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Directed by

Spike Lee

Produced by

Matt Damon
Ben Affleck
Spike Lee
Jeff Stone

Screenplay by

Matt Damon
Spike Lee
Chris Rock

Story by

Spike Lee


Matt Damon
Tyler James Williams
Asa Butterfield
Amandla Stenberg
China Anne McClain
Kenny Wormald
50 Cent
Dayo Okeniyi
Chris Rock

Music by

DJ Drama


Barry Peterson

Edited by

Spencer Averick

Plan B Entertainment
Cloud Eight Films

Miramax Films

Distributed by

Paramount Pictures

Release date(s)

December 4, 2015


United States




$1 Million


High is is a 2015 Comedy-Drama Film Directed By Spike Lee and Written by Matt Damon, Chris Rock and Spike Lee staring Matt Damon, Tyler James Williams, Asa Butterfield, Amandla Stenberg, Jake Gyllenhaal, 50 Cent, Dayo Okeniyi and Chris Rock. It Centers around A Teacher at a racially divided school is in debt and his life and safety are in danger so he decides to sell drugs on his school campus with the help of 3 Students. The Film is Produced by Damon and Ben Affleck and Excutive produced by Spike Lee and Jeff Stone.

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 (Narrated By Chris Rock)

“In Chicago, There is this school that is interesting, because it is in the middle or these two very different neighborhoods. Glendale, the most uptight, Strict-made, White neighborhood in Chicago and Akron Woods, The most, Ghetto, Dirty, Nasty and just plain filthy neighborhood in Chicago. The school has 3 floors. 1 Floor for the White kids and they have the best teachers and grades and lunch and conditions and then the other has the black kids and they have the most stank, direst, and sex filled Floor. Drugs, Gangs and everything go through the halls and it doesn’t help that the principle is racist but they have stopped a few school shootings, those white kids got nothing against the niggas at the school. The last floor are where the kids go and head to the bus too and the black kids go second.

Now this is about 3 kids that just urk the Principle, These kids have the best grades in the whole school but they get in trouble so they have some classes on the black floor and then some on the white floor.

One is Michael Renner son of the principle and great grandson of the creator of this shit school and grandson to the superintendent of the district. He is “White Mike” Because he is the best white basketball player and is the most fucking white kid you will ever meet in your life my son once caught him Listing to Africa by Toto in a Mercades after getting Starbucks. He got in trouble for being a loud mouth and has brung up so many Taboo subjects that it was too much so the principles son got sent him to the black and he gets builled the fuck out of over their but not too much cause he is the principle’s son.

The other one is Kat Fields known as a tomboy because of her hairstyle and being into geek shit and not girl shit. She is the only Preg- well there are like 5 on the white floor but this movie is not about them. She is Pregnant by the biggest gangster in the school, Trevon, who has 4 other baby mama’s and 3 of them go to the school and they act like they it never happened, fucking kids I swear, anyway she gets in trouble for vandalism and getting in fights.

Then theirs my son, my pride and joy Malik, that’s his mama who gave him that Black ass name, I know like 6 Malik’s like honestly, I would have named him Jamie or something but anyway he has the second highest I.Q in the whole school and Is smart as well but he gets in trouble regulary because he don’t give a shit and is trying a revolt thing and this whole disrespect regular teenage stuff. Vandalising the walls, Take the tires off of the Principles, and Hacking to raise kids grades for money but he is still a good kid...He better not be doing No Drugs

But those three are still together ever since they were in 1st Grade and now their seniors and about to go off to collage .


  • Matt Damon as Matt Barnes- a Social Studies teacher at Renner High. He is very smart and timid and keeps to himself and hates the environment at the school but as it progresses he becomes harder. </li></li>
  • Tyler James Williams as Malik Hall- a Straight A student who is one of the smartest at his school and is in love with movies and wants to be a great director. He is known for getting in trouble for hacking and school vandalism. He and his friends are considered geeks as they are into things of that nature. He has a single Farther who cares much for his grades but Ty cares more about change and straying from being normal and wants to be conscious of his environment.</li></li>
  • Asa Butterfield as Michael “White Mike” Renner- A Straight A Student who is one of the smartest kids in school and great grandson of the creator of the school and one of Malik’s best friends. He is one of Malik and Kat’s best friends and dubbed by black and white bullies as one of the whitest kids in school and he also has a crush on Kat and revels to Malik that he sometimes pictures having sex with her. He gets in trouble for being too outspoken and not following the rules and his parents constantly blame his friends for being a bad influence. He does not want to live in his family’s shadow and wants to be an individual and hates his parents in 1960’s racist view of the world. </li></li></li>
  • Amandla Stenberg as Kat Fields- a Straight a Student who is one of the smartest kids in school and is 7 months Pregnant. She is one of Malik’s and Michael’s Best friends and cares deeply for them. She is dubbed a “Dike” For her short hair and geek like interest. She lives with her very ill Grandmother while her mother died of cancer and her dad is in the air force so she is the most free out of all of her friends and has more freedom as she knows her environment the best. She worries for baby and wonders if she can even raise it and thinks the world around is made up of fake smiles and emotions and does not want her baby to ever have a fake smile or become a maniac.  </li></li></li>
  • Kenny Wormald as Isaak- The head drug dealer and distributor of the drugs for the white side of the school. He is jokeful and silly and derpy on the outside but is overall insane as he can snap to being ruthless cold and calculated. He is rival to Pusher and wants full control of the drug business. </li></li></li>
  • 50 Cent as Pusher- The head drug dealer for the black side of the school. He is cold blooded and has killed many to keep his power. However he has a lot of enemy’s due to his reputation and tries having many competors eliminated as possible before they can rival him. </li></li></li>
  • Anthony Mackie as Henry Dean- A recruiting who tries bringing Malik into collage. He works for Malik’s dream school. </li></li></li>
  • Dayo Okeniyi as Trevon- Malik’s bully and main distributor of Pusher’s drug’s on the campus, Raven’s boyfriend and the Farther of Kat’s baby. He is violent and has a lot of respect from others at the school for never losing in a fight yet. Him and Kat are separated and act as if nothing ever happened with them as he does not even acknowledge that she is pregnant with his child. </li></li></li>
  • Daniel Curtis Lee as Ry- Trevon’s right hand man and main follower. </li></li></li>
  • Chris Rock as Edward Hall- Malik’s single farther. He is very responsible and cares deeply for his son and wants him to do great things and to not take this for advantage. He is a former and washed up comedian. He tried walking out on Malik when he was 3 years old but his Malik’s mother beat him up and walked out instead. </li></li></li>
  • Steven R. McQueen as Greg- The main white bully. He bullies the geeks and also distributes the drugs on the white side of school. His hate for Malik and his friends come from a place racial and jealous hate and he takes it out on him. Michael clashes with him most of the time. </li></li></li>
  • Tobey Maguire as Ryan Fredrick- the Chemistry and one of Matt’s closes friends. He works with Matt when he begins distributing drugs. He is well natured and very nice but is taken advantage of by his students and family. He is terrified by violence and tries coping with the danger he engages in. </li></li></li>
  • China Anne McClain as Raven- Malik’s love interest and Trevon’s girlfriend. She is shown to be well natured and nice. She shows a soft spot for Malik. She lives with her only mother and in the ghetto and is scared to enter Malik’s environment. </li></li></li>
  • Devin Druid as Spencer- The student with the highest I.Q in the entire school and he makes the weed and him along with another group of kids who help steal items. He is very bold and acts tough but gets petrified when he gets horrified. He runs the anime club at the school. </li></li></li>
  • John Bradley-West as Gus- A football player who enforces Matt’s drug movement throughout the school. For those who spread the word to the wrong people usually get beat up or threaten by Gus. </li></li></li>
  • Vincent Martella as Cole- one of Spencer’s friends and member of the anime club. He is shown to be geeky and is fixated on the trio. </li></li></li>
  • Paul Dano as Randy- A friend of the trio and the one who introduces them to drugs. He helps them start distributing Wes Anderson around the school </li></li></li>
  • Tessa Thompson as Kimberly- Pusher’s Pregnant and loyal wife. She is very loving cares a lot about him and knows a lot about the business and is never in danger due to her husband’s power </li></li></li>
  • Ben Affleck as John Renner- Michael’s farther and Principle of the school. He is very strict of his son and thinks his friends are the reason for his misbehavior. He dislikes the black side of the school and thinks that they need to move them out to a new school. He and Matt have a history and tries helping Matt Through his situation and tries finding out what he is doing.</li></li></li>
  • Rick Fox as Eric Fields- Kat’s farther. He tries calling his daughter as frequently as he can since he works for the air force and lives all the way in California. He tries after his wife died from Cancer while he was away and wants to try and help is daughter through this tough time.</li>


    Chapter 1

    The Trio

    Malik is seen waking up in the morning and goes downstairs to leave for school early but his farther stops him and tells him to eat his breakefesast and tells him that thugs don’t eat it and how he makes some of the best breakfast in the neighborhood and tells him that he needs to learn how to cook since women love a man who can cook. Malik tells him that he does know but He brings up the time Malik almost burned down the house making chicken tenders and Malik finishes and goes to the bus stop.

    Michael and Kat are at the bus stop and Michael brings up pregnant characters she can cosplay and he brings up Padme but Kat calls Padme a way more annoying and less awesome Princess Leia and she then revales that she wants her baby to be a girl and like Leia and then Malik arrives and they dap him up and Michael tells him that they have test in Mr. Barnes class and Malik reveals he forgot. They are seen walking into school and Malik ask Kat if she gone to her lamaz classes but Kat reavels what happened and a flashback is shown of her at the class and after class multiple pregnant women come up to her and continue asking her questions and one gets to close and touches her and Kat punches and she then goes into labor. Back to present Malik and Michael cannot believe it and Michael ask why she even punched and Kat says that it is not her fault that the bitch came to class the day before her due date and Malik and Michael laugh and they enter School but the three are stopped by Trevon and his members and take Malik’s notebooks and they ask if he got any more money for him but Michael tells them that they don’t own him anything and Trevon tells him to shut his white ass up and they then take money from Malik and Michael and then ask Kat for hers but she then ask Trevon for his child support and Trevon gets an intense look and Malik and Michael are confused and Michael volunteers to pay for her but he declines an says that he needs money from her but Malik reaches into his Wallet but punches Trevon and they all run while being chased by Trevon and his members. They run until they bump into John and he stops this and takes the three into his office. He tells Michael that they are gonna talk at home and he then talks to Kat and tells her that she is unique positon as most teen mothers are not incredible smart as her and that she can still get into a very good collage and that she has stop being irresponsible and to focus on her baby and she scuffs it off. He then tells Malik that he is very smart and has one of the best I.Q’s and no university is gonna take him serious until he takes himself serious and that he knows his farther and that his farther would not want this and he then sends them to class.

    The Three arrive into class and Mr. Barnes tells them that he is gonna give them 5 minutes to study before the test and a student tells him he better and he gets embarrassed. Malik is asked by a girl sitting behind him to help her study since she forgot to last night and he agrees and he helps her and tells facts about  the 1960’s and the time expires. Class ends and she then talks to Malik and ask for his name and number and Malik gets happy but when she walks away he sees her embrace and kiss Travon and Michael tells him that it is oaky and that there are other girls and Malik takes this hard and Michael then reminds them of the anime club and they head there. After a member goes on a rant on how shonen anime sucks but the leader Spencer stops him but Cole ask if he can show the items he brought and Spencer allows it and he goes to the trio and tells them that he bought items for them. He gives Michael a novel titled “Why Anime is Right for White”. He gives Malik an Afro Samurai Manga and then gives Kat a Most Fruitful Yuki Comic and Spencer face palms and kicks out Cole and apologizes to them. Malik and the trio walk out and Kat thinks someone in the group wants to fuck her and Michael says that he feels racially offended and thinks that nobody in the group believes he like anime and Malik agrees they should leave the group. Malik and the rest leave to the buses until they see Trevon’s car and they get can spray and spray it onto his car and get baseball bats and smash windows and they then ride off on their bikes in joy and carefree attitude.

    Chapter 2

    Mr. Barnes 

    Mr. Barnes is seen leaving to home but is stopped by Ryan and he ask him if he wants to go a bar after school but Barnes declines and says that he has to grade papers but Ryan tells him that those kids don’t care that much about their grades and he can go out for one night but Matt tells him that he has to and tells him they will go later. Matt arrives home to his wife Carrie and she made dinner and they then talk about celebrity gossip and about movie actors until Carrie moves the magazine and sees the bill and is shocked an tells Mat he has not paid it in 8 Months and she tells him that May is the last month and Matt tells her that he is sorry but she slaps and deduces that he keeps gambling and losing money and Matt tries denying this but she calls him as stupid as his farther and he then tells her to never compare him to his farther but she continues and he pins her against the wall and yells at her to stop and he then leaves the house  and calls Ryan that he wants to meet at the Bar and he arrives there and he tells him what happened with him and Carrie and he then breaks down and tells him that he hates disappointing her and that he hates that he can’t provide for them and he tells him that Carrie is pregnant and that he found the test in the bathroom and he tells him that he has do something and Ryan tells him that he will get his shit together soon and that it will all be okay soon but Matt doubts it. He then gets up but bumps into a guy and apologizes and the guy calls him a shitface and Matt gets angry and he throws his glass cup at the back of his head and then goes on to attack him but one of his friends throw a glass cup at him to and Ryan helps him fight the guys off but the owner kicks them out and Ryan drives him home. Matt arrives home and Carrie tends to his stiches and he apologizes but she does the same and then they kiss each other and Matt tells Carrie that he knows her “Secret” and they embrace each other and cry.

    Matt is seen coming into the school but John calls him to his office and they talk. He congratulates him on his child but he heard about the bar fight and ask if he is okay and then tells him he knows about his debt issue and he is willing to help and will raise his pay but Matt tells to not pity him and that since high school he has always tried pitying him and that he wants to do this by himself but thanks for offering the help but John tells him that if he needs any help to call and ask him. Malik and the group are walking into the school and Malik tells them about how PlayStation is better than XBOX but they are stopped by Randy and he tells them that they are the closest and most chill guys he knows at the school and he makes weed and offers them to try it out first. Malik and Michael take it but Kat declines since she does not want her baby to get high as an embryo but Randy tells her that since 1960 no birth defects have been associated with Weed and she then takes it. All three take it and tell them that they will tell him how it is after school. Malik and the rest arrive into Mr. Barnes class high and they all act weird. Kat starts eating paper and Mr. Barnes tells her to stop but she says “Carvings Nigga”. Michael stands up on a desk and begins talking about what would have happened if the south won the civil war and Malik takes out his phone and starts recording it and begins by saying “Wes Anderson Presents” and Mr. Barnes takes all of them all out of the classroom and sends them to the computer room and they stay there until the end of the day. After school tells Ryan about what happened with Malik and his friends but Ryan tells him that he should not be shocked since every student on campus has smoked or does smoke and Matt is shocked by this and Ryan reveals that everyone knows this and Matt goes home quickly and does research on the drug business and how much money it makes and is shocked by this. Matt is in bed with Carrie and he tells her about the weed at his school and she is shocked but Matt laughs.

    Chapter 3


    Trevon is seen selling some weed a kid and then him and his gang go to their car and see it smashed and messed up and him and Ray ride to Pusher’s mansion to give him his money. Ray talks smack about the trio and then ask Trevon what he even saw in Kat but Trevon tells him to remember it happened at a part and Ray ask if he is even gonna take care of the kid but he reveals that he is not and tells him that he talked to Kat a month after and tried telling her to get an abortion or he would bail and she declined and he tells him that she is no longer his issue. They arrive and Pusher’s wife, Kimberly, opens the door for them and she walks them to Pusher and Trevon ask her far along she reveals she is 8 months and gives them an invite to her baby shower in 4 weeks. Trevon sees Pusher and gives him the week’s earnings from the school of 500 thousand dollars and he Pusher thanks and tells him that life is getting too good but Trevon tells him that they lost a possible $300 since Isaak’s men ae getting on campus more and this is disconcerting to Pusher and tells that it is his job to sell as much as weed as he can and to not be afraid to stop a transition and he then gives him a pistol and tells him that the school does to have a metal detector and to pop it if shit goes down and Trevon agrees but him and Pusher talk and he ask him what he is going to do after high school and Trevon tells him that he is planning on staying and taking care of the business but Pusher is discouraged by this and tells them that if he is gonna date his daughter the man has to have a future and tells him that he likes him and is one of his best workers but that he wants him to leave far away with his daughter to a great collage but Trevon reveals that he has no ambition to do that but Pusher tells him all the money, and his family and his mansion coming from drugs is one in a million and too try and get what he has by doing something but Trevon is not sure. Pusher ask him what he is gonna do about the girl he got pregnant but Trevon tells him he is not gonna do a thing but he tells him that it would make him pussy to not do anything and to at least give money but Trevon tells him that he wants to worry about himself and Pusher respects that.

    Matt and John are at Matt’s house and they are cleaning Matt’s car and they talk about how their collage days were the best but Matt says that he does not think that many kids at the school won’t go to college and John tells him how much he wants to fix the school but so many kids are fucked up and that they just don’t care and he tells him that it hurts but that he cares too much but Matt tells him that everything is going to be okay and John leaves. After he leaves Ryan comes and tells him that he knows what he is going to do and that nobody knows it cause they don’t expect him to be capable of doing it but people few at him the same and before Matt could respond Ryan gives him a card and tells him to meet him at a hotel and leaves Matt wondering and nervous.

    Malik and his friends are eating breakfast at his house and Kat ask for 3 plates of bacon and eggs and his Dad says that the way she is eating it her stomach is full of more than just baby and they laugh this off and Edward then ask Michael if his break feast is better than his mothers and agrees and Malik then gives Edward $10 and Edward reveals that in collage him and John shared a dorm and Michael’s mom made them break feast some times and Malik and his friends head to school. Malik and the rest walk into school and Malik tells them that Miles Morales is the most unneeded character but Michael argues that everyone is tired of white characters but Malik says that they should just make original black comic characters instead of taking white ones and but as soon as they walk in Malik is punched by Trevon and Ray holds down Kat as the rest jump and assault Malik and Michael for vandalizing his car but Matt comes and breaks it up and brings the three to his classroom and locks the door and Michael ask what is happening and Matt ask where they got their weed from and they all stay silent and Matt cracks down but Malik tells him that he is not an idiotic and won’t snitch on him but he pressures them and says if they don’t tell him he will tell the police they smoked on campus but Kat says that she can claim that her baby is his and Malik and Michael support that and Matt gets angry and then breaks down crying and reveals to them the truth and the trio huddle and contemplate what to do and Michael says that Barnes is no Walter White and Malik thinks they should help him but to have an alibi and be ready to dip whenever and Malik agrees. They go to Randy and Malik explains the situation and Randy calms down and Malik ask Randy to explain how the drug system works in the school.

    Randy explains that everyone does weed and that there are two kingpins that rule the school. The black kids get their weed from Pusher and the white kids from Isaak and the students who spread the drugs the work for them. Their gang war has been going on for 2 years but as of now it has become really tense and Pusher is not taking it serious but Isaak is taking it very serious and that they are trying to get control. He advises that Matt joining is gonna be a big issue since they are gonna stop them before anything even happens and Matt, Malik and the rest get worried and Malik ask if he can be their provider and Randy agrees and Malik calms down Matt and tells him that it is gonna work. They bring Matt to Malik’s home after school and Edward is shocked to Matt and they hug each other and reveal that they were good friends in high school and Malik and the rest tell him that he needs a new look and they shave his moustache and give him a new outfit and Kat admits that he looks like Jason Bourne and Malik says that they are about to make money.

    Chapter 4 

    Drugs Begin

    Malik is seen being preached to his farther about how he got a C on his test and he tells him that this is unacceptable and tells him that he is an A+ student and that he needs to do better and Malik apologizes and promises he will do better and Edward then threatens that he will take away his PS4 and Malik goes up stairs and he calls text Michael telling him to come over and Michael sees the text while being preached to by his Farther who is telling him that he is throwing opportunity out the window hanging out with those kids and that their chance of success is getting slimmer and slimmer and Michael then ask If he can leave but before his farther grabs him and tells him that his family has a tradition of success and he wants his son to follow this and Michael promises. Michael then arrives at Malik’s house and they play their PS4 while doing that they talk about Kat and Michael ask if he would have sex with her and Malik’s thought is shown but he then says no but Michael says otherwise and his thought is shown but Malik says that the only girl is interested in is Raven he describes all that he likes about her and but Michael tells her that girls like that don’t fall for guys like them and Malik accepts it but he reveals that he hates norms and want’s to break barriers Malik then texts Kat to come over and Kat sees the text while she is face timing with her dad as she updates him on the baby and he is proud but her farther, Erick ask her if she has found a couple yet but she gets irritated by this and he tells her that she is living with her 87 year old grandma and that she can’t raise no kids and that she still has to go collage and school and that she does not have a man to raise her child with but she tells him that since Mom died when she was 7 she has been able to fend for herself and that can still do that for her baby and then tells her dad her friends called and hangs up. She arrives at Malik’s house and they ask her what’s on her mind and she tells them about her drama with her baby and her dad and she ask them they think she should put her baby on adoption and both disagree and think she can raise it and Malik says that she is around people who love her and though it will be tough everything is rough when raising a kid but it’s better for the kid to be raised knowing it’s mom and Michael also says that it would be awesome having a little baby hang out with them and she thanks them both Malik then stops the game and gives Michael drumsticks and tells him to make a beat as he has been working on a rap all day and Michael drums on Kat’s stomach as she makes a beat with her mouth and Malik starts rapping until he gets a text from Randy telling them to meet him and they head there.

    Raven is seen walking home until Trevon comes and ask why she didn’t come to his house last night and she says because she already knows what he does to girls when he ask that and Trevon is still wondering what she means and she names off some girl one of them being Kat and Trevon gets angry and she tells Trevon that she is not gonna be stupid and get pregnant by him and Trevon tells her that he has protection and that her Dad is the most powerful man in the community and that they would not have to worry and then tells her that he loves her and thinks she is amazing but she says that they are too young to be doing anything but Ry comes and takes Trevon away and tells him that someone else is selling weed on school campus and he knows where they are and they leave.

    Randy has the bags of weed ready and Malik and the rest are close as they drive their on their bikes until a car zaps past them and the men in the car take out guns and shoot Randy and one gets out the car to take his drugs an body but Malik and his friends turn around and on drive away and the man in the car, chases after them and they enter a fast chase until they see a hill and Malik is about to jump down it until Kat expresses concerns over this but the car gets closer and they all roll down the hill and escape and man is not able to see who it was. The man is still taking the product from Randy’s body until Randy wakes up and points a gun at the guy and reveals he had a bullet proof chest and he ask who he works for and he stays silent until he shoots him in the leg and the guy says he works for Isaak and that he knows about him until Randy sees Trevon’s car and Ry tells Trevon that’s the guy and Randy shoots the window 4 times one of the times it hit’s Ry in the arm and the car stirs and crashes into a light post and the man takes his gun but they struggle for it and the man shoots Randy’s leg and hits him and shoots and but Randy kills him and he stands up and tries running away as the other man’s car comes and the man in the car beats him up and puts him into the car and decides to take him to Isaak.

    Matt is seen at a hotel waiting and Ryan comes in with a briefcase and he opens it on the bed and it is revealed it is filled with guns and he tries selling them to Matt and shows him the assault rifles to the handguns and some grenades and Matt is fascinated by this and thinking long term he decides to buy the whole case, wasting his whole mortgage and Ryan tells him that since he is going to be making a lot of money he is going to need a explaination for the money and tells him that he knows this guy who owes a carwash and to buy it from him and he walks out terrified. Malik and the rest arrive at his house and they talk about what happened but Malik calms them down and tells them that all they have to do is keep a low profile  and that they won’t be doing it long enough for them to notice them and they get calmed. Matt comes home and he sees that his wife brought over John for dinner and John ask about the suitcase and Matt tells him that it is grade papers and he joins them for dinner and they talk this one party they had where Matt met his wife and they laugh. John brings the school and how he really wants to stop the drugs going through the school but Matt tells him that there is no use since kids will be kids but John disagrees and thinks that it can be stopped and Matt tells him to stop living in the past and accept that things like this are normal in a high school and they escalate to arguing and cursing until their wives stop them.

    The next day of school comes and talk to Matt and they tell him what happened to Randy and he is shocked and they ask if there are any other kids on campus who make drugs and Michael reveals there are and they go to the anime social club and they talk to their leader, Spencer and Michael ask if he can make weed for them but he says no and tells them to stop being disrespectful and stupid but they explain the situation to him and he agrees to it but wants 30% of the profit and they agree. While walking out Malik is approached by Raven who shows him her grade on the test he helped on and they hug each other and she thanks and thinks they should celebrate and reveals that her dad is having a party next week and she wants him to come and she gives him her number and as she walks away Malik jumps in joy. Isaak is seen at his hideout watching sports and he calls them senseless and stupid until The man, Greg, comes in and throws Randy onto the floor and tells him what he did and very jokingly Isaak ask why he had to act like a naughty boy and do that for and that he only had to punish him to trying to be a bad little man and sell on his property and Randy spits in Isaak’s face and he tells him that that is not nice and then takes a gun and then snaps into being serious and puts the gun into Randy’s mouth and shoots and kills him he then ask Greg about how the drugs are moving in the school and that they can’t even get on the black side of school and Isaak tells him that there is more reason for them to take down Pusher and then tells him to keep his ears open about an event happening with Pusher as he is always throwing stupid party’s and that his next one is the opening and Greg agrees. Malik is called into John’s office and sees a man Mr. Dean and he tells him that he works at Malik Columbia College Chicago Malik’s dream college, and Mr. Dean tells him that they are trying hard to bring him in but Malik tells him that they won’t need to but Dean tells him that to enter he has to write a screenplay to get in and he will be back in 4 weeks and he agrees and John tells him that he will remind him and while Malik is walking out he gets cornered by Trevon and his gang and they tell him their situation with the drug wars and ask him to join as they need to expand their product and he is not sure but Trevon convinces him to join them.

    Chapter 5

    The Party

    Malik and the rest are in his room and his thinking hard as Kat is telling them how she is in the third trimester and how she is feeling really horny and is masturbating more than Michael did to his ex-girlfriend but Malik snaps back and tells them what Trevon did and their shocked and he says that he made a mistake and Michael tells him that this can work in their advantage saying that they can enter the business without being noobs get notes from Trevon and his gang on how to move drugs and they he can teach them and he agrees and they head out for school. While walking into school Malik sees Raven and leaves them and talks to Raven and Kat smiles and says that Malik is pulling hoes. Malik and Raven talk and she tells him that her little brother was watching Dragon Ball Z and that she didn’t understand what it was about and while Malik is explaining it to her Trevon comes and takes her and ask Malik why he is talking to her but she tells Trevon to stop being a jerk and Trevon then takes Malik with him and they go to a classroom and sees a pack of drugs and he tells him how to sell drugs without getting caught and Malik writes them down. Kat and Michael both go into anime club and get their product from Spencer and they thank him but while their Cole builds the nerve and complements Kat and without her permission touches her belly and walks away nervously. Kat and Michael are leaving and she tells him that she does not see how Cole could even find her attractive but Michael says that he finds her attractive and she ask even with this, pointing at her belly and he says that he doesn’t mind and she kisses him on his cheek and walks away and he has a smile on his face. Malik and the gang meet in a storage room after school with Matt and he tells them about how to do it and they decide to put it to the test but that they need disguise and Matt and goes as Gras, which means weed in German and Malik and the rest name them selfs after animals and Matt tells them to remember that they need to do this and Malik comes up for a name for their weed and thinks Wes Anderson presents: Weed and they all agree and shorten it to Wes Anderson. They decide for their first sell to be open but the ones after that to be in closed private spots

    Kat goes into the boy’s locker room and tells them that they are all weak and limp dicks and they need some of their stuff to get better, stronger and more resistant and when they ask what makes theirs different she tells them to try and they smoke it and she tells them all that it is $80 dollars and all 53 members of the team give her $80 and she tells one member of the team, Gus to follow her and she brings him back to their hall and says that he will be their muscles if any tries snitching. Michael goes into the anime club and tells them that with their weed that they can see a real anime world if they use his stuff and they all get high. Malik goes into the drama club and brings up some of the best drugs in movie history but that his drug tops them all and they all get high and give him the money. They all report to Matt and give him a total of $6 thousand and Matt shows great joy and he tells them that they don’t have to stop their and that if they continue getting this much for the rest of the week it would be a total of $30 and they all get excited and a montage of 3 weeks pass and it is shown Malik is working on the screenplay and selling drugs with his friends and giving some of the money to Trevon and after the Montage ends and Malik is shown on falling down on his bed due to being tired.

    Malik is in class working on a screenplay and Matt comes and ask for his homework but Malik tells him that he works for him every day and Matt tells him that it is irrelevant to home work and Malik says “Nigga” and then ask for an extra day but Matt declines and Matt falls asleep. Kat and Michael are waiting outside the class room and Michael is asking her what girls masturbate to until Malik comes out and they remind that Wednesday is the party and Michael tells him that he is gonna get high and have the best time and Malik agrees and they head into Matt’s class and they talk and Matt closes the door and tells them that at the party they are gonna rob Pusher of his money and kill him and they are shocked and Matt explains that Pusher’s empire is dangerous and him being there is not good for them and one of these day one of his men are going to catch on and Matt says that he hired two men to kill Pusher and he tells them the plan: Michael and Kat are going to get Malik in but she then acts like she has pains with her baby and her and Michael then go into the car and change and they then go to the other side of the mansion where the room full of money is and Kat fakes labor and then Matt and Michael knock out the guards and Matt stays in the car while Kat and Michael take the money and the men hired go in one goes in through the side of the mansion and the other through the back. They all agree and while walking out Kat says that she feels uneasy about it Malik calms her down and tells them that they are is no blood on their hands. Trevon and his gang dap up some of the players until he sees one of them smoking and Trevon ask him what it is called and he says it is called Wes Anderson and when he ask who the product belongs to it Gras and Trevon then points a gun at aim but then bets him with it until he breaks his nose and he says that they beating there beating the shit out of anyone who smokes Wes Anderson and they go around the school asking people what they smoke and they beat up everyone who is smoking Wes Anderson. Trevon calls Malik and tells him and Malik is worried and says that that they are onto them and they tell Matt and he takes out his list of everyone who has ever bought from them and tells Kat to tell Gus to interrogate and threaten everyone who has bought their product and she calls him and they talk and he refuses and she begs and pleads and he agrees but he expects good payment and he and his boys then leave their 4th blocks and do this. Matt then tells them that everything has to be set for Wednesday and they agree.

    Matt meets the same man who gave him the guns at the hotel and he gives equipment to him to help with the heist while explaining the equipment and Matt ask for the two men and they appear and Matt thanks the man and gives him the money and Matt gets in the car with the men and he tells them the plan and to just do that and shows them a photo of Pusher and they agree. Malik tries leaving the house looking fancy but his Farther stops him and then tells him that he is growing up and that he is a good looking man and that things happens at parties and give him a condom but Malik tells him he won’t do anything like that but still forces him to take it and he meets Michael and Kat dressed in their normal clothing and they say he looks stupid. They try getting into the mansion but the men tell them that it is only for adults and they show them their ID but they are all 17 and Michael tells that they are basically men but the man calls Michael a pimpled face 13 year old, says Malik is a looks a bitch and bitch niggas are not allowed and says that Kat thinks she is a woman because she has a bun in the oven but is still a little girl and the Man kicks them out until Kat lifts up her shirt and shows them her chest and they let them into the mansion but she then says that she is going into labor and Michael takes her away and they tell Malik to go in anyway worrying guards as Kat and Michael dismiss their help and they go into the car and they change clothes in the car but when Kat takes off her shirt and he takes off his shirt and Michael goes to her and grabs her from her stomach and kisses her and they stop and look at each other and they then have sex. Malik enters the party and he sees Raven and they talk and she tells him that her mom is having a baby shower and she says that she doesn’t want kids and Malik ask really and she then elaborates that she does not want one with any of the guys her dads employees and that she wants to meet someone who lives in Malik’s white neighborhood. Pusher is overseeing the party and goes in his room with his clique and Trevon tries getting in and Pusher gives permission and Trevon tells him about a new product Wes Anderson and he thinks someone at the party who sells it is their but he doubts it and he tells them that their men needs to watch out for any mysterious figures, Trevon sees Malik talking to Raven from where he is and Pusher tells him to stop being a bitch and get control on his girl. John gets a complaint from his wife to go stop the party and he agrees. Matt and the men see that money is in a room near the porch and see guards their and he explains to them that Kat is supposed to fake labor and the guys would help her and Michael and him would steal it and Michael calls them but they don’t pick as they are still having sex and Matt curses and then gets out the car and tells them to still to do their job and he goes to the guards and tells them that he is Pushers banker and they ask for ID and he gets silent. John goes and ask to speaker to the owner and but they call him the most whitest guy ever and that he is the definition of a white person and kick him out and John goes back to his car and calls the police but a car is seen near the front of the party and Isaak asks to come in but they call him the most whitest guy ever and that he is the definition of a white person and Isaak then stabs him in the stomach and shots the other with his silencer and no one in the party can hear due to many members but John sees this and is horrified and hides in his car. A song comes on and her and Malik dance until Trevon punches Malik and tells him to not touch his girl and when she tries telling him to stop he calls her bitch Malik tells him to respect his women but Trevon tells him that she is his woman but Malik tells him that he doesn’t deserve and that she is like perfect movie, has conflict but has depth and is interesting and appealing and has great narrative and he would want to see every time but during this Matt punches one of the guards but one holds him down and is about to shoot him until he is shot by Isaak and he tells Matt to leave and Isaak’s men storm through the front slowly and as one of the men hired by Matt enter through the side door he is shocked to see it is the room with the baby shower but he is shot In the back and Isaak comes in and grabs Kimberly. Trevon throws Malik over a counter until Isaak comes out with Kimberly at gun point and tells Pusher that he is lucky to have such a beautiful family as more of Isaak’s men come in the hall more of Pushers member come but see they are outnumbered and Isaak tells him that he want to see Pusher commit suicide but he declines and Isaak then throws Kimberly and the shootout begins and Trevon hides behind the counter and Malik punches him and take his gun and jumps over and takes Raven and they are about to go until a member is about to kill Trevon until Malik shoots that member and takes Trevon and all three run and leave. The shooting commences and more of and more of both sides die and Pusher tries leaving through back as cops come but when Pusher and his gang open the back door they see the truck exploded and Isaak shoots Pusher 8 times and his men kill the rest as they escape. The police arrive at the scene and not many members of Pushers gang is alive or for Isaak’s gang and the ones who are go in for questioning. Michael and Kat finish and she ask how he was able to go for so long and he tells her that years of porn has finally paid off and she ask to go again and when she gets on top of him someone opens the car door and it is a cop and they bring them into the station. Malik and the others get into Trevon’s car and Raven begins crying and cries into Malik’s arm and when Trevon tries taking her she pushes him off and leans back onto Malik’s arm and she then says she has to look for her mother but Trevon tells her that they are gonna talk the hell out of them but she goes anyway after Trevon points his gun to Malik’s head and tells him that this his last warning and to not touch or talk to Raven after this since now they are no longer workmates.

    Chapter 6

    After Party

    Matt and his Jenna are seen at the hospital and she is having her ultrasound and they both cry of joy and are happy when they get into Matt tells her that he is so excited but Jenna is quiet and when Matt ask what’s wrong she tells him that their debt was $2 Million last month and now their debt is $400 thousand and she then ask him how he got the money and he tells her that it is because of the car wash he bought but she tells him that he did not have money before to buy a store and she ask where he got that money from and he is silent and she gets out the car and Matt tells her to get back in but she refuses and then gets on a bus home and this leaves Matt distraught. Michael is still at the station with Kat and as soon as an officer ask if the kid Is his John comes and picks up Michael and he let him stay a night in jail and he picks up Kat too. John drops Kat off and John then brings Michael more and yells at him for going to a drug dealer’s party and that there family is a proud and that his grandfather and great grandfather worked so hard to give him such a good life and that he works hard to try and fix the school and he needs to depend on him to be right and have a good life because he is going to focus his life on fixing kids and that Michael is already a good kid and does not need to do the things he does because he is too smart and Michael apologizes and John then ask if he loves Kat but Michael is not sure and John tells him that if there is real emotion their do something about but to be safe. Malik arrives at school and he talks to Matt about the party and Malik tells him what happened and Malik tells him that there is no one at the house except his wife after police spent all night cleaning it out but that she hide the money and Matt tells him that after school he is gonna rob the house and Malik agrees and he thanks him for what helping. Malik later sees Michael and Kat and he tells them about what happened with Raven and what Trevon said and Michael tells him that he should back off but this gets Kat angry and he tells him to stop being a punk and that Trevon does not care about women and when Malik ask what’s wrong she says Hormones and that she has a meeting with child services about her kid and Malik offers to come with her but she says that she has to go by her by self. Malik looks at a school poster and it says school play and Malik remembers his meeting with Dean and remembers it is at 2pm and he looks and sees it’s 1:58 and he runs to the room but gets their at 2:01 but Dean tells him it was last night and Dean tells him that he won’t get in anymore but Malik begs for 1 more week and Dean reluctantly agrees.

    Malik goes to his last block but he sees kids who are working for Isaak ask about Wes Anderson and who Gras is and Malik texts Kat to tell Gus about this and she does but Gus texts that his boys will handle it but that he wants to meet her in the computer lab and she weirder by this but goes. Malik hears some kids asking where Malik is and someone points at him and Malik starts walking really fast and he ask Michael to help him and he text him the situation and Michael tells him to go to the men’s bathroom and he starts running and he turns a corner but sees 3 of them and goes the other way. Some of Isaak’s men are about to go to the anime club but they Gus’s men and they tell them that you only say the drug name if your buy some but the men tell them to let them in but they refuse and they have a silent standoff until the two groups break into fight. Kat goes into the computer room and Gus tells her to remember when he wanted his payment and he tells her that he wants to have sex with her but Kat laughs but Gus tells her that he is serious and Kat smiles seductivly and touches him but then headbutts him and tells him that she isn't a sult and she locks the door and when he ask what she is gonna do she picks up a stick and tells her that she is gonna make good on their pay. Malik is still running and Michael ask where he is and Malik is almost their and he tries losing some and he goes into a closet and he loses some as they passed the door but another group catches onto him and he opens a room door but he finds out it is the Computer room and sees Kat beating Gus up and quickly leaves and he is then surrounded by a group of Isaak’s men who were chasing him. Kat is still getting beat and he then aplogizes and Kat then yells at him to leave and he runs from the room crying, this gives Malik room and he runs past a corner and into the boys bathroom and he tells Michael what happened and Kat then comes in too and he tells her what happened and they deiced that they have to stop soon and that Matt almost has all of his needed money and after this week they will quit Michael then ask Kat why she was beating up Gus and she tells them why but Michael feels happy but Malik gets a text from Raven and he leaves. Michael ask why she would do that and Kat tells him because she won't handle disrespected from dudes like that and she has always been disrepected but guys like Michael are guys she has never had in her life, she then tells him that what she and he did last night was making love since she loves him and that she actually feels for the first time in her life that she has a man who actually makes her feel safe and happy and she wished that he was the father of her child and they then kissed and Michael ask to make love again and they have sex.

    Matt goes and sees Ryan calls him a bastered and that the men he hired died easily and he wants his money back but Ryan tells him that he has a case of supplies for a heist and he will give it to him for free and Matt takes it and thanks him. Greg gets word from his men that they were not able to catch Malik and he tells Isaak this and Isaak says to not worry about them now and that he wants the rest of Pushers family dead and sends them to kill Kimberly and Raven. Malik goes over to Kimberly at a Starbucks and they talk and she tells him that her Dad’s funeral is in 2 months and that she wants to cry but she has not because she knows that he was a criminal but Malik tells her to not think about him like that but she says that she can’t help. Matt goes to Pushers mansion and opens the door with a crowbar and is shocked to see it so empty and goes and opens the vault and he starts putting the money into the bag and he says this was too easy and is about to leave until Kimberly tells him to not turn around begs for him to put his weapon down and she says that she is said her husband was not able to meet their baby but that during his life he was a spider and that he a made a web of enemies and left his widow all alone and she then as Matt if he is afraid of  spiders and he replies no and she then ask if he wants please the widow and he then turns around and they have sex. Malik then comforts Raven until he looks outside and he sees a group of kids and he realizes that they are the same ones who chased him today and then he takes Raven and they quickly leave the store until the car starts chasing them and Raven gets onto Malik’s bike and they ride away. Matt and Kimberly are having sex until she screams and says that her water broke and Matt gets worried and then takes into his car but he sees men pull up onto the yard and they shoot at Kimberly in Matt’s car but they miss and Matt and Kimberly then drive away but they get chased by them and Kimberly texts Raven to go to the hospital. Malik and Raven are getting chased but they then go into a store and leave through the back and are able to lose them. Malik tells Raven that they are getting chased because they are trying to take out the rest of her father’s family and she gets scared but she gets a text from her mom telling her to go to the hospital and they decide to go. Matt brings Kimberly in and they give her a room but Matt sees the same men coming towards Kimberly and hears them ask for Kimberly’s room and they head their lying and saying one of them is the farther. Malik and Raven arrive and they tell her Kimberly’s room but the receptionist tells her to wait since her farther is her but Raven tells her that her farther is dead and they send Raven to room but call’s an emergency to find the men. As the men head to Kimberly’s room Matt tackles one of them into an empty room and they fight until Matt chokes one to death and the other comes into the room but Matt puts a pillow in his face shoot him in the head and Malik comes into room and is shocked by this but Matt tells him to call down and to focus and he does and Malik tells him that more are coming and they see a car driving near the hospital and Matt throws a grenade in front of the car and it blows up destroying the men and the car and Matt then exits with Malik who is shocked. 

    Chapter 7


    Kat is getting dressed up for her meeting until someone knocks on her door and sees its Trevon and he comes in and tells her that he knows about the meeting she has and tells her that he thinks that she should give the baby up for adoption but she spits in his face and tells him that he has no business to talk about her baby but Trevon tells her that it is their baby and that he may not be in his life but does not want it to be born with a mother like her and that it deserves better but Kat tells him that their baby deserves a farther but it’s not getting one and that everyone deserves a good and easy life in the beginning but that if she spoils the kid it will end up like Trevon and she tells him that she can and will be able to provide for the baby and that he has no right to come in and tell her that and she remembers that sometimes he used to say that his dad is not shit and that since he is doing the same thing he ani’t shit for doing the same thing and he then forces her against the wall and tells her to shut up and Kat tells him that he is not raising his kid, he hits pregnant women and is a drug dealer and says that his life is a mess and that he does not deserve Raven. Trevon puts his head down and tells her that he might not be in his life but that he wants to see it enter the world and that he is going to be in the hospital with her. As he leaves she reveals that the night they had sex at the party she wasn’t drunk and knew what she was doing and says that she had a crush on him since 5th grade and thought that if he got her pregnant he would be with her but not everything works out for everyone.

    Michael is seen getting ready for his meeting and John tells him that he is proud of him for becoming a man so early and that he has really grown in this last couple weeks and he hugs his son.

    Malik is writing a screenplay and his dad, Edward gives him some ideas but none work and Malik heads to school but sees a lot more Isaak’s dealers and Malik quickly leads and goes into the anime club and Spencer sees Malik and tells him that Isaak’s men are taking advantage of Pusher’s absence and are trying to find Wes Anderson and Spence tells him that Michael and Kat are at the Child Services meeting so they are safe but tells Malik that he is in danger today but Malik ask if he has his back and Spencer tells him he does. Malik is walking in the hall but sees Ry looks at him strange as they head to class and during the class Mr. Barnes ask students who their professional inspiration is and Malik says Wes Anderson and then one of Ry’s friends remembers the scene were Kat, Michael and Malik were all acting out in class and Malik is seen recording his phone and says “Wes Anderson Presents” and during class the friend tells Ry that he thinks Malik is distributing the drugs and Malik and Barnes hear them but Barnes gives him a reassuring look an Barnes ask for Ry and his friend to stay after class. Malik walks out of class quickly until he turns a corner and sees Raven and they talk and she tells him that her baby brother is so cute and she loves him. She then tells Malik that she feels alone and wants to get her mind off of this and ask him to come over later and he agrees. Matt talks to them and tells them that they know too much and since no else is in the school Matt takes out his gun until Ry tackles him but Matt shoots him and when the other one is about to leave Matt strangles him to death and Matt calls Malik to come back to the school.

    Kat and Michael are questioned and one brings up their bad behavior at school but Michael tells them that it won’t be an issue since they will take this seriously and tells them that a lot of the things they did were in their sophomore and freshmen year but one member brings up the fact that they don’t have enough money to rasie their child and Michael tells them that they are going to leave with his parents and that they are both going to collage due to their excellent grades and the members then declare that they are eligible to raise the child and Kat and Michael kiss in joy.

    Malik arrives and is shocked to see the dead bodies and Matt tells him to calm down and that everything is going to be undercontroll and he calls Ryan and ask Ryan for a place to hide bodies and Ryan tells him that there is one right outside of the school and then Matt yells at Malik to stay calm and that they need to do this fast and Malik snaps back and they take the bodies and puts them into the car trunk and they drive there. During this ride Malik says that after this he quits but Matt tells him that he won’t quit until this is all done and he tells him that it was eventually Ry and his friend were going to die and that Trevon is the only person they need to worry about finding and Matt tells him that if Trevon tries doing anything they will kill them and that their business will end whenever Malik wants it too after they get enough money and Malik is quiet and the drive is silent. They get to the spot and start digging for the dead bodies and Malik gets a call from Raven and he lies to her that he is going to come tomorrow since him and his Dad are doing something together. Matt later drives Malik home tells him that he is going to see him tomorrow and when Malik is about to enter through the front door he is knocked out by members of Isaak’s group and abducted. Isaak and his group get out of their truck and go to the site where Matt and Malik were digging the bodies and they dig out and take the bodies.

    Chapter 8

    The Final Act

    Kat and Michael are waiting at the best stop and they see Malik’s Dad, Edward, ask them were Malik is but they don’t know and while on the bus they worry over Malik but Michael calms her down and tells her that he is probably lying the wood to Raven or something. Kat then feels her baby kick and Michael puts his hand on her stomach and he feels it too and the two kiss each other. Matt is having flashbacks of killing Ry until he drops his stapler and he snaps back to his senses. Kat and Michael walk into school until Michael drops his phone into a bush and then sees Ry’s dead body and tells someone and John comes and is shocked by this and the students are terrified by this but Matt pulls Kat and Michael into his classroom and tells them what happened and that they he thinks someone a group were tracking them and Michael tells him that some of Isaak’s men were chasing him down and that they finally caught Malik and Kat gets really worried but Matt calms them down but John comes in and tells Matt what happened until he ask what the three of them are talking about until Kat gets a chair and knocks out John and when they ask why she did that she blames hormones and Matt then sneaks out of the school with them. Trevon is called by his friends and he sees Ry’s dead body and is shocked by this and he goes into his car and finally breaks down in tears. He goes through his phone and pictures and text with him and Ry until he sees a video Ry sent him and sees it is Malik saying “Wes Anderson” and then remembers more about Malik and that he was always really nervous and that he was close to Randy and then concludes that Malik and his group sold the drugs and then drives off.

    Malik wakes up tied up in a room and sees it’s Isaak and Malik pleads to be let go but Isaak denies and tells him that he has been stealing his money from and tells that he is very creative for the name of the weed and Malik takes the complement but then ask to leave but Isaak tells him that he is will as soon as his group brings money to him and he takes Malik’s phone and calls Matt and they talk and Isaak assures them that Malik is with him and tells them their address and to bring the money or he will put a bullet into his head.

    Matt and the group arrive at Ryan’s and they tell him what happened and the situation and Ryan gives them a briefcase and gives Matt a button and that it’s enough and will blow them away. Raven comes early and tells her mom that school was dismissed early due to them finding dead bodies. Raven then goes up into her room and sees Trevon pointing a gun at her and calls her evil bitch for leaving him for Malik and he ask where he is but Raven tells him that she does not know but he slaps her and she pushes him and tries screaming but he puts it at her head and he then tells her to stop bullshiting him and then tells her to call him and she does but it goes straight to voicemail but Trevon takes out his phone tracker and finds it on his tracker and Trevon says that she is a lucky bitch and he then leaves out of her window and she breaks down into tears.

    John wakes very angry and then goes in his office and has a deep stare and starts to piece things together and he remembers that Matt was low on money and in debt and then brought a store in a quick amount of time and that he has been spending time with Michael and the trio and then knows that weed is distributed between the two halls and then deduces that Matt and the kids are selling Wes Anderson and then calls the cops and they don’t take it lightly but he demands them come to his school. Matt arrives at the place with the briefcase and then tells Isaak that he is sick for making money off of kids but Isaak tells him that he is worse but Matt tells him that he is desperate and that he is doing for people important in his life but Isaak tells him that no one really, truly cares for another person they always look for what they can get and their safety in relationships and that why he loves money and thanks him for letting him be the king and he gives Malik to him and they leave until Matt tells Isaak that with his money he is gonna be able to blow up and then presses the button and it blows up the building and they escape but it kills Isaak and his men. Malik is shocked by this and Kat and Michael hug Malik and they are all happy until they see Trevon and he points his gun at them and tells them that all of them have ruined his life but Malik tells him that everything is okay and that the people he lost will make him stronger that his future is so bright and that he is tough that he will be able to overcome and Malik gives his hand and awaits his handshake but Trevon is about to pull out his gun until Matt shoots Trevon and they are all shocked and Kat begins to cry and holds his dead body and they are all devastated until Kat’s water breaks and Matt takes them to the hospital. Kat is in the room giving birth and she has Michael stay in the room with her and when Malik tires leaving she calls him back in and forces him to stay and when the doctor tells her that there is a restriction she yells at him and he lets them stay and she gives birth to a baby boy.

    John has the police checkout the school and they find Wes Anderson and John have students confirm that is the drug and they also find out about Isaak’s involvement in the case. Carrie is at home cleaning the house until Police tell her about her husband’s potential involvement and she begins crying. Matt drives back to the school but he is apprehend by the police and Matt yells and hits a cop and pulls out his gun at John but does not shot and they bring him in. While Kat and the trio admire the new baby a cop comes in and takes Michael and Malik in for questing while they give Kat time. Michael and Malik don’t talk until their lawyer comes but a very buff cop convinces them otherwise and they both deny any connection to it and that they were only getting tutored and the cops believe them after a lengthy and very emotional investigation. Afterwards all 3 of them hug each other



    3 months pass and Malik and the trio along with Kat’s baby, Joseph go the court hearing and Matt denies their involvement and faces 6 years in prison.

    Malik is seen talking to Matt in jail and he tells him about his grades and how all three of them passed their really hard exam and Matt is proud of them. Matt tells Malik however to stop seeing since he has come every day since. Malik refuses and tells him that he saved his life and he owes him so much but Matt tells him that he messed up but Malik does not and that his future is so bright and Malik is happy by this but Matt then slides a paper to Malik and tells him to give half to his family and Malik smiles as he realizes what it is. John then comes and talks to him. He tells him that Carrie is still shocked by him but is ready to raise the baby by herself and then ask Matt why did what he did and Matt tells him that the did it because he needed to and knew he needed money and that he needed to earn his own and that many men could not go where he went and he is not ashamed of himself but John tells him that during it he made one big mistake: Getting Caught and Matt gets angry but then sad and ask John to look after Carrie and John promises that he will take care of Carrie and tells him that he wants him out as soon as possible.

    Malik and the trio are walking to school and Malik ask if it is safe for Kat to bring her baby to school and Kat tells him that if any bitch tries touching her baby she will beat the shit out of them and Michael corrects her and says that they will beat the shit out of them and they kiss. Malik sees Raven and tries to go to kiss her but she tells him that she wants to break up and Malik tries to explain to her what has happened but she tells him that it was not because of all of that but that it was because she does not want to date guys associated with crime and that Malik seemed different but what he has done and represents she can’t be with that and with everything he has done to her family and says she can’t will herself to date him and kisses him and tells him that she will miss him. Michael comforts him and tells him that he does not need her that what she said is true and that he can accept and Malik agrees. Kat then reminds that his screenplay is due to today and Malik runs to the office.

    Henry is seen waiting in the office and Malik comes in and gives him the screenplay and tells him that the movie does not have a title yet but that it’s about a group of 3 friends a white kid, black kid, and pregnant teen and they have to sell drugs for their teacher. Malik then looks straight at the camera.

    The End.


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