Hellodon (Name meaning "tooth from hell") is the most powerful predator on earth, more powerful and deadlier than a Megalodon and a T-Rex combined. It has sharp claws, fanged teeth, demon-like wings, demon-like horns that can track down prey in the morning/afternoon, an anglerfish-like fishing rod to attract prey at night, poisonous saliva, night vision, an armored shell, strength, a Tasmanian tiger-like mouth to eat many prey items that can fit in its mouth. It is about the size of a T-Rex. It can survive in oceans and on land. It resembles a mammalian version of a hybrid between a mosasaur and a komodo dragon. It can live everywhere in the world (except for Antarctica and the Arctic) and it can devour any small and medium-size animals and large-size animals (except insects). It is descended from a genetically-engineered hybrid between a thylacine (for its carnivory and jaws), a goat (for its horns), a saber-toothed cat (for its fangs), a bat (for its wings), a shrew (yes, shrews are poisonous), an armadillo (for its shell), a T-Rex (for its size), a mosasaurus (for its head plan), a Komodo dragon (for its body plan), and an angler fish (for its lure). It is the most powerful predator besides humans. It can live up to 500 years.

It can survive in plains, forests, jungles, mountains, ruins, rivers, scrublands, savannas, beaches, sea floors, ocean currents, kelp forests, trenches, coral reefs, volcanoes, rain forests, and deserts. There are three subspecies of Hellodon. Its scientific name is Hellodon nightmarus.

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