Hero 108

Hero 108 is a 2016 live action/CGP comedy film based on a TV series, starring Steve Carrell, Senchil Ramamurthy, George Lopez, Chris Hemsworth, Brian Drummond, Jena Malone, Drake Bell, Emma Stone, Tony Todd, Nicki Minaj,


Many years ago in the Hidden Kingdom, animals and humans lived in perfect harmony until an evil trickster named High Roller arrived and fooled the animals into thinking humans were their enemies. Chaos reigned in the Hidden Kingdom until Commander ApeTrully formed a task force called Big Green to reunite the animals and humans while fighting the forces of High Roller and the Zebra Brothers.



  • Steve Carrell as Commander Ape Trully
  • Senchil Ramamurthy as Woo the Wise
  • George Lopez as Mr. No Hands
  • Chris Hemsworth as Lin Chung
  • Brian Drummond as the voice of Jumpy Ghostface
  • Jena Malone as Mystique Sonia
  • Drake Bell as Mighty Ray
  • Nicki Minaj as Alpha Girl Latifah
  • Brian Drummond as the voice of Golden Eye Husky
  • Macauley Keeper as Kowloon
  • TBA as Hurricane Lee
  • TBA as Archer Lee
  • TBA as Master Chou
  • TBA as Rosefinch
  • TBA as Burly
  • TBA as Mano
  • TBA as Red-Face Kwan
  • TBA as Rattle Diva
  • Andrew Francis as the voice of Sammo the Whale
  • Ben Stiller as High Roller
  • Adrian Petriw as the voice of Sparky Black
  • Brian Drummond as the voice of Sparky White

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