Robbery Is The Second Episode Of Life is Hard Of Season 1.


We see Blake ( Shanley Caswell ) arriving at school and Josh (Logan Lerman) asks where she was last night and Blake says that her mother died last night and she starts crying and he comforts her. It then shows Stacy (Holland Roden) and Chris (Alexandra Daddario) wake up and they eat cereal, Chris then hears her alarm go off and goes to check but finds no one at the door and closes it Stacy asks if anyone was there and Chris says no and Chris goes upstairs and she is knocked unconscious with a gun and Stacy walks slowly upstairs and she finds Chris on the floor and the masked man then chases after her and Stacy grabs a knife and slashes the masked man's mask, he takes it off and it is revealed to be Carlos (Cam Gigandet), Chris' ex-boyfriend, and he knocks her unconscious with his gun.

Daniel (Grey Damon) then asks Josh where Stacy and Chris are and he says that he hasn't seen them since last night and Daniel calls Stacy's cellphone and doesn't pick up and he sees Tyler (Taylor Lautner) and asks where Stacy and Chris is and he says he doesn't know and Daniel punches him in the face and he is sent to the principal's office and the bell then rings. Daniel then calls Stacy's phone but Carlos hears it and he takes her phone away letting it ring. Tyler then goes to Stacy's house, sees Stacy's phone at the door, he picks up Stacy's phone and calls her mother, Debbie (Naomi Watts) and asks her where Stacy is and she answers that she went to school and he says that she didn't go to school today, she says that she must be sick and he goes into Stacy's house. Tyler then knocks on the door and he hears the door unlock and he goes in, he finds the girls tied up and tries to untie them but Carlos comes in back of him and hits him with his gun. Daniel is then let go from detention and goes inside Stacy's house. Daniel gets there and sees Carlos putting a gun to Stacy's head and he knocks Carlos over and his gun flies across the room. Daniel then punches Carlos in the face and head butts him.

Daniel unties the girls and Carlos gets up and punches him in the face 3 times knocking Daniel out, Chris grabs the gun and points it to his head and he says that she doesn't have the guts to do it and she says that she does but she's not a killer and she knocks him unconscious with his gun and she says take that bitch. Carlos is then arrested and is taken to prison and Stacy says thank you for saving us and Chris says that she would never let anyone kill or touch her friends and they hug.

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