Hellraiser is a 2026 American Supernatural Horror film written by Pascal Laugier and directed by Karyn Kusama starring Tom Hardy, Florence Pugh, Romola Garai, Morgan Peter Brown, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Indiana Evans, Michiel Huisman, Mike Doyle, Juno Rinaldi and Rami Malek.



In Marrakesh, Morocco Frank Cotton evades authorities through the streets and arrives at his safe house on the desert outskirts with a puzzle box. He opens the box before pursuing officers enter and is torn apart by chains as cenobite demon Pinhead enters, heralded by three cenobite followers.


Moving day as Arizona family The Cottons move to Glasgow, England into an old colonial home. Larry, his college sophomore daughter Kirsty and new wife Julia. Kirsty after a dinner squabble with Julia and her father moves into the Oxford University dorms. Julia hears voices at night and discovers Larry's younger brother Frank's puzzle box, opening she releases a skinless Frank into the attic who requires new skin. Kirsty begins dating fellow Philosophy student Steve and befriends fellow classmate Hailey, as well as Steve's friends: Pamela, Dennie and Doberwitz.

Julia a secret sadist, who murdered her sexually abusive father reminisces on her secret affair with Frank and tricks her sleazy art supervisor Matheau, local bar patron Max and Kirsty's philosophy professor/art critic Roderick into the attic where they are killed and absorbed by Frank. Kirsty witnesses Roderick's death and escapes Frank and Julia jumping from a house window with the stolen box. At the local hospital Kirsty is overseen by Dr. Channard who opens the box on her, the nurse is devoured by a wild cenobite monster. Channard is taken by Pinhead and his disciples, who also plan to take Kirsty until she bargains escapee Frank for her freedom.

Frank having killed his brother Larry and adopting his visage performs a secret ritual in the attic to direct the released Cenobites to Kirsty's friends, as well Julia. Doberwitz at the gym is crushed by a weight brought down by Pinhead, who creates a weight headed cenobite of him. Dennie is immolated at a bonfire becoming a burning cenobite. Pamela swimming at the college pool is boiled becoming the Boil cenobite.

Kirsty, Steve and Hailey frantic to stop the cenobites prepare to rush to the Cotton house. Hailey while getting ready at her house with the others outside is attacked by the Butterball cenobite, who prompts her former bulimia to arise resulting in her throwing up until death.

At the Cottons Frank betrays and stabs Julia in the throat and then pushes Steve over the staircase railing, down the stairs killing him. The cenobites appear and after the Monster incapacitates Frank in Larry's skin, he is once again ripped apart by chains. In the process of trying to claim Kirsty as she solves the box, she sees the cenobites' pasts: Pinhead a former World War I soldier, Female a former prostitute, Chatterer a disturbed teenage mutilator and child molester and Butterball a gluttinous, obese stockbroker. The Monster a fusion of tortured souls of history. They all vanish as the house collapses and the box is solved. It is taken by the Tall Man who confiscates it from Kirsty trying to destroy it at the remaining bonfire, carried away by a winged deadite.


  • Tom Hardy as Elliot Spencer/Pinhead
  • Florence Pugh as Kirsty Cotton
  • Romola Garai as Julia Cotton
  • Morgan Peter Brown as Larry Cotton
  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Steve O'Donnell
  • Indiana Evans as Hailey Ludlow
  • Michiel Huisman as Roderick Kingston
  • Mike Doyle as Walter Kravelle/Chatterer
  • Juno Rinaldi as Peyton Dorsia/Female
  • Rami Malek as Frank Cotton


  • Pascal Laugier the writer was originally set to direct, but following his lawsuit and endangerment of an actress on Incident in a Ghostland (2018), Karyn Kusama was brought on to direct
  • Tom Hardy had been considered to play a remake Pinhead in Laugier's original project
  • Mike Doyle has previously starred in Kusama's other horror films XX (2016) and The Invitation (2015)
  • Rami Malek was initially hesitant about accepting the role of Frank, but was told to challenge himself and became a fan of the original 1987 film after watching it
  • The cenobites of Boil, Bile, Muscle and Pyro are completely new appearing Cenobites who did not appear in the original franchise
  • The Horrorverse reboot combines the primary plot of the original 1987 Hellraiser, it's sequel Hellbound and elements of all the proceeding sequels: particularly Hell on Earth


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