Hatchet Island is a 2013 horror slasher film.


Trent organizes to take his friends on a cruise on his father's yacht to honour their high school graduation. They manage to plan out a way to sail to Spain, but they get caught in a storm and end up on a small, seemingly empty island. There is also drama amongst the group, as Trish has slept with Dana's boyfriend Marcus. Dana's friend Izzy tries to set up Dana with a guy she knows, Kevin, to take her mind off the other two, but to no avail.

The group decide to hang around the island for a while. Trent and Blake take a look at the boat and are shocked to find that the bottom has been damaged by rocks, essentially stranding them. They decide not to tell the rest of the group.

While sunbathing, Izzy thinks she hears something in the nearby jungle and goes to investigate, but finds nothing. Trish is lying seperate from the group, sunbathing topless, while a deformed young man watches. The man returns to a small shack in the center of the jungle, where his equally deformed mother is waiting. They decide to get rid of the intruders on the island.

Kevin tries talking to Dana, who tells him that he's a nice guy but she isn't looking for a relationship. He decides to respect her wishes and leaves her alone.

Blake and Trey, becoming desperate to try and find a way to fix the boat, enter the jungle, hoping to find something they can use. Trey, however, falls into a hidden pit and is impaled through the legs on the spikes below. When Blake goes to get help, he is also caught in a trap, leaving him dangling upside down. 

On the beach, the others hear Trey's screams from the pit and run to his side, where Kevin manages to help him out and bring him back to the beach. However, there is no sign of Blake. As night fall, a storm hits the island, and while arguing about what to do, Trey lets slip that the boat is damaged and they are stranded. Kevin decides to go back into the jungle with Marcus to try and find the missing Blake, leaving the girls with the wounded Trey on the beach. Dana and Trish start arguing again, while Izzy and Trey try to keep the peace. Izzy spots someone standing at the edge of the jungle, watching them, and tries to inform the others. Suddenly she is shot through the head with an arrow by the killer. Trish panics and starts to run, so Dana follows her, chasing her into the jungle. The killer then approaches Trey and splits his head open with a hatchet.

The girls run into the guys and they find the cabin where the killer and his mother lives. They find the old woman, who keeps them distracted while her son returns carrying the bodies of Izzy and Trey. The group now realise they are captured.

The killer tries to rape Dana, causing Marcus and Kevin to try and intervene. The killer beats them down, and his mother then proceeds to execute Marcus by cutting off his jaw and severing his spinal cord . The killer then ties the girls up to torture them, using various methods and raping them. While they are alone, Kevin reveals that he has escaped from his own shackles and manages to untie the girls, just as they are caught. Kevin forces them to leave and he stays behind to fight the killer, culminating in his death where the killer sandblasts his face off with a belt sander.

The killer chases Dana and Trish, who ultimately evade him by hiding in a tree. The next morning, they return to the boat undetected but still can't use it. They instead search it and arm themselves with whatever they can find, deciding to return to the jungle and avenge their friends.

They return to the cabin while the son is out hunting for them and Trish breaks the old woman's legs. When they ehar the son approach, they set the cabin on fire and then lead him on another chase through the jungle. Trish, however, falls into the spike pit and is impaled to death. The killer pursues Dana all the way back to the yacht, which she hides on. He climbs on board and searches for her. Suddenly, she shoots him through the leg with a harpoon, pinning him against the wall. She then takes a machete and drives it into his chest. The film ends with Dana sitting on the beach, alone. 


Victoria Justice - Dana

Hayley Kiyoko - Trish

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