sheriff Moore sitting at his desk and it shows a flashback of him and Harry in a police car. Harry tells him “I don't know what to do. I think she’s cheating on me.” John says “Just break up with her. You got to do something.” Harry then slashes 9 people with a machete and goes to Wendy’s house. Wendy sees him with the machete and runs. He then slashes her back and she falls to the floor. He stabs her repeatedly and Sarah comes inside Wendy's house. She runs but he grabs her and throws her. She sees a knife, grabs it and stabs him in his side. He then runs and John catches up to him. John tells him to stop but Harry tells him “You won't kill me.” Harry starts to walk away and escapes.

Deputy Patterson (Devon Sawa) tells Sheriff Moore that people have been kidnapped by Harry, including Sarah and Rachel.

Julia (Taissa Farmiga), Josh (Douglas Booth), Kyle (Connor Jessup) and Annie (Paloma Kwiatkowski) are running in the woods and stop to rest. Julia says to Josh that she hopes Nathan (Cayden Boyd) is okay and he tells her that he is fine. Josh tells her “I feel really bad for Kyle.” Julia asks why and he tells her “I bullied him and I want to apologize for what I did. I was stupid for doing that.” Julia tells him “Now is your chance.” He then walks over to Kyle and asks if he can talk to him alone. Kyle says yes and Annie walks away. Josh says “Listen, I’m sorry that I bullied you before. I didn't know better but now I do realize that it was stupid. Please forgive me.” Kyle then says “I forgive you but I’ll never forget.” Alice then sees them and shooting at them. They then run and hide in a tree. Alice is trying to find them but doesn't see them and runs away.

Greg (Chris Zylka) and Peter (Steven R. McQueen) are walking and they stop. Peter asks “How come you weren't attacked that night Dean died?” Greg asks the same thing to Peter but he doesn't answer. Greg then says “I know you get jealous of me and Sarah. I’m gonna tell you this she’s never going to date you. I know you have feelings for her but you’re never going to have her. So why don't you just give up.” Peter then tackles him and almost punches him but he stops himself. Peter then says “We need to find the others before they die.” He starts walking and Greg follows.

Jennifer (Bianca A. Santos), Riley (Skyler Samuels), Nathan, Principal West and Ms. Bennett are running in the woods. Jennifer says “We have to go back for the others.” Riley then says “Are you crazy? We can’t go back. They'll kill us.” Jennifer says “I don't care. I’m going back.” Jennifer starts walking and the rest follow her.

Sarah, Rachel and Gary are walking and they reunite with the others. They are shot at by Harry, Alice, Andy and Dave and they run into a nearby cabin. Harry tells them one of them has to come out but they stay inside. Sarah says she’ll go out but Rachel says “No. I don't want to lose you too.” Sarah says someone has to go out and realizes Gary is gone. Gary walks up to Harry and says “Take me. No one else has to die.” Harry then nods to Alice and she shoots Gary in the head, killing him. They then hear police sirens and they escape. Sarah and Rachel runs to Gary’s dead body and mourn. Sheriff Moore asks where Harry is and Sarah tells him that he escaped. Rachel says “I want those bastards dead.” The end shows Sarah hugging Rachel, while Rachel cries in her arms.

6. Shattered

It starts off with Sarah (Hayden Panettiere) is talking to Jennifer (Bianca A. Santos) and Riley (Skyler Samuels) in the school library and Riley says “Did you know your mom was like the final girl when she was younger?”. Sarah says “No. I never knew that.” Riley says “Apparently, your mom, your dad, Harry, your aunt Wendy and their friends were targets in the murders. I think that’s how Harry became a killer because he learned from them. I’m sorry I shouldn't have said that.” Sarah says “No, it’s okay.”

Sarah then goes home late and asks her mother “Why didn't you tell me that you, Dad and Aunt Wendy were targeted by a killer when you were all younger?” Rachel (Gina Holden) says “I didn't want you to find out.” Sarah says “How could you think I wouldn't find out? I want to trust you but I don't think I can.” She then walks upstairs and goes to her room, leaving Rachel by herself. Sarah is sleeping until she hears her mother screaming for her. She runs downstairs, only to find Rachel being taken by Andy (Kyle Gallner) and Dave (Luke Benward) and she runs after the car, screaming for her mother.

Sarah runs to the sheriff’s station but finds out from Deputy Patterson (Devon Sawa) that Sheriff Moore (Brian Geraghty) is in a meeting with Detective Heather Brown (Jill Wagner). Sarah then sees John come out from his office and tells him that Rachel has been kidnapped. Sarah tells her friends that Rachel has been kidnapped and they participate in the search. Sheriff Moore and Deputy Patterson give them guns and they then split up into groups, first group: Sarah, Sheriff Moore, Greg (Chris Zylka), Julia (Taissa Farmiga), Josh (Douglas Booth), Kyle (Connor Jessup) and Annie (Paloma Kwiatkowski) and the second group: Deputy Patterson, Peter (Steven R. McQueen), Jennifer, Riley, Nathan (Cayden Boyd), Principal West (Derek Luke) and Ms. Bennett (Amber Borycki).

Sheriff Moore’s group is walking and Kyle tells Annie “I was just thinking, what if we don’t make it out alive? What if we all die?” Annie reassures him that they will be fine in the end. Sarah gets a phone call from an unknown number and she picks it up to reveal it’s Harry (Sean Bean). He says to her “Your mother is safe but you have to find her. She’s at a cabin in the woods.” Sarah then runs and Sheriff Moore calls her name.

Deputy Patterson’s group is walking until Peter tells them he hears someone screaming for help. Rachel is trying to get out but Harry, Andy, Dave and Alice (Jodelle Ferland) come inside the cabin and he tells her that they won't be able to save her. Rachel spits on him and he slaps her across her face.

Sarah is running in the woods until she sees a cabin and runs to it. Sarah enters the cabin to find Rachel inside. Rachel shouts for her to look out and Dave almost stabs her with the machete but she moves out of the way. Sarah then hits him with her gun, knocking him unconscious and she frees her mother. Her mother then says “I have to tell you something. I was dating Harry and he got me pregnant. I didn't want to tell you before but I’m telling you now. The baby was a-” Rachel was about to finish but she is stabbed in the back of the head with a machete by Dave. Dave almost kills Sarah but someone shoots him in the head, revealing it to be Julia. Sheriff Moore and Deputy Patterson go inside to find Harry, Alice and Andy gone. The end shows Sarah hugging John and starts to cry, while everyone looks sad.

7. Lockdown

The episode begins with Sarah and John talking about Rachel until Sarah cries and John comforts her. In the morning, Sarah wakes up to John giving her a pair of keys to her new car.

8. The Killing Time

Sarah and her friends must bring down the killers in this final showdown but the murders aren't over yet.

Season 1 Death Chart

Characters Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 Ep 4 Ep 5 Ep 6 Ep 7 Ep 8
Sarah Moore Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive
Peter Smith Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive
Greg Harris Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive
Jennifer Perez Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive
Julia Campbell Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive
Josh Morrison Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive
Kyle Anderson Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive
Riley Marshall Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive
Ms. Diana Bennett Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive
Deputy Brian Patterson Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive
Sheriff John Moore Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive
Principal West Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive
Annie Hall Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive
Nathan Campbell Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive
Detective Heather Brown Alive
Harry Murray Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive
Andy Alive Alive
Alice Alive Alive
Dave Alive Dead
Rachel Parker Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Dead
Gary Brooks Alive Alive Alive Alive Dead
Kelly Howard Alive Alive Alive Alive Dead
Dean Sullivan Alive Alive Alive Dead
Alexandra "Alex" Roberts Alive Alive Dead
Ryan Butler Alive Dead
Austin Shepherd Alive Dead
Stacy Dead
Emma Dead
Jenny Dead

Main Cast

Actor Character Episodes Seasons
1 2 3
Hayden Panettiere Sarah Moore 18 episodes Main
Steven R. McQueen Peter Smith 13 episodes Main
Chris Zylka Greg Harris 8 episodes Main
Bianca A. Santos Jennifer Perez 18 episodes Main
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