is a comedy movie starring Christian Hall, David Burkta, Neil Patrick Harris, Bailee Madison, Jesica Tyler Brown, Chole Csengery, Alyson Hannigan, Kate Melton, Trioan Bellesaro


  • Christian Hall as Randy Gone, a eighteen year old drug addict who dose not want to live and wants to die
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Andy Gordan he used to be Randy's bestfriend until he started using drugs and now he and his boyfriend Felix are trying to help him
  • David Burkta as Felix Cupcake who dosen't get jealous when he sees that Andy has a crush on Randy and Felix really wants to help Randy
  • Alyson Hannigan as Harper Gone, Andy's sister who is done wroking as a prostitute and moves in with Andy and Felix to be closer to her brother who she haven't spoken in years
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