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Harbinger of Antipathy is the fifth musical production album released by extreme eroguro kei metal band, Existence Eraser. It is easily the single most infamous and controversial piece of music ever produced by the band, and is universally referred to by the most dedicated fans of the band as the single greatest masterpiece ever produced by the bands founder, primary composer, lead vocalist and lead guitarist, Jason "Zetsu" Harlock. In this regard, Likewise, it is also acknowledged by the creator himself as being the work that he is "most proud of". Harbinger of Antipathy is also the highest grossing record ever produced by existence eraser, and is widely considered the last bastion of the bands distinctive brutal death metal musical style for a visual kei band, before they released valentine, which consisted of far, far lighter themes and musical compositions.

Recording & Production

The contents of Harginber of Antipathy were recorded at Catharsis Records' tokyo studio. According to jason, Harbinger of Antipathy was the ultimate creation that he had always desired deep down to realize in the physical form. As such he challenged himself to compose music the likes of which blew everything else he had ever released out of the water. He utilized every last bit of absorbed information he had learned as a gitarist and musical composer, as well as pushed his status as a person with a masters degree in music towards its absolute pinnacle and the beyond. The creation of content went fairly smoothly due to the fact that the many of the songs and musical components of the album were already composed beforehand by jason, and simply never released priorly due to the pursuit of other ideas. This resulted in the largest singular record that the band had ever produced, something which rings true even to this date. The recording process of harbinger of antipathy was particularly strenuous due to the fact that jason and the other band members wanted to perfect their content to a degree which they never had before, and thus the release of the production an additional two months, in that time though the completion and mixing of the record was successful.

Writing Process

Recording Process

Instruments Used

  • Dean Guitars Extended Range 9 String ZetsU Custom Electric Guitar "Godrazor"
  • Ibanez Guitars Extended Range 9 String Youma Custom Electric Guitar "Death V"
  • Jackson Guitars Extended Range 7 String Kaioh Custom Electric Bass "Warhammer"
  • Tama Percussion Extended Custom Indra Drum Set.


Promotional Videos

Existence Eraser filmed and release a total of 3 promotional videos or "music videos" as they are known in the wets for the release of Harbinger of Antipathy. The order of the songs and their corresponding PV's goes as follows. Homage in Darkness. Demonizer. And finally, a video for the title track, Harbiner of Antipathy. All of the videos had extensive amounts of blood, gore, and demonic imagery. Though not uncommon for the band, by comparison, the gore of the videos were such that all three were banned from being shown on certain websites including youtube, nicovideo, and youku, just to name a few, forbidden from being showcased on such sites due to the sheer graphic violence, themes, danger to color and light sensitive individuals, etc. The videos can still be seen for free on the bands official homepage and a number of other domains.


Though the merchandise produced for Harbinger of Antipathy was just the same as any other production released by the band in terms of quantity, the fan hype surrounding the release of the album was so extreme that the bands marketing department had to produce far more content. Harbinger of Antipathy set record sales for the bands popularity and revenue before and after the release of the album, as there were a multitude of band tee's put together and marketed which exhibited art that was directed by jason himself to embody and illustrate what he wanted to create with the album. Many of the tee's created display artwork themed after the albums most infamous songs, though none were more adored by fans as the title track tee, "Harbinger of Antipathy". The art of the shirts had had extremely graphic themes with demonic imagery to them so as to illustrate the themes of the music and hard-hitting nature of the bands new release.

Musical & Lyrical Themes

Harbinger of Antipathy is a record which jason believes showcases the playing abilities of his band and his musical and lyrical prowess to an extent which goes beyond its zenith. It is by far the single most heavy release ever put out by the and, and as such it implements the uses of all of the following genres in each and every song. Power Metal, Blackened Death Metal, Satanic Black Metal, Brutal Slam Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Groove Metal, Gothic Metal, Technical Alien Death Metal, Deathcore, and Melodic Symphony Death Metal, all while maintaining a distinctive, melodic visual kei theme.By word of mouth from the bands lead composer, vocalist, and guitarist, Harbinger of Antipathy is the single most frightening and scariest experience that he has ever had throughout the course of his musical career. It is common knowledge among fans of existence eraser that jason was horribly bullied and made fun of as a child. Jason drew from the darkest and most hurt places of his psyche and emotional being while writing the lyrics and musical pieces for the release, and despite being the work that he is by far the most proud of. In this regard, Harbinger of Antipathy is the single most violent, brutal, and musically incredible production he has ever undertaken, something which he poured all of his heart and soul into creating.

Vocal Style

Even by the standards of the band, the vocal style and techniques used by jason in harbinger of antipathy is particularly extreme. Aside from utilizing his traditional, infamously guttural low end growls, his extreme, wailing highs and hard-hitting mid screams, he also implemented another of new vocal techniques that had yet to be displayed in any other works by the band, before or after at that. He demonstrated the ability to hit an extreme low guttural the likes of which was acknowledged by many fans as being nothing short of goregrind, though not without straying into an exceedingly ridiculous sound. He also demonstrated an ability to induce a strange, piercing wail with his voice the likes of which was commonly used by dani filth, but also perform a rough high which is commonplace within traditional black metal. Several tracks also feature the strange vocal technique known as "raptor screaming" within the metal community which is most commonly performed and used by Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation, which was used to screech-sing several dysphoric melodies on the tracks in a fashion greatly similar to ryan himself.


Existence Eraser has always been an exceptionally instrumental band. It is one of their primary staples, the extremely complicated and yet, highly musical pieces written by them being an extreme rarity within the world of visual kei as a whole by comparison. Even by this standard, Harbinger of Antipathy is also noted as being an extremely progressive album, many of the songs featuring long intervals of pure instrumental music with complete absence of vocals and lyrics. There are also a number of songs on the production which are completely instrumental, hence jasons desire to showcase his bands true musical capability, skill, and prowess. Every song on the album is infamous for extreme switches in time signatures, amalgamation of styles between various different traditional forms of metal music and extreme death metal, and almost every piece on the album has a considerably long guitar solo.


Following the release of harbinger of antipathy, many fans criticised the band due to the overly, seemingly satanic and anti-religion themes that the band used in many of the promotional videos produced as a result of the music, many even shunning the production entirely due to the fact that it was unnappealing in comparison to their previous works in the minds of many fans of the band and their productions. During an inteview with VisualShock magazine, Jason and the band addressed these claims personally, stating that "Harbinger of Antipathy does not appropriate any religious agenda in any regard. It is meant to embody the feeling of abject darkness, agony, and pain one experiences when being bullied or subjected to unfair treatment in an unwarranted situation. Anyone who knows such experience is wary that those kinds of encounters make you feel so far beneath nothingness, worth so little that you regress feel as though you've regressed into a being more vile than the devil himself, in a world more torturous than hell. That is the meaning of the imagery in harbinger of antipathy's promotional videos and the lyrics I have written".

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