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Hartman is an American police procedural and legal drama television series, adapted as a spin-off of Law & Order: New Orleans.

The series premiered on USA Network in July 2019. After four successful seasons on USA, it was announces in May 2022, that series would shift to NBC for it's fifth season.

Set in Los Angeles, California, the series follows L&O: NOLA officer Chloe Hartman as she, now married and an LAPD detective, navigates her work as a cop and her family, with her husband Max Browning and their children Jack and Aurora, and Max's son with Jasmine Guiterrez, Daniel. Jasmine herself, and Jack's girlfriend Lauren Hicks, round out the family.

Hartman works with the Major Case Squad and an team of elite detectives, in the L.A.P.D., who all report to their ranking C.O. It is their job to investigate the crime, collect evidence, interview witnesses and then, when the evidence points to a suspect or suspects, place the suspect(s) under arrest. The matter is then taken over by the prosecutors of the Los Angeles District Attorney's office. They discuss deals, prepare the witnesses and evidence and conduct the people's case in the trial.

Both teams work with the Medical Examiners Office, Crime Lab and psychiatrists from both the police department and DA's office.


Regular Cast


D.A. Office

  • Terrence Howard as Deputy District Attorney Jonah Dekker (seasons 1–)
  • Elizabeth Gillies as Deputy District Attorney Morgan Shane (seasons 9–)
  • Jamie Bamber as DA Investigator Richie Lowry (seasons 8–)
  • Carmine Giovinazzo as DA Investigator Mars Castillo (seasons 11–; 10, recurring)
  • Geena Davis as District Attorney Ellis Henderson (seasons 6–)


Recurring Cast

Former Main Cast

  • Mary Beth Mastrantonio as Captain Zoe Callas (season 1)
  • Peter Coyote as District Attorney Jerry Hardin (seasons 1–3)
  • Morris Chestnut as Senior Detective Lewis Robbins (seasons 1–3, regular; 6, guest)
  • Zooey Deschanel as Junior Detective Felicity Lawrence (seasons 1–4, regular; 6, guest)
  • Alexandra Hedison as Deputy District Attorney Ingrid O'Donnell (seasons 1–5, regular; 10, recurring)
  • David Caruso as Interim District Attorney Thomas Wolfe (seasons 4–6)
  • Judson Mills as Sergeant Terry Sanders (seasons 1–6)
  • Tim Kang as DA Investigator Kevin Choy (seasons 5–8, regular; 3–5, recurring)
  • Tia Mowry-Hardrict as Deputy District Attorney Cara Winston (seasons 5–8, regular; 3–5, recurring)
  • Ricardo Antonio Chavira as Lieutenant/Captain Carlos Mendoza (seasons 2–8, regular; 9, guest)
  • Gillian Alexy as Junior Detective Linda Young (seasons 1–9)
  • Viggo Mortenson as Lieutenant/Captain Paul Thorne (seasons 1–10)
  • Michael Ealy as Senior Detective/Sergeant Jesse Temple (seasons 4–10, regular; 3, recurring)
  • Jonathan Togo as Corporal Tim Rook (seasons 7–10, regular; 11–, recurring)

Former Recurring Cast


Hartman/News Archive

Season 11 News:

  • Will consist of 23 episodes.
  • Will premiere on November 29, 2019.
  • Will have a midseason three-way crossover with Law & Order: New Orleans and Law & Order: Dallas. The crossover will happen with the 14th episode of each series' season .
  • Hartman will assume control of the MCS with her promotion to captain following Thorne's retirement.
  • Jacob Artist will join the main cast as a newly-promoted detective whom Ramsey takes on as his new partner.
  • Carmine Giovinazzo will be upgraded to the main cast; Castillo will start a new job as a DA Investigator and Lowry's new partner.
  • Beth will be promoted to senior detective between the end of the previous season and the start of this season and partner with Vargas.
  • Jack will finish his mandatory uniform patrol, become a plainclothes officer at the season's start and partner with Everett, and will take the Detective's exam later on.
  • The 12th episode of the season will be the 200th episode of the series.
    • 200th episode will be a 60 minutes episode - longest episode ever.
    • It will feature the wedding between Ramsey and Beth following his proposal at the end of the previous season.
    • Morris Chestnut, Bianca Lawson, Zooey Deschanel, Tia Mowry-Hardict, Ricardo Chivara, Viggo Mortenson, Sela Ward, Drew Barrymore, Daisy Ridley, Gillian Alexy, and Chris Vance will all return for guest appearances in the episode.
    • The characters who will not return will be mentioned and appear in flashbacks.
    • Adam Jamal Craig will guest star in three episodes as Det. Michael Brooks, including the 200th episode.
  • There will be another death in Hartman's family, in the second half of the season.
    • The death of that family member will be mainly focus on episode 18 and 19 as Hartman tries to uncover their movement before they died which will lead a shocking discovery.
  • Sonequa Martin-Green will return for six episodes throughout the season as Dr. Whitney Lawson, in her first appearences since the first season.
  • Taraji P. Henson will return for four episodes in the latter half of the season.
  • Fontana will opt not to run for re-election as D.A. due to her ex-husband's scandal; she will back old friend Gideon Chess (played by Bill Pullman) who will be running for the position.
    • The role of Angela Fontana will be recast, played by Mila Brener (one year older than Elle McKinnon). This season will see Fontana struggling to look after Angela who has been causing trouble which results Fontana questions her responsibility of Angela.
  • Vargas and Shane will start their first relationships since Gordon Fontana's conviction. Shane will date someone we're already familiar with while Vargas will date someone new.
    • Sebastian Sozzi will play Vargas's love interest and Rook's new partner, a beat cop who has a certain charm with everyone he meets.
  • Episodes 15 and 16 will serve as a backdoor pilot to a potential spin-off titled The Sullivans.
    • The Sullivans will take place in Denver with Hartman and her team assisting them on one case.
      • Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Nicholas Gonzalez, Keith David, Corey Hawkins, Teri Reeves, John Francis Daley, Jason Maybaum, Spencer Moss, Clancy Brown and Scott Glenn will appear in The Sullivans backdoor pilot episode.
        • Pratt will play Denver P.D. Detective Drake Sullivan, a confident, gritty cop and a former Force Reconnaissance Marine with a strong sense of justice and is sensitive about cases that involve children. He is happily married to ADA Katherine Sullivan and they have two children.
        • Howard will play Denver Executive ADA Katherine Sullivan, said to be the youngest Executive ADA with a near perfect conviction record. She is Drake's wife and the mother of their two children. She is known to be stern, uncompromising against those who commit unthinkable crimes against families and children and is compassionate to rape victims, abused women and children.
        • Gonzalez will play Denver Detective Miguel Ruiz, a charming, womanizing cop who is a two time divorcee.
        • David will play Denver Police Captain Eugene Winder. He is known to be a tough captain who is loyal to his squad.
        • Hawkins will play Denver Detective Jackson Holmes, a blunt, straightforward Army veteran.
        • Reeves will play Denver Detective Andrea Donnell, a tough, but compassionate single mother of two daughters who comes from a law enforcement family.
        • Daley will play ADA Trent Doyle, Katherine's second chair. He is a openly gay man.
        • Maybaum and Moss will play Drake and Katherine's children, 10-year-old Finn and 8-year-old Mary. Both Drake and Katherine are devoted to them when they're not on the job.
        • Brown will will play Ryan Sullivan, Drake's father who is a retired criminal court judge. He lives with Drake & Katherine and watches over Finn & Mary as their parents work.
        • Glenn will play Denver DA Andrew Bishop, a conservative district attorney.


Season 1 (2019)

#1 - "Pilot"

Detective Chloe Hartman and Detective Lewis Robbins investigate a murder of a lawyer and a client who having an affair during the court of a teenager girl's murder. Felicity Lawrence start her first day as a detective.

#2 - "Childhood"

Max reunited with his childhood friend, Miles Jones after 28 years and Miles asks Max for his help to found his biological father that he never knew in his life. So Max and Hartman try to found Miles's biological father in Beverly Hills. Thorne's niece and Sanders' childhood sweetheart, Lucy (Drew Barrymore) arrived at Los Angeles to visiting her uncle.

#3- "Prank"

Hartman, Robbins and Lawrence investigate when a woman cover with red blood in the river and they believe she was victim to a prank before she was murdered.

#4 - "You Only Live Twice"

Jack got shot by the teenager girl's father after he caught him abused his daughter. The team trying to found them before it is too late. Thorne found out his niece decides to train to be a detective.

#5- "Double Jeopardy"

Hartman trying to help Deputy D.A. Dekker and Deputy D.A. O'Donnell over the case of a young woman who been framed for her husband's murder. With no body found, Hartman and Dekker think he could be still alive and faked his own death. Jack is still recovering in the hospital after getting shot.

#6 - "The Following"

The LAPD trying to protect a young woman from her stalker. Meanwhile, Dekker find himself with his old past is stalking him.

#7 - "Truth and Consequences"

Deputy D.A. Dekker is threatened when his old past are planning to ruining his life and his work for his revenge. Hartman planning to take Dekker into protective custody before it is too late.

#8 - "Rush Hour"

Hartman and Robbins send to investigate a murder in Chinatown. Jack spends time with his family after coming home from hospital and O'Donnell and Hardin trying to keep it together with Dekker in protective custody until his stalker is caught.

#9 - "Pain & Gain"

Hartman is kidnapped by a bobybuilder who is planning to get his brother out of jail and he is threating to kill Captain Callas who is the person who arrested his brother. O'Donnell and Hardin got visit from Daniel Handler who is asking where is Dekker.

#10 - "Stab"

A movie star is stabbed to death. Her killer is somebody who is wearing a costume from the movie, Scream. Time running out for Deputy D.A. Dekker after the shooting at his house. Captain Callas planning to move Dekker out of Los Angeles.

#11 - "Checkmate"

Hartman and Robbins investigate the path of a serial killer who leaves chess pieces with his victims. Detective Young and Sergeant Sanders track down a corrupt ex-cop accused of embezzlement and gun smuggling.

#12 - "Endgame - Part 1"

Thing is getting tough for the team when Handler kills three police officer when Handler is looking for Dekker. But when Handler found out Dekker is in Brooklyn, Hartman, Robbins and Lawrence need to stop him before it is too late.

#13 - "Endgame - Part 2"

It is race against time for Hartman, Robbins and Lawrence to track down Handler in Brooklyn before he could found Dekker and kill him.

In the end, Handler is killed by Hartman, and Callas puts in her retirement papers, leaving Thorne to be promoted to Captain in her place.

  • Final appearance of Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (Zoe Callas) as a regular.

Season 2 (2020)

#1 - "Welcome Home"

6 months after the first season finale, Max are shocked to see his ex-girlfriend Jasmine Gutierrez, Daniel's mother at Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Carlos Mendoza join the team in his first day and he, Hartman and Robbins investigate a young woman's death who she was found dead in the swimming pool.

  • First appearance of Ricardo Antonio Chavira (Carlos Mendoza).

#2 - "The Silence of the Lambs"

When investigate on the farm, Hartman, Robbins and Lawrence believe the killer is target the farmer and their lamb and killing them one by one. Meanwhile, Jack get suspicious at his father.

#3 - "Help Me"

Hartman help Lauren when one of Lauren's friend was raped when coming home from the prom. Meanwhile, Max become witness when he saw a teenager girl getting abused by her older brother.

#4 - "The Tree"

Hartman and Robbins investigate the murder of two teenagers who was dead by near the tree. Meanwhile, when investigate a murder, Hartman spot Captain Thorne spying his niece, Lucy and Sanders on the date.

At the end, Hartman went to the park to see Captain Thorne and wanted to know why he was spying on his niece. Thorne told Hartman, Lucy is not his niece, Lucy is his daughter. Thorne explain to Hartman when he was 18, he got his older brother's 19 year-old girlfriend/then wife pregnant with Lucy. Hartman promises Thorne she will keep his secret if he stops with the spying.

#5 - "Shine Away"

Hartman, Robbins and the team investigate a murder of a singer who found dead in her fan's house. Meanwhile, Thorne visit his brother, Derek and his wife, Sarah (Sela Ward) to talk about Lucy's past. During his visit, Sarah warn Thorne to leave Lucy (his daughter) alone in her life.

#6 - "Missing Jerry (Part 1)"

Dekker and O'Donnell are worried about their boss failed to turn up at work before a threating letter send the LYPD team to trying looking for District Attorney Hardin before his life is at danger.

#7 - "Roadkill (Part 2)"

The LYPD team continued to look for Hardin and his strange kidnapper. But they found the search too different when Hardin's kidnapper is masked and he has a black van.

At the end, the team found bruised Hardin at the back of the black van but his kidnapper escape. Ambulance get Hardin to the hospital. When they was inside of the black van, Hartman, Lawrence and Dekker listen the CB radio when Hardin's kidnapper send a threating message that will put somebody's life in danger.

#8 - "Identity Thief"

Hartman and the team investigate when a man is mistake for killing a teenager boy and they believe it is his identity thief who is trying to frame him. Meanwhile, Hardin is hunting by his kidnapped.

#9 - "Frozen"

Hartman and the team investigate a double murder after two teenager girls was found freeze to death. Meanwhile, Hartman warn Thorne to stay away from Lucy but he refused to give up on Lucy, Hartman threating to put his future at risk if the truth don't come out.

And Jack are shocked to see Jasmine in the street, Jasmine says to Jack, she is only here to get her family that leave Jack worried.

#10 - "Into The Woods"

A 15 years old girl and her 14 years old best friend has gone missing when on a school trip in the forest. Hartman and the team learn some dark secret about the forest. Meanwhile, Captain Thorne continues spying one Lucy.

At the end, after rescue the girls, Hartman was about to go home when Sarah arrived and told her to sort out Thorne and stop him revealed the truth, he is Lucy's biological father. After Sarah left, Hartman are shocked to see Lawrence had overheard everything. 

#11 - "Cry Me A River"

Lieutenant Mendoza's son is kidnapped during school. The kidnapper threatening to drown him. Hartman and the team must find him and rescue him before it is too late. Meanwhile, Robbins gets suspicious about Hartman and Lawrence not talking to each other at work before found out their secret: Capt. Thorne is Lucy's biological father.

At the end, after long day, Robbins and Lawrence went to Thorne's office and asks about Lucy before Hartman walk in. Robbins and Lawrence refused to leave the office, if they know the truth. Thorne told Robbins and Lawrence, he slept with Sarah when he was 18 and she was 19 and got her pregnant. Thorne show DNA test to Hartman, Robbins and Lawrence, they are shocked to see Thorne is definitely Lucy's father.

#12 - Ashes to Ashes

A reverend found stabbed to death during a funeral. The team must find the killer before killing more reverends. Meanwhile, when visiting Sarah, Lawrence and Robbins are shocked to found out Thorne and Sarah had affair for several years and then broke it off when Sarah became pregnant with Thorne's child.

#13 - "Sweet Revenge (1)"

Hartman and the team investigate a murder of a young woman and her child but found themselves caught in the war between gangsters. Meanwhile, Hartman found out Thorne has been lying about the affair with Sarah.

At the end, the FBI agents join the police for searching for the gangsters after a officer was killed, angry Hartman confronts Sarah at her house and threatens if she don't tell Lucy about her real father, she will.

#14 - "A Time to Kill (2)"

After accident which has been caused by the Mysterious Bad that killed two officer, the LAPD and the FBI found themselves race against time to find the Mysterious Bad and the Mad Dog before somebody will get killed. Meanwhile, Lauren are shocked to find Hartman with tying Sarah who she kidnapped and Hardin found himself face to face with his kidnapper, the leader of The Mad Dog.

At the end, Derek, Lucy and Thorne are shocked to find Hartman and Lauren with Sarah. Hardin wanting answer from Hartman before Sarah told Lucy, Thorne is her real dad. Thorne refuses to admit it, but an angry Derek starts to believe it. Before the fight between Derek and Thorne kick off, Hartman got a call and found out Hardin has been kidnapped again. Before the caller could hung up, a drive-by shooting could threatening one of them's life.

#15 - "Heroes to the End (3)"

A drive-by shooting left Derek and Lauren's life hung in balance after they are both injured after the shooting. At the hospital, Lucy blamed Sarah and Thorne for putting Derek in hospital and angry Lucy told everybody and the team, Thorne is her real father. Lucy's bombshell leads to a violent confrontation between Sanders and Thorne that is quickly broken up by the rest of the squad.

Meanhwhile, Hartman, her team, the police and the FBI all work to find two gangsters with kidnapped Hardin. Then the search goes deadly, when a final showdown take place, everybody is fighting to end.

At the end, after all of the gangsters are killed and Hardin is rescue and taken to the hospital, Derek is resting in his bed when a mysterious person walk in the room, says "You monster" and suffocates him to death. After visiting Hardin at his bedside, Hartman starts to go home before finding a door open. Hartman walk in to found Derek, dead in his bed. Lucy walk in and saw a shocking Hartman with her real uncle's dead body.

  • Episode ends on cliffhange and beginning of whodunnit is going to be resolved at the next season.

Season 3 (2020-21)

#1 - "Suspicious Minds"

Everybody is shocked from Derek's sudden death, but Hartman starts to believe the circumstances are suspicious and think it was murder. When the police investagate Derek's death, Hartman found out a shocking discovery.

At the end, the police believe Derek died of a heart attack due suffocation. As she's about to go home, Hartman recieves a call from somebody saying Derek deserved it and to look into his past.

#2 - "Black Work"

Robbins, Lawrence and Hartman try to help a police officer to find her son's killer but the investigation turn a twisting turn when learn he was working for a gangster before his death.

Meanwhile, Thorne trying to make everything work for Sarah, Lucy and Sanders after everything and Hartman tries to learn about Derek's life before learning his secret: 4 years ago, he had an affair with 16 years old girl. Several months later, she became pregnant, and he told her to get an abortion, but she refused. One night, while at her house alone with him, Derek pushed her down the stairs, causing her to have a miscarriage. After forcing her to lie about how she was hurt to the hospital staff, Derek ended the affair and told her to never come near or contact him again or he would kill her.

At the end, as Hartman and Max were talking about Derek's affair, Hartman worried she should tell Thorne and Sarah about Derek. Then Jack walks into garden and shocked to found a bead necklace. He walks forward and is shocked to find a decomposing human hand. As Jack dig to found clues, Hartman and Max watch in horror as Jack unearths the body of a teenage girl buried in their garden.

#3 - "Bad Blood"

A 18 years old boy accused for shooting his 12 years old sister but Dekker and O'Donnell believe he is protect somebody. Meanwhile, the girl who been buried in Hartman and Max's garden for four years identity as Kathy Thompson (Bella Thorne), Derek's ex-lover. Hartman, Robbins and Thorne investagate Kathy's death before Mendoza and Young found out Kathy was reported as missing four years ago.

#4 - "No Escape"

A scientist and his family is taking hostage by his past at their own home. Hartman and the team trying to get the family out before getting killed. Meanwhile, Thorne learn somebody stole $30.000 from his late brother's bank account.

#5 - "Law and Rights"

Hartman finds herself in hot water after Robbins accidentally shoots a teenage girl high on PCP during a violent brawl at high school party. With Robbins is suspended, Hartman is grilled by Internal Affairs Sergeant Dick Lockridge (Rick Hoffman) about Robbins' time as a police officer. 

Meanwhile, Thorne attempted to find the person who stole $30,000 from Derek's bank account.

#6 - "Lost in Transgender"

A transgender girl is brutally attacked by a gang in a string of attacks against the transgender community. The Major Case Squad is put on high alert to find those responsible, working with gang unit Detective Jesse Temple (Michael Ealy).

Meanwhile with Robbins still on desk duty, Hartman is partnered with Det. Young on the case, and Thorne finally tracks down the men who stole from his brother Derek's account.

#7 - "Bad to the Bone"

The murder of a young man and an elderly woman on the streets shakes the community and leaves the squad determined to find the killer. However they might have a gleam of hope when they discover there might've been a witness who might have both seen and recorded the whole incident.

Meanwhile, Robbins returns from desk duty and is partnered with Sanders for the investigation, Thorne continues to investigate his brother's death, and learns that there might be more than meets the eye about Derek than he realized...

#8 - "The Birds"

A woman found dead when feeding food to the birds, the team found it different to found the killer because lots of the birds and get suspicious of the death. Meanwhile, Jasmine visit Hartman and told her she saw anybody clear Derek's hospital room on the night when he died. Hartman gets a shock when Jasmine told her Sanders was the person she saw and she think he killed Derek.

#9 - "Starstrike"

A pop music star is found dead in her hot tub, and while signs initally point to an accidental drowning, M.E. Monroe finds evidence of poisoning. Hartman and Robbins, partnered for the case, look into the star's history and discover that while she got along with just about everyone, there were several people who meant her harm, though not in the physical sense...

Also, Sanders is questioned by Thorne and Mendoza over being at the hospital the night of Derek's murder, Sanders denies being involved (as he was there to see his ailling mother) but tells them he saw a young woman enter Derek's room as he left...

#10 - "Vanishing"

Dekker and O'Donnell have trouble prosecuting three teenage boys from the murder of a young exchange student. They are able to get one of the boys to turncoat against to testify against them, but he suddenly disappears on the day he was supposed to. Despite Hartman and the rest of the squad's attempts, they are unable to find him, and as a result, the charges against the other two boys are dropped. The squad and A.D.A.s  begin to think that their victim will never recieve justice, until the revelation of a bug  planted in the office of the case's judge leads them to a stunning outcome.

#11 - "Point of View"

A shooting in a high school leaves three kids and one teacher dead. Hartman and the team believe somebody wanted revenge on the school before thing take a dark turn.

Meanwhile, Hartman and Thorne question Jasmine about the night of Derek's murder. Jasmine admits thought she saw Sanders who clear the room but she saw a woman who attempted to kill Derek before his murder and she stop her.

At the end, Hartman went to the hospital with Jasmine and Sanders to found the woman. Inside of the hospital, Jasmine identities Dr. Kristen Hammond (Alexis Knapp) as the woman she stopped before Derek's death. When Hartman questions Kristen on the night of Derek's murder, Kristen says Derek was a bully and a monster, and that's all needed to know before walking off that leave Hartman suspicious.

#12 - "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"

Det. Temple (Michael Ealy) returns to assist the squad in investigate a drug-related homicide that seems to reach up to the wealthy, high-powered members of Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Hartman and Thorne continue to investigate Dr. Hammond for Derek's murder, and discover that Derek had been having an affair with her 10 year earlier, and turned physically and emotionally abusive, which forced her to end it. When confronted with this, Dr. Hammond admits to wanting him dead for the abuse, but denies killing him, saying she was about to but changed her mind at the last second. 

Forced back to square one, Hartman and Thorne seem lost on what to do next, until Thorne recieves a phone call...

#13 - "In The Box"

Hartman and Thorne fear for their families and colleagues after a threatening phone call from the killer saying that someone close to them will die for their "failure to get justice". Hartman becomes worried of her squad and the D.A's safety after the killer's biggest threat. Thorne attempted to protect Sarah and Lucy before Lucy got a phone call from the killer telling the biggest clue ever who they are.

#14 - "Changes Coming"

The squad investigates a string of high-profile robberies that are being carried out by a group of disavowed Army Special Forces men. Meanwhile, Hartman and Thorne continue to try to find Derek's murderer before he makes good on his threat. Also, Lawrence reveals she is engaged and pregnant by her fiance, and Robbins recieves distressing news about a member of his family in Baltimore...

#15 - "Fallen"

Hartman and the team investigate the death of a young ballerina's death who's trapeze wire was cut during a performance. Sanders gets suspicious about the ballerina's friends and family and believe somebody close to her wanted her dead. Meanwhile, Derek's killer carries out his threat to kill one of Hartman's colleagues.

At the end, Hartman and Thorne arrived at the victim's house when Detective Temple told them the victim's identity is District Attorney Jerry Hardin.

  • Final appearance of Peter Coyote (Jerry Hardin) as a regular.

#16 - "Trackdown"

Shocked by the brutal murder of District Attorney Hardin by Derek Thorne's killer, the squad (on order from the Chief and Councilman Wilkes) goes all out to find the killer and bring him to justice and in the process, find out why he was targeted. Aided by D.A. Investigators Kevin Choy (Tim Kang) and Cara Winston (Tia Mowry-Hardrict), they discover that the murder of Kathy Thompson might be the motive for the killings and Hardin somehow ties into it...

#17 - "The Haunted (1)"

Hartman and the squad continue to bring the killer who murdered Derek and Hardin to justice. Hartman found herself become the target by the killer who is planning to finish his plan. Sanders learn more about Kathy's murder and her killer.

At the end, Hartman got a phone call by the killer who is taken Thorne and his family hostage. Hartman quickly arrived at Thorne's house. Hartman break into Thorne's house and found Thorne, Sarah and Lucy before she was knocked unconscious. The killer walk in and unmasked himself to Thorne and his family...

#18 - "No Good Deed (2)"

The killer reveals himself to be Hardin's law clerk, Josh Michaels (Nick Jonas), who reveals himself to be Kathy Thompson's half-brother. He admits that he murdered Derek for killing his sister, Hardin for failing to charge Derek for her murder and was went after Hartman and Thorne when they refused to stop investigating Derek's death. Hartman, regains conciousness and tries to reason with Josh, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, the rest of the squad is alerted to Thorne's residence by Lucy, who discreetly called them for help, leading to a hostage situation. Eventually, after a long standoff, Josh relents and releases everyone, but commits suicide shortly afterwards to avoid prison.

The squad later attends Hardin's funeral, during which Robbins announces he is moving to Baltimore to be near his ailing father, and has called in a favor to have Jesse take his place, with everyone wishing him well.

  • Final appearance of Morris Chestnut (Lewis Robbins) as a regular.

Season 4 (2021-22)

#1 - "Revamp"

Six months after the events of season 3, the Major Case Squad and D.A.'s office have begun to adjust to Robbins' departure, Hardin's murder, and the replacing of them by Det. Jesse Temple and Interm D.A. Thomas Wolfe. They soon catch the case of a home invasion robbery that left the homeowners dead and their three children missing. Hartman leads the team, including a very pregnant Lawrence on the manhunt to find the children and their kidnappers.

Meanwhile, Captain Thorne continues to struggle with the fallout of his brother's crimes, and Jack and Lauren announce their engagement.

  • First appearance of David Caruso (Thomas Wolfe).
  • Michael Ealy (Jesse Temple) joins the main cast.

#2 - "Subzero"

The squad investigates the death of a woman found in a freezer unit. After learning that she was abducted four years prior, the team looks into the owner of the freezer unit and discovers they might have a serial killer on the loose.

Meanwhile, some of Temple's past is revealed, including a suspension, and Hartman and Max ponder about their son's engagement.

#3 - "Dial M for Murder"

A 10-year-old boy is found stabbed to death in boy's bathroom of his school. Hartman and the squad soon get suspicious of two children, who they believe murder the boy. Meanwhile, Temple and Thorne bond by talking of their troubled pasts to each other.

#4 - "Soldiers of Fortune"

The squad pursues a small group of ex-militants who have stolen drugs from a DEA warehouse. While tracking them down, Temple recognizes the leader as Vince Utley, a soldier he served with on a Special Forces team. Later, Temple suffers from an epileptic seizure while chasing Utley down.

Meanwhile, Jack and Lauren start making plans for their wedding, and Lawrence makes a big decision regarding her career.

#5 - "World of Bonds"

The murder of a prominent judge's daughter pulls the squad into the world of BDSM, which the detectives discover the girl was involved in. Meanwhile, Thorne is forced to deal with Internal Affairs lead by Sgt. Dick Lockridge (Rick Hoffman) regarding his brother's crimes and his killer, and the MCS bids an emotional farewell to Det. Lawrence, who takes a leave of absence from the job in order to raise her child.

  • Final appearance of Zooey Deschanel (Felicity Lawrence) as a regular.

#6 - "Stockholm"

The squad investigates the murder of a reclusive man, and discovers that he was a pedophile behind the abductions and deaths of many children over the years. They are even more shocked when they discover his two accomplices were two victims of his who were never found, and who eventually developed Stockholm Syndrome and began helping him, until they discovered they were going to be replaced, after which they murdered him. Hartman, feeling pity for them, tries to get Dekker and O'Donnell to work out a deal for them to get treatment instead of prison.

Meanwhile, Thorne continues to face IAB grilling over the Derek Thorne saga and Young is pulled into a tenant feud at her apartment.

#7 - "New Blood"

The squad works with Temple's old friends at the gang unit to solve the shooting between two factions of the Bloods and Crips, which left four people, including a 6-year-old girl dead. The squad finds the investigation difficult when no one in the neighborhood is willing to come forth due to the No Snitching/Code of Silence, before an anonymous tip points the squad in the right direction.

Meanwhile, Hartman talks to Jack about his engagement, Temple tries to steer a young boy from the gang life, Thorne finally gets IAB to drop the matter over his brother's crimes and the squad welcomes in new detective Beth Greico (Beau Garrett).

  • First appearance of Beau Garrett (Beth Greico).

#8 - "Brother and Sister"

The squad and the DA's office find themselves taking a hardest case ever when a schizophrenic teenage is boy accused for murdering two of his sisters and attempting to kill the youngest. Meanwhile, Greico found herself involved in an investigation lead by her older brother, James (Chris Vance), also a detective.

At the end, Beth arrived at her house to find James waiting her. He tells Beth he need her help to catch the killer of Randy Spencer, his best friend and partner, who's been on the loose for three years. Beth warns James he might chasing a ghost, but James persists. Before James leaves, Beth agrees to help, and James also makes Beth promise to keep their investigation secret from the rest of the LAPD.

#9 - "Eye in the Sky"

The squad investigates a mass shooting at a theme park in which nine people are killed and four people are injured. Hartman and Temple learn of an accident at the park in which a small child died that happened five years ago and figure out someone carried out revenge for it with the shooting.

Meanwhile, Greico takes time off work to help James find his partner's killer.

#10 - "Til' Death Do We Part"

The funeral of Ethan Fielder, Captain Thorne's old partner comes to a halt when the casket is dropped and not one but two bodies come spilling out. The squad investigation discover that the woman was being investigated by Fielder (who was working as a private investigator past-retirement) for extortion and the squad tries to find who hired him, and thus the killer.

Meanwhile, Hartman, Greico, Young and Sanders must deal with an irate bride, whose wedding ended up being stalled by the investigation and then ruined after she assaulted Hartman, Greico, and Young, and who along with her father is now intending to sue not only the detectives themselves, but the department too.

#11 - "Every Rose Has Its Thornes"

Capt. Thorne's personal life comes into the limelight again, when a woman, Courtney Palmer (Daisy Ridley), comes forth, claiming to be his daughter. As he tries to determine whether or not she's telling the truth, he also learns that Lucy and Sgt. Sanders not only eloped three months earlier, but are also expecting a child.

Meanwhile, the rest of the squad tries to track down a serial arsonist, and the Greicos take a step in finding James's partner's killer. 

#12 - "Battle Cry"

The squad investigates the brutal murder of a teacher and seven high school students on a field trip (two students survive). They discover that while the teacher was well-liked, he owed gambling debts to the son of a Mafia Don and figure that the son committed the mass murder as an example. During the investigation, Hartman and the others started to get concerned of Det. Greico not putting full effort into the investigations; unknown to them, she and James are still trying to locate James' partner's killer.

Meanwhile, Capt. Thorne and Sarah have a romantic dinner where they discuss the possibility of Courtney being Thorne's daughter, and Sarah tells Thorne she is happy to have him as Lucy's father instead of Derek and they kiss.

#13 - "L.A. Med"

Beth and James' Greico's latest in finding Randy's killer leads to a potential suspect. However, they are forced to put their investigation on hold when a bomb explodes in Griffith park. Working with the FBI, the squad tries to find the bomber and in the process, meets the Greico' sister, Abby Lambert (Bianca Kajlich), a doctor at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, which gets flooded with the injured from the bombing.

#14 - "No Way Out"

​Beth and James Greico's search for Randy's killer turn a deadly turn when James' boss is shot twice and nearly killed on his way to work. Thorne learn what Beth and James have been doing and warns them to hurry and wrap their search.

Meanwhile, Hartman and the squad investigates a murder of a congressman's aide that could link with the victim's colleague and boss. Eventually uncovering an affair between the congressman and the aide, they also uncover a love triangle turned deadly.

#15 - "48 Hours (1)"

With the ballistics test from a recent Beth and James finally uncover the identity of Randy Spencer's killer: Porter Beckman (Erik Knudsen), a career criminal and self-proclaimed intellectual. However, when serving an arrest warrant on his apartment with Hartman and Sanders, Beckman starts a shootout that leaves Hartman, Beth, and Sanders wounded. While Hartman manages to escape serious injury, Beth and Sanders are left in critical condition.

As the families of the injured rush to their sides, Thorne pulls out all the stops, forcing every LAPD officer to search for Beckman.

#16 - "24 Hours (2)" 

After a long police chase and another shootout, Beckman is finally arrested for Randy Spencer's murder and the attempted murder of three police officers. As Hartman, Beth, and Sanders begin their road to recovery, Dekker and O'Donnell are tasked with prosecuting Beckman. But when Beckman's defense attorney gets crucial evidence thrown out due to James' misconduct during a search, the D.A.s are forced to re-evaluate their strategy.

Eventually, Beckman's girlfriend (who as it turns out was with Beckman when he killed Randy, and the whom he bragged about the shooting) decides she can't cover for him anymore, comes forth and testifies, leading to Beckman's conviction and sentence to death row.

Afterwards, Hartman is released from the hospital to her family, while Beth and Sanders face a long recovery ahead of them.

Season 5 (2022-23)

#1 - "Hunters"

Eight weeks have gone by, and Beth and Sanders have made excellent progress, while Hartman has returned to active duty. Meanwhile, Max and Jasmine, working together as bounty hunters, apprehend a fugitive wanted for robbery, but when the body of a rival hunter literally drops in on them, the police is called into the scene. Hartman and Young take the lead on the case and discover that the dead hunter was a corrupt and amoral man hated by many, including his wife.

When it's revealed that the wife had a massive insurance policy on her husband and plenty of motive to kill him, she is arrested and put on trial. However, when Dekker and O'Donnell make their case, a shocking revealation is discovered that turns the case upside down.

#2 - "Gone Baby Gone"

Hartman and the MCS investigate the abduction of a 6-year-old boy with Asperger's Syndrome from a shopping mall, but Beth starts to get suspicious with the child's mother after she barely expresses emotion to their child going missing. Soon it's revealed that the child is actually their nephew whom they had been forced to care for following his parent's deaths in a car accident a year prior. The mother (who is the boy's aunt by marriage), who wasn't ready for children, especially a special needs child, confesses to leaving him unattended while she was in a store, refusing take him in with her after he threw a tantrum, and he was gone when she returned for him.

The investigation leads to a secret, decades-old ring of pedophiles who abduct young boys in places with large crowds, and it's revealed that the squad's tech analyst Jasper Baron is gay, and was a victim of this ring when he was 10-years-old, when they track down the ring to it's front at a gay bar. The stress of this case also wears down on James, who is revealed to be a divorced, recovering alcoholic, when he comes dangerously close to falling off the wagon at that same bar.

Eventually the squad takes down the ring with the FBI and the boy and other abducted kids are recovered, but the boy's uncle, angered at his wife's actions, files for separation, much to her dismay.

Meanwhile, after weeks of waiting the DNA test is in and Capt. Thorne is confirmed to be Courtney Palmer's biological father, having been born to an ex-girlfriend who was an businesswoman (who never told him she was pregnant).

#3 - "Black Sky"

The squad investigate five suicides that have occured in within 24 hours. When it's discovered that the victims were all witnesses in three different criminal cases, Hartman and Temple that each case relied solely on the victim's testimony, and initially suspect the tried criminals of having them killed in order get them off. However, Detective Young and Lieutenant Mendoza uncover that the defense attorneys in each case had secretly met with each other, and had made some sort of pact. Upon pulling their computer files, it's discovered that they had cyber-bullied each victim into suicide in order to get an acquittal and collect extra retainer fees. However, at trial, the three attorneys attempt to use their hard-edged methods to discredit each victim, forcing Wolfe to dig up even worse dirt on them.

Meanwhile, Beth and Sanders are finally given the medical clear to return to active duty, but Beth gets stalked by a mysterious man while on the job. After following her for three days, she finally confronts him at gunpoint, only to discover that it's Cameron Johnson (Austin Stowell), Beth's old childhood friend...

#4 - "New Life"

After discovering her old childhood friend Cameron Johnson has been stalking her, Beth questions him on why. Though Cameron claims he just wanted to reconnect with her, she is suspicious and does a background check on him. While his record comes back clean, she remains suspicious.

Meanwhile, due to his unauthorized investigation into his partner's killer and the trouble it caused, James is assigned a new partner, Lucas Rodney (Corbin Bleu). The two later team with Temple and Young to investigate the murder of a building developer which seems to be tied to a heist about to go down at a casino in Las Vegas, forcing the four detectives to head to Sin City to investigate.

Meanwhile, Hartman and Sanders testify in an domestic violence case along with Dr. Abby Lambert, and while leaving the courthouse with them, Lucy goes into labor. However, the four end up getting into a bad car accident on the way, putting the lives of Lucy and the baby at risk. However, with Hartman & Dr. Lambert, Lucy is able to be stablized and successfully gives birth–to twin girls, whom she and Sanders name Abigail and Chloe after the two women who saved them.

#5 - "White City"

Hartman, Temple, and Mendoza take lead on when a black teenage boy and his white girlfriend was attacked by a group of white supremacists. During the course of the investigation, Mendoza reveals he was involved with a gang who went to war with this same group years ago, before he became a cop.

Meanwhile, Cameron visits James at work, but James orders Cameron to leave, hinting at a troubled past with him. Beth confronts Cameron about showing up at her work again. Cameron leaves but not before dropping a hint about James' juvenile past.

#6 - "Best Friend"

James and Cameron come to blows over Cameron's threats to tell Beth about his past. Thing turn serious for James when his ex-con former friend was found dead. James tells Young about his past with Cameron and the secret they've been keeping. Young tells James he needs to tell Beth the truth before things turns ugly.

Meanwhile, Hartman takes the day off to spend time with Daniel and Aurora, and Lucy brings home her and Sanders' twin daughters.

At the end, Beth and James when their father (Craig T. Nelson) visit them, leaving them stunned. As Beth walks off to celebrating her father coming home, Frank told James he knows about Cameron and the incident of their juvenile years.

#7 - "No Witness"

The squad takes the case of a fatal shooting in a park, in which three people, including a 9-year-old girl, were killed. Upon looking at hidden camera footage from a wilderness expert, it's discovered that Daniel and Aurora were both witnesses to the shooting and both are now missing. After several hours of searching, the kids are found shaken but alive, and the shooters are later captured. When the squad determines that the killing was mostly a gang hit on one victim (with the other two being collateral damage), Thorne and Mendoza press harshly for a confession so that Daniel and Aurora won't have to testify. However, the shooters' lawyer manages to get the confession thrown out, forcing the defense to rely on the kids' testimony, but Hartman, Max, and Jasmine refuse to allow it, causing rift between them and the D.A.'s office, almost gets the three of them held in contempt.

In the end, Daniel and Aurora agree to testify, resulting the shooters conviction, and O'Donnell abruptly opts to leave the D.A.'s office to "pursue new challenges".

  • Final appearance of Alexandra Hedison (Ingrid O'Donnell) as a regular.

#8 - "Cold Blood (1)"

Cameron is assaulted by his and James' ex-friend, Damien "Demon" Jepner (Triple H). When the squad gets wind of it, James is shocked to see his Demon again and Demon brings up a dark hint to his connection to James' past when arrested, forcing James to reveal a dark secret: as teenagers, he and Cameron were assaulted and both James and Demon's girlfriends were gang-raped by four heroin-high gang members just a short distance away from their home. Upon finding out, Demon kidnapped and held the gang members at gunpoint for hours just a few days later, then forced James and Cameron to watch as he executed them one by one. He then forced James and Cameron to help bury the bodies in an empty lot and forced them to swear to secrecy about out the incident.

When questioned about the incident, Cameron leads the squad to the lot where the bodies are, and Demon is charged with four counts of first-degree murder. However, IAD Sgt. Lockridge looks into the case and aims to charge James as an accessory to the crime after the fact, which could result in him losing his badge, pension, and freedom all in one. DDA Dekker, along with newly-promoted DDA Winston and Investigator Choy, must figure out how to quash the case and prevent a good cop from losing everything...

  • Tim Kang (Kevin Choy) and Tia Mowry-Hardrict (Cara Winston) are upgraded to the main cast.

#9 - "Bad Seed (2)"

As James fights for his future, Detective Gail Driscoll (Neve Campbell) from Portland arrives in Los Angeles to help Hartman and the squad with a crosstate rapist case.

All the while, James, suspended pending an indictment, finds comfort in his ex-wife Natalie (Malin Åkerman), children, and extended family, and Beth and Rodney team up to conduct their own investigation behind Lockridge.

Meanwhile, Dekker, Winston and Choy, in their own investigation, make a discovery about Demon and the murders that could save James from losing everything....

#10 - "Blood and Chocolate"

Detectives Hartman, Temple and Driscoll investigate a college student's death. Temple gets suspicious of two students who may be linked to the murder. Mendoza then discovers out victim's shocking and deadly secret as a drug kingpin and figure that maybe what got him killed. With so many enemies amongst the campus faculty, students, and visitors, the three detectives go undercover as a criminology professor, campus security, and a student to find out the truth.

Meanwhile, James, now cleared and back on the job, aims to file suit against Lockridge for his witch hunt and slander, and asks Dekker and Winston for help. Dekker declines, but Winston agrees despite Choy and Wolfe's warnings about possible conflict of interest.

#11 - "Child's Play"

A 16 year-old-girl is found stabbed to death in her house with her 8-year-old brother covered in her blood. Though initial investigation points towards the boy as the killer, which is amplified by the knowledge of the boy's emotional and mental problems, Hartman becomes suspicious of the case and a closer look reveals that the boy might have been framed.

Meanwhile, Driscoll and Young develop a rivalry while helping in the investigation, forcing Beth to play peacekeeper between them.

#12 - "Resurgence"

Seven doctors who work in the same hospital as Dr. Lambert are found dead in their homes with gunshot wounds to the head. Hartman and the squad investigate and believe the murders could be linked to a similar case from 14 years ago, in the deaths of five doctors at another California hospital.

Meanwhile, James' lawsuit against Lockridge finds itself in a stalemate and Mendoza deals with a family crisis.

#13 - "Fortitude"

The squad investigates a quartet of teenagers suspected of commiting several home invasion robberies, but the parents obstruct the detectives investigations with powerful attorneys and other means at every turn. When an innocent person is killed in the teens' next robbery, Hartman, Thorne and Dekker push the legal limits of the case in order to bring them to justice.

Meanwhile, the Greico-Lockridge lawsuit continues with both sides taking snipes at each other, and Officer Brooks reveals he has passed the detective exam at the end.

#14 - "Enemy of the City"

Hartman allies with Max and Jasmine after a hunt by the latter two goes terribly wrong and leaves another bounty hunter clinging to life. During the chase, Hartman explores her relationship with Max, and complex friendship with Jasmine.

Also, Thorne and Lucy try to bond with Courtney, and a verdict in the Greico-Lockridge lawsuit is reached...

#15 - "Nevermore (1)"

James wins his case against Lockridge, and the irate I.A.D. officer is forced to pay him $300,000, much to his dismay. In addition, the squad catches a lead on Driscoll's crosstate rape suspect, leading to a manhunt trail that leads into a major corporate company and a big revealation that tears a family apart in the detectives' quest for justice. Meanwhile, the squad celebrates Brooks' promotion as he prepares for his pending reassignment, and he and Officer Ng share a heartfelt moment in private together.

At the end, Beth and James come to the latter's home fallowing the party only to find Cameron there waiting and looking panicked. Cameron warns the two that he thinks Demon might be looking to get revenge on all of them. Before he can say anything further, a car pulls up, the driver shoots Cameron twice and speeds off before the Greicos can even draw their weapons. Despite their efforts to save him, Cameron dies in James' arms before whimpering something to James, devastating him...

Season 6 (2023-24)

#1 - "Evermore (2)"

Cameron Johnson's murder sends shockwaves through LA as Hartman and the squad attempt to locate his killer. Beth and James find themselves dealing with the fallout when Cameron's mother Marnie Johnson (Dale Dickey) appears and blames James for her son's death. 

At the end, Hartman uncover a clue that could links Demon to Cameron's killer and shares it with the squad. Captain Thorne immediately puts the squad on the case to find the murderer...

#2 - "Forevermore (3)"

Hartman and the team finally track down Cameron's killer, who is revealed to be a professional hitman and a enforcer of Demon's but found themselves in danger when the man rigs multiple bombs outside of the LAPD HQ. As most of the squad, along with the department's bomb squad, scramble to stop the bombs, Hartman, Beth, James, and Rodney try to locate Demon's enforcer.

After much seaching, they finally find him, but not before he triggers the timer on the bomb planted right in front of the HQ. The four pursue him, while the rest of the squad scrambles to deactivate the bomb, which with the help from the bomb squad they narrowly manage to do. Meanwhile, the four detectives corner the enforcer on a building roof, and he admits to Demon employing him to kill Cameron, before going for his gun and committing suicide-by-cop, courtesy of the detectives. This, along more evidence found connecting the two, enables Dekker to arrage for Demon to be transferred to a SuperMaxx prison pending his trial.

#3 - "Gain & Loss"

A college freshman apparently commits suicide by driving his car right into a ditch, but after learning he was already dead from asphyxiation before the crash, Hartman and Temple make it into a murder investigation. They and the squad learn that the kid was a good person who seemed to only have trouble regarding a girl he was dating...or more specifically the girl's ex-boyfriend, as they start to look to him as the prime suspect. But not all is as it seems in this case...

Meanwhile, Medoza takes in his teenage niece and nephew (Enos & Eva) after their father is sent to prison for embezzlement and their mother has a breakdown, and Ng meets her new partner, Joel Finn (Warren Kole), who happens to be an old childhood friend of Temple's.

  • First appearance of Warren Kole (Joel Finn).

#4 - "Black Magic"

An acclaimed magician's assistant dies after a magic trick goes horribly wrong. Hartman and Temple find evidence that it was the work of sabatoge and given how many enemy's the magician made during his career, the suspect pool is endless.

Meanwhile, James and Young clash over the case of a murdered schoolgirl, seemingly spelling the end of their friendship. When questioned about this by Thorne, Young admits to feeling shut out due to the whole Cameron/Demon debacle and is upset that James didn't trust her with it, leaving James in thought about how to make it up to her.

In additon, D.A. Wolfe prepares for re-election, but finds his opponent even more than he bargained for.

#5 - "Sliver Monster"

A burned body is discovered covered in sliver tarp during a fashion show. Hartman and the squad learn the victim is former model and an overbearing uber-diva. Initially thinking one of their many rivals is the killer, they are shocked when DNA evidence leads to one of the killers is one of her two twin daughters, whom she pushed into the modeling world against their wishes and abused them mentally and emotionally in order to mold them into her image. But the case to prosecute proves difficult when they find that only one twin committed the murder, but cannot determine which one. 

Meanwhile, James tried to sort things out with Young, Enos & Eva begin acting out, and Sanders, affected by the case, makes Lucy to vow never to let their girls do pageants and modeling.

#6 - "Hell on Earth"

Demon's trial begins and James looks to finally nail his hated rival to the wall. But soon, he and the rest of the squad start recieving death threats, and eventually his ex-wife's and his sister's Abby's homes are firebombed. Marnie and the other squad members and the D.A.'s members recieve similar threats against their families, forcing the squad to go on red alert and must figure out who is behind the threats and how they're connected to Demon.

Meanwhile, Enos & Eva start coming in long past curfew, forcing Mendoza and Lucia to lay down the law, and Wolfe and his campaign go on the offensive in his re-election.

#7 - "Trust (1)"

A classmate of Daniel and Aurora's named Kyle confides in him about being physically abused by his brother Jamie. Aurora informs her parents, along with Jack about Kyle's abuse, opening up an investigation by Hartman.

Meanwhile, during Demon's trial, Marnie who is present and attacks him before she is dragged away. She later tells James and Sanders that she's been getting threatening phone calls and believe Demon must be behind it, prompting an investigation.

After being thoroughly questioned Jamie is released Kyle later shows up to school with a black eye, and is angry at Aurora for telling his secret. Later, Jamie confronts Daniel and Aurora and threatens to beat them both up should they ever speak to Kyle again. The two refuse to heed his threat and get Kyle to ride home with them and Jack. Upon seeing them arrive at his home, Jamie angrily tries to attack Daniel and Aurora, but Jack steps in and fights back. The struggle continues until Jamie breaks free, grabs, and tries to strangle Aurora, and Jack bashes him over the head with a rock. Jamie collapses and lies still and bleeding as everyone looks on...

#8 - "Fighter (2)"

The squad is shocked when hearing about Jack's attack on Jamie (who is now in a coma). Hartman, Max, and Jasmine face their wrost nightmare as Jack, Aurora, and Daniel are questioned by the police, and fear that Jack could get charged with assault & attempted murder. Detective Erin Kingsley (guest star Sarah Snook), the lead investigator in the case, checks out Jack's side of the story out and shockingly discovers just the extent of Jamie's abuse against Kyle.

Meanwhile, the news about Jamie's attack shakes up the squad, and heightens Beth and Thorne's fears about James' behavior during Demon' trial. James wants to push forth with his and Young's growing attraction, but she wishes to stay platonic. And Mendoza soon becomes at wits end with his niece and nephew, when he catches Enos smoking cannabis and Eva in her room with a strange boy.

#9 - "Truth or Dare"

Det. Kingsley continues to investigate the fight between Jamie and Jack, and discovers that Jamie himself was abused as a young child, causing her to ask Hartman to help in her investigation into uncovering the one responsible for this chain of abuse. Meanwhile, Demon's trial hits a snag for the prosecution after critical evidence is thrown out on a technicality, the rest of the squad investigates the murder of a honors college student, and Wolfe's public ratings take a hit after his stepson Reede is arrested for assault and battery.

#10 - "Facing Your Demons"

Demon's trial continues as the prosecution attempts to rebound from its setback, though this proves difficult as Demon's lawyers continue to use underhanded attacks to discredit the evidence against him. However, the revelation of a possible witness to Cameron's murder gives them a glint of hope. Hartman and Kingsley start with Jamie and Kyle's parents in their investigation, but turn up empty handed, and are rudely turned away. But they get a break when Kyle mentions a person named "David" he'd heard Jamie mention before, and start looking into Jamie's past. Young re-evaluates her relationship with James, and Wolfe is forced with a tough decision regarding his re-election

#11 - "Recindance"

Winston, Dekker, and Choy, find the witness to Cameron's murder but discover that it is a 9-year-old girl, who saw Demon kill Cameron and got a clear view of him in his car before driving off. The girl's parents however, refuse to allow her to testify out of fear for her life. As a result, Dekker implores James and Marnie to convince the parents to reconsider, which after some prodding works, and the girl gives full eyewitness testimony just before the jury goes to deliberate. Meanwhile, Hartman and Kingsley locate the man called David (Justin Berti) and, upon learning about him being a fomer babysitter of Jamie's are immediately suspicious of him. Their surveillance of him so reveals his penchant for young boys, and opts to get a warrant. Also, the rest of the squad investigates a triple homicide in the Rampart division and Wolfe drops his re-election campaign to focus on his family.

#12 - "One for the Win"

Hartman and Kingsley get a warrant for David's home and find evidence of child pornography and sexual abuse of many young boys, allowing them to arrest him on multiple charges. Jamie emerges from his coma, and agrees to get help for his problems and his family opts not to press charges against Jack, much to Hartman's relief. Meanwhile, after a week of deliberations, the jury convicts Demon of first degree murder, finally giving Marnie justice for her son.

At the end, Wolfe says goodbye to his colleages at the D.A.'s office for the last time. James visits Young at her house. He apologies for his past behavior and tells her he wants to be with her. Young finally agrees to have a relationship with James only if she can trust him. James promises that he will not let her now, before they share their first kiss as a couple.

  • Final appearance of David Caruso (Thomas Wolfe) as a regular.
  • Mid-season finale.

#13 - "Jailhouse Hell"

A young female inmate is found beaten to death in her cell at the county jail. Temple and Hartman go undercover in jail to investigate, and soon become involved with a dangerous criminal and her gang. They soon find that the woman was a witness in an upccoming double homicide trial and figure that she was killed to silence her.

Meanwhile, Mendoza finally reaches his wits end with Enos and Eva's behavior, causing him to enroll them in a "Scared Straight" program which he helps to run, and take time off the job to deal with it, James and Young attempts to keep their relationship as a secret and Max gets a shock when he is served a civil suit regarding his father's death by his stepmother Sandra (Margot Kidder), half-brother Thomas (Dominic West) and half-sister Anna (Emily Mortimer).

  • First appearance of Geena Davis (Ellis Fontana) as a regular

#14 - "Deep Secrets"

Lieutenant Dedrie Joseph (Taraji P. Henson) arrives as Mendoza's temporary replace at the same time that the remains of a long-missing actress are found in a canal. As the squad investigates, they look into the woman's past and find that she had a habit of seeing married men, which may have gotten her killed.

Meanwhile, Max tries to deal with the news of the civil suit by his father's second family and Sanders volunteers at the local community center, but is cut trying to break up a fight between gang members and is shown to not be feeling well afterwards.

#15 - "Friend Request"

A young college student is found murdered at her dorm. Hartman and Temple investigate the death and believe a new friend on her Facebook could be involved of the murder. But when Winston discovers out five teenagers were murdered in similar ways between 2011 and 2016 and the friend turns out to have a solid alibi for each, Hartman figures someone connected to the friend may be committing the killings.

Meanwhile, Sanders suddenly collapses at the crime scene and is hospitalized. Dr. Lambert's husband Declan (James Van Der Beek), a doctor, tend to him and find that his condition might be more serious than anyone anticipated.

#16 - "Scars of the Past"

A serial rapist thought to be long dormant resurfaces in L.A., and Thorne and Joseph opt to pull out all the stops to find him. The case soon hits an interesting when Hartman and Beth discover that the killer has an accomplice in the attacks who may have been a previous victim of his.

Meanwhile, Max asks Dekker to represent him in his civil suit and Sanders and his family discover from Declan that the cause of his ailment is an enlarged heart and fluid in his lungs--the signs of heart failure.

#17 - "Rubber Necking"

James and Rodney stumble on a burning vehicle in a lot but discover nobody inside. Shortly after, the owners of the car are found dead a mile away in an alley. The mystery of the case brings to light a case involving embezzlement and corporate espionage regarding a drug manufacturing company.

Meanwhile, Mendoza makes a breakthrough with his nephew and niece, Max makes a failed attempt to mediate with his father's hidden family, and Sanders, who is getting sicker and sicker, contemplates his medical options, including a transplant, to treat his enlarged heart.

#18 - "Bad Blood"

The civil suit against Max starts, with his family poking into his military history and possible PTSD as a possible reason for killing Patrick. Dekker bites back remarking that Patrick was a murderer and rapist who had eluded the police for almost two decades, and that Max has not had PTSD.

Meanwhile, the squad investigates a shooting at a nightclub that seems to be gang related, and uncover a massive drug-manufacturing operation within. Beth discover James and Young is in relationship but James promise Beth to reveal his and Young's relationship public soon.

Also, Sanders' deteriorating health continues to worry Lucy and leads Thorne into conflict with everyone, including Hartman and Sarah.

#19 - "Hail, Allah!"

Mendoza returns, and he and Thorne urgently reach out to the entire Los Angeles police department for assistance in resolving Sanders' critical medical condition, while his co-workers at the MCS are frustrated by their inability to help their ailing comrade. 

Meanwhile, Hartman, James and Rodney try to unravel the confusing information given by the suspect in the murder of a Afghani man, who was found semi-naked in a park. And the civil suit against Max reaches a peak when Anna starts picking at Max's relationship with Jasmine, which results in a near-violent confrontation in a hallway between the two women.

#20 - "Manhunter"

Officers Finn, Ng, and Chris Ibarra stumble on to a bank robbery during which a shootout occurs, and Ibarra is killed. As the MCS and the rest of the department search for the killer, they find that the robbery might be connected to the Los Angeles crime family, causing Thorne to reach out to an old rival from within the family for help in finding those responsible.

Meanwhile, Max recieves a tip of information from Thomas about their father's bigamy stretching even further than just two families and Sanders chooses to recieve a transplant and manages to get immediate surgery due to being near the top of the list.

#21 - "Open Ends"

Hartman and Temple investigate the death of a wealthy woman whose spoiled, drug-using son is a prime suspect. However, after finding that the son has an alibi and seems to have made a geniune attempt to get clean and get back in his mother's favor, they look to other suspects in the family who stood to gain from her death.

Meanwhile, with the help of Dekker and Choy, Max uses his experience in finding out his father's nature, and the information secretly given to him by Thomas to fully expose his father's true nature, thus putting an end to the civil suit aganst him. In addition, Young recieves a visit from a mysterious woman (Olivia Newton-John) who strongly resembles her mother. The visit is interrupted when James walk in, causing the woman to abruptly leave.

And just as Sanders is about to leave the hospital for home post-surgery, complacations in the form of a bacterial infection arise and his health goes on quick downslide, derailing his discharge. 

#22 - "Final Stretch"

As his chest infection continues his health's downslide, Sanders' immediate and extended family scramble to his side. Things become even more complicated, when Declan and Abby clash with two other doctors on how to treat the infection which soon starts to spread to his brain and vital organs.

Meanwhile, as tensions run high over Sanders' condition, the squad looks into the death of two black teenagers in a predominently white neighborhood, and start investigating the residents when the teens are discovered to have been honor roll students who attended a local private school. Things are complicated when the D.A. team announces intention to prosecute the case as a hate crime, scaring the entire neighborhood into silence.

#23 - "Goodbyes"

As the MCS and the D.A. team continue to look to updates Sanders, they are visited by Lewis (guest star Morris Chestnut) and Aaliyah Robbins (guest star Bianca Lawson), Felicity Lawrence (guest star Zooey Deschanel) (now working at a less time consuming position at another squad) and Michael Brooks (guest star Adam Jamal Craig) arrive to support their old friend.

Young attempts to locate the woman whom she encountered previously and eventually finds her again. When questioned, the woman admits she's Flora King, Linda's long-lost maternal aunt, her mother's twin sister, showing an old childhood picture to prove it. She then gets a call and leaves but not before promising to meet up again at another time to tell her more.

Meanwhile, Sanders' infection continues to spread and his condition declines to the point where his demise seems inevitable. Soon his family is divided amongst whether to end his suffering or keep fighting the infection. Eventually, Sanders halts the feuding, and opts to let go, expressing sadness disappointment that he'll never get to grow old with Lucy and watch their daughters grow up. After much prodding to try to convince him otherwise, they soon agree to end his suffering. After being read his last rites, his family, friends, and colleagues (including Lewis, Aaliyah, Felicity, and Michael) all say their goodbyes and Declan and Abby begin removing down his support machines. As this happens Sanders dreams of his old mentor Jackie Frakely (guest star Joe Pantelliano), who helps to transition him out of life.

Finally after giving his wedding band to Lucy, and with her, their daughters, Courtney, Thorne, and his immediate family at his side, Sanders fades away, closing his eyes for the last time...

  • Last appearence of Judson Mills (Terry Sanders) as a regular.
  • 100th episode of the series.

#24 - "Matters of the Heart"

At Sanders' funeral, his family, friends and colleagues remember him fondly and all agree that there will never be a cop or a person like him around ever again. The episode is a clip show highlighting Sanders biggest moments on the series. This causes both Hartman and James to consider moving forward in their careers on the force. 

After the funeral, Young meets with her aunt, and reveals that their parents underwent a nasty divorce when they were children, and their father took Flora and moved from Austrailia to America. The sisters tried to keep in contact but soon lost touch, and never saw each other again. Hearing this, Young opts to accept her long lost aunt into her life. Flora is revealed to be the late Emma Greico's best friend and is hiding a big secret.

At the end, Jack announces that he and Lauren have set a wedding date, and that he, inspired by Sanders, will join the police academy, which Hartman and Max ultimately opt to support. Hartman and James, also inspired by Sanders, decide to take the Sergeant's Exam and move up in the L.A.P.D.

Season 7 (2024-25)

#1 - "Beating Heart"

Three months after the death of Sanders, the squad returns to status quo. A boxing legend is found dead in his pool and the autopsy reveals a cocktail of illegal drugs and steriods in his system. While initially thought to be an overdose, Hartman and new detective Mike Ramsay (who happens to be Temple and Finn's old childhood friend and the former's old foster brother) discover that the legend never used drugs in his life, which is even further proven when the M.E. uncovers that he was injected in his left arm even though he was dominantly left-handed. Treating this as a homicide, the squad looks into the underworld of boxing to uncover the truth.

Meanwhile, Lucy continues to struggle to cope with Sanders' death and look after their daughters, Jack graduates the academy and is deputized as a police officer, and Beth and Young finally talk about Young's relationship with James.

  • First appearance of Wentworth Miller (Mike Ramsay).

#2 - "Beauty and the Beast"

A man is arrested for the brutal beating death of his girlfriend of three years. Hartman, Young, and Ramsay investigate the case, but discover that the girlfriend had many enemies by proxy due to her father, a wealthy financier accused of a massive Ponzi scheme. Figuring revenge might be the true motive, the squad looks into the worst the financial world has to offer.

Meanwhile, Jack is assigned to his patrol and meets his FTO, Corporal Tim Rook, and Hartman and James receive their promotions to Sergeant (having passed the exam three months earlier). However, Captain Thorne learns he can only keep one of them on due to manpower being needed elsewhere and is forced to choose between them...

  • First appearance of Jonathan Togo (Tim Rook).

#3 - "White & Red"

A woman who stars as Snow White in a musical production of the tale is found stabbed to death in her car. Hartman, Ramsay and Beth investigate the case and suspect one of the victim's co-stars of Snow White could be the killer. The actress's bitchy diva attitude only makes them even more suspect, and at the end, the revealtion of the killer becomes even more shocking than anyone could ever realized.

Meanwhile, Thorne makes the choice to keep Hartman on as his main Sergeant, and James and Rodney opt to take open positions in the Robbery-Homicide Unit. Also, Jack and Rook patrol a predominantly black neighborhood and face much opposition from the residents due to the generally bad reputation of the police there.

At the end, both Hartman and the Greicos are beset with unexpected guests; Hartman's grandparents Karl and Marlene unexpectedly show up for a visit, and Young brings her aunt Flora to meet her boyfriend's family; Flora and Frank, however, seem to recognize each other somehow.

  • Starting with this episode, Chris Vance and Corbin Bleu's regular recurring roles are reduced.
  • First appearances of Richard Riehle (Karl Hartman) and Marianne Muellerleile (Marlene Hartman).

#4 - "Secret Life"

Temple, Finn and Ramsay get the shock of their life when a body found in a canal is a girl who grew up in the same neighborhood. Left shocked over the murder, they team up with another old friend of theirs, LA County Sheriff's Deputy Roscoe Jefferson (special guest star T.I) to find her killer.

Meanwhile, Flora and Frank confront each other for the first time in years, and it's shockingly revealed that the two had a relationship at a time where Frank and his late wife Emma had been separated, though there seems to be more than just that involved. In addition, Hartman's grandparents start to bond with her family.

At the end, Frank finds a message saying, "The truth will come out" drawn on his bedroom wall with lipstick and a photo of Emma on the floor.

#5 - "Unknown"

A business woman found murdered in the street, but the investigation is complicated when it is found she was using somebody else's identity. Hartman and the squad are forced to go on a search for the woman's true identity and perhaps find out why she was killed.

Meanwhile, Abby's daughter Mandy (Taylor Hickson) becomes friends with a mystery person on Facebook and gets a shock of her life when her 'friend' shows a photo of Emma and her children (James, Abby and Beth) and says they knew Emma's children when they were growing up.

#6 - "Never Go Back

On Halloween, two boys are found in the street, one dead and the other injured. Upon being question the injured boy reveals that they were attacked and his younger sister went missing after they visited a haunted house. Hartman learns the owner of the house is a former schizophrenic soldier who has the sister hostage. Risking everything, Hartman, Beth, Temple and Mendoza are forced to venture into the house and rescue the girl.

Meanwhile, Mandy continues to question her mystery friend about the photo of Emma and her mother, uncle and aunt before her 'friend' sends a message saying Frank is hiding something regarding Emma's death.

#7 - "A Shot in the Dark"

A man accidentally shoots his sister's boyfriend after mistaking him for an intruder. However, an investigation is opened into the matter when it's revealed that the man and the boyfriend were at odds with each other about the latter dating his sister. While most of the squad thinks it's an open-and-shut case, Hartman disagrees, and looks to prove the shooting was indeed accidental.

Meanwhile, Frank discovers Mandy's correspondence with her online friend, whom he discovers is Don Smoak (special guest star Mickey Rourke), his old acquaintance. Upon meeting with him, Smoak urges Frank to come clean about the truth of Emma's death to his family, but Frank is hesitant about letting that part of his life to them.

#8 - "Rookie"

Jack and Rook chase down a robbery suspect but stumble upon a triple homicide in a conveinence store. As the MCS is called to investigate the murders, Jack wants in on the case, but is prohibited due to his rookie status. Nevertheless, he continues to chase leads and eventually finds a clue that points his mother and the others in the direction of a local protection racket.

At the same time, Ramsay confides in Beth his secret desire to learn about his biological family, and Mendoza's marriage hits a rough patch.

#9 - "Who and Why (2)"

Hartman, Temple, and Beth return to Los Angeles from Dallas following the murder of Detective Glenn Rossum (Steven Pasquale) to find out who in the LAPD sold him out to the Marinosa cartel. After no promising leads turn up, Dallas P.D. Detectives Bianca Diaz (Dania Ramirez) and Trey Mathis (Paul Telfer) and DEA Agent Neil Arturo (Nestor Carbonell) and other members of the task force arrive to assist.

Shortly after they arrive, Hartman's son Jack and Corporal Tim Rook are ambushed by men with automatic weapons, though both manage to survive. Realizing that the Marinosa cartel was sending a message to them, the Major Case Squad with the help of the Dallas detectives and the task force turn up the search for Benito Marinosa and the mole, unaware that the latter is much closer than they think...

  • Crossover with L&O: Dallas; part 1 is Dallas Season 10 episode "How & Where".

#10 - "Skimpy Net"

The squad works with the L.A. County Sheriff's Department in the investigation of a young socialite's death. At first, it's assumed to be an accidental drug overdose, but that is soon disproven by M.E. Monroe, who discovers that she did by that of a hotshot, and the fact that she hated needles and preferred to sniff her drugs. This coupled with a slew of bad ex-boyfriends and a series of sex tapes soon turns the investigation in a new direction.

Meanwhile, Jack and Rook deal with interference within a black neghborhood when they make a traffic stop there and Mandy spying on her grandfather; it's clear that Frank is hiding something.

At the end, Mandy finally tells her mother, uncle and aunt about Emma, Frank's lies and everything. James, Beth and Amanda gets seriously suspicious but they all unaware that a mystery woman is watching them.

#11 - "Revelations (1)"

Hartman and James look into the Emma Greico case and are left confused over the evidence they find which seems to implicate that the accident that killed Emma wasn't really an accident. Beth, Young and Ramsay discover Frank had an relationship with Flora when he and Emma was separated. In the cafe, Young question her aunt over her and Frank and then Flora told her that he and Emma were planning to divorce but Frank eventually decided to try to reconcile, succeed, and ended things with Flora.

Temple and Jefferson follow Frank who goes meets his estranged brother Martin in jail. Dresses as guards, Temple and Jefferson listen Frank talking with Martin, who warns him that he could be in trouble regarding Emma, but Frank reminds him that he didn't hurt Emma.

At the end, the police went to Frank's house and arrest him for murder. As Frank is taken to the police car, Beth notices a woman (Adrienne Barbeau) and chases after her. In the alley, Beth confront the woman and left shocked as the woman know her. Then, the woman knocks Beth down and runs away. Beth finds the woman's locket and a photo of her, James and Abby inside of the locket.

#12 - "Fallout (2)"

The MCS tries to overtime to clear Frank of Emma's murder, but that proves difficult when the Greico silbings and Young are ordered off the case, an ambitious young D.A. becomes eager to charge and convict Frank to make a name for himself and Frank himself refuses to help himself out. Hartman decides to risk her badge to help the Greicos find the truth.

Eventually with the help of Young and Flora, they trackdown the mystery woman, who is revealed to be Barbara Kinney (Adrienne Barbeau), a politician with many connections. They eventually conclude, with evidence, that she is behind Emma's murder. When confronted, Barbara admits that she was in love with Frank and had hoped to someday marry him once he divorced Emma and broke things off with Flora. But instead, Frank went back to Emma and reconciled with her, and Barbara was stewed with jealousy. Forced to watch them as they went through life happily, while she stumbled through one broken relationship afte another and failed to have any children of her own, until finally her jealousy boiled over, and she used her connections to have Emma killed and then stage it as a car accident; she then approached the accident scene after it happened and took Emma's locket as a keepsake. About 10 years later, Frank figured it out and confronted Barbara, but she threatened to use her connection and influence to ruin his children's careers, forcing Frank to lie to protect them.

Barbara is arrested, and Frank is released and apologizes to his children for his secrecy. Jack and Lauren then announce their official wedding date, and another surprise: they're having a baby. 

#13 - "Toxic"

A male fashion model is found dead and covered in toxic waste in a dump. Hartman and Temple discover the case is linked to three different cases of models (two females and another male). Ramsay and Beth send to undercover at nuclear power plant and they learn the place is a base of eco-extremists looking to make a statement about the use of fur in the fashion world.

Meanwhile, the Gerico family continues to struggle following the revelations about about Emma's murder and Hartman's family is left excited by Jack and Lauren's baby bombshell.

#14 - "D.N.A."

The MCS takes on the case of a serial rapist, who appears to be Cameron Burke, a family man with no criminal record. Despite him standing by his innocence, the DNA evidence matches him and Burke's world is turned upside down: he loses his job, friends, and reputation all within a matter of days. His wife tries to stick by him, but is lambasted for supporting her husband. The stress of the scrutiny weighs down on Burke to the point where he believes himself to be guilty and attempts suicide.

However, Hartman, believes that Burke is innocent, and on a hunch, runs Burke's DNA, through a national database and comes up with an ex-con named Leon Macker - who looks identical to Burke. After more investigation, it's revealed that Burke and Macker are long-lost twin brothers, separated in the foster care system as babies. The MCU eventually sets up a sting and captures Macker, who after being confronted about fingerprint evidence linking him to one of the rapes, confesses to them all and more: he admits to locating his biological mother and finding out his twin brother, and then used him as a patsy to commit his rapes to avoid getting caught, and to get revenge; he deeply resented that Cameron got to be adopted and have the best family and future, while he was an unfortunate victim of the system's flaws: being bounced around from one bad foster home to another until he aged out. Burke, seeing this, confronts his brother in the interview room for the first time ever, telling him he shouldn've try to ruin his life over a situation that was out of both their hands. As the MCU arrests Macker, Burke tells him that while he'll forgive, he'll never forget.

#15 - "The Fall"

Hartman, Temple, Beth and Ramsay investigate a 19-year-old college student's supposed suicide, but Beth and Temple suspect it was murder after seeing unknown person following them on surveillance footage. When two more college students die in the same manner, the detective suspect a serial killer and decide to stake out other potential targets.

Meanwhile, after going to hospital for a check up for her baby, Lauren sees Young there and Young confides to her that she might be pregnant, which at the end is confirmed by the doctors.

#16 - "See No Evil (1)"

Thorne finds himself targeted by a gang of thugs; the leader of them is the son of a teacher convicted of raping one of his students who wants revenge on Thorne for killing his father when he attempted an escape during his trial. Thorne tells Hartman and Temple what happened 15 years ago. Things goes even worst for Throne as the gang start targeting Lucy and her daughters, forcing Thorne to take drastic measures to stop them.

Meanwhile, Young confides in Lauren about her confirmed pregnancy and admit that she worries about become a mother. Lauren later accidentally told James that Young is pregnant after she believe that he already knew.

At the end, Throne wakes up in the middle of the night upon hearing a noise in his house. He goes downstairs to find one of the members of the gang who targeted him dead in his living room.

#17 - "See No Evil (2)"

Thorne is investigated by Sgt. Lockridge for the murder of one of the gang members who'd been targeting him and his family, and the rest of the MCU works to clear him and prove that this is a ploy by the leader to get revenge for his father by framing Thorne. Meanwhile, James tells Young that he knows about her pregnancy, and wishes to be there for their baby.

#18 - "See No Evil (3)"

The investigation into Thorne continues, and as the gang attempts to sabotage the MCU's investigation, Hartman is forced to make a tough and risky decision to clear her captain and put the leader away for a long time. Young continues to experience pregnancy jitters, and is unsure of whether to tell her family.

Hartman and Temple finally confront the gang and after a tense showdown, in which they reveal the leader killed one of their own to frame Thorne, the gang turns against him and he is arrested. Throne is vindicated, and the gang calls a truce with him.

#19 - "Boom"

The squad investigates when a bomb explodes in a lucrative hotel, killing four people. The FBI initially indicates that it's an act of eco-terrorism due to the victims being board members of a waste-oil company with multiple EPA violations, but a new motive arrises when it's revealed that the four were opposed strongly to a buyout offer from another company.

Meanwhile, Jack and Lauren finish making plans for their wedding including selecting their best man and maid of honor respectively and Ramsay begins to consider searching for his biological family.

#20 - "High Rise"

The D.A.'s office investigates a deadly collapse of a building's structure that killed 13 people. The squad arrests the developer of the building after it's revealed that he cut corners on the building's construction. But during the trial, Dekker and Winston suffer setbacks when the wealthy developer uses his many connections to undermine anyone connected to the prosecution, in order to avoid going to prison, forcing D.A. Fontana to make use of her own connections to ensure that he is put away.

Also, Jack and Lauren have their bachelor and bachelorette parties, and Mendoza's wife files for separation.

#21 - "At Last"

Jack and Lauren's wedding day finally arrives, and members from both of their families come to town to attend, including Lauren's father, Eddie Hicks (special guest star James Caan). Meanwhile, gearing up to the wedding, the squad investigates the murder of a sex offender, who has been killed and his body mutilated and left in a privatized neighborhood. A search of the victim's past brings Intelligence into conflict with the Special Police, a private, sanctioned police force that patrols private properties and operates independently of the LAPD's rules and regulations.

After the case is successfully closed, Jack and Lauren are finally married in front of their friends, families, and colleagues.

Later, Young returns home after the wedding, and finds a phone message from a friend of hers asking for her help. But before she can call back, she is attacked by several men. She is able to fend them off, and even shoot one in the shoulder, forcing them to retreat, but end up taking several blows to the stomach, and collapses from her injuries. She manages to call 911 for help before losing consciousness...

Season 8 (2025-26)

"1 - "Unite & Conquer (1)"

Several days after season finale, Hartman is called in to investigate the death of a black girl found in a train yard, with Jack and Rook as the first officers on scene. While initially believed to be an accident, Hartman suspects foul play when she notices bruises on the girl's chest and it is discovered that the girl is the daughter of a prominent black judge.

Meanwhile, Jasmine visits Daniel and tells of her intention to move to Texas, closer to her parents, and wishes to take him with her. This leaves her in conflict with Max, who does not wish to be separated from his son.

  • First of three point of view episodes
  • The episode forced on some characters and their story in the same day.
  • Characters in the episode: Hartman, Jack, Rook & Dekker; Max, Lauren, Jasmine, Daniel, Monroe, Ng and Hastings.
  • This episode will ends with a moment before the events takes place.

"2 - "Unite & Conquer (2)"

Temple and Mendoza investigate the execution-style murder of a Latino-American store owner. While checking the surveillance tapes, they discover (by a specific tattoo on the men's wrists) the men are part of the Aryan Lords, a white-supremacy organization, who has been deliberately stirring up trouble around certain minority populated urban areas. And it gets even more troubling when the squad discovers that several kids–including James' son Oliver–may have witnessed the murder.

Meanwhile, Thorne once again to butt heads with Lockridge, who accuses Lucy of double dipping into Sanders' pension.

At the end, Choy tracks down Oliver, who is walking in the street on his own. Choy tries to talk to Oliver about the victim but Oliver, not wanting anything to do with the investigation runs away. As Choy attempt to catch Oliver, when a white van begins to drive into them...

  • Second of three point of view episodes
  • The episode forced on some characters and their story in the same day.
  • Characters in the episode: Temple, Mendoza, Thorne & Choy; Sarah, Lucy, Finn, Lockridge and Jefferson (and Oliver)
  • This episode will ends with two characters' life left unknown before the events takes place.

"3 - "Unite & Conquer (3)"

Following her assault in her home at the end of last season, Young is rushed to the hospital; she survives but loses her baby as a result of the assault. While being questioned, Young identifies the same tattoo on the wrist of one of her assailants as that in the robbery. Patching in together with the other detectives, Beth and Ramsay help them realize that the Aryan Lords are behind all three attacks: the judge's daughter for giving harsh sentences to three of their top members, the store owner for spearheading a campaign to have their members evicted from a neighborhood, and Young, because James had busted the leader's sister on drug and assault charges.

In the end, Choy saves Oliver from being run over by the white van which is being driven by two of the Aryan Lords who then crash into a restaurant and they are arrested by Finn who arrives at scene. Afterwards, the squad bans together and manages to arrest the Lords' leader, Trent Donahue, on multiple charges including murder and attempted murder. But Donahue simply smirks as he is led away...

  • Last of three point of view episodes
  • The episode forced on some characters and their story in the same day.
  • Characters in the episode: Beth, Young, Ramsay, Winston & Fontana; James, Abby, Oliver, Rodney and Baron.
  • All characters appears at the ending as all three stories come together and a criminal conspiracy takes place.

"4 - "Unite & Conquer (4)"

Trent Donahue is put on trial, and during the trial, is identified by Oliver and several of his friends as the man who executed the store owner. However, during Oliver's testimony, the trial takes a horrifying turn when Donahue, after breaking out into a crazed rant against the LAPD, grabs a (supposedly unloaded) gun entered into evidence and shoots and kills seven people, including Investigator Choy, Deputy Jefferson and M.E. Monroe, before Hartman and Thorne kill him in return as Donahue was about to shoot Oliver.

The team then races to determine who might have conspired to make the shootings possible and bring down the Aryan Lords once and for all.

  • Last appearence of Tim Kang (Kevin Choy) as a regular.
  • Last appearences of Tim Daly and T.I.

"5 - "Unite & Conquer (5)"

After many raids and busts on the Aryan Lords properties and homes, the MCS is able to shut down the organization, but must still track down the true mastermind behind the courtroom shooting. Eventually, they zero in on a suspect in real estate mogul Vance Ferguson, and enlists Donahue's mother Shannon to trap him using a bodycam to get a confession.

Upon meeting, Vance and Shannon get into an argument, at which Vance admits to spearheading Trent into joining the Lords, and committing those crimes, and setting up the courthouse shooting, all for the sake of starting a race war, so he could seize the properties of the dilapidated neighborhoods, and demolish and rebuild them for upper class residents. As the detectives rush in to make the arrest, Shannon, disgusted and horrified that Vance used her son as a martyr, pulls a gun and shoots him in the shoulder. Hartman, Mendoza, and Ramsay manage to get there and stop her before she can finish the job, and arrest Vance.

At the end, as the squad feels they can finally wind down from the conspiracy, they are soon paid a visit by Internal Affairs Sergeant Oakland Everett (Erik King) who has been assigned to question them over how they handled the situations.

  • First appearance of Erik King (Oakland Everett) in the series.

"6 - "Enough"

Nearly a week since wrapping up the conspiracy, the squad tries to return to normal over as Sgt. Everett questions them over their decisions in their investigation. Thorne also faces angry backlash from some of the families of the courthouse shooting victims as to how this could've occurred. As this happens, the squad is called in to investigate the murder of a war veteran.

Meanwhile, James and Natalie is all growing worried of Oliver's behavior after the courthouse shooting, and Young struggles to deal with her miscarriage.

"7 - "Anger Management"

As new Investigator Richie Lowry joins the D.A.'s office, Hartman and Beth investigate a death of a male school teacher who was found dead in a classroom. New M.E. Lucien Novač (Goran Visnjic) discover the teacher was sodomized with a foreign three days before he was murdered. After hearing the victim had faced sexual molestation allegations from multiple students, Hartman and Beth concluded the killer must be one of the man's potential victims or their parents.

Meanwhile, things go from bad to worse for Thorne as he is publicly humiliated by the media over the courthouse shooting. Later, at work, Finn furiously confronts and attacks Thorne, blaming him for Jefferson's death, as Temple and Ramsay stops Finn from doing something that could end his career.

At the end, as the team has a drink at the bar, Everett arrives and tells everybody that the families of the courthouse shooting victims are suing the police department and the city over the shooting.

  • First appearances of Jamie Bamber (Richie Lowry) and Goran Visnjic (Lucien Novač) in the series.

"8 - "Face Off"

An inmate is found stabbed to death in his prison cell. As they investigate the case, Hartman and Beth discover the criminal is actually an undercover FBI agent and his killer is out in Los Angeles, having discovered who the agent was, killed him and stole his identity, and is now using it and his federal credentials. As the detectives work with the FBI to fnd the man, they realize he is searching for something or someone connected to his incarceration.

Meanwhile, Everett faces off against Thorne once more as Everett challenge Thorne, but Mendoza convinces them to focus their energy into finding the evidence clerk that Vance Ferguson bribed to load the firearm that Trent Donahue used in the courthouse shooting.

"9 - "Cat and Mouse"

As the investigation into the handler responsible for the courthouse shooting continues, Thorne and Everett must deal with inaccurate media implications that portray the former as inept. And even more so Thorne finds himself being threatened by a unknown stalker. Meanwhile, Young continues to battle depression over her miscarriage, Beth gets suspicous at Ramsay's strange behavior, and Hartman and Temple take the case of a wealthy businessman's murder that leads to a major pedophile ring.

At the end, Thorne and Sarah go to see Lucy and her daughters, but they find the house trashed, Abby and Chloe alone in their bedroom and Lucy gone. Meanwhile, Lucy wakes up, tied up in the trunk of the car.

"10 - "My Beloved (1)"

With Lucy missing and presumably being held captive, Thorne is forced to deal with the media dogging him about it as well as the courthouse shooting as he leads out an all out manhunt to find her and her kidnapper. Also, Hartman is forced to work together with Everett to monitor Thorne's conduct during the search, putting her in a very uncomfortable situation.

Meanwhile, Lucy's captor reveals that he is David Erlick, the evidence clerk responsible for the courthouse shooting. He has decided to use Lucy as a bargaining chip to escape the city of Los Angeles.

"11 - "My Beloved (2)"

After Erlick reveals his identity as both the one responsible for the courthouse shooting and Lucy's captor, he demands to be allowed safe passage out of the city in exchange for Lucy's safe return. Enraged at the man, who has caused him so much grief in the past few months, Thorne calls all hands on deck in the MCS to locate his daughter and bring Erlick down dead or alive, and the squad tries to both keep their captain's head cool and clam.

As this happens Lucy manages to escape, and contact Hartman. Hartman, Everett, and Thorne go to her location, reaching her just as Erlick finds and attempts to recapture her, leading to a shootout between him and them. Erlick soon finds himself cornered at all ends by the LAPD. He then attempts to kill Thorne, but Thorne shoots first, wounding him, before promptly arresting him personally.

Lucy is brought home safely, Thorne gives a statement to the media about Erlick, and Everett admits to both Hartman and Thorne that he was wrong about them, and has decided to stick around in the MCS on a permanent basis.

"12 - "Sparkle"

A jewelry store heist apparently goes wrong, leaving one of the robbers, a guard, and two customers dead. The MCS discovers that a vicious gang of robbers have been embarked on a robbery spree across the Midwest, leaving a trail of carnage and death in their wake. The squad must scramble to find the gang's next target to stop them before anyone else gets hurt.

Meanwhile, Young continues to battle depression over losing her baby, which strains her relationship with James, and forces Hartman to have a heart-to-heart with her.

"13 - "Adam's Apple"

A known drug dealer is found murdered in an hi-rise office building in Downtown L.A. As the MCS tries to determine who killed him and why he was there, Hartman and Temple come across a potential motive: the dealer was dating the daughter of a wealthy businessman who did not approve. Beth and Ramsay also find evidence that the dealer was trying to go on the straight and narrow, and that this was because the daughter was pregnant with his child. Now suspecting the father even more than ever, the D.A. office prepares to charge him with murder, until a shocking new suspect with more motive is uncovered. The MCS then must determine which suspect killed the dealer in order for the office to file murder charges.

"14 - "When Duty Falls"

When a female escort is found sexually assaulted and brutally beaten, the MCU is called in to investigate. They soon discover that she was in a sleazy hotel with three soldiers from the military. However, the case becomes complicated when one soldier refuses to talk and another confesses to the crime, even though it is clear that he is lying. Eventually, when the real rapist is found and the DNA comes in, the case takes an extremely shocking twist and a huge sacrifice is made by one of the soldiers who has been hiding a secret from the world for a very long time.

Meanwhile, Young's unprofessional work in the case and taking it personally leads to Hartman and Thorne questioning her capability to continue working with her depression over the loss of her baby still active, causing her reveal a deep secret from her past romantic life. After this, Young finally decides to take some time off to get herself back together.

"15 - "Ultimate Betrayal"

Two police officers are accused of raping a female colleague. The MCS investigation then turns complicated the case where a young rookie detective, Ariel Vargas (guest star Victoria Justice) gets involved in the case. The squad detests her meddling until Hartman discovers Vargas is not only District Attorney Fontana's daughter, but also a witness of the rape. This, however, seems to taint the case to potential bias, until Beth and Temple manage to find several civilian victims who accuse the officers of the same crimes.

At the end, the two officers are convicted of the rape, thank to Vargas's testimony, and face dozens of other changes thanks to the previous victims. Thorne decides to keep Vargas on until Young returns from her time off.

  • Young is not appearing in this episode.

"16 - "Domestic"

As the squad adjusts to Vargas's addition, they find themselves in the brutal stabbing of a woman in her own home. Learning that the victim was formerly an abused spouse, the squad immediately suspects her ex-husband and quickly locates and brings him in. While it may seem like an open and shut case to the rest of the squad and the D.A.'s office, Vargas feels that it seems to simple to be just that, and a closer look at the 9-1-1 call the victim made the night of her death and a previous 9-1-1 call she made regarding her ex-husband several years earlier point to that the killer is still out there.

Eventually with Hartman and Investigator Lowry's help, Vargas uncovers that the victim had been a sponsor and close friend of another woman she met in a battered woman's group, and figure that the killer is the sponsee's ex. They immediately track her down, and arrive in time to arrest her ex just as he's about harm her.

At the end, Vargas's stepfather Gordon Fontana (Ben Mendelsohn) arrives at her apartment to supposedly to talk...and then makes a sexual advance towards her, which she is reluctant about but ultimately gives into.

  • Young is not appearing in this episode.

"17 - "The Other Side"

Everett's children Stephen and Vanessa are arrested along with two friends for having over 200 oxy pills in Stephen's car, and face felony drug dealing charges. Although it's later revealed that the pills actually belong Vanessa, Stephen refuses to come forward to protect his sister, even if it means ruining his own future. Everett is now faced with the possibility of one of his children having their lives ruined.

Meanwhile, D.D.A. Winston discovers that she's pregnant with her second child, Mendoza considers a potential career change and Vargas secretly struggles with her stepfather's ongoing abuse of her, which is revealed by him to have been occurring on-and-off since she was 15.

In the end, one of Stephen and Vanessa's friends, already having a criminal record takes the fall for the pills, thus saving them both.

  • Young is not appearing in this episode.

"18 - "Russian Roulette"

The squad investigates a supposed "game" of Russian Roulette gone horribly wrong after two stage actors are found dead. Upon finding that the other bullets in the guns were blanks, Hartman and Ramsay pursue the theory that the game was deliberately rigged and learn that the actors were primary and understudy for a popular production, and dig through the long list of suspects to find the murderer.

Meanwhile, Vargas struggles to be near her stepfather after she comes home for a family dinner. In private, Vargas confronts Gordon about her long-term, ongoing abuse, and vows that one day he'll slip up, people will learn the truth by either her or himself, and he will lose everything, at which Gordon only laughs before telling Vargas that nobody will believe her and he will make sure of it.

  • Young is not appearing in this episode.

"19 - "Custody"

Hartman and the team gets caught up in an intense custody battle after a 10-year-old boy is stabbed while in his mother's care. Hartman believes one of the parents may be responsible, but things get worse after the boy's mother is found dead. The father then becomes the prime suspect, but a shocking betrayal soon puts the case in a whole new light.

Meanwhile, D.D.A. Winston faces uncertain choices regarding her future due to her pregnancy, and Vargas attempts to have a normal day at work but, having gotten used to her new routine, she is hurt after Beth tolds her that Young will return to work couple of weeks time and not to get too settled in. Later, Gordon send her text that he is going on a business trip for a few months but he will be back for their "unfinished business".

At the end, Mendoza drops a bombshell on the squad team: he has decided to accept a promotion to become Captain of the LAPD's Anti-Corruption Unit.

"20 - "Officer Involved (1)"

As Hartman and her family gear up for Lauren to give birth to her and Jack's first child and Hartman's first grandchild, Lauren, Jack, Daniel, Aurora, and Lauren's visting father Eddie Hicks (special guest star James Caan) find themselves trapped in a hostage situation at a bank following a robbery gone wrong. The MCS tries to work with Hostage Negotiation to keep everyone safe, but then things become complicated when Lauren goes into labor early, rattling the robbers, which ultimately results in a shootout between them and Jack and Eddie, which results in the death of two of the robbers, and a hostage.

Following this, the MCS storm the bank and arrest the remaining two robbers, and Lauren is taken to the hospital where she gives birth to her and Jack's son, Jason Maximillian Hartman. The family's joy is short-lived as I.A. Sgt. Lockridge arrives, telling them that the dead hostage may have been killed by friendly fire, e.g. Jack or Eddie's...

"#21 - "Officer Involved (2)"

With Lockridge putting Jack and Eddie under the microscope, Hartman is forced to the sidelines as Everett, Thorne, and Mendoza try everything they can to protect the two, which is even more difficult when the victim's husband aims for lawsuits against the Hartman family, the LAPD, and the city. But when one of Eddie's bullets is found in the hostage's body, D.D.A.s Dekker and Winston possibly face charging both Jack and Eddie with manslaughter.

However, M.E. Novač's autopsy report that the bullet, found in the dead hostage's abdomen did not kill her and that she died from two accurate through-and-through shots to the heart. Hartman, upon learning this, theorizes that the robbery was actually an assassination in disguise. Upon suggesting this theory to the rest of the squad, a quick look at the hostage's assests, which were worth millions of dollars and now belong to her husband, combined with her life insurance and the impending lawsuits, would have left him rich. They also find that he was cheating on her with their marriage counselor, whom they force to help set him up into confessing, resulting in him and the two remaining robbers being convicted on charges of conspiracy, robbery, and murder.

In the end, Winston opts to leave the D.A.s office to focus on her child, Mendoza begins making preparations for his new promotion, and Hartman and her family finally celebrate Jason's birth.

  • Final appearences of Tia Mowry-Hardict (Cara Winston) and Ricardo Antonio Chavira (Carlos Mendoza) as regulars.

Season 9 (2027)

"1 - "Sweet Caroline"

Three months after the eighth season's finale, a popular TV star is found dead in her house. Hartman and the MCS investigate the victim's death, and make a shocking discovery about her life. This quickly leads them to a lead suspect in her death, but the suspect attempts to discredit the victim by spilling as much dirt on her as possible. But when all seems lost in the case, Winston's replacement, Deputy District Attorney Morgan Shane (Elizabeth Gillies), manages to bend the rules to dig up dirt on the suspect that nails him as the killer and leads to his conviction.

Meanwhile, having grown close to the Hartman family, Vargas takes a day off to babysit Jack and Lauren's son Jason (due to no one else in the family being available). However, she ends up having a tense encounter with her stepfather Gordon who has returned from his business trip, broken into her apartment, and has held Jason in his arms. Vargas threatens to go public with the abuse, but Gordon not-so-subtly threatens harm against the Hartmans and her mother and sister if she does. After he gives her Jason and then leaves, Vargas, having had enough, declares war against her stepfather.

At the end, Vargas hired a group of teenagers to vandalize Gordon's car as her "first strike".

  • First appearance of Elizabeth Gillies (Morgan Shane) as a regular.

"2 - "Peppermint"

The MCS investigates a shooting at theme park that left a father and young girl dead and another young girl injured. When the mother of the family tries to seek vigilante justice against the shooter by placing a lethal bounty on his head, Hartman and Beth attempts to convince her to drop the personal manhunt while the rest of the squad continues to search for the shooter.

Meanwhile, Vargas and two other detectives investigate the vandalizing of Gordon's car. Vargas is happy when there are no evidence links to her and the teenagers over-vandalize but later, Gordon confronts Vargas over his car at the police locker room. Vargas strongly denies anything before Gordon warns her that she will be sorry if he finds that she's lying. After he leaves, Vargas silently warns him that she won't be sorry as he will be soon.

At the end, D.D.A. Shane, after closing the shooting case with a conviction, becomes horrified upon seeing Gordon with Fontana and Angela in the office. When she and Gordon comes face to face, he recognizes her and she manages to give a friendly greeting, citing that her father is an old business partner and friend. Shane leaves the office in a hurry and ends up throwing up and breaking down in the bathroom.

"3 - "Songbird"

With the lieutenant's spot open following Mendoza's promotion, he briefly returns to introduce his old friend Cyrus Barrera as his replacement which Thorne and the rest of the MCU. Barrera arrives just in time to help the team investigate a death of a young ballet dancer. The dancer is dressed as a songbird and supposedly fell to her death during a self-rehearsal. Things gets complicated when they find just how cutthroat the world of dancing can be, and then make a shocking discovery about the victim's ex-boyfriend which seems to be linked to her death.

Meanwhile, Vargas finds it difficult to think up the next part of her war against Gordon. She then is forced to spend time with him after Gordon invite her for lunch at his house. Vargas tries to reject Gordon who wants to take things further but Vargas sees Gordon's office keys and end up to seeing an opportunity, she allows him to have his way with her again.

At the end, Vargas steals Gordon's office keys and then leave Gordon's house without anybody seeing her, but Shane spot her and confronts Vargas over Gordon. Vargas is relectant to talk to Shane about the ongoing abuse, but Shane quickly recognizes what Vargas is going through and reveals that Gordon did the same things to her starting when she was a teenager. Vargas is shocked, but then confirms Shane's theory and then tells her she wants Gordon to pay for everything that he's done and shows her Gordon's keys, telling Shane that she is going to dig up as much dirt as she can find on him and expose it all. Impressed, Shane tells Vargas that she wants in...

  • First appearance of Benito Martinez (Cyrus Barrera) as regular.

"4 - "The Detail"

Barrera teams up with Hartman when two illegal immigrants are found dumped under a bridge, with both of their stomachs cut open. When it's revealed that one of the immigrants died of a heroin overdose, and the other was executed via a gunshot to the head, the squad suspects a ring that both smuggles drugs and trafficks humans might have a deep-seated operation in Los Angeles, and team up with the FBI, DEA, and ICE in a brief task force to root it out.

Meanwhile, Vargas and Shane have a connection of the former gain access to Gordon's office using copies of his keys (which Vargas had made) while he is away, and hack and copy information including heavily encrypted files from his laptop. After breaking some of the encryption, and finding some risque photos of girls between their teens and their twenties, Vargas and Shane figure they might have found some of just what they need to bring Gordon down.

"5 - "Rampage"

When a former wrestler goes on a rampage in the shopping center, Jack and Rook, along with Officers Finn and Ng attempt to subdue him, but are no match for him and Rook is seriously injured. Hartman and Temple, respond and attempt to help, but Temple is injured as well, before Hartman manages to tase him and Finn knocks him out and arrests him.

The rest of the squad are left to investigate the wrestler's medical history to figure out how this all started, but things turn serious when a depressed student is shot dead by police after he violently goes on a rampage at school attacking a teacher and three students at school. Hartman then discovers that both the wrestler and the student were in a trial program for a new experimental anti-depressant, but closer studies reveal that the drug had critical side effects, and a cover-up is suspected by the company who made the drug, causing Dekker and Shane to push for charges of reckless endangerment and corruption against them.

At the end, Ramsay share a moment with Beth, revealing that as a foster kid, he struggled with depression over bouncing from place to place. The two then share a tender moment where he kisses her forehead.

"6 - "Under Attack"

The squad investigates an blitz attack on a news crew as they were covering a story, killing several members of the crew. Later, the same assailant infilitrates the news station and splashes hydrochloric acid into the news anchor's face, at which she is arrested. Hartman believes somebody from the newsroom was the target until Vargas makes a shocking discovery about the anchor and several members of the news crew that were attacked.

Meanwhile, Ramsay and Beth found themselves getting closer when working on the case and Gordon confronts Shane over their sordid past. Shane angrily orders Gordon to leave, but before he does, he makes references to her having a child, at which she holds up a photo of her son Jonathan and promises herself that she will not let his father near him.

"7 - "Locked Away"

Gordon's true nature grows more apparent as he attempts to control both Shane and Vargas, still unaware that the two are in league with each other. Gordon has a "fixer" of his, steal Young's anti-depression medication from work and plant them and other drugs at Shane's house and anonymously report this to the police, which results in her arrest.

Hartman and the squad argue over Shane's guilt, while Vargas suspects Gordon, but is unable to prove it. Later, Beth and Everett are able to track down and arrest the fixer, and he confesses to framing Shane on someone's behalf, but refuses to flip on who that someone is. After being released, Shane and Vargas decide to up their efforts to bring down Gordon once and for all.

At the end, a flashback shows a young Vargas (Ariel Winter) being cornered by Gordon for the first time in her bedroom...

  • This is the 150th episode of the series.

"8 - "Bleeding Hearts"

A woman is arrested for allegedly shooting her cheating husband and his lover in their bedroom, killing the latter. At first, it seems to be an open-and-shut case, but Temple and Young discover that the husband had been caught cheating once before and a clause in his prenup agreement dictates that should he be caught cheating again, his wife gets everything in a divorce. Suspecting that the husband set his wife up to take the fall for killing his lover, Hartman and the squad try to figure out and prove how he did it.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Shane meet and bond while spending time with their sons at the park. When Lauren questions her about Jonathan's father, Shane, struggling to hide her pain, lies, saying that he died before Jonathan was born.

At the end, a flashback shows a young Shane (Joey King) in a luxury hotel room that her father is doing business. After hearing a knock at the door, Shane opens it, thinking that it's room service and comes face to face with Gordon...

"9 - "Sudden Impact"

A high-speed police pursuit ends with the driver fatally crashing, which causes the trunk to pop open and the car's owner, shot to death, to fall out onto the road. The squad traces the car back to where the driver had stolen it from, and find that the owner was a diamond broker who may have been killed after stumbling onto some suspicious activities within his business. Temple and Beth must then go undercover to flush out the culprits.

Meanwhile, James and Young discuss their relationship trying to determine if it still has a future after recent events, Jack and Rook de-fuse an escalating domestic violence situation and Dekker, Thorne and Barrera noticing Vargas and Shane's continued mysterious alliance, ask Hartman to keep an eye on them.

"10 - "Five A Pair"

The squad investigates the shooting of five rich people, dumped in the back of an SUV and then dropped off at a hospital. While trying to find the link between the people and who would want to harm any of them, Hartman and Everett uncover a dark conspiracy involving money laundering for a Columbian drug cartel, who is apparently trying to tie up lose ends. The squad must work with the feds to protect all others involved before the cartel can get to them first.

Meanwhile, Beth and Ramsay decide to finally make their relationship official and Vargas and Shane seem to catch a break on their quest to expose Gordon. However, Gordon, seeing the two having grown closer, decides that Vargas has become too much of a threat and decides to have her "dealt with" once and for all...

"11 - "Past Wounds (1)"

The squad investigates the disappearance of a thirteen-year-old girl. Her online activity suggests that she was planning to meet someone she had been co-responding with on social media, causing her parents and the squad to assume the worst. However, when the person's identity is discovered, the revelation uncovers a long-buried secret that threatens to tear a family apart.

Meanwhile, Hartman confronts Vargas and Shane about their recent secret activities. After some difficulty, the two come clean about Gordon and the abuse they've suffered because of him. Horrified and disgusted, Hartman decides to help bring Gordon to justice, but is sworn to secrecy over the abuse until further notice. 

At the end, Vargas decides to get out of her apartment for a while on Hartman's advice and asks Beth to go pack a bag for her. When Beth enters the apartment, she is attacked suddenly by a masked assailant - a hitman who Gordon hired, who manages to stab her in the abdomen before she overpowers and shoots him dead. Beth, bleeding badly, then calls 9-1-1 to report her stabbing...

"12 - "Present Trauma (2)"

As Beth is rushed to the hospital after being stabbed, the squad seeks answers over her attack at Vargas' apartment. Rumors start to circulate that Vargas is responsible for the attack; Hartman defends Vargas but refuses to give the whole story or Vargas's whereabouts to anyone due to her promise to her and Shane. 

Meanwhile, Gordon is horrifed upon learning that his plan backfired, that an innocent detective was stabbed, and that Vargas has disappeared. As Fontana worries for her daughter and the squad searches for her, Gordon confronts Hartman in the squad room, who refuses to tell him Vargas' whereabouts. Then, Gordon turns violent on Hartman, grabbing her by the throat and threatening to come after her and her family. Thorne catch and stop him and force him to leave under threat of arrest. As Gordon leaves, Hartman comes clean to Thorne about Gordon's true nature.

At the end, Shane and Angela secretly meets Vargas outside of a gas station, where they gives Vargas some stuff before warning her that her colleagues are looking for her for questioning over Beth's stabbing. Vargas tells her half-sister that her father is not to be trusted, before running off back into. Hartman, Shane and Thorne went to Vargas' apartment, looking for answers before the latter two go to an attic space and Thorne becomes horrifed over what he finds there...

"13 - "Sober"

At D.A. Fontana's office, it's revealed that Thorne had found boxes of pornographic pictures of Vargas, Shane and at least a dozen other girls, between the ages of 13 and 17, and even some recent pictures. Faced with this, Fontana is left overwhelmed with this knowledge. Shane then details the abuse she suffered at Gordon's hands starting when she was 14, which eventually resulted in a pregnancy; she then reveals that her son Jonathan is Gordon's son, that neither of them know about the other and she has strived to keep it that way.

Fontana tracks her daughter in the safehouse where Hartman and Thorne are personally guarding her before Vargas tells her mother about the first time Gordon raped her and that the abuse has continued into the present day. Shaken and horrified, Fontana is ready to break down over the fact that's she couldn't see that she was married to a monster for so long, but Shane and Vargas assure her that Gordon is the only one to blame. Now with a newfound sense of vengeance, Fontana decides to take her husband down as hard as possible. Shane then gets a call from Young that Beth is awake in recovery.

  • This is mostly a flashback episode.

"14 - "Twilight"

Hartman and Thorne struggle to keep the squad together following Beth's stabbing and Vargas' disapperance. The squad investigates a shooting in a nightclub that took the life of a popular singer's brother. Temple gets suspicious and believes the singer was the target. The squad tracks down the shooter, and makes a shocking discovery about the singer that leads back to his rising star years.

Meanwhile, Shane tries to work with Fontana to expose Gordon's crimes, but they struggle to track down the identities of the girls in the photos. However, Shane manages to find one identity: a 18-years-old college freshman Alison Hamilton (Bella Thorne), the daughter of a prominent congressman who is friend of Gordon's. Shane and Fontana tracks down Alison, and after some persuasion, tells them her story about Gordon's abuse which started when she was 15, and has been ongoing ever since. After learning that Fontana has a daughter by Gordon, Alison then warns Fontana that Angela's safety could be at risk.

At the end, Fontana decides to keep Angela safe from Gordon by taking her to stay with Vargas. Vargas warns her mother that Gordon is dangerous, but Fontana make Vargas a promise to make him pay for everything he's done. Meanwhile, the hospital, Beth details her attack to Ramsey and James before Hartman tells them that the hitman's target was Vargas, not Beth.

"15 - "Disturbia"

With Vargas and Angela still under protection, Hartman, Thorne, Shane and Fontana try to figure out a way to bring Gordon down for all of his crimes. Fontana tries to continues about her daily life with Gordon as if everything was normal, but he begins acting somewhat erratic due to his determination to search for Vargas and ensure that his failed hit on her cannot be traced back to him.

Meanwhile, with the help of Dekker, Lowry and tech analyst Jasper Baron, Hartman and Shane start reaching out trying to find more of Gordon's victims. They eventually manage to find six of them, but most are scared to talk, forcing Vargas to emerge from hiding and her and Shane to tell their stories to inspire them to come forth.

"16 - "No Snitchin'"

The squad continues to try and go about their daily work, by investigating the massacre of eight gang members in a low-income community. The investigation is hampered by the "no-snitching" policy in the community, but when a young witness is found, the squad must go above and beyond lengths to protect her from harm by the killer who is willing to go to any lengths to keep her quiet.

Meanwhile, Hartman, Fontana, Vargas and Shane put their plan into action by having Alison publicly accuse Gordon of sexual assault and rape. Over the next few days, several more of the other found victims come forward, putting pressure on Gordon, who publicly denies everything, but soon realizes that this must be a master plan of Vargas. He then calls Angela who he believe she is at her friend's house and tells her that the claims against him are lies and that her sister is conspiring against him with them. Being only a child, Angela blindly believes him.

At the end, after a heated argument with Vargas over Gordon, Angela secretly calls her father, telling him the address where she and Vargas are. Gordon promise Angela he will come to get her safe before holding a gun, telling himself that Vargas is going to pay for this...

"17 - "Strangers"

Hartman and the squad investigate a death of an undefeated street racer who is gunned down while celebrating his most recent win. Hartman and Temple discover a social media site for street racers, linking the victim to six unknown persons. Suspecting the killer is among them, the squad must root out the six others to find who they are and who the killer is.

Meanwhile, Fontana and Shane learn that Gordon has disappeared and become increasingly worried about what he plans to do. Fontana calls Vargas about Gordon going AWOL, and in the process Vargas discovers that Angela called Gordon and told him the safehouse address. Upon learning this, Fontana realizes that Gordon is coming for them, and tells Vargas to take her sister and run while she calls the police.

At the end, Vargas trashes the safehouse and takes Angela with her. Gordon arrive to find the house trashes and Vargas and Angela are gone. Vargas promise herself that Gordon will not hurt Angela as she runs into the woods and carrying Angela on her back with Gordon behind her...

"18 - "Into The Woods"

Not long after after Vargas escapes with Angela, Hartman, Fontana, Shane, and Thorne arrive at the safehouse. As the rest of the squad gets involved, Hartman finally tells them everything, leaving them shocked and outraged at Gordon. Then, Young discover footprints into the wood which lead everybody reaching into the wood.

Meanwhile, Vargas and Angela find themselves lost into the woods, while hiding from Gordon. Vargas finally tells Angela about what Gordon did to her and other girls. Later, Vargas and Angela find a gas station where Vargas calls Hartman, but Gordon finds and confronts them. Vargas fights off Gordon and attempts escape with Angela, but Gordon accidentally shoots Angela in the leg, much to his shock. Vargas tries to stop the bleeding as Gordon confronts her at gunpoint. Vargas begs Gordon that Angela needs help, but Gordon refuse to listen, angrily blaming her for causing him to shoot Angela. Vargas begs Gordon to take her over Angela, just as Hartman and Fontana arrive.

Gordon takes Vargas hostage and she tells them to let him go with her, urging him to help Angela. Hartman complies and Gordon carjacks another individual, and forces Vargas to drive him away at gunpoint, as the squad calls for an ambulance for Angela.

"19 - "Uncovered"

As Angela lies in the hospital from her gunshot wound, the squad struggles to work together to locate Gordon and rescue Vargas. Intially some of the blame falls on Hartman and Thorne for keeping everything secret for so long, until Hartman explains that Vargas didn't want anybody to know about the abuse, until they could nail Gordon for all of his crimes. In the hospital, Fontana stand by Angela's bedside while Angela recover her injury.

Meanwhile, Gordon holds Vargas hostage and continues to force her to drive. As he does, he makes a call, telling the person on the other line to meet him at Shane's address. Once there, Gordon and several mercenary henchmen burst into the house and hold Shane at gunpoint, with Vargas as his hostage. Gordon orders both Vargas and Shane to retract their case and denounce everything they've told the public as lies, but they refeuse. Then, Jonathan walks in out of bed, and upon seeing him, Gordon realizes that Jonathan is his son.

Meanwhile, the squad realizes that Gordon may come after Shane, so Thorne sends James, Rodney, Jack, Rook, Finn, and Ng to take her into protective custody. They arrive just as Gordon and his men are taking Vargas, Shane, and Jonathan out the door. They attempt to stop them, but one of Gordon's men opens fire, wounding both Rook and Rodney, before they duck back into the house with the hostages. The other officers call for backup and paramedics as they attempt to tend to Rook and Rodney's wounds...

"20 - "Nothing to Lose"

As the rest of the squad arrives and Rook and Rodney are taken to the hospital, Gordon refuses to negotiate, desperately denouncing Vargas, Shane, and all his other accusers as liars and demanding that his name be cleared. They all refuse to do so, and Gordon snaps at Shane for keeping his son secret for so long, but Shane responds saying she would've rather had her son having no father at all than to have a monster for one. Gordon responds angrily that she and Vargas enjoyed all the "love" he gave them, but Vargas snaps that his "love" was rape and a heinous crime against them and so many others, and that he used his money and power to get away with it for so long.

Gordon locks himself with Vargas in spare room as he insists to her that none of the girls that he abused said no to him, but Vargas said that they shouldn't have had to since many of them were underage when he abused them. Unknown to them, Shane is broadcasting everything via her phone, having managed to get a call out to Hartman after Gordon and his men retreated back into the house with them. Realizing that Gordon is getting more and more irrational by the minute, Thorne prepares a plan to breach the house with SWAT. Realizing this, Vargas distracts Gordon long enough for SWAT and the MCS to breach, killing Gordon's men and arresting Gordon himself on various charges. Vargas promises Gordon that he is going to pay for everything he did to her, Shane and the other girls as the squad takes him away.

In the end, the team visits the hospital to check on Rook and Rodney. They learn that Rook, who was shot in the shoulder will live, but that Rodney, who took two to the chest has succumbed to his injuries devastating the entire squad, especially James...

"21 - "Trial of the Century (1)"

A week after Gordon's arrest, Gordon pleads "not guilty" at his arraignment on all charges (including manslaughter in Rodney's death). Despite Dekker's attempts to have him remanded, he makes $3 million bail, gives up his passports and is confined to house arrest. Vargas sees and warns Gordon that this is just the beginning of the end for him, before leaving for Rodney's memorial. One month later, Gordon goes on trial, and his lawyers start using sneaky underhanded tactics to undermine Hartman, Thorne, and Fontana's testimony and Dekker's case.

Meanwhile, the squad continues to grieve over the loss of Rodney, and Young, feeling burned out and needing a fresh start, decides to transfer to San Francisco. James starts to ponder whether or not to follow her.

At the end, as Alison shares a secret with Fontana, Vargas, Shane, and Hartman - her 1-year-old daughter Eliza. Alison reveals them that Gordon is Eliza's father and she has the DNA test to prove it.

"22 - "Trial of the Century (2)"

Alison decides to testify against Gordon, detailing the abuse that she suffered for the last three years under Gordon, and having his child as a result of it. However, his lawyers soon pick her testimony apart, on basis of a wild period in her life when she abused drugs and alcohol as a teenager, which she maintains was a result of the abuse she suffered at Gordon's hands and having to hold it all in, as a result of shame and threats from Gordon himself. Realizing that Alison can't stand alone, Vargas and Shane also take the stand and testify the details of their own abuse by Gordon, with Shane revealing that her son is Gordon's, and Vargas revealing that she was impregnated twice by Gordon, but miscarried the first baby 11 weeks in and aborted the second one eight weeks in. The other accusers testify as well, but Gordon's lawyers continue to undermine their testimony with bad events and choices from their pasts.

Meanwhile, Hartman visits Jack and Lauren, at their house and spends time with Jason, showing just how close to home this case has hit her. Also, Ramsay and Beth grow even closer, and James makes his decision regarding his and Young's future.

At the end, the defense decides to call Angela to the stand to testify, but Fontana refuses to allow it, knowing that her daughter will be in an impossible situation. As the prosecution team struggles to find a way to beat this, a few more young women show up, all from out of state, claiming that Gordon abused them too...

"23 - "Trial of the Century (3)"

Dekker and the prosecution reveal in their huge boost when a few young women from other states claim that Gordon abused them too over a years-long period. Shane then advocates for others victims from around the country to come forward, eventually totaling 15 victims in six states, including herself, Vargas, Alison, and the three others from California; even more so, several of the new found victims have children whose ages coincide with their abuse periods.

After Angela takes the stand, and has her testimony picked apart by her father's lawyer, Dekker cross-examines and gets her admit that she recognizes that her father is a bad man. He then calls many of the other victims to the stand, all of whom testify against Gordon over the abuse they suffered under him starting when they were teenagers, and how it has ruined them and Dekker delivers a powerful closing argument that Gordon has done so much evil, to so many people, over so many years, and has hidden from accountability and responsibility with his money and resources, and now the jury can show him that he is not above the law.

The jury does just that: Gordon is convicted on all counts, and faces potential charges from other states and even the federal authorities for his crimes, and civil suits from his victims. In addition, Fontana serves him with divorce papers. Vargas, Shane, and Hartman revel in their victory, but Gordon bitterly and vindictively warns them that they haven't seen or heard the last of him as he is taken to jail.

At the end, as the squad and D.A. team celebrate Gordon's conviction, Young and James announce their transfers to San Fransisco have come through, and everyone wishes them the best.

  • Final appearance of Gillian Alexy (Linda Young) as a regular.

Season 10 (2027-28)

"1 - "Sense of Renewal"

Taking place four months after Gordon Fontana's conviction, the MCS attempts to move on from the havoc he caused them, but it soon comes back to haunt them when they investigate three cases of sexual abuse and rape involving a popular junior high school teacher, which soon escalates when the body of a former student of his who had gone missing is found in an area he frequents. When the parents of the victims go to the media, an arrogant journalist (Missi Pyle) blasts the squad and the department over the Gordon Fontana case. However, D.A. Fontana, who has since divorced Gordon and is in the process of returning back to her maiden name, shuts down the controversy, indicating that the MCS is doing the best work they can to prove their case.

Meanwhile, while dealing the case, Hartman receives news that her grandfather has suffered a massive heart attack, and attempts to work the case while subsequently trying to keep her family together. At the end of the episode, Hartman learns that her grandfather has died...

  • Victoria Justice (Ariel Vargas) joins the cast as a regular.
  • Final appearance of Richard Riehle (Karl Hartman).

"2 - "Loss"

The squad investigates a fatal car crash that appears to be an unfortunate freak accident. However, M.E. Novac revealed that the man was schizophrenic had been dosed with a poison that had interacted with his medication, which caused him to die of sudden cardiac arrest behind the wheel. Temple and Vargas investigate further and find that the man's apartment might hold a hidden clue as to why he was killed, which is all connected to several unsolved crimes from the past.

Meanwhile, Hartman and Jack take time off from work to support their family and mourn Karl's death. Also Fontana confides in Dekker over Gordon, blaming herself for failing her own daughter and not seeing Gordon's abuse, but Dekker assures Fontana that Gordon is the only one to blame for his crimes.

"3 - "Spoiled Rotten"

At Vargas's old private high school, her former teacher is murdered and the MCS is called in to investigate. When they find that the teacher was well liked and had no skeletons in his closet whatsoever, they soon become stalled, until a student is busted for dealing oxycodin in the school. Further investigation reveals a drug ring in the school hearded by a group of the school's wealthiest students, and the squad concludes that the victim discovered the ring's activities and was killed to silence him. The squad busts the ring, but the participants refuse to talk even when offer leinency in exchange for giving up the killer, forcing Dekker and Shane to use a devious tactic to get them to talk.

At the end, following the conviction of the killer, Beth discovers the name Georgia Ramsay, which happens to be the name of Ramsay's mother in an old year book, piquing her interest...

"4 - "Maternal"

A young woman leaves her baby daughter in the care of Jack and Lauren and vanishes soon afterwards. When the woman is found murdered the next morning, as Jack and Lauren care for the child, the squad looks into the mother's past and discovers a possible link between her murder and the baby's father, which ends up carrying a plethora of dark revelations.

Meanwhile, Beth tells Ramsay about her findings in the previous episode, and he decides that it's finally time to seek out his birth family, starting with his mother, and at the end of the episode Thorne learns Courtney and her boyfriend have been in a car accident...

"5 - "Coup Dé Etat"

The squad investigates a shooting death at a local park, but as the crime scene is being processed, antoher shooting occurs, killing another person. Feeling that the shootings are gang related, Hartman, Temple, and Everett investigate and discover that both people were linked to a gang going through a power struggle, and aim to find the killer before someone else gets hurt.

Meanwhile, Courtney is revealed to be in a coma but stable condition at the hospital; sadly, her boyfriend, who was driving, has been killed. Also, Ramsay and Beth gain a lead on the former's birth mother.

"6 - "Coping By Pretending"

A girl's night out with Lauren, Vargas and Shane ends in disaster when a man is found dead in the women's bathroom of a bar they're at. The team investigates and discovers that the man is a sexual predator who had raped one of the female bartenders there five years prior, but got off on a technicality due to a clerical error in the arrest paperwork; the victim was later committed to a mental institution after multiple suicide attempts. With everyone there a suspect, the squad is forced to play the bad guys in order to solve a case they prefer to leave unsolved.

Meanwhile, Thorne struggles to cope with Courtney's coma, Everett and Barrera try to keep the squad together during this time, and Shane and Fontana find themselves dealing with a situation involving Jonathan and Angela after a fight break out at their school with some other kids, regarding their shared parentage.

At the end of the episode, Hartman finds a letter on her front door, and after reading it, calls Ramsey and Beth, telling them she has something they need to see...

"7 - "The Artist (1)"

Hartman, Temple, Vargas and Everett investigate the death of a high profile actor found in his bathtub. When it's discovered that the actor might've been a serial sexual predator on his young (and sometimes underage) co-stars, Vargas and D.D.A. Shane reminded of their own abuse, start taking the case very personally, forcing Hartman, Thorne, and Fontana to step in before their actions lead to disaster.

Meanwhile, Ramsay and Beth reading the letter found by Hartman, which is revealed to have been written by Georgia, inspiring Ramsay to finally track down his birth mother once and for all, and Sarah and Lucy continue to support Thorne as Courtney remains comatose.

At the end, Thorne confronts Vargas over her and Shane's personal involvement in the case. The two end up in a heated argument which ends when Thorne suddenly has a heart attack and collapses. Also, Hartman invite her grandmother to a family dinner but notices she's been troubled by something. Marlene then makes a shocking confession to Hartman: she has an older half-brother.

"8 - "The Tragedies (2)"

Hartman is left shocked over her grandmother's confession about her having a half-brother, whom her mother concieved as a teenager and was forced to give up for adoption and attempts to seek answers over who he is, despite her grandmother's attempts to dissuade her. With the help from Jack and Max, Hartman tracks him down and discovers that he is in prison for murder.

Meanwhile, Thorne is rushed to the hospital where its discovered that a massive amount of stress led to his heart attack. Later on as he recovers, he learns that Courtney had finally woken from her coma, and rushes to her room. He learns that Courtney has a long physical recovery ahead and is forced to inform her of her boyfriend's death, greatly saddening her.

Also, Ramsey and Beth travel to Denver, Colorado to track down Georgia, and the chemistry between them grows. In Denver, Ramsey and Beth meet a mysterious woman (Courtney Cox) in the bar where Ramsey recognises her handwriting from the letter...

"9 - "Grand Scheme"

As Thorne recovers from his heart attack, Ramsey and Beth continue to track down Ramsey's birth mother and Hartman deals with the fallout of her grandmother's confession, the rest of the MCS works the case of a bank robbery that ends with the death of four people and learn that the robbers have concected a grand plan to rob four banks simultaniously, forcing them work on a time table to figure out which banks they plan to hit and stop them before it's too late.

Meanwhile, Marlene tries to warn Hartman off from visiting her half-brother in prison to no avail and Ramsey gets confirmation from the woman at the bar, Hannah Moreland, that she is his biological mother.

"10 - "War of the Races"

A week later, Hartman, Ramsey and Beth all return to work as the team investigates an racist attack on four football players on a college campus, but things turn serious after a white student connected to the group accused of the attack is found brutally beaten up in seeming retaliation. As the team attempts to quell the racial tensions and find the attackers, Everett reveals to Vargas about his past dealings with racism as as a teenager and young adult.

Meanwhile, Hartman is furious that the prison banned her from visiting her half-brother due to her grandmother's demands. Later, Hartman and Marlene have an big argument at the office. Marlene tells Hartman that she is better off not knowing the truth about her brother before leaving the office.

At the end, Max arrives at Marlene's house to confront her, but he left shocked to see Marlene burning old photos and newspaper articles. Marlene breaks down and tells Max that knowing the truth will destroy Hartman...

"11 - "The Intruder"

Hartman and Temple investigate a couple's accusation against their next neighbor for stalking and harassing them. Hartman learns the neighbor used to live in the couple's house as a child, and has seemingly become obsessed with reobtaining it for himself. Thorne, freshly back on duty from his medical leave sends Beth and Ramsey undercover to found out more about the neighbor's past.

Meanwhile, Marlene confessed to Max the details about Hartman's half-brother Taylor Lucas and his case: he was adopted by a couple who turned out to be part of a mob family. His adoptive brothers killed a police officer during the course of a bank robbery, in which he was the get-away driver. Even though he didn't take place in the actual crime, one of his brothers and an associate of theirs were killed and the other brother fled the country with the help of his family, leaving Taylor to take the full blame for the robbery and cop killing, for which he got a 40-year sentence. Marlene tells Max that when she learned about what happened to Taylor, she tried to get leinency for him, but Taylor's adopted family forced her to leave the case be by threatening her family. She warns him not to get involved or tell Hartman.

At the end of the episode, Thorne tells Hartman, Barrera and Everett that he is going to file for retirement soon, due to his health and needing to focus more on his family.

"12 - "Environmental"

The squad is brought into investigate after a young teenage girl is found strangled in the men's restroom of a movie theater. Hartman and Beth find that she was the daughter of a tech company CEO, and evidence soon shows she was murdered to send a message. The investigation soon leads to a group of eco-terrorists who look to bring down said company by any means necessary, accusing them of contributing to the pollution of the planet. Ramsey and Officer Finn then go undercover to help bring the group to justice.

Meanwhile, Max refuses to lie to Hartman about her half-brother and tells Marlene that she needs to tell her or he will. Marlene tries to sort out the situation about Taylor but that quickly backfires on her when Taylor's adopted mother refuses to help Marlene out.

In the end, Marlene finally tells Hartman the truth about her half-brother Taylor. Hartman is upset with her grandmother for continuing to keep secrets from her, but Marlene insisted that she did so because she knew her grandaughter would fight to prove Taylor's innocence and would incur the wrath of his adopted family in the process. Hartman confirms this, but cites that she will not let them stop her no matter what...

"13 - "True Lies"

When a plastic surgeon is found drowned in a public fountain, the squad soon finds itself immersed in the world of every plasty there is trying to solve the case. Going through many suspects mostly consisting of people trying to be someone else, they soon discover that the doctor was a genius when it came to the face, but a hack when it came to everything below the neckline, and that one of his colleagues at his clinic might also be involved. Beth then goes undercover as a new patient to catch the killer.

Meanwhile, Hartman struggles to forgive Marlene for her lies about her half-brother and vows to get Taylor's conviction overturned, and Ramsey starts seeing a therapist to talk about finding out his birth family.

At the end, Hartman makes a call to an old friend for help in Taylor's case...

"14 - "Last Good Man"

The MCS investigates the murder of a Navy SEAL at a gun range, and is forced to share the case with NCIS and Special Agent Todd Vacca (guest star Avan Jogia). The case is soon linked to that of some missing opium from Afghanistan and that several military personel might be involved. Despite orders from Thorne to tread careful, Ramsay and Everett, formerly a Marine and Army Ranger themselves, make a drastic move to solve the case that puts their careers - and lives - on the line.

Meanwhile, Hartman hires old friend and former D.D.A. Ingrid O'Donnell (special guest star Alexandra Hedison) to assist with her brother's case, and Temple contemplates a career move.

"15 - "Even Odds"

The squad works the murder of a toy company CEO, and the investigation uncovers that he was a highly unscruptulous businessman with dangerous practices and many enemies. Pooling through the endless list of suspects, Beth and Temple find that the murderer might be even closer than they realize and with Barrera's help, set up a trap to confirm their suspicions.

Meanwhile, in her attempt to clear her brother's name, Hartman, with O'Donnell's help, interview a series of old witnesses from Taylor's case. However, Taylor's adopted mother gets wind of this and tries to intimidate Hartman, but this only serves to push her further into investigating. Eventually, Thorne and Dekker learn of this and decide to get involved and help Hartman by protecting her.

Also, after finding his birth mother, Ramsey decides to locate more of his birth family. Vargas suggests that he send his DNA to a company that connect people to their biological relatives, which he ultimately does.

"16 - "Ice Queen"

The squad investigates the murder of a beloved skating coach at an ice rink. While suspicion initially falls on a protegé of hers whom she'd gotten into an argument with several nights before, Everett and Beth discover a large of illegal steroids in one of the rink's lockers. Suspecting that at least of the pro-skating performers who regularly practice at the rink is doping and that might've been the motive for the coach's murder, the squad starts investigating the skaters and their parents. In the process, an unexpected secret about one of the skaters is revealed, putting the closeness of one family to the test.

Meanwhile, Hartman continues her quest to clear her brother's name, and O'Donnell finds the name of a witness from all those years ago who had provided the means for Taylor's remaining adoptive brother to escape the country. However, the witness vanishes before they can talk to him, forcing Max and Jasmine to search the underworld to find a lead on him.

"17 - "Crackdown"

Sgt. Marchello "Mars" Castillo (guest star Carmine Giovinazzo), head of the Anti-Crime Unit turns to the MCS after a gang-shooting leaves three gangbangers and five bystanders, including a 7-year-old boy, dead. He suspects that the illegal firearms used in the shooting are ones that were formerly seized by LAPD and were scheduled to be destroyed. The MCS works with him to prove it, and Castillo works with Temple and soon becomes impressed with his work after learning he's formerly from the Gang Unit.

Meanwhile, Ramsey's DNA results return and he soon learns that he has a half-sister from his mother's marriage and two half-brothers from his biological father's marriage. Ramsey's father, Chris Bailey died of cancer a year ago, and after meeting his mother Hannah over this, she tells them that they were both still in high school when he was born and both knew that neither of them could raise a child at that time. She also reveals that they both kept in touch with each other and tabs on their son over the years, and that Chris wrote a letter to his son a few days before his death, which she gives to Ramsey to read when he has the time.

Also Max and Jasmine seem to get a lead on the witness in Taylor's case, and Hartman jumps at the chance to meet him. After she and O'Donnell convince him to testify, they aim to place him in protective custody. However, an informant in the D.A.'s office discovers this and informs Taylor's adoptive mother, who vows to protect her biological son at all cost...

"18 - "Circle of Dark"

The squad continues to work with Sgt. Castillo and the Anti-Crime Unit to track the stolen firearms, eventually tracing them back to several potential buyers, including the Espinoza drug cartel, the C-4 Blackjacks, and the Wu-Quan Dou Organization. Recognizing that someone with police training and knowledge must be stealing the guns, they eventually loop in I.A. Sgt. Lockridge, and soon manage to arrest a dealer connected to the scheme. However, when the dealer is later shot and killed while in custody, it leads the squad discover that the head of the gun-running is rogue former LAPD Lieutenant Dirk Carroll, a former top cop known for numerous brutality and corruption allegations who disappeared over a decade ago, and former partner of Thorne. Now knowing who they're up against, the squad and D.A.'s office decide to tread carefully in bringing Carroll and his organization down.

Meanwhile, Hartman with the help of Temple and Vargas, escorts their witness to court for the hearing in which will determine Taylor's future. However, hitmen sent by Taylor's adoptive mother attempt to stop them from reaching the courthouse by attacking them in the streets, forcing the detectives to take a more evasive route to the courthouse to get the witness there in time for Taylor's hearing.

Ultimately, they make it, the witness gives his testimony and provides physical proof as well on O'Donnell's cross-examination. In the end, Taylor is granted a new trial, his adoptive mother is arrested, and his adoptive brother is picked up by Interpol in Italy, much to the Hartman family's delight.

"19 - "Darker Blue"

The MCS continues the case against Dirk Carroll, hitting many of his weapons caches and warehouses. Carroll then retailiates by abducting Thorne and forcing him to help steal more weapons from another LAPD arms dumps. Led by Hartman, Temple, Dekker, Castillo, Barrera, and Lockridge, the MCS/D.A.'s Office/Anti-Crime/I.A. task force raids the arms dump just as Carroll is making his move, and following a shootout manages to rescue Thorne, though Castillo is shot and critically wounded by the corrupt ex-cop, who slips away once more, much to everyone's anger.

Meanwhile, Ramsey questions his mother on why she changed her name. She admits that she was in an abusive relationship with his sister's father, and that after she finally pressed charges against him, he tried to kill her while out on bail and wound up beating a friend of hers to death for trying to defend her. Following his second-degree murder conviction, she divorced him and changed her name to make a fresh start.

Also, Jack and Lauren start being overwhelmed with Jason who is now in his terrible-twos, until they meets a woman named Nancy (Willa Fitzgerald) who agrees to help them. Impressed with her, they decide to hire her as a part-time nanny. 

At the end, Nancy is confronted by her mother - Hannah. Nancy reveals that she has re-established contact with her father and attempts to get him paroled but Hannah reminds Nancy of the monster her father was and begs her to not believe his lies.

"20 - "For Family"

A week before Taylor's trial, Hartman decides to look into why her mother gave Taylor up. She learns that her mother became pregnant with Taylor just before graduating high school. Taylor's father enlisted in the Marines and they planned to marry once he returned from overseas. However, he was killed in action, and Hartman's mother, unable to raise a child on her own while in college, gave Taylor up for adoption. With these revealations, Hartman becomes more driven than ever to get Taylor out of prison.

Meanwhile, Ramsey meets his half-sister Nancy for the first time. They quickly bond and Ramsey finally gets to know part of his biological family and soon makes plans to meet his half-brothers from his father's side, and later to introduce his biological family members to his foster family members.

Also, as the rest of the squad continues to chase down Dirk Carroll, by arresting and indicting many of his rings members (including both current and former LAPD members), Sgt. Castillo starts to recover from his shooting, but learns that he might not be able to go back on active duty, or at the very least not back out in the field. After considering his options, he calls Temple for a meeting in his hospital room.

At the end, Hannah begs Nancy to cease contact with her father, but Nancy believing that he has changed, and is adamant about giving him a second chance. When Nancy leaves, Hannah calls her ex-husband at the prison and tells him to never contact her or their daughter again or else...

"21 - "Closure (1)"

As Thorne announces his retirement to the MCS, and Taylor's trail gets underway, the task force starts making huge progress in dismantling Carroll's weapons ring. However, Carroll attempts to strike back by putting bounties on the heads of the task force members. After one such attempt nearly kills Jack and Shane, the task force goes into overdrive in coming up with a plan to finally capture him once and for all.

Meanwhile, in Taylor's trial, the witness finally provides the testimony and the evidence that is guaranteed to set Taylor free. However, Taylor's adoptive brother suddenly turns up looking to give tesitimony to not only contradict all of this, but pin all crimes on Taylor. As Hartman and O'Donnell try to figure out their next move, they unwittingly (and briefly) intercept a suspicious message meant for Taylor's brother, and become determined to figure out what it means.

Elsewhere, Ramsey confides his intention to propose to Beth to his mother, and encourages her to both show and tell Nancy the truth about her father. When she does, however, Nancy remains in denial, until Hannah plays her the 911 call from the night her father was arrested. Hearing the terror in her mother's voice as her father violently attacks her and her friend shakes Nancy up, but she opts to get his side before jumping to any conclusions.

At the end, Temple confides in Hartman that he has opted to take the promotion and transfer as Anti-Crime's new head (revealing Castillo's decision to retire in the process), and she confides to him that she has opted to take the captain's exam in the hopes of eventually succeeding Thorne. Just then, they get an alert that the task force has found a lead on Carroll's hideout...

"22 - "Closure (2)"

The task force closes in on Carroll, arresting one of his top lieutenants and forcing him to divulge information on his hideout: a fortified beach mansion in Malibu with top human and technological security. The morning after, they conduct a raid on the mansion, and a massive shootout ensues, in which many of Carroll's men are killed. When it is all over, however they discover that Carroll is nowhere to be found. The task force starts to believe they've lost him once and for all until they discover a flight manifesto with a departure time for today. They race to a nearby airfield and finally arrest Carroll just as he's about to board a private jet for Cuba.

Meanwhile, in Taylor's trial, his adoptive brother is about to give testimony against him, when Hartman finally cracks the message and realizes that Taylor is in danger. When the brother takes the stand, he reaches for a gun planted there by one of his mother's contacts, and tries to kill Taylor before Hartman shoots and wounds him in the shoulder. He is arrested and placed in solitary, as is his mother. With this, the judge acquits Taylor of the robbery and murder charges. While he is convicted on accessory charges for the crimes, the judges credits him with time served, allowing him to finally be released from prison to his elated family.

Also, Nancy decides to confront her father, Rich Napier, (William Forsythe) in prison and get his side of the story. When he refuses to give straight answers to her questions, she becomes shaken and storms out. At home, Hannah finds and comforts her.

At the end, the squad celebrates Carroll's arrest, Thorne and Castillo's retirements (with both of their families in attendance), and Temple's promotion and transfer. Hartman takes the opportunity to announce that she will take the captain's exam at the end of the month, and Ramsey proposes marriage to Beth, who happily accepts, much to everyone's joy. Later, Jack notes to his mother that some big changes are about to come their way, at which Hartman smiles...

  • Final appearances of Viggo Mortenson (Paul Thorne), Michael Ealy (Jesse Temple) and Jonathan Togo (Tim Rook) as regulars.

Season 11 (2028-29)

#1  "Ready or Not"

Four months after Thorne's retirement, Hartman has assumed control of the MCS. Her leadership skills are tested when the bodies of four African-American children who disappeared over the past five years are found buried in an empty lot in a white upper-class neighborhood. Emotions run high as the squad investigates the residents, and find that more than one is hiding a deep, dark secret.

Meanwhile, newly-promoted detective Jonas Boscorelli start his first day at the squad and manages to make good impression on Ramsay, who is assigned as his partner. Jack also starts his first day as a detective-in-training but clashes with the hard-nosed methods of his new partner, Sgt. Everett. And Castillo begins his first day as a D.A. investigator and tries to adjust to the office's differing pace from that of the LAPD.

  • First appearance of Jacob Artist (Jonas Boscorelli).
  • Carmine Giovinazzo (Mars Castillo) joins the main cast.

2 - "How a Heart Bleeds"

The squad investigates the stabbing assault of a well-known actress, and the murder of her bodyguard. While inital evidence points to an well-known stalker, Grieco and Vargas soon suspect the killer might be someone much closer to the actress, especially after the attack seems to mirror that of a previous horror movie franchise that the actress is well known for. When the actress' mother is attacked as well, the squad must delve into both the actress' inner circle and the franchise's fandom to find the killer before they can strike again.

Meanwhile, Angela (now played by Mila Brener) returns home after living with an aunt for sometime, sporting a gothic look and a very rude desposition. Fontana (now going by her maiden name of Henderson) tries to talk to her, but to no avail. Additionally, Nancy continues to ignore calls from her father, but a talk with Ramsay leaves her in limbo over how to deal with him.

#3 - "Hero to Zero"

The squad investigates when a huge auto accident occurs just under an overpass. Initially, a seemingly Good Samaritan appears to help get a trapped family out of their wrecked car. However, when Officers Finn and Ng note that they've actually seen the same man at three other suspicious accidents in the last few weeks, including one fatal, Jack and Everett do a little more digging and eventually discover his desire of being lauded as a hero, and suspect him of having caused the accidents. However, Dekker and Shane refuse to pursue charges against him without hard evidence, forcing Hartman to set up a sting to bring the faux hero down once and for all.

Meanwhile, Angela begins acting out in school and refuses her mother and sister's attempts to reason with her. When she sneaks out to meet a boy and carry a mysterious bag with her, Henderson has Lowry and Castillo investigate him and follow her around.

#4 - "Stretched Thin (1)"

The MCS and D.A.'s office are stretched to the limit with multiple cases: Greico and Vargas take the case of an assault and rape of woman by her estranged husband; Ramsay and Boscorelli deal with the case of a poisoning death at a UCLA frat party; Jack and Everett investigate the armed robbery of a jewelry store that left a security guard near death; Hartman and Barrera testify for Dekker in a high profile murder trial, and Shane enlists Lowry and Castillo to help encourage transgender women victimized by a trio of wealthy young adults testify against their attackers.

Meanwhile, Henderson continues to deal with Angela's rebellion, and after finding some shoplifted merchandise in her room, tries to consult with former squad psychologist Dr. Whitney Lawson (guest star Sonequa Martin-Green) about what to do about the situation.

At the end, after the squad has left for home, Angela and the mysterious boy sneaks into the squad's division and trash and vandalize Hartman's office and Vargas's desk before taking a photo and running off.

#5 - "Young Bones (2)"

After discovering the vandalism to Hartman's office and Vargas's desk, the squad is angered when the pictures of the vandalism are put online. When the posts are traced back to Angela and her boyfriend, the detectives are in absolute shock. Things turn serious when Lowry and Castillo discover that Angela's mysterious boyfriend has a deep hatred for cops due to his white supremacist father being arrested for several hate crimes when he was young, and that Angela has been using ecstacy. 

Hartman arrests both Angela and her boyfriend for the vandalism, but she refuses to tell any of the detectives why she did it, and the irate captain remands both of them into custody pending a family court arraignment. Upon learning of the vandalism and Angela's arrest, Henderson breaks down and disappear, leaving everyone worrying.

Tensions rise as the squad searches for Henderson, and after sitting down with Angela and speaking to her aunt, Lawson discovers that Angela is suffering from bipolar disorder, but is also incredibly angry about something. When Vargas questions her again, Angela snaps and declares her anger at multiple people (her father for his crimes, Hartman and her sister for helping locking her father up, her friends abandoning her after the news of her father's crimes, her mother for not realizing she was married to a monster and for divorcing him so fast, etc.) before breaking down in tears. Vargas comforts her sister, as Henderson (who had fled to an old bar she had once frequented) enters and apologizes.

In the end, Hartman agrees to have the charges reduced, and Angela agrees in exchange to end things with her boyfriend and get treatment in a special facility for her bipolar disorder, depression, and drug use.

#6 - "The Angelino Job"

While at a bank, an off-duty Jack and Lauren are caught up in a robbery by five criminals while making a deposit. Hartman, while speaking to Jack on the phone about the situation with Angela, overhears the situation and calls for backup to meet her at the bank. As this time, the bank's security guard attempts to intervene, triggering a shootout in which the guard and one of the robbers are shot dead, and Jack and another robber are both wounded. With the surviving robbers having sealed off the bank, Hartman arrives at the bank with several of her detectives as backup, and teams up with SWAT team leader and hostage negotiator Lieutenant Kevin Adams (Gabriel Macht), and decides to trade herself as a hostage in exchange for her son. After some tough negotiation, the leader of the robbers lets his wounded comrade and Jack out for medical treatment and takes Hartman as a hostage.

As Max and the rest of the family awaits word on Jack at the hospital and with negotiations starting to falter, Adams orders a breach. With the breach about to commence, Lauren uses her hairpin to pick the cuffs and remove them from Hartman. The SWAT team breaches the bank and two of the robbers are quickly out. Hartman grabbed the gunman's pistol and wounds the leader before he can escape with a hostage, ending the siege. Hartman and Lauren arrive at the hospital and Max tells them that Jack only suffered a minor wound.

As this occurs, Greico and Ramsay plan their wedding and search for a venue, Vargas and Shane help Angela with her sentence of therapeutic sessions, probation and community service for her actions, and Dekker helps alleviate Henderson's guilt over Angela's rebellion.

#7 - "Sticks and Stones"

The squad investigates when a businessman is murdered by a car bomb. However, they end up finding a wide array of suspects when it's discovered that the man was a greedy, ruthless bully who cared about no one but himself and his fortune, and would fire employees for even the smallest mistakes. As the investigation continues, the detectives start having trouble narrowing down the suspect pool until Boscorelli uncovers a piece of evidence that points to someone much closer to the business man than they realized.

Meanwhile, while taking time off to visiting Angela in her facility, Vargas meets Jamie Delgado (Sebastian Sozzi), who claims to be visiting his sister. The two hit it off with each other, but when he brings up a question about Vargas' personal life, she gets freaked out and starts to leave. However, Delgado convinces her to stay, and after managing to tell him about her stepfather's abuse, Vargas apologizes to him and admits she is still struggling to move on even though Gordon is in prison.

#8 - "Last Race"

Hartman and the squad investigate the murder of a former race car driver whose body was dumped in a beach. M.E. Novač finds that he was taking non-prescribed opioids after a devastating crash that ended his racing career. After finding a lead to the person who gave him the opioids, he mentioned that he witnessed an argument to a woman, but doesn't know who she was. After seeing that woman in the traffic light cameras, Barrera recognized her as Natalie Howell, a known public defender. When Hartman, Barrera, Ramsay and Boscorelli confronted Howell, she confessed that she was having an affair with the victim and that was trying to help her boyfriend quit taking opioids. She revealed was planning to leave her husband Edward and that he was infuriated when he discovered the affair. After a foot chase, Barrera arrests Edward. During interrogation, Edward admits that he confronted the victim about the affair with his wife and killed him out of anger.

Meanwhile, Jack returns to work and is placed on desk duty, Greico and Ramsay find who will be the bridesmaid and the best man for their upcoming wedding and Vargas continues to see Delgado while she and Henderson continue to visit Angela.

#9 - "Faithful Desolation"

The squad investigates a series of attacks on the LGBTQ+ community, in which gay men, lesbians, and bisexual and transgender people are attacked just outside of establishments that have been known to cater services to them. Working closely with the D.A.'s office to solve this series of hate crimes, the squad soon becomes personally invested when, in two separate attacks, their tech analyst Jasper Baron and Barrera's youngest daughter Marisol are attacked while leaving a bar and nightclub respectively with their respective partners; in the process, Marisol is outed to her parents as bisexual.

Following this, the squad steps up the investigation, and one lead leads them to a radically-conservative Mormon church's youth group, whose members have taken drastic steps to "ride the world of the gay plague". After a sting operation with Lowry acting as bait, the members who committed the attacks are arrested. However, the church's pastor, Glenn Sykes (Hugo Weaving), leads a crusade in the press, bashing the LAPD and D.A.'s office for punishing "innocents" (the youth group members) while protecting the "real sinners" (LGBTQ+ people). Hartman and Castillo, however, are able to find evidence that Sykes is not only a false prophet, but also a hypocritical, self-hating gay man who wants to ride the world of others like him.

The revelation is brought up in court by the prosecution, resulting in the youth group members taking plea bargains in exchange for testifying against Sykes, the pastor himself being arrested and charged for insinuating the hate crimes, and the church facing scrutiny from all ends,

Meanwhile, Grieco and Ramsay search for a caterer and create a guest list for their wedding while Barrera and his wife process the news about their daughter's sexuality.

#10 - "Desperate Times"

After Jack is cleared for active duty, he and Everett respond to a shooting at the liquor store where no one is injured. Once they reach the scene, they make a shocking discovery through fingerprints that the man who shot the liquor store is Gene Rolland, the head of security for Sharper Enterprises owned by industrialist Dan Sharper. Hartman and her detectives took charge of the case. During the investigation, Grieco and Vargas discovered that Rolland & his family went missing three days ago and Rolland previously told Sharper that he was sick with the flu before that. They eventually discovered that a criminal gang abducted Rolland and his family to force him to systematically rob Sharper Enterprises. Hartman and the team, along with SWAT, locate and rescue the captured family and arrested the criminals.

While Dekker and Shane make their case in court, Lowry and Castillo investigate further and learn that one of Sharper Enterprises high-ranking employees was involved with the criminals. Before they can arrest the mole, he committed suicide. The criminals who kidnapped the Rolland family are found guilty on all charges.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lawson continues to console Angela with Henderson and Vargas, Barrera continues to deal with the revelation about Marisol's sexuality and has a talk with her about it, and while Max and Jasmine take Daniel and Aurora for a weekend, Hartman has a mellow time with Jack, Lauren, and Jason.

#11 - "Breakout"

As Grieco and Ramsay's wedding draws near, a prison bus is hijacked by inmates and crashes, allowing many prisoners to escape. One of the prison escapees is Angela's ex-boyfriend. As Hartman and the squad search for the fugitives, they learn one of the inmates is a Russian gangster name Mikhail Rafikov, who has ties to the Russian mob in America and is due to go to trial for the murder of an accountant. As Hartman and the squad assist the U.S. Marshals and the FBI in the manhunt, they quickly captured two of the fugitives. Knowing that Rafikov would target 10-year-old Tommy Calder, who accidentally witnessed Rafikov commit the murder, Hartman, Grieco, Ramsey, Boscorelli and other officers manage for to find the boy and his parents Gary and Sandra holed up in a hotel. Shortly after they call for backup and transportation, Rafikov and his men attack them in the hotel. During the massive shootout, Hartman and the squad manage to keep the Calder family safe until Barrera, Vargas, the U.S. Marshals, and the FBI arrive, and Rafikov is re-arrested.

During the trial, in which Dekker and Shane prosecute Rafikov, Hartman and the authorities continue to hunt the other escape fugitives, including Angela's former boyfriend. Although Jack and Everett catch one escapee and the feds find two others, Angela's former boyfriend and two other escape convicts get away. Nevertheless, thanks to Tommy's testimony, Rafikov is convicted and will be tried in federal court for other crimes.

Meanwhile, while Grieco is visited by her family who are attending her wedding, Vargas meets Delgado at her diner. At the end, Delgado recieves a call from someone on a phone who tells him that the assignment is now a go.

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  • This is the 200th episode of Hartman.

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