Harold & Kumar: Road Trip is 2014 American stoner film, the forth installment in the Harold & Kumar series. This films stars


Get trouble for Harold & Kumar, when they go on road trip to las vegas away from they family and end up have Chief's grand daughter, Danielle who was found in Harold's car and they find themselves in trouble.



  • John Cho as Harold Lee
  • Kal Penn as Kumar Patel
  • Eliza Bennett as Danielle Lovelock
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Neil Patrick Harris
  • Danneel Harris as Vanessa Fanning
  • Paula Garcés as Maria Perez-Lee


Harold and Kumar found Danielle in Harold's car

  • Kumar: Next stop, Las Vegas
  • Harold: Get ready, baby.
  • (Cheer)
  • (Harold drive the car)
  • Word: 4 mintues later.
  • (Thunder)
  • Kumar: Do you know find the way in this weather.
  • Harold: I know the way.
  • Kumar: Bullshit.
  • Harold: This is not bullshit.
  • Danielle: He is right, this is bullshit.
  • Kumar: Thank you, hold on, who say that.
  • Danielle: I did.
  • (Harold and Kumar saw Danielle behind them)
  • Danielle: Hi.
  • (Harold and Kumar scream)
  • (Danielle scream)
  • (Harold and Kumar scream)
  • (Danielle scream)
  • (Harold and Kumar scream)
  • (Harold stop the car and Danielle scream and fall)
  • (Danielle groan)
  • Harold and Kumar: What the fuck you doing here, Lovelock.
  • Danielle: I can ask you two the same questions.
  • Harold: We are go to Las Vegas.
  • Danielle: Road trip.
  • Kumar: Yes, how you hear us.
  • Danielle: I was in back, asshole, I am not fucking stupid, you two are.
  • Harold and Kumar: Why that.
  • Danielle: That, why you stop the car in the road.
  • Harold: No idea.
  • Danielle: I am not that stupid.
  • Harold and Kumar: We know.

The Car Chase

  • (Harold open the door)
  • (Harold, Kumar and Danielle saw the racer get ready)
  • Harold: Fuck this
  • (Harold, Kumar and Danielle saw the best racer behind them)
  • Danielle: Hi, my name is Danielle, the Lovelock girl.
  • Danielle: This is Harold, the Lee boy.
  • Danielle: This is Kumar, the Patel boy.
  • (All of the racer laugh)
  • Max: The Lovelock girl, the Lee boy and the Patel boy.
  • Kumar: What your name.
  • Max: Max, the Max.
  • (Harold, Kumar and Danielle loud laugh)
  • Harold: The Max, (laugh), very funny.
  • (Harold, Kumar and Danielle scream then laugh)
  • Kumar: My go, what is your full name.
  • Max: Maxwell Thomas Phillp John Bartman.
  • (Harold, Kumar and Danielle laugh then scream)
  • Danielle: Mr Bartman, do the Bart dance.
  • (Harold, Kumar and Danielle laugh)
  • Max: I had a enough for you three, I call a race.
  • Danielle: A race.
  • Kumar: A race.
  • Harold: A race.
  • Max: Yes, a race, then I am go to kill you three after the race.
  • Danielle: We are fucked up.
  • Harold and Kumar: We are fucked up.

The shooting in White House

  • Danielle: Oh shit.
  • Harold: The Max is here.
  • Max: Hello, shithead, Lee, Patel, Lovelock, I am go to kill the fucking president.
  • Kumar: Why.
  • Max: He make me as fucking idiot, I am go to make him as fucking idiot.
  • Max: First, I am go to kill you three now.
  • Harold: Run.
  • (Harold, Kumar and Danielle run and Max shot but miss 9 time)


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