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Herman and Katnip The Movie is a 1980 American animated musical comedy film produced by Beauty and the Beast Animation Studios, The Harvey Entertainment Company and Michael Shires Productions.


Herman finally speaks in front of Katnip and they learn to get along.

Voice cast:

  • Arnold Stang as Herman the Mouse
  • Willie Rushton as Katnip the Cat
  • Michael Bell as Mugsy the Dog
  • Jackson Beck as Buzzy the Crow
  • Mae Questal as Little Audrey
  • Joan Gerber as Aunt Maude
  • John Stephenson as Bootleg
  • Alan Oppenheimer as Franklin
  • Will Ryan and Patricia Parris as Larry and Helen the Flamingos
  • Jim Henson as Party Animal 1
  • Frank Oz as Party Animal 2
  • Jerry Nelson as Party Animal 3
  • Dave Goelz as Party Animal 4
  • Richard Hunt as Party Animal 5
  • Steve Whitmire as Party Animal 6


  • The first Shires animated theatrical feature to receive a PG rating.
  • This was the first Shires with live-action and animation.
  • This is the second Shires animated feature to use the Michael Shires Pictures logo.


  • The film was released on December 12, 1980.


  • Although this movie was rated PG in the United States, it was rated U in the United Kingdom.

Home video releases:


  • Herman and Katnip: The Movie


  • Herman and Katnip: The Movie


  • Herman and Katnip: The Movie