Hell Night is a 2008 American Supernatural Horror Film written and directed by Nick Cassavetes starring Mae Whitman, Alexa Vega, Evan Ross, Asher Book, Nick Palatas, Anushka Sharma, Ed Speleers and Neal McDonough.

The film is a remake of the independent Tom DeSimone 1981 cult classic slasher creature feature horror film.

The film unlike the remake came under the distribution of Universal Pictures and actor/director Jon Favreau who donned the project's distribution and raised a very high funding for the picture.

The filming took place in New Orleans, Louisiana and at Universal Studious, Orlando Florida.

The film was released to a large theatrical span October 31st, 2008 and was met with overwhelming box office success as well as positive reception from critics and viewing audiences.

It was praised for the strong performances of the cast of the remake and visual effects depicting the horror of the film and gut wrenching surreal violence, as opposed to the unbelievable effects and acting of the original motion picture.

Tom DeSimone the director of the original 1981 classic also marked a cameo appearence in the film as a grumpy caretaker.


The film begins in 1981 with schizophrenic, disturbed alcoholic Raymond Garth being checked out by his small rural Lousiana town doctor over the voices he keeps hearing coming his from his huge estate's cellar.

He follows the voices that night down to the wine cellar after his wife Julia falls asleep along with his three disfigured children who were all disfigured in a fire he caused which was covered up by Julia.

Raymond discovers in the cellar some hidden catacombs and it is revealed he in fact not a schizophrenic that he was simply hearing voices summoning him to the secret chambers in the cellar.

Raymond despite reading engraved warnings on the granite coffins in the catacombs he has come into heaves them open and releases fiery smoke which sweeps out of the chamber.

Julia then upstairs awakens and hears her youngest daughter Suzie crying in her and Margaret's room and as she comes to their room and is joined by son Morris who emerges out in the hallway.

The fiery smoke comes roaring up and swoops around the mom and kids and they are all rendered to the ground.

Raymond then comes running back up to the the upper East wing where all their bedrooms are and comes to them upon the ground.

Julia and the kids then rise with frightening demonic faces and attack.

A struggle then breaks out in which Julia is killed by falling down and smashing her head upon a table.

The kids then all with broken parts of the hallway table and glass shards begin stabbing away at Ray but Suzie and Maragret come to fall off the upper floor and die as they hit the ground leaving only little Morris who wrestles with his father.

His father garners the upper hand as a roaring Morris distracted by the death of the others swings around rapidly and is then subdued as Ray beats him over the head with a table leg piece.

He then drags Morris down to the cellar and ties him to a chair.

In the catacombs Ray discovers a Book Of Witchcraft which explains the Curse Of The Four Deadly Demons Of The Square Marshland.

He finds an exorcism spell within and begins to read out the incantations which releases the demon from Morris and then jumps into his father.

Morris releasing himself from the chair takes the table leg piece of the ground and standing on the chair brings it down upon his father's head killing him.

Morris then wanders out disorientated out of the mansion and comes into the woods where he is found by a travelling young couple.

They stop to offer the blood covered Morris assistance but Morris surprises them with a glass shard from the mansion which he uses to slit their throats and repeatedly stab the female of the couple to death.

He then laughs maniacally as the scene returns to the mansion cellar and Ray's body which has it's blood take us to the Book of Witchcraft which reveals in the case of the Four Deadly Demons Of The Marshland one named Azamon The Wrathful is the only demon who once exorcised from a host leaves the vessel corrupted with evil.

The title then appears and we come to a group of friends Rita, Jeanine, Jimmy, Gordon, Johnson, Sara and Toby of Alpha Sigma Phi Sorority who are at preparing for their sorority house's annual Halloween Bash.

The theme of the party as announced by the house master is that of the Garth family massacre which included the killing of a young couple.

A random raffle selection is made of a friendship group to participate in an organized activity known as "Hell Night" where they must spend the night at the neighbouring Garth Mansion drinking up.

Rita, Jeanine, Jimmy, Gordon, Johnson, Sara and Toby come to the Garth Mansion and end up locked up inside the large mansion.

The group come to the cellar and ultimatley practical joker Johnson reads the incantations of the catacomb tombs after jock Toby opens them up and the four demons of the square marshland are summoned back to the estate and they come to find a now adult Morris Garth who works as a local mad caretaker under a new identity.

They whisper within his head to return to his home and kill those inside so as to bring his family back.

However the 19 year old college youths discover the Book of Witchcraft and it is revealed that a ritual requiring the man done sacrifices of six mortals: three males and three females.

The group unaware of what is coming continue partying though Rita the most mature of the group along with conservative Sara and Gordon begin to experience the demonic hauntings of the four demons which arrive at the Garth Mansion.


  • Mae Whitman as Rita 
  • Alexa Vega as Jeanine
  • Evan Ross as Jimmy
  • Asher Book as Gordon
  • Nick Palatas as Johnson
  • Anushka Sharma as Sara
  • Ed Speleers as Toby
  • Neal McDonough as Raymond Garth
  • Marin Hinkle as Julia Garth
  • Mason Cook as Morris Garth
  • Willow Shields as Margaret Garth
  • Mackenzie Foy as Suzanne Garth
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