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Heavens Bond
[[Heavens Bond.png|250px]]
 Kanji 天ボンド
 Literal English
 Viz Manga
 English TV
 Appears In
 Movie Debut
 Clan Sunju Clan
 Basic Natures
Known Wielders
Heavenly Susanoo
Heavenly Amaterasu
Heavenly Senjutsu

The Heavens Bond (天ボンド,Ten bondo, Literally Meaning: Bond of Heaven) is a kekkei genkai that allows the user to see entities, spiritual and use some jutsu of the Rinnegan and give access to the Heavenly Senjutsu.

The Heaven Bonds increases the Heavenly Senjutsu and the Nature Kekkei Genkai of the Sunji Clan, and boosted the user chakra 5 times their limit. Its special ability is immunity to all forms of genjutsu, including the Tsukuyomi and the Infinite Tsukuyomi but for only a certain amount of time.


Its appearance is similar to the Rinnegan, but its golden with the second layer being white with a diamond on the whole eye with a star as the pupil with the color being white. But it varies from user to user.


Heavenly Senjutsu

The Heavens Bond works in conjunction with the Heavenly Senjutsu, allowing the user to unlock the Nature Kekkei Tōta Diamond Release, and the unlocks 3 other Chakra Natures: Heat Release, Mineral Release and Carbon Release. It also increases speed, agility, strength and stamina and unlock the Two Great Ninjutsu (二つ忍術, San Ninjutsu, Literally Meaning: Two Great Ninja Techniques) of the Sunji Clan.

Heavenly Amaterasu

Heavenly Susanoo