64px i wanna love you but i better not touch
~ Hayley singing

The pregnant wife of Archie and the mother of twins jamie and lloyd the unborn and janet and the sister of James and Jackson and the daughter of the Sheriff Charlie and jane and the half sister of daisuke kenji and Hiroshi


Hayley was born (born 21 February 1979) in her band she was pregnant and she was replaced by Darcy Nicholas



Remember The Time (1992)
When Love Is in Heaven (1993)
Im On The Run (1994)
Im Not on the run (1995)
Angel (1996)
Infected Shadow (1997)
In Love (1998)
Hayley (1999)
Love in life (2000)
Edge of Candle (2001)
Out Of Time (2002)
Stairway to love (2003)
I love you (2004)
In time (2005)
Stay (2006 album) (2006)
Angel Of Light (2007)
In And Out Of Time (2008)
I Stay With You (2009)
Scared (2010)
Put the groove out (2011)
The Groove Goes On (2012)


  • Danielle Harris audition for the part of hayley but the part went to sarah michelle gellar.
  • Sarah michelle gellar had to dye her hair brown for her role.
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