Harbingers is a 2015 Noir Psychological Slasher thriller film written by Christopher Nolan & Dj Caruso and directed by Christopher Nolan starring Bradley Cooper, Ian McShane, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, Lizzy Caplan, Rachel McAdams, Brie Larson, Edi Gathegi, Emma Stone, Nina Dobrev, Bill Nighy and Jonah Hill.

The film was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia following the end of production on Nolan's previous final Dark Knight Instalment: The Dark Knight Rises.

The film on the second central storyline: Harrison is split into four chapters: 1. Tragedy 2. Practice and 3. Elements and 4.Epilogue.

There are four central storylines: The Killer, The Sister, The Officers and the Lawyor.

The film is slated for a January 13th, 2013 theatrical release.


Harrison Dinsmore (Bradley Cooper) is a man who has lost everything: his job, his ambitions, his mind and life thanks to the death of his fiance Eleanor Wallace (Marion Cotillard).

His fractured mind seems set on only one thing: revenge.

Revenge on the people responsible for his love's demise.

We then follow on the storyline of Harrison's teenage sister Stephanie (Lizzy Caplan) who is racing to stop a killer hell-bent on murdering her four friends.

We then come to the storyline of Harrison who sets up to kill the four youths he saw kill his wife.

He recognizes them as his sister's friends and plans to murder them in accordance to the four primary elements of the world: Earth. Air. Fire & Water.

First he begins four practice kills on four lowlife individuals: A local paedophile (Simon Callow), A Prostitute responsible for the hit & run killing of a family (Emma Stone), Suicidal Criminal (Matt Dallas) and angry across the street neighbour who murdered his wife (Bill Nighy).

He kills the paedophile first by rendering him unconsious with chloroform then burying him alive in the local Deer Park Woods.

He then kills the prostitute by pretending to purchase her service and lures her to the local airport into the woman's bathroom where he proceeds to strangle her.

She fights with him however and in her last breath utters thank you for killing her which messes with Harrison's emotions and leads him to be remorseful.

He then murders the suicidal criminal as he deliberatley enters a liquor store he is to hold up and snatches his firearm from him and holds him at gunpoint.

He then abducts him and drives him off to the town's bridge crossing, smashes his head onto the bar to daze him and then throws him into the lake below causing him to drown.

He then finally in the practice killings comes to the across the street residence of the man who murdered his wife.

He engages in a large house battle with him and beats the man bloody to the floor.

He then proceeds to pour gasoline all over him and set him alight.

Before he drops a match upon the man he tells Harrison he knows about the three other practice killings he has committed, his dead wife and who he's aiming to kill next.

He tells of the P.I he hired to track him upon knowing he was stalking him and photographing him.

We then follow onto Harrison stalking the four teenage friends of his younger sister Stephanie: the four responsible for his fiance Eleanor's death.

He stalks the four and then abducts the first Jeanine Heppel (Brie Larson) who he buries alive in Deer Park with an Elemental Locket of Earth.

He then comes for Herbert Reincorn (Edi Gathegi) who he attacks outside a museum upon seperating him from his sister Stephanie and his other two targets Marina Lockwood (Nina Dobrev) and Pyromaniac Morton Getts (Jonah Hill).

Upon seperating him into the crowd he proceeds with a screwdriver to puncture several points in his lungs causing him to bleed out and suffocate.

He then dumps on top of him an Elemental Locket of Air.

He then comes for Marina at her lesbian lover Galiana Treeton's (Mila Kunis) apartment.

He murders Galiana in the apartment kitchen and then pursues Marina from the kitchen into the bathroom after stabbing her in the leg with a fire poker.

Marina barricades herself in the bathroom with a fire poker and then tries to escape through the window.

Harrison however busts in and seizes her by the throat and begins to run water into the bathroom's bathtub.

He then injects Marina with a drug which immobilizes her but allows her to feel everything.

He then proceeds to drown her in the bathwater and in doing so viciously causes the bathtub to break and pour her body out with water.

He then drops an Elemental locket of Water beside her corpse.

Stephanie then comes to call Morton to her home whilest her brother Harrison is out killing Marina.

She had left Marina a message to meet with her at her place.

She discusses with Morton that police have been assigned to her residence believing she may be a target.

The Dinsmore neighbour lawyor Veronica Hartley (Rachel McAdams) comes to the residence and is rendered unconsious by Harrison following him killing the outside police officers.

He then tells Stephanie to step aside as he murders Morton she refuses and Morton then pifts a Molotov cocktail at Harrison who catches it and pifts it back at Morton igniting him.

Harrison then throws an Elemental Locket of Fire on the ground.

A burning Morton then scurries around and knocks down a bottle of Vodka which creates a liquid trail to the curtains and kitchen oven.

He ignites the house and Stephanie confesses to Harrison she too was responsible for Eleanor's death.

He then flips out and runs away as the house is about to explode.

Stephanie rushes to the unconsious Veronica and carries her out of the house before it explodes.

Morton perishes in the home explosion and the fire bridgade, officers and paramedics come to the Dinsmore residence.

Stephanie drives off in her car and comes to the cemetary where Eleanor is buried.

There she sees her brother at Eleanor's grave and she demands he tell her where Jeanine is buried.

He demands to know why she and her friends killed Eleanor.

She tells of her affair with a realtor and how she caught them in the act.

She tells she and her friends hadn't planned to kill her but rather catch her in the act and photograph her and the realtor in the midst of intercourse so she could show him.

Their plan however had been caught out by Eleanor who hired the Private Investigator which works most exclusively for their across the street neighbour who killed his wife.

She tells that Eleanor came home to them and confronted them.

She gloated about the affair in front of them and she attacked her.

Eleanor had been knocked down upon the lounge room coffee table and split her head.

She tells she had run upstairs and the others had remained downstairs at the time he had walked in.

He refuses to believe Stephanie's story and advances his sister.

She foresees his advance and knocks him down causing him to crack his head on Eleanor's grave.

She believes him to be dead and checks in his pocket finding a pamphlet of Deer Park.

She then takes off and the third storyline initiates.

The third story: The Officers concerns Detective Ivan Bramby (Ian McShane), Detective Ingrid Channel (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Detective Loyal Reeves (Tom Hardy) who are on the trail of the one who has killed a local paedophile, prostitute, suicidal criminal and alleged wife murderer who they believe has gone on to kidnap teenage girl Jeanine Heppel.

They investigate into the murders and come to the Private Investigator of the alleged wife murderer victim which leads them to suspect Harrison Dinsmore as the culprit.

Detectives Bramby and Reeves serve as the guarding officers for Stephanie Dinsmore at her house following the murder of her friend Herbert Reincorn.

She believes herself to be a target as the killer had seized her arm upon retreating from Herbert after stabbing him and she had unfortunatley failed to take a look at him directly.

Bramby and Reeves are then killed by Harrison as he arrives home and sees them patrolling the perimeter of the home.

Detective Channel then learns the killer is indeed Harrison Dinsmore as the alleged wife murderer victim's crime scene has evidence implicating him as the person responsible for killing him.

Upon learning Bramby and Reeves have been killed she takes matters into her own hands and goes after Harrison.

She comes to Deer Park after trailing Stephanie and then there assists Stephanie in digging up the wooden coffin containing Jeanine.

They dig out a still alive Jeanine and Harrison then comes and attacks the girls.

He knocks Detective Channel aside and pushes Jeanine back down into her coffin.

He then seizes his sister Stephanie by the throat and states that she kills his love, makes up she was unfaithful and tries to kill him concluding that she is the unfaithful one.

Detective Channel then rises to her feet and aims at Harrison demanding he put down Stephanie and back away from her.

Harrison then withdraws a gun he had on him and shoots Ingrid and tosses Stephanie into the dirt grave with Jeanine.

Jeanine attempts to crawl out and escape but is seized by Harrison who grabs a clump of dirt and forces it down her throat killing her.

The dirt grave then begins to flood and become a muddy one as rain pours down.

Harrison then tells Stephanie that she will have to share the same death as her lesbian friend Marina.

Ingrid comes to Harrison and bites at his foot and Stephanie escapes the flooding with muddy water grave to kill her brother with the Elemental Locket containing all four elements on it which had belonged to Eleanor.

She uses it to strangle her brother and then drops his body into the muddy grave and lightning strikes down setting his body alight as gusts of strong wind expand the flames amidst the water and dirt, all four elements taking ironically to Harrison.

We then come to the final storyline: The Lawyor in which neighbour lawyor Veronica Hartley must defend Stephanie in court on manslaughter charges over Eleanor Wallace.

She is up against hotshot opposing lawyor Albert Redley (Michael Fassbender) and eventually wins the case clearing Stephanie of her charges.

She and Detective Channel help in her clearence but Veronica tells her that she helped her cause she saved her life but she knows she should be doing time for what she has done and because she has forced her to go against her beliefs which are conditions in her work ethic she is to resign and wants no more contact with her.

Detective Channel then escorts Stephanie out down the courthouse steps through a media circus as other officers clear way for her.


  • Bradley Cooper as Harrison Dinsmore
  • Ian McShane as Detective Ivan Bramby
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Detective Ingrid Channel
  • Michael Fassbender as Albert Redley
  • Tom Hardy as Detective Loyal Reeves
  • Lizzy Caplan as Stephanie Reeves
  • Rachel McAdams as Veronica Hartley
  • Brie Larson as Jeanine Heppel/ Earth
  • Edi Gathegi as Herbert Reincorn/ Air
  • Emma Stone as Prostitute Patricia "Patty" Farming
  • Nina Dobrev as Marina Lockwood/ Water
  • Bill Nighy as Mr. Alexander Gould
  • Jonah Hill as Morton Getts/ Fire
  • Simon Callow as Paedophile Ethan Trembat
  • Matt Dallas as Criminal Eckley Norris


The film's soundtrack when purchased features four discs which are categorized with the Four Elements and serve for the four chapters the film is seperated into.

Earth- The Sister

  1. Let Me Blow Ya Mind- Eve featuring Gwen Stefani
  2. Chops The Pig Prank Calls- Slaughterhouse
  3. Stereo- MGK featuring Fitts of the Kickdrums
  4. Some Nights- Fun
  5. Push the Button- Sugababes

Air- The Killer

  1. Come Softly To Me- The Fleetwoods
  2. I Wonder Why- Dion & The Belmonts
  3. Who Put The Bomp- Barry MannR
  4. Runaround Sue- Dion
  5. The Wanderer- Dion
  6. Young Love- Sonny James
  7. God Only Knows- The Beach Boys
  8. Mr. Tambourine Man- The Byrds
  9. Reach Out I'll Be There- The Four Top

Fire- The Officers

  1. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag- James Brown
  2. I Want To Hold Your Hand- The Beatles
  3. Whole Lotta Love- Led Zeppelin
  4. Light My Fire- The Doors
  5. Chasing The Sun- The Wanted

Water- The Lawyor

  1. All Over You- Live
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