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Heaven in Flames (2013)

Parents Guide


Certification - Argentina:16 (most episodes) | Argentina:18 (some episodes) | Australia:MA15+ (most episodes) | Australia:R18+ (some episodes) | Brazil:16 (most episodes) | Brazil:18 (some episodes) | Canada:16 (inside Quebec, most episodes) | Canada:18 | Chile:A | Colombia:Adultos | Ecuador:C | Finland:K16 (most episodes) | Finland:K18 (some episodes) | France:16 (most episodes) | France:18 (some episodes) | Germany:16 (most episodes) | Germany:18 (some episodes) | Greece:15 (most episodes) | Greece:X (some episodes) | Hong Kong:M | Hungary:16 (most episodes) | Hungary:18 (some episodes) | India:A | Indonesia:D | Malaysia:18 | Mexico:C (most episodes) | Mexico:D (some episodes) | Netherlands:12 (most episodes) | Netherlands:16 (some episodes) | New Zealand:AO (free-to-air) | New Zealand:16 (pay television, most episodes) | New Zealand:18 (pay television, some episodes) | Norway:15 (most episodes) | Norway:18 (some episodes) | Peru:18 | Philippines:SPG (H, V) | Poland:16 (most episodes) | Poland:Key (some episodes) | Portugal:16 | Romania:15 (most episodes) | Romania:18 (some episodes) | Russia:16+ (most episodes) | Russia:18+ (some episodes) | Singapore:M18 (most episodes) | Singapore:R21 (some episodes) | South Africa:16 (H, V, most episodes) | South Africa:18 (H, V, some episodes) | South Korea:15 (most episodes) | South Korea:19 (some episodes) | Spain:16 (most episodes) | Spain:18 (some episodes) | Taiwan:15 (most episodes) | Taiwan:18 (some episodes) | Thailand:PG 18 (most episodes) | Thailand:Adults (some episodes) | Turkey:13+ (most episodes) | Turkey:18+ (some episodes) | Ukraine:16+ (most episodes) | Ukraine:18+ (some episodes) | United Kingdom:18 | United States:TV-MA (LSV, seasons 5-6, some episodes) | United States:TV-MA (LV, seasons 5-6, some episodes) | United States:TV-MA (SV, seasons 5-6, some episodes) | United States:TV-MA (V, most episodes) | Venezuela:Adulto

Sex & Nudity


Sex scenes rarely occur.

In some episodes, characters are seen fully naked in a non-sexual context.

Violence & Gore


The violence in the show is bloody and graphic, although lots of robots are getting killed in lots of violent ways.

Characters are attacked by robots or other objects in Robot Hell, resulting in death or bloody serious injuries.



Frequent swearing.

F**k, c**k, c**ksucker, t**t, n****r, f****t, t*ts, t*tties and sl*t are bleeped when used on TV and home release.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Opioids and heroin are rarely used.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


ACB - Rated MA15+ (strong themes and bloody violence) (most episodes)

ACB - Rated R18+ (high impact violence, blood and gore) (some episodes)

BBFC - Rated 18 (strong bloody violence, gory images, horror, sustained threat and injury detail)