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Heaven (天国, Tengoku), also known as the Seven Heavens (セブン天上, Sebun Tenjō) is a dimension that relies on the 3-6th dimensional realms. Heaven is known in many religions. It's also the place where the Angels dwells. Souls sent to Heaven enters the Brahmāloka (4th Heaven), and into the Soul Society.


There seven levels of Heaven.

  • Kāmāvacaraloka (1st Heaven)
  • Cātummaharaja (2nd Heaven)
  • Nimmānarati (3rd Heaven)
  • Brahmāloka (4th)
  • Paranimmitavasavatti (5th Heaven)
  • Tāvatimsa (6th Heaven)
  • Yāma (7th Heaven)

The Spirit King's palace and the Royal Guard is sanctioned in another inner-dimensional place within the 4th Heaven.


  • The Seven Heavens are named according to Tibetan Buddhism.
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