Helen Payne
 -I won't let anyone hurt or do something with you, my love!

-God will protect us, John!-John Payne after marrying with Helen


Helen Payne (formerly Jones) was Johnatan Payne wife. She, like him, was an archeologist and cientist as well. Together, the couple have an daughter named Hannah Payne. She is portrayed by Julia Robertsin the first movie and has her face the character on the comic books.


Helen was born in Rhode Island, United States, as the second daughter of a problematic father and a important cientist. At a young age, she graduated in Oregon High School and met Jonathan Payne. They begin to date, and two years before, they raised an daughter named Hannah.


She, alongside John, was heavely targeted to death, by Dimitri Petrikov (at the point, unknown by John), because of their knowing about the codex. John, trying to protect both Helen and Hannah, send the two to an secret ride, what John doesn't know is that Kearney Dinnean, betrayed him, telling the location to Dimitri, who try to convince John to deliver the codex, kill Helen and Hannah in a car crash. This lead to John depression, not believing God anymore and to long time isolation with his father, Albert Payne.


Both Helen and Hannah were always remembered by John. In a battle between him and Kearney, he almost killed his former friend, but think in what Helen and Hannah would think about him being an assassin, and don't kill Kearney, but let him at his own luck, with Kearney dying at the explosion of Base-B1. When John married with Maria Bastos, he told her that Helen and Hannah would have been happy about them.


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