Hensonville is a series crossover of all Jim Henson properties. Kermit the Frog acts as the host.


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  • The only Muppets productions considered canon in this series are The Muppet Show, The Muppet Movie, The Muppets Take Manhattan (partially), and The Muppets 2011, though it does take liberties with the timeline, such as inserting Jim Henson Hour and Muppets Tonight characters into it (There is a flashback that takes place during The Muppets 2011 which has them ask Kermit to be part of the telethon by saying "Hey Kermit! May we be a part of the show?" and Kermit tells them "No. We're overstaffed as it is, but maybe someday you can join us." and Sam adding "And We have one too many weirdos!". This is a reference to the fact that they didn't exist in the Muppet Show days and wouldn't be included in a cast reunion. Their backstory is that they worked on a show called MuppeTelevision for the now defunct network KMUP TV, which is a reference to both shows, and in the continuity of this show Gary and Walter enjoyed it despite preferring the Muppet Show. This scene retcons the idea that Pepe was Miss Piggy's dancing partner, having a generic pig fill that role, and also retcons out the idea that Bobo worked for Tex Richman. Also in the show's account of the movie, when Walter, Gary, and Mary come across the rundown Muppet Studios, instead of working for Tex Richman, Uncle Deadly is still haunting the place and joins Richman when he enters the theater.) and depicting Constantine as the leader and manager of The Moopets (There is a flashback where Constantine and the Moopets are taken to the Gulag and meet the Muppet Treasure Island pirates.), and references are made to The Muppets having made such films as a caper, science fiction, pirate, horror, their own versions of classic stories (including The Wizard of Oz, but with Kermit the Frog as the narrator, Miss Piggy in the role of Dorothy, her pet dog Foo-Foo as Toto, Scooter as the Scarecrow, Gonzo as the Tin Man, Fozzie as the Cowardly Lion, Sam as the Wizard, and Taminella Grinderfall from earlier Muppet productions as The Wicked Witch of the West), etc. and having a Christmas celebration. Muppet Babies is also non canon in this show, despite Skeeter and Nanny appearing (They appear in a flashback of the aforementioned Christmas party along with Betina and Belinda from The Muppet Christmas Carol, who are portrayed as Miss Piggy's nieces, Andy and Randy Pig and Emily Bear, and in it, the characters never met them, and Kermit only knows them from what Scooter, Gonzo, Piggy, and Fozzie told him, and vice versa with Robin the Frog and Peter from The Muppet Christmas Carol, who is depicted as his brother.). This show also treats Kermit as having been introduced in Sesame Street, due to not officially being a frog on Sam and Friends. The show also portrays Jean Pierre Napoleon from Muppets Most Wanted as being an old friend of Sam's who he met while on vacation in Moret-sur-Loing, France. The Alien Gonzos and the Cosmic Fish from Muppets from Space appear in a flashback sending a baby Gonzo to Earth in order to keep him safe from a war that their planet, Crouton, is having with another planet called Chicken Nood. Croaker and Goggles from Kermit's Swamp Years appear in flashback as well. Baby Bear and his family are retconned from being friends of Telly to being among the many fairy tale, nursery rhyme, and historical characters that Kermit interviewed for Sesame Street News, while Sherlock Hemlock is portrayed as being a cast member of Monsterpiece Theater.
  • Though Lips appears in the show, he is completely divorced from the rest of the Electric Mayhem, only performing in the Muppet Orchestra. The show also treats Rizzo and the rest of the Rats as having been introduced in The Muppets Take Manhattan, due to originally being anonymous rodents in the Muppet Show and the Great Muppet Caper. Also in the show's account of The Muppets Take Manhattan, the Muppets were not in college and the Muppets broke up after Kermit and Piggy had a fight after the Broadway show before their reunion in The Muppets 2011 (Piggy wants to share with the world that they got married, but Kermit is upset about being tricked into marriage after realizing that the minister in the play was a real minister as opposed to an actor playing the part, causing him to fire her and prompting their separation.). The show's account of the 2011 movie also portrays Rowlf as working in a Kinko's run by cats instead of sleeping on a hammock and he is picked up as part of the montage. Also in the show's account of the movie, the Muppets never get to keep the theater, though they do get to keep their names, Rizzo calls on the telethon phone ordering pizza with extra ham instead of the Afghan Hound, when Miss Poogy angrily yells at Fozzie in Reno during his private conversation with Kermit, she says "Foozie the Moopet is waiting to take your place!", the Electric Mayhem sing a few new lines of Pictures in My Head, causing it to become about not only Kermit reminiscing, but the Electric Mayhem wanting the band back too, and the song is longer with lyrics sung by Scooter, Rowlf, Bunsen, and Beaker (who get their own verses), and lyrics sung by other Muppet Show characters (who don't get their own verses), Bunsen and Beaker help Mary bring back the electricity after Tex cuts the power out, Let's Talk About Me has Tex's backstory (that he blames the Muppets for an unfortunate event at his 10th birthday party), Kermit lives in a pond instead of his mansion and just comes there once a week to check the mail and clean the pool filters, before the Muppets pick up Animal, they pick up the rest of the Electric Mayhem, who inform them that Animal is in anger management, and Floyd argues with Kristen Schaal on what's best for Animal, when Kermit tries to explain things to Gonzo and Fozzie keeps interjecting, Walter jumps in with a last minute ditch effort "The Muppet Studio's gonna get torn down and we need your help to save it!", Muppet Show characters who weren't in the movie take part in the telethon, and it is revealed that the Moopets formed when the Muppets were popular in order to cash in on their popularity.
  • In one episode, Miss Piggy mentions that she isn't a fan of small children, yet a later episode has her give birth to a son and a daughter, both of whom had previously appeared in a fantasy sequence in Muppets Most Wanted.


  • The series has been dubbed into many languages, such as Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Dutch, Japanese, Hebrew, Italian, Irish, Polish, and French.
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