The following article is a completely fanonical motion picture, the author Nicholas Sparks is a real novelist but did not depict the story of the movie about to be written.

Heart is a 2010 Romance Film starring Emma Watson, Steven R. McQueen, Julianne Moore and Tony Goldwynn based on the 1997 romance novel by Nicholas Sparks.

It is written by Eric Heiresser & Tony Blakely and directed by Lewis Monacello.


A hard working man Adam Phillips (Steven McQueen) has taken a mechanic job in the small town of Whitmore, Florida in order to escape his alchoholic mother and never approving controlling father.

He arrives in the town to of a beautiful soaking wet girl crossing the street to his work.

She asks if he has anything to get her dry.

Adam doesnt answer awestruck by her appearence and beauty and instead watches as a workmate Luke (Deon Richmond) comes to her aid passing a clean towel.

She thanks Luke and then departs quickly glancing at Adam.

Adam then asks Luke to who is that girl and answers simply that is Jessica Morie' (Emma Watson) the daughter of a once rich buisnessman Benjamin Morie (Tony Goldwynn as appearing in flashbacks and hallucinatory sequences) who suffered a heart attack five years ago.

He had a massive estate and planned to leave his great money to his daughter however the nasty mother stole the testament and seeing as she could not forge it to be her in the will she destroyed it.

Luke finishes telling Adam now it's just Jessica, her younger brother Mike and that nasty mother in an ugly looking house on Mayville Street.

Adam then goes looking for Jessica her a local gas station food store.

He stares in as she pays the clerk Andy to allow her to use the record player machine.

She goes over and flips on the song Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.

She dances slowly to the song moving her entire body as Adam watches from outside in amazement.

The following day following a night of dreams of Jessica seducing him he awakes to find an invoice for his latest residence in Whitmore and various letters from his mum and dad.

Adam then goes out to work and finishes early with Luke headed for the Lake.

Upin getting down there Adam frantically glances to see Jessica around.

Luke leaves Adam to go look for someone beautiful of his own.

Adam then sees as a punch of teens are pouring off a rock interface into the lake Jessica joins the line for the jump.

Adam then rushes over to the line and attempts to push in to reach Jessica.

He however fails and she leaps into the water below doing many defying flips and tricks along the way.

Adam then dives in.

As Jessica begins to adjust her bra Adam begins conversation with who are you.

Jessica looks up and retalliates with who are you stranger.

He answers with Adam, Adam Phillips.

And she answers with him being the guy too befuddled to offer her a towel but his nice enough friend of colour was polite enough.

Adam then looks over to see a little boy with blonde hair being bullied into the water from the other side of the lake.

Jessica sees this too and then incites oh no before running towards him.

Adam then gets back onto land and heads around.

Adam gets there first before the fast swimming Jessica.

Adam stops the bullies and helps the blonde boy out of the lake.

Jessica then confirms him to be her brother Mike and thanks Adam.

Adam then asks her out for tea.

Jessica wittingly replies with bring a towel.

Adam takes Jessica to a fancy thai resturant in Whitmore entitled Furey.

There Jessica comes dressed casually.

Once the dinner finishes after an long awkward conversation over dinner concerning Jessica's life she departs into an awaiting limousine outside.

Adam is then advanced and severley bashed by three male youths.

One of the youths is revealed to be Jessica's ex-boyfriend Markus.

Luke then goes and bashes Markus severley for hurting Adam.

However later whilest Luke takes Adam's shift one day as he goes to spend the day with Jessica he is shot by a passing rifle from a black car.

The killer is revealed to be Markus.

Adam eventually finds Markus and this time beats him down.

Adam doesnt stop and accidentally beats Markus to death.

Jessica helps conceal the crime out of love for him hut draws distant from him following.

Adam tries every day following the death to get Jessica to talk to him but fails.

He eventually comes into contact with her again outside Furey finding her to have a beaten face.

He assumes Markus' friends must have done it to her and finds them.

He eventually finds her mother to be the source of her swollen face.

He confronts her mother at the house while she is taking a wine soaked bath and goes to hit her.

He bumps a radio from up on the ledge down into the bath electrocuting her.

He leaves the body and then goes looking For Jessica.

He finds Jessica in hospital the same night recovering from her inflictions.

A week following the authorities cant determine any evidence or any suspects in the murder of Jessica's mother.

Jessica is now out of hospital recovered and spending time with Adam.

The two are sitting down in the hill overlooking the abandoned Whitmore Lake.

Next minute Jessica tilts down and lands her head on Adam.

Adam tries to wake her and see whats's wrong.

He contacts the authorities the they determine her to be dead.

Adam approaches the coroner who confirms cause of death to be a heart attack brought on by a rare disease.

The disease that has been passed down through her family, it's what killed her father and now her.

Years pass and Adam has a wife named Isabelle and two kids named Mike and Jessica.

The news comes in telling of millionare Mike Morie about to give a heartwrenching speech.

He tells of how he once had a big home full of wonferful things and a loving family.

He tells that all ended the day his father had a heart attack.

He was then forced to live with a not so nice mother in a not so nice home.

The one thing he had was a sister Jessica Morie who loved him and cared for him with a love that you'd expect a mother to provide.

When I was eight years old I lost my not so nice mother and my too nice sister.

I was given to a wonferful family who provided for me and encouraged me into the path that lead me into the world of politics.

Adam watches this and tear comes to his eye, Isabelle asks if he knows this man and he answers with yes, very long time ago in a place far away.

The next minute the news comes on and the reporter announces that the authorities have may of finally found the person who killed Judith Morie in Whitmore, Florida and also a missing teenage boy Markus Vandersen.

Adam gets up upon hearing this and grabs a glass of water as police charge on through his door.

He swiftly says take me as the screen goes to black.


  • Emma Wtason as Jessica Morie
  • Steven R. McQueen as Adam Phillips
  • Tony Goldwynn as Benjamin Morie
  • Julianne Moore as Judith Morie
  • Thomas Greenwood as Mike Morie
  • Rooney Mara as Kaitlin
  • Hailey Evans as Anna
  • Jonathan Schaech as Markus Vandersen
  • Sofia Vergara as Isabelle Phillips
  • Perla Haney Jardine as Jessica Phillips
  • Richard Burgi as Older Mike Morie
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