Hatchet II is a 2017 sequel to Hatchet and a Horror-Slasher film starring Kay Panabaker, Avan Jogia, Robbie Jones, Willa Ford, Madison Riley, Amber Stevens West, Nicholas D'Agosto, Chris Zylka, Scott Eastwood, Laurence Fishburne, Tyler Mane, Bruce Willis, Christina Millian, Griffin Gluck, Ty Panitz, Mason Cook, and Christian Ashdale


It's been 1 year since Marybeth saw her enemy Victor Crowley. She met a psychic and he said that Victor is still out there she went back to the woods and met a group of teenage campers she hanged out with them and she brung guns and flamethrowers with her to kill him again. Victor is really not dead he is looking for anybody who gets in his way by killing his main target Marybeth.


Kay Panabaker as Marybeth Duntstan, The Main Protagonist

Avan Jogia as Neil Riley, The leader of the group of teens

Robbie Jones as Russell, Neil's best friend

Willa Ford as Kate, Russell's girlfriend

Madison Riley as Sally, Kate's best friend

Amber Stevens West as Jenna, Russell's sister

Nicholas D'Agosto as Nathan, Sally's boyfriend

Chris Zylka as Richie, Close friend of Neil

Scott Eastwood as Dan, Richie's best friend/ Someone who has a crush on Marybeth

Laurence Fishburne as Reverend Zombie, A Psychic who knows about The Crowley Legend

Tyler Mane as Victor Crowley, The Main Antagonist

Bruce Willis as Thomas Crowley, Father of Victor

Christina Millian as Lena Crowley, Mother of Victor

Griffin Gluck as Young Victor Crowley

Ty Panitz as Masked Kid #1

Mason Cook as Masked Kid #2/ Sampson Duntstan

Christian Ashdale as Masked Kid #3


Kate-They snuck off in the woods to have unprotected sex while they were taking each other's clothes off they didn't know they were really close to the Crowley house and Kate's moaning attracted Victor she heard Victors cries for his daddy she forced Russell to go and check it out so they went inside the Crowley house when they splitted up Russell heard the front door close and Kate screaming and sobbing

Russell-He went to go and check it out what he found was Kate hanging from the ceiling with covered in blood and the uncials VC he tried to get out but the door was stuck he opened a window and when he tried to get out a hatchet was thrown out his head then he fell backwards

Jenna-Marybeth was giving the others gun and flamethrowers and said you'll need them Jenna said This is Bullshit she walked in the woods in frustration because she doesn't like Marybeth she heard branches crack and said Is that you Russell she looked in the bushes when she stuck her head in the bushes she was stabbed 7 times with a hatchet in the forehead

Nathan and Sally-They were having anal sex in the tent then they saw a shadow walking by their tent then a few seconds later a hatchet was ripped through the side of tent and Victor grabbed them both by the throat and then he threw them in a sleeping bag zipped it up then dragged them he then wacked them against a tree 5 times then stabbed them with a knife

Reverend Zombie-They heard Nathan and Sally's screams and grabbed the guns and flamethrowers then ran in the woods with Marybeth, Richie, and Dan. Zombie heard noises right behind him then tuned around and was shooting 9 times. It was misunderstanding he was reloading he dropped his bullets when he bent over to get a bullet an axe was thrown at his back and blood was dripping from his mouth then he fell to the ground

Dan-Victor jumped out of a bush then stabbed Zombie repeatedly Dan shot him in the arm Victor started walking up to him then stabbed them in the face 10 times

Richie-She was running in the woods with Richie and when they stopped Marybeth told Richie the legend of Victor Crowley when he ran to the Crowley House Marybeth repeatedly said Don't go near there he didn't care he just kept walking to the house then a hatchet was thrown at him then he was decapitated then his head landed in Marybeth's hands

Victor Crowley-Marybeth started using a flamethrower then she ran to Victor and said this is for my family he was started catching on fire and had a vision how he died as a kid and he screamed and ran around Marybeth went in his shed and threw buckets of gasoline at him then Victor dropped his axe Marybeth picked it up and stabbed him in the head and back with it them later she grabbed a chainsaw and sawed him in half in the next movie she walked in the police department and kept saying I killed him


Marybeth Duntstan


  • 1 Hr 30 Min
  • Rated R for Bloody Violence, Sexual Content, Bad language, Inappropriate humor, and Nudity
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