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Helga Sinclair is one of the deuteragonists, later main antagonist of Animationtopia. She is voiced by Claudia Christian both in film and video game.

She is a boss of Mr. Arrow's office.


She has a blond hair, curvy skin, red lips, mole on her cheek, a belt around her hips and her butt. She has a white tank top and green pants with slim hips. She also wears brown boots.

Role in the film

Helga was seen in the film, working with Mr. Arrow's bosses. She is seen a couple of times when the CPDA pinned Barney, one of the teachers friends, and grab his sock on his back. She is later seen tells Mr. Arrow that Amelia is taking charge.

Helga meets Bart and tells him to solve the case. Helga is always taking demands of the commander, Mr. Arrow.

After the incident of the dinner by the CDA, Helga is seen smirking when Amelia report the police.


  • The gun that Helga uses is Sykes's gun from Oliver & Company.
  • The thugs that works with Helga resembles Clayton's men from Tarzan.
  • Helga's butt was shown 34 times in the film.
  • Helga is used to live in Britain when the film takes place.