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Heavenly Spirits 2 is a supernatural dark comedy family-horror film directed by Stuart Gillard and sequel to Heavenly Spirits


Emma was dead. and she meet a little girl Cursy (Bella Sana) and her brother (Matthew Broderick) was curse by a killer witch and a doll (Annabelle)


  • Emily Nunez as Emma Prescott, a heaven spirit was crushed in a car in 1 year
  • Bella Sana as Cursy Morgan, a little girl that curse with a witch and can see Emma
  • Matthew Broderick as Young Jack, Cursy brother
  • Flynn Morrison as Jimmy Naniel, aka Jim and see Emma
  • Thea White as Old Cowmy Jim, Jim grandma
  • Melody Ruins as Jack, she was a normal girl and see Emma
  • Jacky Ruins as Jacky
  • Sob Barris as Emily Peason, a daughter monster
  • Mariana Naman as Annabelle


  • Jimmy Naniel- over in a fixing picture after Emily burn her alive
  • Annabelle Mother- killed by Emily to set her death
  • Annabelle- killed by Emily
  • Young Jack- a dark crystal behind her and partly Emily stab her
  • Jacky- killed by Emily using her supernatural power
  • Emily- Jack and Cursy hold Emma and stick her in a clue and told Emma to read the crystal text and Emily scream and run to her to destroy Emma and Emma almost read it and she read it. and Emily destroyed


Jack, Emma, Cursy