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Happy Valley High is a 2016 romantic musical film, starring Hailee Steinfeld, Victoria Justice, Stefania Owen, Eliza Bennett, Darcy Rose Byrnes, Austin North, Ross Lynch, Joey Bragg, Cameron Boyce, Asa Butterfield, Nikki Reed, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker.




  • Hailee Steinfeld as Cathy Rodgers/The misguided new girl who learns some hard lessons. The positive peer group at Happy Valley encourage her to blossom into a beautiful young lady who becomes the apple of Ollie's eye.
  • Victoria Justice as Erica/Beth's new best friend.
  • Stefania Owen as Thelma/A sweet, but ditzy cheerleader who has the knack of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.
  • Eliza Bennett as Beth Peters/A typical head cheerleader, who is dating the captain of the football team.
  • Darcy Rose Byrnes as Betty Nordstrom/A sister of Ollie. Betty is shy and uncoordinated but sweet and a people pleaser with a big heart.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker as Cynthia "Cindy" Nordstrom/The mother of Betty and Ollie, and the long lost sweetheart of Coach Al.
  • Austin North as Richard "Richie" Hardy/The naive Captain of the football team that has trouble understanding women.
  • Ross Lynch as Ollie Nordstrom/A football star who transfers to Happy Valley from Oklahoma. He falls in love with Cathy and helps the rival team from Hillside.
  • Joey Bragg as Harvey Smithers/A happy go lucky, but the goofy best friend of the guys on the team. His talents lie in first aid and pop culture, not really football. He is the only one in the school that understands and loves Thelma.
  • Cameron Boyce as Fred Johnson/An unlikely football player given everyone that shows up gets to play. His main goal is to catch the eye of the new girl, Betty and ask her to "go steady".
  • Asa Butterfield as Butch/The bully from the rival Hillside football team. Butch is aggressive and rude and will do anything to win a game. Girls are "arm candy" and only useful to him when they serve a purpose.
  • Matthew Broderick as Coach Al Barbella/The new part time coach of the Happy Valley football team. His passion is for books and Shakespeare. He studies the great coaches and uses secret plats to lead his team to victory. He is the WWII lost love of Cynthia.
  • Nikki Reed as Pasty Logan/The next victim of Butch. He dates her for her looks, not for her brains.



  • ??? minutes long.
  • Rated PG for some innuendo and brief mild language.
  • It will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema with Village Roadshow Pictures.