Hawth Bowserth is the Norwegian super unit and the most powerful giant in the game. Unlike those other units, his attacks are usually fireballs that cause fire eruptions and nuclear explosions from his mouth. If the enemy is too close to him, Hawth will instantly destroy the enemy by smashing or eating them, and even destroys everything that comes in his way while he walks. He's the slowest unit in the game, but can fire his enemies from afar like the American robot TRX. When Hawth sees superweapon firing (Nuclear missile, SCUD missile, Ragnarok Complex bullets) he can destroy them with a breath of fire.

He can regenerate himself by eating enemies or small buildings.

Hawth Bowserth also has a very wide field of view and thanks to it, he can see units that fire from far away such as Rocket Buggy, Libram.

His walking is leaving behind radioactive and flame.


Before the founding of the USA, while the continent of Europe was struggling with the French Revolution, Norwegians were looking for a temple called the "Altar of Destruction", which was buried under the ground. In 1900, the Norwegians found the urban legend temple in Trundheim. Since there was no technology, Norwegians did not have microscopic devices for detailed research and research was not possible. The temple was full of traps and there was no one to operate the altar until the beginning of World War I. The United States of America was established during the war. After its establishment, a US researcher named Jonathan joined the Norwegians and reached the main mechanism of the temple, bypassing all the traps. But one thing was missing: the ancient Muspelheim Key. A female Norwegian citizen had that key. The police conducted a large-scale operation to retrieve the key and caught the woman. Taking the key from the woman, Jonathan placed it on the altar. Hawth Bowserth, the colossal mythological demon when the altar worked, had been sleeping since the Precambrian era and eventually awoke. He himself had started attacking Trundheim and they witnessed international military intervention. When the year marked 1916, Hawth joined the Norwegians and with his participation marked the turning point of World War I. Upon these reports, China dropped a nuclear bomb on Hawth, but Hawth himself immediately evaporated the nuclear bomb dropped by China and the nuclear explosion did not occur. China was so afraid that it stopped attacking Europe. And so the era of Steampunk started and it still goes on. Hawth, his concern is now a god eater.

Super Power

It is also called ''Harmageddon Nuclear Missile'' (only it appears when an player selected China's Nuclear Assembly General) It is can be builded by this China itself, but it takes 20 minutes to cooldown, to for save time, Hawth Bowserth is recommended. The game itself says stracture is under attack when the explosion itself is appears.

Armageddon Nuclear Blast (also known as the Doomsday Blast or Big Bang) is Hawth's super-weapon skill. When Hawth Bowserth fires from his mouth, a very bright fireball will go to the place determined by the player. When it falls, the enemy's base will be destroyed instantly and will be defeated instantly. Not limited to this, some buildings of shockwave enemies will be excessively damaged or destroyed, even if other enemies are far from the center of the nuclear explosion. After the explosion, a large mushroom cloud emerges and disappears.

During the nuclear explosion, Hawth himself and his minions are not damaged and unaffected by radioactive. His massive nuclear explosion also deals excessive damage to enemy giants.

Explosion moment

An extremely bright light will emerge during the explosion. When the light dims a little, the fireball will emerge and cause slight damage to the surroundings. When the fireball itself grows, it will send out a very strong shock wave. It destroys everything and distant structures will deal heavy damage, but Hawth Bowserth himself will not be damaged by this explosion. After the explosion, the mushroom cloud appears and disappears.

Pros and Cons


  • He is most tanky unit, he is don't easily killed by enemy fires
  • He can see camoflaged units for extremely wide range,
  • His fire breath can destroy tanks and air units.
  • He can destroy superweapon fires.
  • He can destroy enemy base instantly via using his superweapon power.
  • His fireballs can cause nuclear explosions.
  • He can provide energy generation.
  • He can disable aircraft with his unstable energy.


  • He is most slow unit in the game.
  • He can leave behind flames, causing your base damage.
  • Hawth can destroy everything if he walks, he can destroy your defences instantly.
  • He cannot block lasers (such as Particle Uplink Cannon, Solar Beam, Ion Cannon, Atmospheric Lens)
  • Since he is most slow unit, he can fight other faction's giant hardly.

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