Haunting Me is a 2016 film that is a loose remake to the 2007 film.


Cookie, String Cheese, Quartz and Ding-Ding are four aging-yet-still-outrageous drag queens who run a boarding house for boys in provincial Thailand. After helping to cover up the mysterious deaths of two local teens (obese ladyboy "Flapjacks" and a beautiful local girl named Emeria), the two spirits begin haunting the dormitory, forcing the "girls" to try all sorts of crazy schemes to get rid of the ghosts. Eventually, they realize that the only way to do this is to help one the ghosts to avenge their deaths.



  • TBA as Cookie
  • TBA as String Cheese
  • TBA as Quartz
  • TBA as Ding-Ding
  • TBA as Flapjacks
  • TBA as Emeria
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