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Haywire (2011 film) Neo-noir Action/Thriller rated r film.


  • Caridad Camacho as Mallory Kane; former CIA Haywire Security.
  • Stefany Swaby as Young Mallory (12 years)
  • Erbin Swaby Rivers as John Kane; Mallory's father is president.
  • Romana Ortiz as Dana Kane-Ortiz; Mallory's deceased mother.
  • Oliver Swaby as Aaron Kellers, Mallory's Cousin.
  • Yanet Swaby as Mallory's deceased cousin (uncredited); she was deceased/Aaron's half-sister, main protagonist.
  • Alejandro Cardenas as Feilx; main antagonist.
  • Dayan Cardenas as Carlos, antagonist turned Haywire Facility/ blamed murder her it was Feilx.
  • Rosemary Douglas as Sara 'Yolanda' Kellers, she was deceased, Carlos's and Feilx's deceased mother, Mallory's deceased friend.
  • Jasser Camacho as Kyle (uncredited), Main protagonist/he's Mallory's real husband from now.
  • Jason Ebanks as Michel; main false antagonist turned protagonist/Mallory's past husband from John's grand-son-in-law, it was her husband murdered by Dana.
  • Jennay Camacho as Jeanne West, Mallory's and Kyle's oldest daughter, Andrew's cousin.
  • Arley Swaby as Andrew (uncredited) he went on train meets his aunt Mallory.
  • Lewin Solomon as Cross Andrew, Mallory's friend and employee in security.
  • Andrew Smiley as Brandon Wells, Haywire Facility owns, Mallory's former teammate and main antagonist.


  • "Tough It" performed by Busta Rhymes Courtney by Busta Rhymes