Haunted Woods is a horror flim directied by Christian Hall, produced and written by Christian Hall. The flim went worldwide and the worldpiremere where the cabin was actully located in Bardstown Kentucky and Christia
100 1815
n Hall's childhood home. He announced that there will be a sequal starring Jane Levy.

Starring Christian Hall, Alexander Ludwig, Josh Hutcherson, Alex Pettyfer, Jessie Moss, Julian Morris, Chris Zylka, Taylor Launter, Channing Tatum, Max Theroit, Robbie Amell, Chris Colefer, Corey Moneth and Matt Bomer.


Christian Hall just had an overdose on drugs and his bestfriend James calls there other friends to stay at the cabin for an inverntion. When The Book of Christian is floating down the river one of the men among them reads the passages out loud causing Abomination Christian to come out of the ground.

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Directed by  Christian Hall

Producer     Christian Hall

Screenplay by Christian Hall

Starring   Christian Hall

               Alexander Ludwig

              Josh Hutcherson

               Alex Pettyfer

               Jessie Moss

              Julian Morris

Music by Christian Hall

Centematolgy by Christian Hall

Editing by Bryan Shaw

Flim disributed by Ghosthouse pictures

Realse Dates   April 1st

                        April  5th

Running Time  2 hours 20 min

Country           Untied States

Budget             $17 milliom

Box Office        $96, 230, 788



Now the abominnation will hunt down the fourteen of them and kill them. Christian reconzies him as someone very dangerous in the past.


The flim begins with a girl named Jenna walking through the woods with blood all over her. Something comes out of the woods and chases her and pushes her off a cliff. The thing is a Abomination which is a demon. Jenna bashes his head in when Abomination Christian isn't looking.Jenna barries the Abomination into the ground but his hand comes out of his grave and drags her inside the grave killing her.

Spencer Hampton is a drug addict who kills himself by overdosing on drugs while he takes a shower. Spencer is sent straight to hell where the devil makes a deal with him to bring back abominations with him to hell. It then shows how Abomination Christian killed Jenna's friends.Three years later his boyfriend Christian Hall overdoses on drugs in the shower too at his boyfriend James apartment. James calls up there fourteen bestfriends inculding Christian's four brothers for an inervention at the cabin.

On the day Christian is realised from the hospital James suprises him about the cabin and Christian's friends are outside and they drive to the log cabin. When they get there they immedeatley party except for Christian who watches and listens to his iPod. Bobby invites Christian to go play hide and seek with him, Martin, Nick, Lance, Jacob and Ray. When they all hide Bobby finds The Book of Christian floating down the river near the creek in the woods. Bobby keeps this as a scerect and sits the book on top of the water pipe that runs under the road.

When Christian, Martin, Nick, Lance, Jacob and Ray leave Bobby reads the pages out loud which talks about a demon named Abomination Christian who kills people to bring back to hell with him so teh devil can eat there souls. The book talks about the sky turning red and rainning blood three times and you can only kill the Abomination by ripping his throat out, slash his body, stab a huge gapping hole through his heart, buldegoned him, burn him, and dismeberment but you have to kill him in all those ways or he wont die.

Bobby feels the need to tell his friends and when he leaves the area. Abomination Christian rises from hell and walks in the woods and watches Bobby walk to his friends. Bobby shows them the book and they tell Bobby to throw it back in the woods and Bobby hides the book in his bed. Lance his boyfriend knows of this but dosen't say anything. At nightime Christian sees Abomination Christian outside in the woods and shows James but when James looks it disappers.

After midnight Christian leaves the cabin but runs into Lance and Bobby who thinks Christian is trying to leave but Christian isn't he came out here to see the stars like he always did when he used to come out here. The three boys here a voice call there names from in the woods. They go into the woods and when there by the shed Lance gets scared to go in and Bobby stays with him leaving Christian in the woods. Christian goes down to the creek and see's somebody sitting on the ground on the very edge of the water pipe.

Christian walks up to him and Abomination Christian slowly turns around and starts crawling at Christian and Christian runs out of the water pipe and falls onto the ground and Abomination Christian chases him through the creek in till James, Bobby, Lance and Martin spotts him and Christian passes out to the ground. Christian awakens the next morning and see's somebody in the woods and goes in there. Two people come out of the pile of logs in masks but it's really James and Owen.

Later that day Christian gets in the pond and gets into the paddle boat and stops in the middle of the pond when something jumps into the pond. Christian tries to paddle but the boat wont let him and something starts swimming around the boat and Christian is knocked out of the paddle boat. Christian swims to the edge of the edge of the pond where Abomination Christian comes out of the pops out behind him. Christian runs inm and grabs the car keys to his mom's car and gets in and drives away witnissed by all the boys.

Christian tries to drive straight but the Lexus turns around and the car zooms down the road and goes off the waterpipe and crashes into the pool(formed by the waterfall). Christian climbs out of the car and see's Abomination Christian standing on top of the car. Abomination Christian chases Christian through the creek and Christian manges to climb the hill and he hides in the woods. James, Martin, Bobby, Nick, Owen, Noah, Jordan, Ryan, Max, Jacob, Ray and Trevor go into the woods beacuse they saw the Lexus go down the road and heard the loud crash.

James seperates himslef from the rest of the group and walks through the woods. Christian finds a boxcutter knife by him and thinks Abomination Christian is behind him and stabs him but looks down and see James. Christian then passes out and Abomination Christian drags him through the woods. The wound to James head disappers and he wakes up not remebering anything. James goes down to the pool with the others and thinks that Christian walked away but James is still worried about Christian.

Christian awakens and he is in a glass coffin underground somewhere in a building. Abomination Christian shoves the chainsaw through the coffin and it misses Christian and Christian gets out and knocks the chainsaw on Abomination Christian cutting his legs off. Christian runs through a tunnel his clothes coverd in blood and he comes out of a celler by the cabin and passes out. James and the boys find him coverd in  blood and they go into the celler and find the glass coffin and blood. They follow the hallway to the shed where they find weapons everywhere and Martin tells them that there Dad liked weapons.

Christian wakes up in new clothes in his bedroom and James takes Christian on a walk where Abomination Christian ambushes them throwing a bucket on James head knocking him out and Christian gets pulled into another dimesion. He is at a rest stop in Gerogia and he walks down the hill to the river of blood where Abomination jumps out and chases Christian through the woods in till a huge stick smacks his face and he tumbles down the hill and back at the barn.

Christian walks through the woods beacuse the walls are blocked and he gets trapped in the woods and Abomination Christian comes out of the ground and barfs blood which then turns into a long stick with thorns on it and wraps around Christian's body and goes down his throat and he falls to the ground. The possessed Christian who is now Abomination Christian climbs up the hill and walks back to the cabin and James makes Christian take a shower. While in the shower Abomination Christian burns himslef and drinks the soap and collapses to the ground when the memories of him being bullied by James and his friends. Then it's reveled to Christian who appers next to him that he is Spencer Hampton.

Abomination Christian tells him that he's doing that beacuse Christian's friends bullied him to death and that he caught Christian cheating on him with James. Christian revels that he can control his own body and Abomination Christian is pushed to the ground and Christian is thrown into the celler through the shed way. Bobby comes up with a plan to trick Abomination Christian by locking his body up(it says that in the book). Nick goes up to the bathroom and find it dark. Nick turns the lights on and finds Abomination Christian lying down in teh showe still.

Abomination Christian slowly rises and twists his head all the wya around causing Nick to stumble back into the walk in closet. Abomination Christian turns his head back and starts to crawl to Nick with a boxcutter knife in his hand. Nick grabs the weight machine and bashes Abomination Christian's head in. Nick runs back outside and warns them but Abomination Christian comes outside. He sits next to James and Bobby starts saying teh spell and Christian's head raises slowly and he stands in front of them and screams.

The rocks and the water twists around behind him in a tornado and stops and Abomination Christian says "You going to Die." and falls into the pond. Abomination Christian attacks Bobby but Lance whacks Abomination Christian knocking him out. Abomination Christian wakes up and he's tied to one of the posts outside. James sets him on fire and the fire burns through the ropes and Abomination Christian runs to the celler where the fire has died out.

Bobby pushes Abomination Christian back in the celler after trying to attack him again. Christian barfs blood in Abomination Christian's mouth knocking him out again. Christian tells Lance to open the celler door in the shed so he can get out. Lance gives him teh bok too and it says that Christian has to cut his tongue and chop his arms off in order for his soul to leave Abomination Christian. Lance opens the celler door and tells the others while Christian cuts his tongue off with a boxcutte kinfe and cuts his arms off with the saw and Abomination Christian breaks out of the celler.

His arms and tongue grows back and he, James, Lance, Nick, Jacob, Ray and Trevor go into the woods with weapons. Abomination Christian fights with them and rips Lance throat out killing him and James buldegoned him to death with a rock and they all hide in the celler. Trevor thinks that he's gone and steps out of the shed where he gets his throat slashed open and his body. Christian, Jacob and Ray leave James and Nick to fight Abomination Christian, Trevor and Lance which they kill and Abomination Christian chases Max to the expidetion.

Abomination Christian pushes the car down the hill and stabs him with an icepick killing him. At the creek where Christian, Jacob and Ray are at Jacob gets pulled into the trees where his throat gets ripped open and Ray gets buldegoned to death in the pool. Christian kills Abomination Jacob, Max and Ray in the pool and passes out on top of the Lexus. Christian wakes up and its snowing. He walks out of the woods and passes out at the entrance of the woods.

James and Ryan bring Christian back inside. Ryan sneaks out of the cabin and Christian see's him being thrown down the hill and goes outside to help him. Ryan gets chased by Abomination Christian in the woods and gets dismemberd. Christian walks into the pond and passes out and James brings him back inside after Christian tells him that Ryan is dead. Martin and Nick storm off to teh barn to get weapons with Noah, Owen and James. Jordan stays and here's banging from down stairrs and runs outside and gets pulled into teh pond which is now filled with blood.

Christian and Abomination Christian fight and Christian throws him out the window and Abomination Christian crawls up to the roof with him. Christian jumps off the roof and into the bloody pond. Christia swims to the middle where he meets Jordan and they climb out of the pond but before Jordan can Abomination Christian comes out of the water behind Jordan sticks his hand in him killing him. Christian runs to the barn and tells James, Bobby, Martin, Nick, Owen and Noah what happend.

They get weapons and the window shatters above Noah and Abomination Christian shoves his hand into Noah's chest and brings him to the roof where he stabs him multiple times in the face with a pitchfork. Owen witness this and he climbs on the roof and stabs Abomination Christian several times and he pushes him off the roof. Owen runs into the woods and a large stick smacks into his face and he falls down. Owen knows he's going to die and he just sits there as Abomination Noah crawls to him. He shoots gasoline from his mouth on to Owen and gets it on himself too.

Owen finds his lighter in his pocket and sets Abomination Noah on fire and the fire touches his body too setting them both on fire killing them both witnissed by Christian. Christian is afraid that the barns are going to burn so he snatches the book from Bobby and runs to the hideout and calls for the blood. After Christian is done counting to 20 blood starts falling from the sky and it sets the fire out. They run back to the cabin where the blood starts rising and after Christian goes on to the porch a wave of blood pushes him off the railing and into the bloody water witnissed by James, Martin, Bobby and Nick.

They jump in too and Christian falls deep into the water but James pulls him out and they all sit on the top of the playground. When the blood is gone Abomination Ryan attacks Martin but Bobby kills them and Bobby tells them that they need to look for the world of the dimesions. Nick is relutcant to go but Martin makes him go and when they eneter the woods they get ambushed by Abomination Owen, Jordan and Christian and Abomination Owen throws Christian off a cliff without the others notcing.

After killing Abomination Jordan they run up the road where they find The World of Dimesions thinking that Christian is already up there. Christian wakes up and walks up the creek where he kills Abomination Owen. He finds a tractor with the keys still in it and drives up the hill and see's Abomination Christian standing in the middle of the road. Abomination Christian makes the tractor go down the hill and Christian flips out of it and lands in the pond. He swims out of the pond and runs into the World of Dimesions.

Bobby wakes up and he's on a cruise ship, James is in a castle, Martin is at a river, Nick is in downtown Bardstown and Christian's at the rest stop again. They all fight demons and kill them and Christian is shought out of that world and on to the road where he finds Abomination Christian. Christian cuts Abomination's tongue out from behind him and stabs his heart with a saw in till it breaks. Christian runs away when Abomination Christian comes back to life.

James, Bobby, Martin and Nick come out of the woods and run back to the woods hoping that Christian made it back. They here nosies and hide in diffrnet parts of the woods. Christian comes into the woods and here's someone behind him and runs to the clearing in the woods and hides behind a tree. A bag goes over Christian's face and he is pushed down the hill and hit with a stick a couple of times. Christian manges to take the bag off and see that it's Nick who thought it was Abomination Christian. Bobby here's someone crying nereby and see's somebody in a red coat crying by the fallen tree.

Bobby thinks it's Christian and calls his names and taps him on the shoulder and he slowly turns around and it's Abomination Christian and he pins Bobby to the fallen tree where he levates the tree in the air and barfs blood in Bobby's face and mouth. Bobby breaks off a stick and stabs Abomination Christian in the neck with it and he falls off the tree. Bobby runs to the cabin where he takes his clothes off and gets in the shower. Martin here's noises in the celler and Abomination Christian screams at him and pins him to the celler steps.

Abomination Christian slices his tongue a couple of times and then cuts Martin's dick off and then shoves it down his throat and bites Martin's hand and James opens the celler door and Martin runs up the steps and James shuts the door on Abomination Martin. James says he's going to go look for the others and Martin runs and he is suddenly stopped at the entrance to the woods. His left hand that get bitten extends and starts turning around. Bobby gets out of the shower and puts his underwear on

He stands in front of the mirror and sees himself as an Abomination and the mirror shatters and the shards of glass shoot into his neck killing him. He turns into an Abomination and crawls to the ceiling window. Martin runs into the cabin and looks in the bathroom and see's the glass on the ground. Martin goes into the kitchen and poors proxide on his hand making it rot purple all the way up to his elbow and Martin slowly walks back into the laundry room as his hand becomes possossed.

James see's Bobby and goes up to him and gets thrown to the ground and stabbed in the shoulder several times with a stick. Christian bashes Abomination Bobby's head in with a rock in till he dies. Martin's hand twists around while he's being possossed and Abomination Christian breaks the window and watches him outside the window. Martin wakes up and grabs the chainsaw that happend to be laying there. Abomination Christian tells him not to cut his arm off but Martin dose. Martin's other hand becomes possossed and Martin cuts that off.

The door to the laundry room opens by itself and Martin walks out and he here's something crawling behind him and he turns around and his hands are gone. Martin sees the hands crawling on the ceiling and they attack them and go in his mouth wich knocks him out the window killing him on impact witnissed by Christian. Christian goes to see if his brother is still is alive but hes dead and he runs back into the woods and runs into James and Nick.

They here a chainsaw go off and Christian walks out of the woods with the others and see's Abomination Martin standing there with a chainsaw as his left arm and a machete as his right arm. Abomination Martin runs and Christian runs away and runs to the playground with Abomination Martin behind him. Christian hides in the train that there parents built. Abomination Martin stabs his machete in almost hitting Christian and Christian makes it out of the train and climbs through the foxhole that goes into the pond

Christian runs out of the pond and falls down a hill knocking himself out. Nick runs to the slide door and looks in just as Abomination Martin appers behind him. Abomination Martin stabs Nick with his machete and throws him inside where Abominatin Christian is. Abomination Christian slams  Nick's face into the mirrors and Abomination Martin kills him by stabbing his head. James finds Christian and brings him back into the woods where Abomination Christian, Abomination Martin and Abomination Nick awaits.

James throws Christian into the celler locking him in as he fights both Abomination Martin and Nick and they both kill eachother however James is severly wounded. He runs to the cabin where he collapses and Christian gets out of the celler and finds James dying in front of the cabin. Christian and James kiss one last time and James dies. Christian crys and blood starts following from the sky. Christian puts James on the porch and see's the ground moving. He goes up to the ground and a hand comes out.

Abomination Jenna and her dead friends come out of the ground. Christian runs off into the woods with a chainsaw and eventully chainsaws them to death. Christian walks back to the cabin and goes inside and sees Abomination Christian. Christian runs up the steps and a tentecile wraps around his leg and drags him into the pond. Christian comes out of the pond and runs and Abomination James comes out and chases him to the edge of the woods where Christian kills him.

Christian walks back to the cabin just as sunlight breaks out. He see's the Buick the onley car left and gets in with his chainsaw and drives away. He drives down to the bridge where it starts to rain blood again and Abomination Christian stands there in the middle of the bridge and Christian crashes the car. Abomination Christian walks to the car and prepares to kill Christian but Christian stabs Abomination Christian with the chainsaw. A fight breaks out with them wounding Christian and Christian cuts off Abomination Christian's arms and legs off.

Abomination Christian says "It was you're fault you made me like this." then Christian shoves the chainsaw down Abomination Christian's throat and cuts his head throwing the chainsaw in the air killing him. Christian walks up the road and out of the Haunted Woods. He collapses to the ground in the middle of the road and stares at the sky. James, Bobby, Martin, Nick, Lance, Trever, Ray, Jacob, Ryan, Jordan, Owen and Noah apper to him and they all tell him how proud they are of him.

Christian smieles. The movie then cuts to Orlando Flordia where Christian's sister Faith is on Facebook. Faith gets a message from James to come to the cabin with her girlfriends everything is allright. Faith smiles and calls up her friends.


Actor/Actress Role
Christian Hall Christian/Abomination Christian
Alexander Ludwig James
Josh Hutcherson Martin
Alex Pettyfer Bobby
Jessie Moss Nick
Chris Zylka Owen
Julian Morris Noah
Taylor Lautner


Channing Tatum Ryan
Robbie Amell Ray
Chris Colefer Jacob
Max Theroit Max
Nico Tortellea Trevor
Matt Bomer Lance
Milo Ventemillga


Danielle Panabaker Jenna
Jane Levy(cameo) Faith


Haunted  Woods was followed by the sequal Haunted Woods Part 2 which follows Christian, Martin, Nick and Ryan's sister and her girlfriends fight the deadly abominations at her house by the haunted woods.


Christian Hall wrote the script byhimself when he was in collage and saved alot of money just to make this one movie and he also wrote the book when he was fourteen and he produced the movie. On June 10th 2018 Ghost House Pictures announced that they will produce Haunted Woods. Christian Hall chose to play Christian and Abomination Christian and Alexander Ludwig will be playing James, Josh Hutcherson as Martin, Alex Pettyfer as Bobby and Jessie Moss as Nick.

Julian Morris, Chris Zylka, Taylor Lautner, Channing Tatum, Max Theriot, Robbie Amell, Chris Colefer, Corey Moneth and Matt Bomer was later joined the cast of Haunted Woods.


The flim was thertically relised on April 5th 2018. Rated R for very strong language, blood vilonce, and gorey images. Ghost House Pictures says that the gorest bloodest scene of the movie was the ending when Christian shoved the chainsaw down Abomination Christan's throat and when Martin cut his arm off with a chainsaw. One scene of the movie had strong lanugauge and that's when Christian is in the celler.


       Lance-rip his throat out in the woods

       Trevor-slash his body by the shed

       Max-huge gaping hole in his heart in the woods

       Jacob-rip his throat out in the trees

       Ray-bludgeoned to death in the pool

       Ryan-huge gaping hole in his heart and dismembers his body in the woods

       Jordan-huge gaping hole in his heart in the pond

       Noah-huge gaping hole in his heart and his head bashed open on top of the barn

       Owen-burned to death in the woods

       Bobby-shards of mirror go in his throat, heart, and tongue in the bathroom

       Martin-dick cut off in go’s in mouth which cuts his tongue off and blood barfed in his mouth in the cellar

       Nick-dismembered in the woods

       James-throat ripped out and a huge gaping hole in his heart in the front of the cabin




How they killed Abomination Christian

Throat ripped out-After James locked Christian in theceller

Slash his body-After Nick thought Christian was Abomination Christian Christian and Nick slashed Abomination Christian's body with saws

Head bashed in-Nick bashed his head in

Blood barfed in his mouth-Christian did in the celler while he was possessed

Tongue cut off-When Christian pinned him to the road

Arms cut off-After Christian crashed his car by the bridge

Dismemberd-Through the whole movie

Burnded to death-James did after Abomination Christian attacked Bobby

Buldegoned to death-After Christian cut Abomination Christian's tongue out

Heart ripped out-After James locked Christian in the celler


  1. Bella's Lullaby(Beginning credits)
  2. Closer(Car) Tegan and Sara
  3. White Demon Love Song(Playing around) Killers
  4. Blood(Christian listing on his iPod) Middle East
  5. I want to know what love is(mourning over James dead body) Foreigner
  6. No Sound but the Wind(Walking out of the woods) Editors
  7. Blood(credits)


The setting for Haunted Woods was shot in five diffrent places in the untied states. The cabin that Chistian's family owned, the woods near bardstown, the woods and rest stop in Gerogia, studio in Los Angeles and the woods in Flordia.

Christain cathes Bobby and Owen smocking weed

Owen: I hope James dosen't catch us

Bobby looked around the woods and sat down on the fallen tree next to Owen

Bobby let out a huge puff of smoke

Bobby: This is some crazy shit you brought

Owen: I'm growing it in my basement

Bobby: Dose Noah bitch about it

Owen: Yeah he's like 'Owen i want this shit out of are basement' and 'The smell is disgusting' i'm like bitch if you don't like the smell then get the fuck out of my basement. You know what i'm saying?

Bobby nodded and let out a huge puff of smoke

Bobby's phone rang

Owen: I thought there was no satealite

Bobby: So did I

Bobby picked up the phone

Bobby: Uh...Hello?

Owen: Who is it?

Voice: Hello Bobby having fun smoking weed?

Bobby: Uh...whose this?

There was giggling on the other line

Bobby: Who the fuck is this?

Voice: Do you want to play a game?

Bobby: Tell me who the fuck is this and we will

Voice: I see you smoking weed with Owen Bobby

Bobby stood up and looked around

Owen stood up too and was walking away

Bobby: Where the fuck are you going?

Owen stood there and looked at him.

Voice: Don't run off Bobby

Bobby: Fuck you

Bobby hung up the phone

Bobby heard Owen gasp in pain

Bobby looked up at Owen

Bobby: What the fuck? It's look like you got a stick shoved up your ass!

Owen fell to the ground

Christian stood behind him with the phone in his hand

Owen stood up

Bobby: What the fuck?

Owen laughed

Bobby: You were in on this shit!

Owen nodded

Christian: I hit him with the tip of the phone like sonemone stabbed him

Bobby looked at them in disbelf

Christian: Lance told me you were here and Owen addmited he brought some weed

Bobby: I hope your not asking

Christian: Hell no i just wanted to play a prank on you

Bobby shook his head

Abomination christian barfs blood in Bobby's mouth

  • Bobby slowly stood up
  • The crying filled the air
  • Bobby saw someone in a red jacket with the hood on his head sitting down crying
  • "Hello?"
  • Bobby walked closer to the person.
  • "Christian?"
  • Bobby touched the person on his shoulder
  • The person slowly turnded around
  • Bobby gasped and backed up aginst the fallen tree
  • Abomination Christian slowly turnded around and stood up
  • Abomination Christian jumped on to the tree
  • Bobby fell back on the tree
  • Abomination Christian jumps on top of Bobby
  • The tree moves high in the air
  • "Get the fuck off of me!"
  • Abomination Christian gets in Bobby's face
  • He licks his lips slowly
  • "Taste me you dirty cunt!"
  • Abomination Christian brings Bobby's face to his and starts barfing blood into his mouth
  • Bobby starts chokeing on all the blood going down his throat
  • Bobby pushes Abomination Christian off of him and he falls off the tree
  • Bobby jumps down from the tree

Abomination Christian and Martin in the celler

  • Martin turnded the corner and Abomination Christian screams in his face
  • Martin pushes him away and runs to the celler steps and tries to go up
  • Abomination Christian hits Martin's head on the celler stairrs knocking him unconsious
  • Martin wakes up and finds Abomination Christian at his feet
  • Abomination Christian starts licking Martin's knee and licks all the way to his crotch
  • Abomination Christian moves up to Martin's face
  • Martin grabs the saw from the wall and holds it in front of Abomination Christian's face
  • Abomination Christian laughs and snatches the saw out of hands
  • Matin tries to move his hands
  • Matin: "What the fuck did you do to my hands! They wont fucking move!"
  • Abomination Christian giggles
  • Martin: "Fucking answer me!"
  • Abomination Chistian pulls Matin's shorts and underwear off
  • Abomination Christian smiels and tapps the saw to his face
  • Martin looks at him
  • Abomination Christian's long tongue comes out
  • He slides the saw down his tongue
  • Abomination Christian looks at Matin's crotch and smiles
  • Abomination Christian then starts cutting Martin's dick off with the saw
  • Martin screams in pain as his dick is cut off
  • Abomination Christian: "Choke on your cock you fucking faggot!"
  • Abomination Christian shoves Martin's dick down his throat
  • The celler door opens
  • Martin pushes Abomination Christian back
  • Abomination Christian looks up at James
  • Martin climbs up the stairrs
  • James stares at Abomination Christian
  • Abomination Christian: "Why don't you climb down here so i can cut your dick off too!"
  • James: "Fuck you!"
  • The celler door slams shut.

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