High School Horror Is An American Horror-Slasher Film Starring Alexz Johnson,Michelle Trachtenberg,Ashley Tisdale,Alexandra daddario,Demi Lovato,Leah Pipes,Meagan Good,Lucy Hale,Selena Gomez,Danielle Panabaker,Alex Pettyfer,Nicolas D'Agosto,Alex Russel,Blake Lively,Margo Harshaman,Ellen Wroe,Taylor Monsen,Thomas Dekker,Elizabeth Gilles,Candice Ancola,Steven R McQueen,Miley Cyrus and Mackenzie Foy.


when a group of students stay in school to work for the prom someone starts killing teens.


Alexz Johnson As Hilary Clarkson/the Goth Girl

Michelle Trachtenberg As Jennifer Foster/the Shy Girl

Ashley Tisdale As Karen Cage/The Diva Girl#1

Alexandra daddario As Cece/The Diva Girl#2

Demi Lovato As Carly/the Gossip Girl

Leah Pipes As Lyla/The Bitch Girl

Meagan Good As Shona/The Diva Girl#3

Lucy Hale As Carrie/The Sweet Girl

Selena Gomez As Erin/The Killer/The Nerdy Gir/Hilary Best Friend/Black Hoodie

Danielle Panabaker As Jenna/The Tech Girl

Alex Pettyfer As Adam Cage/Hilary Boyfriend

Nicolas D'Agosto As Mike/Karen Boyfriend

Alex Russel As Daniel/Cece Boyfriend

Blake Lively As Susan/the Bossy Girl

Margo Harshaman As Clary/The Drunk Girl

Ellen Wroe As Demi/The Gymnast Girl 

Taylor Monsen As Kitty/The Good Girl

Thomas Dekker As Butch/Lyla Boyfriend

Elizabeth Gilles As Giselle/The Bad Girl

Candice Ancola As Ashley/The Rich Girl

Steven R McQueen As Troy/Erin Boyfriend

Miley Cyrus As Ronnie/The Horny Girl

Mackenzie Foy As Young Erin


Ronnie-Was stabbed with a knife by black Hoodie in the bathroom

Demi-Was stabbed with a axe by Black Hoodie

Clary-stab in the chest and then shot balcony By Black hoodie

Butch-head hit the bathroom mirror and then ax in the back of the head By Black Hoodie

Jenna-electrocuted when they hit his head with the computer by Black Hoodie

Shona-black hoodie gets his hair to electric sharpener and makes him stay if face By Black Hoodie

Carly-quartered By Black Hoodie

Cece-broken neck By Black Hoodie

Mike-severed head with a rope and a fan

Daniel-when he is walking some throws and falls on a tube

Giselle-impaled by the front

Carrie-head beaten with a bat broken steel

Susan-stabbed in heart

Troy-just like susan

Jennifer Forester-just like susan





after escaping from the school they think the murderer was one of them but not so when hilary is reviewing photos of erin in the yearbook noted that wrote to those who died (they enjoy their last moments bitches by going to hurt a by one.) hilary then hears a noise in her closet she lurks and sees that there is nothing but it shows that low-erin out of bed and pulls not shown if hilary dies or is it a dream

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