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Helsing is a reboot to the Van Helsing movie. The main antagonists of the film are Count Dracula and The Invisible Man. The film features Matthew Fox as a younger Abraham Van Helsing. It had 3 sequels, Helsing II, Helsing: Resurrected, and Death of Helsing.


  • Matthew Fox - Abraham Van Helsing
  • Wes Bentley - Count Dracula, a.k.a "Vlad Rulacad"
  • Hugh Jackman - Lawrence Talbot/The Wolfman
  • Adrien Brody - Dr. Henry Jekyll
  • Tom Hardy - Mr. Edward Hyde (CGI)
  • Paul Bettany - Dr. Griffin/The Invisible Man
  • Doug Jones - The Gill-Man (CGI)
  • Steve Blum - The Gill-Man (Voice)
  • Anne Hathaway - Elizabeth
  • Asa Buterfield - 8-Year-Old Abraham Van Helsing (Flashback only)
  • Johnny Depp - Past Count Dracula, a.k.a "Vlad The Impaler"


  • The Wolfman (2010) - The style of the film, the Wolfman being in the film, a few scenes in the forest, and the last battle with Dracula is in a burning house just like the fight between the Wolfman and the other Werewolf.
  • Van Helsing (2004) - The reason I wanted to make a Helsing film, Helsing being a bit younger (because normally he's a 60 or 50 year old man).
  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Jekyll's Hyde-form being a big muscular beast rather than a small green-skinned murderer.
  • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - Jekyll/Hyde being in the film, the setting of the film.
  • Dracula - Dracula being in the film, some scenes in the film are homages to scenes in this film.
  • The Invisible Man - The Invisible Man being in the film.
  • The Creature From The Black Lagoon - The Gill-Man being in the film.


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