Hawkman is a 2013 American Superhero Action film based off the DC comic character of the same name.

The film is written by Nick Cave and directed by John Hillcoat, the creative duo behind the 2012 blockbuster Lawless.

The film stars Chord Overstreet, Dakota Johnson, Lily Collins, Jeremy Sumpter, Joel Murray, Jonah Hill, Kunal Nayyar, Helen Slater and Dylan Walsh.

The film is set as a prelude to the announced, in production Justice League film in which primary actor Chord Overstreet's hero Hawkman is set to appear in.

The film is slated for a January 18th, 2013 theatrical release and is distributed by Universal and Paramount Pictures.


The film begins in Ancient Egypt where we see Prince Khufu who is having an affair with the opposite kingdom's Princess Kana.

He is being pursued by the opposite kingdom's prince and his men but it is revealed it is not for the affair he is consumating in.

Princess Kana is killed by her Prince and Prince Khufu is apprehended where the opposite Prince tells he knows of the unnatural abilities he possesses and states he wishes to acquire them.

He then attempts an ancient Egyptian ritual upon him to extract his powers but instead only strips half and goes from being the Prince Onimar Synn to a monstrous entity.

Prince Khufu dies from the ritual and his remaining powers are passed onto a 5th Century Britain Man Brian Kent then onto a Koenrad Von Grimm of the 14th Century who is a Blacksmith, then Captain John Smith of the 16th Century then Hannibal Hawkes of the American Old West then Detective James Wright and finally settling on an upstate New York City High School student Carter Hall.

As seen the evil immortal power possessing Prince Synn now titling himself "The Sin Eater" is after the rest of the power Prince Khufu possessed and has killed all those it has passed onto hoping it will then pass onto him instead.

Now resting with a resourceful high school student Carter Hall who is struggling to acquire his dream girl Theresa Plumber, his high school's nasty popular girl and become the big time scientist he has always wanted to be.

Carter eventually comes to grip with his powers and after mastering them becomes the eponymous Hawkman, protector of the innocent and in his first confrontation with the evil Sin Eater Prince Synn accidentally relinqueshes some of the villain's stolen powers and transfers them to his long-time bestfriend Shiera Sanders who secretly harbors a crush on Carter and from there becomes the eponymous Hawkgirl.

The two must keep their other bestfriends Carl Wallis the football jock and clumsy comic book nerd Pretz Cantana safe from the terrible wrath of Onimar Synn as well as Carter's protective parents.


  • Chord Overstreet as Carter Hall/ Hawkman
  • Dakota Johnson as Shiera Sanders/ Hawkgirl
  • Lily Collins as Theresa Plumber/ Thanagarian Spy
  • Jeremy Sumpter as Carl Wallis
  • Joel Murray as Onimar Synn/ The Sin Eater
  • Jonah Hill as Pretz Cantana
  • Helen Slater as Audrey Hall
  • Dylan Walsh as Oscar Hall
  • Michael Hitchock as Mechanic Davis Mills
  • Joan Severance as Mrs. Cadence Mills
  • Roxann Dawson as Miss Appleby
  • Richard Burgi as Mr. Gamble
  • Jennifer Saunders as Principal Nadine Everhart
  • Lambert Wilson as Scientist Peter Donagon
  • Suzie Plakson as Scientist Julia Simmons
  • Julia Nickson as Scientist Kendrall Burning
  • Mark Moses as Scientist Blake Chumbar
  • Louis Mustillo as Scientist Advent Calend
  • Bruce Payne as Inspector Calvin
  • Eve Plumb as Inspector Rodith
  • Matt McCoy as Dr. Hartley
  • Kym Karath as Nurse Feston
  • Susanna Thompson as Nurse Lonnie
  • Stephen R. Hart as Preston Newberry/ Thanagarian Spy
  • Steve Schirripa as Circle A-Clerk
  • Kunal Nayyar as Prince Khufu
  • Freida Pintel as Princess Kana
  • Cyril O'Reilly as Brian Kent
  • Isabella Hofmann as Lady Celia Penbrook
  • Julian Wadham as Koenrad Von Grimm
  • Jeff Foxworthy as Captain John Smith
  • Eric Douglas as Hannibal Hawkes
  • Donal Gibson as Detective James Wright
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