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Hatchet is a 2017 Horror-Slasher Remake to the 2006 Horror film.


A young woman named Marybeth goes with a group of 10 tourists to not go on a adventure but to kill her main dislike Victor Crowley. She tried to warn them about The Swamp Boogeyman but they didn't believe her once she told them the story and the legend about the house they started getting frightened until they find out the Legend is true.


Kay Panabaker as Marybeth Dunstan, The Main Protagonist

Katie Cassidy as Amanda, One of the tourists who thinks Marybeth is weird

Justin Welborne as Tim, Amanda's boyfriend

Arielle Kebbel as Jennifer, One of the tourists

Mila Kunis as Rachel, One of the tourists/ Jennifer's best friend

Jensen Ackles as Bryan, One of the tourists who has a crush on Marybeth

Kate Beckinsale as Teresa, One of the tourists

Fred Tatiscore as Robert, One of the tourists/ Teresa's husband

Ashton Kutcher as Mark, Rachel's boyfriend who goes on the tour

Travis Van Winkle as Trevor, Tim's brother who goes on the tour

Freddie Prinze Jr. as Pete, One of the tourists

Taylor Handley as Jordan, The tour guide

Tyler Mane as Victor Crowley, The Main Antagonist

Griffin Gluck as Young Victor Crowley

Christina Millian as Lena Crowley, The mother of Victor Crowley

Bruce Willis as Thomas Crowley

Sharon Stone as Shyann Crowley, Thomas's 1st wife

Mark Boone Junior as Sampson Dunstan, Marybeth's father

Alex Russell as Ainsley Dunstan, Marybeth's brother


Shyann-She died from stomach cancer

Lena-After giving birth to Victor when she got a glimpse of Victor she died from shock

Thomas Crowley-He could never forget of how he accidently killing Victor he died years later of depression

Sampson-Dismembered with Victor's axe

Ainsley-Beaten and gutted by Victor

Pete-Impaled with Victor's axe then pinned to the wall of the Crowley House

Rachel-Everybody else ran from Victor and Rachel got lost when she yelled for help and before she could dial 911 Victor ran up and crushed her skull

Teresa-Everybody ran to the tour boat and Teresa tried to start it but Victor started swimming in the lake and jumped on the ship grabbed Teresa by the neck and stabbed her several times in the shoulder with his hatchet

Jordan-Everybody was jumping off the boat and into the lake the started swimming screaming but no one could hear them then Victor grabbed a harpoon gun aimed it at Jordan and shot him in the chest with it he started dragging Jordan closer to him

Amanda- After Victor dismembered Jordan he ran in the woods to find the people trespassing in his swamp and Amanda said this is messed up and Marybeth said she grabbed some flares, guns, a harpoon gun, and some matches out of her bag and Amanda quickly grabbed a gun set it and started aiming it Victor then jumped out of a bush Amanda started shooting while the others ran away but it didn't slow Victor down he grabbed her by the throat and she started punching his face and then he impaled her on a tree branch

Trevor-Marybeth said she had a plan and Trvor was in the Crowley house pouring gasoline everywhere and then started yelling out Come on you Crowley Bitch then Victor jumped out a window and grabbed Trevor by the arm while he was getting dragged he quickly lighted a match and put it on the floor then the whole Crowley house exploded killing Trevor but not Victor

Robert-He saw Victor walking towards him while he Victor was on fire he then got a bucket of gasoline and poured it on him then he grabbed a gun and shot him 15 times making Victor fall to the ground then he put his foot on his head and said This is for my wife before he could shoot Victor grabbed his foot and pinned him to the ground then stabbed him 20 times in the back with a machete

Jennifer-She was walking in the woods with Marybeth, Bryan, Mark, and Tim they heard Robert's screams and went back to the house they saw the house was on fire and Robert was covered in blood then Victor snuck up behind her grabbed her head then rammed her head into a tree 7 times until she died

Tim-Axe was thrown at his face

Mark-He was trying to find his bullets in his pocket when he got one out it was too late Victor bragged him by the top of the head and decapitated him with his axe

Bryan-Him and Marybeth ran back to the boat and started the boat they only made it in the middle of the lake she tried and tried to start it when she turned around to tell Bryan to help her she saw him impaled with a bow and arrow then he fell to the ground

Victor Crowley-She started pouring gasoline and oil in the lake then lighted a match and put it in the river which started a fire she started to aim her harpoon gun when she then breathed deeply and thought she was safe but when she turned around she saw Victor running towards her and she shot the harpoon gun which made Victor fall to the ground then she shot him in the forehead and dumped his body in the lake later that night she passed out on the boat


Marybeth Dunstan


  • 1 Hr 46 Min
  • Rated R for Bloody Violence, Sexual Content, and Bad Language