Heavy Metal America is an American animated series and spin off of Welcome to Die, U.S.A.


focuses on the notorious cult of metalheads known as "Nightmare".Like its predecessor, it portrayed dark and macabre content, including such subjects as violence and death


Main Characters





What am I doing to do now?

Well, you can eat shit for all I care. You see, there are two types of people in this fucked up world. My type of people and jackasses. It's very obvious what kind of category you fit in to.

If that's how you feel, then(flips off with both of her hands) you can shove this up your ass!

The Pilot Episode of Death

  • Genevieve's mom:Where the hell have you been?!

Genevieve:I just met these...

Genevieve's mom: You know what, i don't even care. You were going to lie like always.

Genevieve:Hmph. And to think i was even going to apologize for not calling you and telling you i was going to be late.

Genevieve's mom:You should start acting more like your sister.

Genevieve:You mean wearing skirts that don't even properly cover my private areas and snorting pills in an alleyway.

Genevieve's mom:This discussion is over. If you're late again, your ass is outta here. Now go to your room! You have school tomorrow.

  • What do you want?

Serena:Your blood! Attack my pretties! Kill! Kill!

The screen zooms in to reveal a horde of giant snails begin to crawl towards



The screen zooms out to reveal tiny snails moving slowly towards as Serena smiles deviously, waiting for the snails to kill her. After about a minute or so, gets bored and walks away from Serena and the snails.

Serena: (shouted) Hey! Hey! Get back here and feel the wrath of my snails, damn it!

  •  :Could you tell me a bedtime story?

There once was a boy who died. The End.


Twilight Noobs

  • You ready to go on our date, Johnny?

Yes, but there's something I should let you know. I'm a vampire. But don't freak out, because I don't drink human blood. I can survive off of cattle blood.

That's understandable. Humans eat meat, but don't necessarily eat humans.

Also, I'm not a mindless killing machine. I'm kind of a conflicted tortures soul so I hope you don't mind if I talk about my feelings.

Not at all, but don't you think you need to take an umbrella with you? Sunlight kills vampires.

No, sunlight just makes me sparkle like a diamond. (steps outside and began to sparkle)

Genevieve then screams, pulls out a stake from her boot and stabs Johnny in the heart. He then dies and turns into dust.

Ugh! Sparkling vampires... (ran away)

I don't mind vampires that aren't generic, evil, mindless, killing machines. I don't even mind vampires with complex emotions, but sparkling vampires is where I draw the damn line!

  • Uh, Big bro.

Yeah Serena.

Is it okay if a head disappears and red arid is gushing out?

I don't know. Why? reason.

  • I'm hungry.


Of course not. You smell way better than a cheeseburger.

Even though I'm flattered by the compliment, I STILL DON'T WANT TO BE SOMEONE'S LUNCH!





Just a little bite.


How about a tiny nibble? It'll barely hurt!

No nibbles!

Please don't make me beg!

Do you want me to put a stake through your heart!

Nom! Nom! Nom!

Oh for fuck's sake, not you too!

  • Serena, What did I tell you about being a smartass!

My ass isn't smart and you know it!

  • You better hold on to your asses because this is gonna be one hell of a ride.



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