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Herny Hopper-Jones Hosgusk is a Male Voice Actor Who Speak in English, Polish, Spanish, French, Dutch, Chinese, Mongolian, Japanese, Russian, & Animal (like Hedgehog, Dog, Big Cats, Marsupials (like Kangaroos, Wombats & Tasmanian Devils), Monoteme (Like Platypus & Echidna), bats, Bears, Owls, Spiders, Crocksers & Gator (Like Alligators, Ghirals & Crocodiles), & Low Pitched Voiced Frog Types). He's Born in Ireland With His Mother & Mom's Grandmother in 1996, Dec 23rd. He Learn Other Languages at Age of 13.

Voice Act Roles

Voice Act Roles (English)

  • Sonic The Hedgehog, Knuckles The Echidna, Shadow The Hedgehog & Silver The Hedgehog (Recurrent Voice in the Sonic The hedgehog Series)
  • Hopper (Bug's Life) (Recurrent Voice After Kevin Spacey Since 2019)
  • Peter Pan (Disney) (Recurrent Voice for Peter Pan (Disney))
  • Goku (Recurrent Voice in Dragonball Z)
  • Puss in Boot (Recurrent Voice Since "2023" only The DreamWorks Version)
  • Tasmanian Devil (Looney Tunes) (Recurrent Voice After Jim Cummings)

Voice Act Roles (Polish)

  • Sonic The Hedgehog (a Polish Voice for Sonic From Sonic's Schoolhouse to Recurrent Sonic Games)
  • Fox McCloud (a Polish Voice for Fox From The Star Fox Series)
  • Sly Cooper (a Polish Voice for Sly From Sly Cooper Series)
  • Uka Uka (a Polish Voice for Crash Bandicoot Series)
  • Erg (a Polish Voice for Erg From The Fairly Odd Parents Eplisode The Past & The Furious)
  • Buford (a Recurrent polish Voice For Buford from Phineas & Ferb)

Voice Act Roles (Japanese)

  • Shan Yu (Recurrent Japanese Voice For Shan Yu From Mulan Since 2024)
  • Wolf (Nu Pogodi!) (a Character Who Chase Hare, a Japanese Voice from Wolf From Nu Pogodi!)
  • Discord (a Recurrent Japanese Voice For Discord From My Little Pony Series Since 2021)

History of Herny Hosgusk


Age 1-2

Age 4-9

He & His Mother Goes to Mother's grandma Aka Great Grandmother's Feudal At Age 9 in Aug 31st.


Age 13-15

Age 16

He's Start a Job at Warehousing in Mar.1st After his Warehousing Job, He'll Leaveing his Old Job in Jun 27th, He'll Have His Vaccation Start in Jun 28th-Sept 12th.

Age 17-24


Age 25

He's Start His New Job as a Voice Actor in USA Then The World, 1st He'll Start Playing as Sonic The HEdgehog, Shadow The Hedgehog & Silver The Hedgehog for Sega of America & Hollywood itself.

Age 27

He's Success He's New Voice Acting Job & New He'll Have His Own Mansion Made out of Solid Gold & Solid Ruby.

Age 30

He Buy 2 White Hedgehogs, the First Hedgehog named Frubo & the Other Hedgehog named Pollina, a Rottweiler Named Huscks, a English Bulldog Named Mormurak, a Tasmanian Devil Named Zazz & a Chinese Cat Named Furysnower the Tan Mc Black.

Age 34

in Oct 24th Tonight a Robber Steal Herny's Coin & Dollar, Herny Waked a See the robber in the Dark, so He'll use his Cellphone & Called the Cops After The Cops Arrive He Said "Arrest This robber Now & Forever Dude" & The Cops Arrest the Robber Who Steal The Money From Herny Hosgusk.