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Haze 2
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Developer(s) Monica Ltd.
Publisher(s) KidRock
Series Haze
Engine Modified Haze Engine
Genre(s) First-person shooter, Action
Mode(s) Single-Player,mulitplayer,online mulitplayer
Ratings M
Platform(s) Xbox 360
Media Blu-ray Disic

Haze 2 is a first-person shooter created by Monica Studios and KidRock, and was released three years after the original Haze game was made.


In the game Mantel Soldiers use the drug Nectar, Nectar enhances the Soldier's ability from running faster for shore periods of time, see enemies through their heat signatures. Making for much faster gameplay, an overdose of Nectar can be very dangerous. It can causing temporary blindness and can be visible from the armor turning from yellow to red.

Rebels have the ability to 'Play Dead' being basically invisible to a Mantel Solder who has Nectar in their systems. Rebels can dodge bullets from the Mantel and can steal weapons.


Rebel Campaign

Taking place several months after the first game, it continues the story of Shane Carpenter and Gabriel Merino and their struggle againist the returning Mantel Soldiers.

Mantel Campaign

Black Ops Campaign


Being made on a competely retooled Haze engine the Monica team had looked forward to achieving what Ubisoft didn't.

Rights to the Game

A year after the release of the original Haze Monica Studios had bought the property rights even game engine from Ubisoft.