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Logo for the series.

All of y'all may have seen Hey Arnold!, or maybe not. Maybe you've only seen clips or commercials, or just simply heard from it. Hey Arnold! was one of the original Nicktoons that aired for 8 years throughout 1996 to 2004, for a total of 5 seasons, 100 episodes 187 segments, and 2 films (one theatrical one and one televised for a November 2017 air date). The series concerned a well-meaning and nice kid named Arnold, and the slice-of-life adventures he and his group of friends have in the fictional urban city of Hillwood. For more information on Hey Arnold!, check out this article on Wikipedia, or for additional information not found on Wikipedia, see instead the official Wiki of the show. After gaining an understanding of the series, read on about my plans for a sixth season of the series, which will include a new voice cast, more mature episodic themes, and (probably) more controversy.


If there were to be a sixth season, it would have the same plot as that of the original show. However, more background characters like Peapod Kid and Big Bob, will get their own episodes. Also, some characters have their original VAs replaced with the new ones from Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie. This season would take place before HA! TJM.

Voice cast

  • Mason Vale Cotton - Arnold
  • Benjamin Flores Jr. - Gerald
  • Francesca Marie Smith - Helga
  • Dan Castellaneta - Phil (or "Grandpa"), Peter
  • Tress MacNeille - Gertie ("Grandma" or "Pookie"), Iggy
  • Anndi McAfee - Phoebe
  • Justin Shenkarow - Harold
  • Olivia Hack - Rhonda
  • Ashley Buccille - Lila, Katrinka
  • Gavin Lewis - Eugene
  • Aiden Lewandowski - Sid
  • Jet Jurgensmeyer - Stinky
  • Lana Hayes - Nadine
  • Nicolas Cantu - Curly
  • Dan Butler - Mr. Simmons
  • Maurice LaMarche - Big Bob, Don Reynolds
  • Kath Soucie - Miriam, Mrs. Berman, Nancy, Baby Oskar
  • Nika Futterman - Olga
  • Craig Bartlett - Miles, Brainy, Abner, Monkeyman (cameo)
  • Antoinette Stella - Stella
  • Dom Irerra - Ernie
  • Wally Wingert - Oskar, Mr. Hyunh, Dino Spumoni (cameo)
  • Mary Scheer - Mrs. Kokoshka
  • Danielle Judovits - Big Patty
  • Jim Belushi - Coach Wittenberg
  • Cathy Moriarty - Mrs. Wittenberg
  • Stephen Stanton - Pigeon Man
  • Corey Burton - Rex Smythe Higgins
  • Connor Corum - Chocolate Boy
  • Quvenzhané Wallis - Timberly Johanssen
  • Phil LaMarr - Jamie-O Johanssen
  • Rick Fitts - Mr. Johanssen
  • Shari Belafonte - Mrs. Johanssen
  • James Keane - Mr. Green
  • Elizabeth Ashley - Mrs. Vitello
  • Ernie Hudson - Harvey the Mail Man (guest star)
  • Jim Cummings - Jimmy Kafka
  • Patrick Warburton - Mr. Bailey
  • Rob Paulsen - Caesar
  • Mary Gross - Sheena's Aunt Shelly
  • April Winchell - Hailey (new character), Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Horowitz
  • Tom Kenny - Mr. Horowitz
  • Elliot Gould - Rabbi Goldberg (guest star)
  • David Wohl - Principal Wartz, Mr. Berman
  • Jamil Walker Smith - Peapod Kid

Some new characters were added in the cast as well, including Hailey (April Winchell), a female bully from the fifth grade who rivals Helga.


Craig Bartlett has personally stated that Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie could be a pilot for a potential reboot or new season of the original Hey Arnold! TV series, if the ratings are high. However, the TV movie only garnered 1.63 million viewers across three different Nick channels: Nickelodeon itself, NickToons, and TeenNick. This compared to an unexpected rerun of The Loud House, made the viewership for The Jungle Movie under-exceed expectations, and can be considered a ratings failure. However, on his Instagram and Facebook, Bartlett announced on November 29, 2017, that he and the original crew for HA! was working on a sixth season all along, and announced that season 6 would begin airing on December 18, 2017. 20 episodes were initially ordered, but after the season became one of the highest-viewed programs on Nickelodeon (beating the likes of SpongeBob SquarePants and yes, even The Loud House), 20 more episodes were added to the episode order, totaling 40 episodes for the sixth season. This makes it the season with the highest episode count of the Hey Arnold! series.


I do believe that a season six of Hey Arnold! should be produced and aired. These are just random ideas and nothing else. It is purely Craig Bartlett (the creator of Hey Arnold!) and Nickelodeon's decision if they want a season six made and produced.

Season six would run for 40 episodes, a big difference from the usual ~20 episodes for each season. In total, the series would have a total of 140 episodes, not to mention those two aforementioned films.

The show would have the same animation and charm as the original 1996-2004 show, with some minor tweaks. One obvious change in the animation is, while it is animated the same as the predecessor, it will be in high definition (HD) for a better quality viewing experience. Another minor tweak would be the relationships of the characters. Helga no longer seems to annoy and push the wrong buttons with Arnold, though she still calls him pet names and runs into him. The relationship between these two seems to be getting closer, as proven in Helga's Birthday, Hanging Around the Town, and Operation Helgaless. This is to set up the ultimate "moment" (if you catch my drift) in Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie. Minor characters like Peapod Kid, Big Bob, Miriam, Katrinka, Park, Gertie, and Mr. Hyunh's daughter, Mai, will have more character development as well as their own episodes.

Season overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
6 40 December 18, 2017 January 16, 2020

Season 6 (2017-20)

No. overall No. in season Title Directed by Written by Storyboarded by Original airdate Prod. code
101 1 "Gerald's Haircut
Ghost Teacher"
Dan Povenmire & Larry Leichliter
Kelly James & Jamie Mitchell
Joe Ansolabehere Kelly James (director)
Tricia Garcia
December 18, 2017 6.01
Gerald's Haircut: Gerald gets an embarassing haircut, and goes to great lengths to avoid exposing it to anyone, even his best friend Arnold.

Ghost Teacher: Our gang of friends explore an abandoned section of P.S. 118, which is abandoned due to the suicide of a teacher. The ghost of the teacher (Pamela Adlon) has some unfinished business, however.

102 2 "5th Grade 4th Graders
Written By Helga"
Frank Nissen & Jamie Mitchell
Joseph Purdy & Craig Bartlett
Dan Povenmire (director)
Antoinette Stella
Derek Drymon (director)
Kurt Dumas
Tuck Tucker (director)
Jay Lender
December 25, 2017 6.04
5th Grade 4th Graders: Arnold and the gang imagine how they would treat the future 4th graders if they themselves were in the 5th grade.

Written by Helga: Helga gets one of her poems published on the school's newspaper, but she gets her poem admitting her love for Arnold published instead of another one due to a mix-up.

103 3 "Helga's Pet
Bert Ring & Don Judge
Debbie Baber & Stark Howell
Antoinette Stella (story)
Joseph Purdy
Derek Drymon (director)
Chris Robertson
January 1, 2018 6.02
Helga's Pet: After she loses her monitor lizard pet, Helga enlists Arnold's help in finding it.

Hypnotized: Phoebe uses Arnold as a class demonstration on hypnotism, and the gang soon discovers that he'll do anything as they order by saying the words "Lemon Pudding", and Harold, Stinky, and Sid use this to their advantage.

104 4 "Harold Toughens Up
Arnold and Olga"
Steve Socki & Stark Howell
Larry Leichliter
Lesa Kite (story)
Jonathan Greenberg
Antoinette Stella (director)
John Flagg
January 15, 2018 6.03
Harold Toughens Up: Harold always throws a tantrum and yells for his mommy every time he gets scared or hit, so he decides to "toughen up" and become fearless and stronger.

Arnold and Olga: Arnold spends time with Helga's sister, Olga, in order to advance in his studies, and he forms a friendship with her. Helga, however, misinterprets this as a relationship.

105 5 "Helga on the Court
Stark Howell
Larry Leichliter
Michelle Lamoreaux
Joseph Purdy
Chris Headrick (director)
Caesar Martinez
January 29, 2018 6.09
Helga on the Court: In order to impress Arnold and Gerald, Helga and Phoebe decide to sign up for the volleyball team. Their different athletic abilities gets in the way of their friendship, however.

Runaway: Helga, tired of her parents' constant negligence towards her, tests them by running away from home. She wanders in the city, looking for a place to stay, until she arrives at Sunset Arms, where Arnold lets her stay. A conversation between them changes Helga's mind about her parents, and she comes back to them after a nationwide manhunt.

106 6 "Hillywood
Helga's Bow"
Frank Weiss Craig Bartlett (story)
Joe Ansolabehere
Mario Piluso (director)
Caesar Martinez & Ted Seko
Chris Robertson (director)
Kurt Dumas & Miyuki Hoshikawa
February 12, 2018 6.05
Hillywood: A director, who so happens to be Grandpa's rival from the past, stays over at Sunset Arms and plans to shoot a movie at the boarding house.

Helga's Bow: It's the sixth anniversary of the fateful day in which Helga met Arnold in preschool during a rainy day, so Helga wears her original bow, but becomes unusually careless towards it. This results in the bow landing in the wrong hands-Curly's, that is, who plans to give it to Rhonda as a present.

107 7 "Potty Mouth
Who's Fuzzy Slippers?"
Christine Kolosov
Stark Howell
Michelle Lamoreaux
Antoinette Stella
Tim Parsons (director)
Carson Kugler
February 19, 2018 6.08
Potty Mouth: After the gang (with the exception of Arnold and Phoebe) learn cuss words, they start using them on a regular basis, much to the shock of the latter two who refrain from saying blasphemous things, and the adults around them.

Who's Fuzzy Slippers?: Arnold tries to uncover the true identity of Fuzzy Slippers, Gerald's mysterious informant and source of Hillwood's many local myths and urban legends.

108 8 "Arnold for President
Helga Excels"
Frank Weiss Joseph Purdy Kurt Dumas (director)
Diane Kredensor
March 5, 2018 6.07
Arnold for President: Arnold, Helga, Rhonda, and Curly compete against each other for position of class president, so a competitive Helga starts sabotaging the competition to disqualify Arnold.

Helga Excels: Helga exceeds more than Olga (for once!) in a really important test, making her the center of her parents' attention. But eventually, she's driven insane from excessive studying in order to keep her parents proud, to the point where she can't come up with a poem. Meanwhile, Olga has a break down after hearing of Helga's test score, and starts to adapt to her nasty attitude, even sporting Helga's trademark unibrow.

109 9 "Peapod Kid
Football Hits"
Christine Kolosov Michelle Lamoreaux
Michelle Lamoreaux
Michelle Lamoreaux & Joseph Purdy
Tim Parsons (director)
Chris Robertson (director)
Aldin Baroza & Ted Seko
March 26, 2018 6.06
Peapod Kid: Peapod Kid falls in love with Rhonda, which breaks Nadine's heart.

Football Hits: Coach Wittenberg does not provide football helmets for the football players (including the gang, with the exception of Rhonda and Phoebe) during PS.118's football season, Arnold decides to raise awareness for the possible risks of concussions during football games.

110 10 "Hey Helga!
The Biggest Prank"
Larry Leichliter & Tuck Tucker
Frank Weiss
Craig Bartlett & Joseph Purdy Kurt Dumas (director)
Sherm Cohen & Caesar Martinez
April 2, 2018 6.11
Hey Helga!: Helga helps Phoebe with English class after she flunks an English test.

The Biggest Prank: As part of April Fools' tradition, Harold, Stinky, and Sid play "The Biggest Prank" on Wolfgang, which causes them to get in massive trouble with him.

111 11 "Hey Arnold! The Ten Commandments" Larry Leitchliter & Frank Weiss Joseph Purdy & Antoinette Stella Tim Parsons & Kurt Dumas (directors)
Carson Kugler & Jay Lender
April 9, 2018 6.10
A 23-minute re-telling of the story of Moses, with the Hey Arnold! characters in the places of the many Biblical figures which appeared in the original story.
112 12 "The New Girl in Town
Switching Houses"
Frank Weiss
Robert Lamoreaux
Joe Ansolabehere, Joseph Purdy, Craig Bartlett & Michelle Lamoreaux
Michelle Lamoreaux & Joe Ansolabehere (story)
Kurt Dumas (director)
Aldin Baroza
April 16, 2018 6.12
The New Girl in Town: When a girl of the same upper-class status as Rhonda comes to PS.118 and coincidentally hosts a party the same day as Rhonda's, both girls fight for popularity.

Switching Houses: Mr. Simmons assigns a project in which two partners must switch houses, and eventually, lives, in order to learn a lot more about each other. This results in Arnold and Helga switching houses, Gerald and Phoebe switching houses, and Harold and Rhonda switching houses.

113 13 "Hanging Around the Town
Helga and Phoebe"
Raymie Musquez
Michelle Lamoreaux
Jonathan Greenberg, Joseph Purdy & Michelle Lamoreaux
Craig Bartlertt & Joseph Purdy (story)
Stark Howell (director)
Aldin Baroza
Chris Robertson
Kelly James
April 30, 2018 6.13
Hanging Around the Town: Arnold and Helga both hang around each other and wander Hillwood together, eventually learning a whole lot more about each other than they already did. In the end, Helga accidentally kisses Arnold as he saves her from a truck heading towards her, though she apologizes and lies that it was an accident. Arnold, of course, accepts this, though he tells her, "Whatever you say, Helga", revealing that he doesn't believe it was an accident.

Helga and Phoebe: A flashback episode showing the origins of Helga and Phoebe's friendship, stemming from Helga's heroic actions in protecting Phoebe against Harold in preschool.

114 14 "Helga's Birthday" Christine Kolosov & Frank Weiss Tuck Tucker & Jay Lender Aldin Baroza (director)
Ted Seko
May 14, 2018 6.14
No one in the Pataki household (apart from Olga, who gifts her with a fuchsia-colored dress) celebrates Helga's birthday, even though all she wants is "Arnold's acceptance", apparently. Arnold remembers her birthday, and buys her a magenta-colored bow similar to Helga's trademark pink bow. She thanks him for the gift, and gives him a peck on the cheek in the heat of the moment. Arnold's flattered, but Helga assures him it was just a "friendly kiss", and Arnold yet again seems unconvinced, but decides to take her word for it anyways. They celebrate Helga's birthday at the Sunset Arms boarding house, after Helga's convinced by Arnold. After the party ends, Helga arrives home to find that her family organized her birthday party. As it turns out, they pretended that they forgot in order to organize the party, which worked since Helga's family usually neglects her. Helga is surprised but happy that for once, her family actually organized her a birthday.
115 15 "Tribute to Mr. Simmons
Photography Urban Legend"
Christine Kolosov Joseph Purdy & Craig Bartlett
Craig Bartlett & Michelle Lamoreaux
Tim Parsons (director)
Jay Lander
Chris Robertson (director)
Ted Seko
July 2, 2018 6.15
Tribute to Mr. Simmons: Mr. Simmons announces his retirement from teaching to raise his newly-adopted son with his boyfriend, Peter, so Arnold concocts a plan with the gang to make a tribute for Mr. Simmons, to make his last day of teaching special.

Photography Urban Legend: The gang decides to take numerous photos of myths and urban legends in order to prove their authenticity.

116 16 "Rats!
Big Bob's Wheel"
Frank Weiss Michelle Lamoreaux & Joseph Purdy
Mike Svayko (director)
Kurt Dumas & Caesar Martinez
Chris Headrick (director)
Carson Kugler
Antoinette Stella (director)
Jay Lender
August 20, 2018 6.16
Rats!: Dr. Bliss (the child psychologist from Helga on the Couch) and Arnold team-up to get rid of Helga's musophobia, or her fear of mice and rats.

Big Bob's Wheel: Big Bob gets a chance to appear on his favorite game show, The Wheel. As he participates in said game show, he learns a lesson in winning.

117 17 "Helga Moves Out
Abner the Watchpig"
Christine Kolosov & Frank Weiss Michelle & Robert Lamoreaux
Craig Bartlett & Joseph Purdy
Tim Parsons (director)
Caesar Martinez
Aldin Baroza (director)
Caesar Martinez & Ted Seko
September 10, 2018 6.17
Helga Moves Out: Big Bob's Beeper Emporium goes bankrupt due to a lack in sales of beepers, resulting in the Pataki family moving into the Sunset Arms.

Abner the Watchpig: The aftermath of a break-in at the Sunset Arms prompts Arnold and Grandpa to train Abner into becoming a "watchpig".

118 18 "Lana and Arnold
Helga Meets Her Rival"
Frank Weiss Jordana Arkin
Craig Bartlett
Sherm Cohen (director)
Sam Fleming, Tricia Garcia & Kelly James
October 24, 2018 6.18
Lana and Arnold: Lana starts flirting with Arnold despite their age gap, which makes Arnold uncomfortable. He does not know how to tell her to stop, since he doesn't want to come across as mean.

Helga Meets Her Rival: Helga's position as the only female bully in PS.118 is threatened as she encounters a 5th grade female bully (April Winchell), who seems to have a crush on Wolfgang that parallels Arnold and Helga's relationship.

119 19 "Agatha Gets Booked
Mrs. Worldwide"
Christine Kolosov Michelle Lamoreaux
Craig Bartlett
Joseph Purdy (story)
Miyuki Hoshikawa (director)
Kelly James
Carson Kugler (director)
Tim Parsons
November 28, 2018 6.19
Agatha Gets Booked: Agatha Caulfield, the author from Crabby Author, reaches a book deal with a publishing company. But the problem is, she has writer's block! So she gets help from Arnold, who tells her his personal stories. Note: This segment is sort of like a clip episode, except it's a clip segment.

Mrs. Worldwide: Phoebe gets a chance to travel around the world after winning another State spelling bee, but will she leave her old life behind in favor of going 'round the world?

120 20 "Sheena the Activist
Operation Helgaless"
Frank Weiss
Christine Kolosov
Joseph Purdy & Michelle Lamoreaux
Craig Bartlett & Joseph Purdy
Tim Parsons (director)
Caesar Martinez
Chris Robertson (director)
Aldin Baroza (director)
Ted Seko & Diana Kredensor
December 26, 2018 6.20
Sheena the Activist: Sheena starts advocating against violence after Helga and Hailey get into a fight.

Operation Helgaless: Arnold accepts a "friend going-out" with Helga to the annual city Cheese Fair, although Gerald starts getting suspicious and decides to sabotage their "friend date". But when Arnold catches him in the act, Gerald realizes how bad of a friend he has become.

121 21 "Sanctuary
The Great Phone Phony"
Christine Kolosov Craig Bartlett
Joseph Purdy
Carson Kugler (director)
Aldin Baroza & Caesar Martinez
Diane Kredensor (director)
Chris Robertson & Jay Lender
January 9, 2019 6.21
Sanctuary: Park's sanctuary that is used to hide the fourth graders from the fifth graders is invaded by Wolfgang and his cretins, so Park must stand up to himself if he really wants it back.

The Great Phone Phony: Fake phones are found in everyone's lockers during a time when they become a school must-have, so Arnold tries to find out the culprit who threw the phone phonies in the lockers.

122 22 "Mine Your Business
A Nightmare on Hillwood"
Frank Weiss
Christine Kolosov
Michelle Lamoreaux
Craig Bartlett & Joseph Purdy
Kurt Dumas (director)
Kelly James
Chris Robertson (director)
Aldin Baroza, Steve Socki & Ted Seko
January 23, 2019 6.27
Mine Your Business: Grandpa takes Arnold out to the caverns to teach him the wonders of mining, but after a rock slide causes them to get stuck, Arnold must use his newly-founded mining skills to get them out of there.

A Nightmare on Hillwood: Sid is convinced that a Freddy Kruger-like creature from his nightmares, "The Claw" (Steven Blum), has escaped into our world.

123 23 "Phoebe's Fortune
Green & Son"
Raymie Muzquiz & Larry Leichliter Michelle Lamoreaux
Joseph Purdy (story)
Craig Bartlett
Carson Kugler & Stark Howell (directors)
Ted Seko & Caesar Martinez
February 6, 2019 6.23
Phoebe's Fortune: Phoebe's family inherits Phoebe's grandma's (Candi Milo; flashback) large condominium, and they become rich. Unfortunately, Phoebe's greed goes over her head, and she parts ways with her old friends in order to hang out with Rhonda and her "cool friends".

Green & Son: Mr. Green struggles to bond with his vegetarian son, until they both switch places and take the risk of eating different foods.

124 24 "The Tomato War" Raymie Muzquiz Joseph Purdy Tim Parsons (director)
Miyuki Hoshiwaka & Ted Seko
March 6, 2019 6.26
Arnold, Grandpa, and Arnold's gang of friends, re-enact the Tomato War first mentioned in Hey Arnold! The Movie, on the anniversary.
125 25 "Olga Graduates" Frank Weiss Craig Bartlett, Joseph Purdy & Michelle Lamoreaux Carson Kugler & Ted Seko March 13, 2019 6.24
Olga successfully graduates from Bennington College, which means that the Pataki family must travel across the country to witness her graduation. While there, Helga meets a womanizer named Alfred (Lane Toran).
126 26 "Luck Be An Eugene
Phoebe Feels Down"
Christine Kolosov Craig Bartlett
Antoinette Stella
Sherm Cohen (director)
Aldin Baroza
Carson Kugler (director)
Kelly James
March 20, 2019 6.22
Luck Be An Eugene: Eugene manages to have luck for once, but it comes at a hefty expense.

Phoebe Feels Down: Phoebe grieves over the death of her grandmother mentioned in Phoebe's Fortune, plus a test that she flunked, and starts going through a depressive state.

127 27 "Gertie Goes Insane
It's A Life...Without Arnold"
Frank Weiss Robert Lamoreaux (story)
Craig Bartlett & Michelle Lamoreaux
Tim Parsons (director)
Ted Seko & Sherm Cohen
Kurt Dumas (director)
Caesar Martinez & Diane Kredensor
April 3, 2019 6.25
Gertie Goes Insane: A police officer (Tom Selleck) thinks that Arnold's Grandma's crazy personality and affinity for dressing up like several historical figures makes her legally insane, so Gertie's put in a mental asylum until proven sane.

It's A Life...Without Arnold: Arnold manages to see a different timeline with him out of the equation, with disastrous results for his friends.

128 28 "Gerald and Helga - Locked In
Scheck Is Back"
Christine Kolosov Jonathan Greenberg
Joseph Purdy
Kurt Dumas & Stark Howell (directors)
Caesar Martinez
April 24, 2019 6.28
Gerald and Helga - Locked In: Gerald and Helga get locked in PS.119 on a Friday evening, and they both end up taking a liking to each other, especially after Helga confesses her love towards Arnold to Gerald.

Scheck Is Back: Scheck is released out of a prison after serving his sentence, and PS.118 becomes his next target for demolition.

129 29 "Stinky Enters
Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle"
Frank Weiss Michelle Lamoreaux
Antoinette Stella
Chris Robertson (director)
Aldin Baroza & Ted Seko
May 15, 2019 6.29
Stinky Enters: Stinky enters an annual Hillwood contest for the city's most beautiful and admirable vegetation, but ends up losing. He unintentionally learns that the contest was rigged.

Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle: Arnold and Gerald discover the true intentions behind weird events happening on the corner of Bermuda and 9th.

130 30 "Arnold's E-Files
Return of the Sewer King"
Christine Kolosov Craig Bartlett
Joseph Purdy
Carson Kugler (director)
Aldin Baroza
Tim Parsons (director)
Ted Seko & Kelly James
June 12, 2019 6.30
Arnold's E-Files: PS.118 sets up a "computer bulletin board" of some type with email addresses for all the students, and everyone sets up their accounts, and Helga (username: Helgoth) tries to find out who the identity of the username "GoldenHero", whom she strongly believes to be Arnold.

Return of the Sewer King: Arnold and Gerald think the Sewer King (from the original series' episode The Sewer King) is to blame for the city's latest heat wave.

131 31 "Smoothies Anonymous
Mai Problem"
Frank Weiss Craig Bartlett
Jonathan Greenberg
Chris Robertson (director)
Kelly James & Miyuki Hoshikawa
Carson Kugler (director)
Caesar Martinez & Diane Kredensor
July 3, 2019 6.32
Smoothies Anonymous: Big Bob sends Miriam to a rehabilitation center cleverly titled "Smoothies Anonymous" (in an obvious parody of Alcoholics Anonymous, or more well known by its initials, AA), which will help her get over he smoothie addiction, after another of her episode blackouts almost kill her.

Mai Problem: Mai, Mr. Hyunh's daughter, begins seeing an American boy, much to her father's disapproval.

132 32 "Arnold and Katrinka
Helga as a Toddler"
Christine Kolosov Craig Bartlett, Antoinette Stella & Joseph Purdy
Michelle Lamoreaux
Craig Bartlett & Robert Lamoreaux (story)
Aldin Baroza (director)
Kelly James
Carson Kugler (director)
Ted Seko, Diane Kredensor & Kelly James
August 7, 2019 6.34
Arnold and Katrinka: Katrinka's refusal to Rhonda regarding the cutting of her unibrow (similar to Helga's, by the way) leads her to step down from popularity. She meets Arnold, who helps her while she's unpopular.

Helga as a Toddler: Another flashback episode showing Helga's traumatic life as a toddler, and how she overcame certain obstacles like her parents' negligence in feeding her.

133 33 "Popular Brainy
Theater Boy"
Frank Weiss
Christine Kolosov
Michelle Lamoreaux
Joseph Purdy
Tim Parsons (director)
Ted Seko
Chris Robertson (director)
Sherm Cohen
September 5, 2019 6.33
Popular Brainy: Brainy's deep voice rouses Rhonda, who makes him popular. He leaves behind stalking Helga forever, and this actually affects her.

Theater Boy: Eugene falls heads over heels for another boy interested in theater, Calvin (Sean Ryan Fox), and plans to ask him out on a date to the local theater production of Romeo and Juliet. Problems arise due to Eugene's bad luck.

134 34 "Arnold's Fourth" Christine Kolosov Joseph Purdy
Michelle & Robert Lamoreaux & Craig Bartlett (story)
Tuck Tucker (director)
Aldin Baroza
October 10, 2019 6.35
Arnold celebrates Thanksgiving on the fourth day in July instead of the Fourth of July due to his grandmother's crazy tendencies to mix holidays up. He invites his friends over to the Thanksgiving dinner, but chaos ensues when the turkey is eaten up by a seagull and the gravy is dumped all over a miffed Ernie. After all these problems seem to come one after the other, Arnold manages to have his grandma buy fireworks, and they end the day by watching their fireworks explode. When they do, Helga kisses Arnold again, thinking it is a "beautiful moment" to do so. Arnold questions Helga on her intentions, but she keeps denying him and calls him pet names. They go somewhere private, where Arnold kisses Helga back and tells her "the sky was too beautiful for a moment like this to pass up". He leaves Helga fawning over the kiss.
135 35 "Joey & the Pearly Whites
Arnold the Player"
Christine Kolosov
Frank Weiss
Antoinette Stella & Joseph Purdy
Michelle Lamoreaux
Kurt Dumas (director)
Diane Kredensor & Ted Seko
Stark Howell (director)
Kelly James
November 28, 2019 6.31
Joey & the Pearly Whites: Joey gets a new set of front teeth, but everyone starts disliking him since he is known for his trademarked toothy smile with his two front teeth missing. This makes Joey want to take out the two front teeth...on his own, and without any dental help at all. He ends up bleeding and gets taken to the dentist, where the dentist reminds him that everyone should care for him internally instead of caring for his pearly whites, and afterwards Joey accepts his two front teeth.

Arnold the Player: Grandpa's simple advice on how to "get chicks and get licks" turns Arnold into a player who starts loving almost all the girls at his school (yes, that even includes Helga!). While Helga is glad to be loved by Arnold, he moves on and dates other girls, making Helga more disappointed than she should be.

136 36 "The Not-So-Fun-At All Fundraiser
Lila's Bad Side"
Frank Weiss Joseph Purdy & Craig Bartlett
Jonathan Greenberg
Chris Robertson & Carson Kugler (directors)
Miyuki Hoshikawa
Tim Parsons & Chris Robertson (directors)
Diane Kredensor, Ted Seko & Aldin Baroza
December 12, 2019 6.36
The Not-So-Fun At All Fundraiser: PS.118's annual fundraiser, which Arnold participates in, proves to be disastrous and tests his patience.

Lila's Bad Side: Lila's dark side begins showing after Arnold refuses to acknowledge once again that Lila doesn't like like him, and Arnold finds himself not liking her.

137 37 "Band of Friends
Christine Kolosov Jonathan Greenberg & Michelle Lamoreaux
Joseph Purdy & Antoinette Stella
Tim Parsons, Kurt Dumas & Stark Howell (directors)
Ted Seko
Carson Kugler (director)
Diane Kredensor, Ted Seko & Kelly James
December 19, 2019 6.37
Band of Friends: Arnold and the gang start a band, but are on the brink of separation when Rhonda makes them wear ridiculous, rock attire (you know, from Twisted Sister and KISS fame).

Stranded: Arnold and Gerald gets stranded on Elk Island.

138 38 "New Year's Day" Frank Weiss Antoinette Stella & Robert Lamoreaux Carson Kugler & Jay Lender December 26, 2019 6.38
Arnold, the gang, the Sunset Arms boarders, and basically everyone inhabiting Hillwood crowd in the Hillwood Square-a-Plaazamonium for the annual New Year's Day Cheese Drop (an obvious spoof of the Madison Square Garden ball drop, which is also done every New Year's), and Helga hopes to kiss Arnold as soon as the clock strikes 12. The gang manages to get front row seats to the "show" and, as soon as the clock strikes 12, Helga manages to give Arnold a kiss without anyone's notice, since it is noticeably dim outside. Unfortunately, the cheese breaks into pieces, and some of it gets into Helga. And Arnold though he was kissing Lila all along, so he is shocked that he actually smooched Helga, and demands to her if she truly loves him. Helga throws cheese at him at Lila and denies it before leaving in shame, leaving Arnold stunned.
139 39 "Graduation" Steve Socki & Craig Bartlett Jonathan Rosenthal & Joseph Purdy Tuck Tucker & Tricia Garcia (directors)
Stark Howell & Kurt Dumas
January 2, 2020 6.40
Arnold and the gang are about to graduate from the fourth grade, but problems arise when they realize they're going to separate middle schools.

Notes: This was the last episode produced for the 5th season.

140 40 "Flying Solo" Christine Kolosov & Dan Povenmire Steve L. Hayes, Joseph Purdy, Jay Lender, Tricia Garcia & Craig Bartlett Jonathan Greensburg (director)
Scott Shaw
January 16, 2020 6.39
A flashback episode about Arnold growing up without his parents, and the challenges his grandparents had to go through to raise him properly.

Note: This is the season 5 finale.


This show will get positive reception from (surprisingly) big entertainment websites such as ''Variety'' and ''The New York Times'', who praised it for its wonderful character development, animation which clearly had a lot of effort and love put into it, voice cast which delivers lines perfectly, emotional and heartfelt moments, mature themes presented in a appropriate manner, and for staying true to the original show with its charm, wit, plot, and characters overall.

On Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregating website, the season currently has a "Fresh" rating of 96% based on 38 reviews, with an average rating of 8.3/10. Metacritic, another review aggregating website, gave it a score of 75 out of 100 based on 25 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews".


This season would be the most dramatic and controversial if it was really aired, with some heartfelt moments in episodes like Phoebe Feels Down and Helga's Birthday. Not only that, the 40-episode sixth season also dealt with some mature themes not shown on the original cartoon, such as depression (the former, aforementioned episode), insanity (Gertie Goes Insane), child neglect [Helga's Birthday and Helga As a Toddler (though this theme was clearly shown in the original show, this time it is presented more maturely)], stress in early childhood (Helga Excels), grief (Phoebe Feels Down), homosexuality [Tribute to Mr. Simmons and Theater Boy (the word "gay" is even said in the former)], and suicide (Ghost Teacher).

While the series has been praised for breaking barriers in terms of content in children's television programming, the series has been negatively criticized by One Million Moms, an anti-LGBT organization created by the American Family Association with the intent of stopping "child explotaition", who ripped apart the show from being "innocent and educational funtertainment for the '90s youngins" to "LGBT liberal propaganda with the sole purpose of indoctrinating children into sinful behavior[s]." Craig Bartlett said of the controversy:

It is incredibly heart-wrenching that hateful [and soulless] organizations...such as One Million Moms [/One Million Dads], believe that a series featuring only one or two three [gay] characters is brainwashing children into being LGBT. I am only teaching children that there are children different than them, but that it doesn't matter, in the end, all children are the same: playful, curious, intuitive, and intellectuals. No matter how straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning, or asexual they may be.
~ Craig Bartlett, in response to One Million Moms' criticism of the series for indoctrinating "sinful behavior".

Nickelodeon responded to the controversy by stating that they would stand "in the face of hate" and would continue airing the sixth season of Hey Arnold!. Throughout the show's run, the series would get bombarded with criticism from One Million Moms, though they were all ignored.


Though some episodes were definitely my ideas, I actually retooled some ideas from existing properties, like the Hey Arnold! books and the cancelled Season 6 comic book project (which I found on the show's Wiki). However, I also used and retooled some ideas from fan websites whose links I will leave right down below:
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