Happy Tree Friends: Zombie Outbreak is a HTF tv series spin off with 1 hour long episodes. In here, after a factory accident involving soda and blood, people of happy tree town become cannibalistic zombie-like creatures and invade the town. Now escaping barely alive, several HTFs attempt to live on their own in this new zombie like world, meeting new people as well. People in this series speak English instead of their usual garbling English-like voice.

Rated R for extreme gore, violence, and language.


At a soda brewing factory, a rusty catwalk breaks causing worker Toothy to fall and impale himself on some pipes. The boss of the factory, Lumpy, panics about this, but an orange rabbit named Caramel takes a soda (in which Toothy's blood has seeped into), enjoying it. Thinking he can become rich from this, he kills Toothy, stuffs his body in the machine, and his blood is in all of the soda, causing everyone to enjoy it. However, later while being interviewed, Caramel ends up turning into a cannibalistic zombie-like creature due to the blood in the soda. He kills Lumpy and the news reporter, and they turn into creatures as well. Three months later, Happy tree town had become a crumbling apart, chaotic, post-apocalyptic city in which the zombie creatures have infected most people with bites. Now, several HTF characters who have escaped alive struggle to live and cope in their new world, infested with the zombies. Along the way, they meet several new characters as well.

Regular Characters

Petunia, Cuddles, Nutty, Flippy, Giggles, Mime, Flaky, and Sniffles (Handy was a main character but was killed in Episode 2)

New characters

Caramel-An orange rabbit who becomes the first victim of the zombie apocalypse by drinking infected soda.

Landon-A dark purple lynx who is the leader of the second group of survivors.

Paulo-A dark blue badger introduced in Episode 8.

Rosa-A purple cat with fangs introduced in Episode 8.

Sammy-A brown sea otter with blue shorts, a silver and striped shirt, and a dark blue cap. He is one of the survivors in Landon's group.

Huggles-A koala character who is revealed to have emigrated from Australia. She is one of the survivors in Landon's group.

Brownie-A brown vampire bat who is one of the survivors in Landon's group.

Pudgy-A white flying squirrel character who is one of the survivors in Landon's group.

Linden-A dark green rabbit who is one of the survivors in Landon's group.

Princess-A pink squirrel with no tail, she is one of the survivors in Landon's group.

Blue-A light blue canine who is one of the survivors in Landon's group.

Joy-A green hedgehog who is one of the survivors in Landon's group.

Sherman and Lila-Twin characters, who are survivors in Landon's group. They are bear characters, Sherman is an dark olive color, while Lila is cyan.

Hershey-A tan chipmunk. He is one of the survivors in Landon's group.

Peppermint-A light green deer with a broken antler. She is one of the survivors in Landon's group.


Season 1

1. Infestation - Introduces the HTF zombie apocalypse and the beginning of the show.

2. The Leader - Looking for a shelter after Petunia's boyfriend is killed, the characters run into a storm shelter in which they meet other people attempting to survive like them. However, Sniffles, the brains of the group, doesn't trust the leader of the new group, a dark purple lynx named Landon, and tries to prove it by exposing him to everyone.

3. Lost In The Woods - A zombie invasion at the storm shelter seemingly kills Nutty, and leaves the cast stranded in the woods. Sniffles attempts to get back to the shelter to find nutty but ends up stranding the team even more. Separated, they must try and get back to civilization while getting together again.

4. Nutty Is Alive! - Nutty is found alive by Sniffles surviving with only minor bruises and scratches, and sniffles is relieved his friend is okay...until he discovers Nutty has gotten a zombie bite on his leg! Everyone panics and distrusts Nutty as they think he's turning into a zombie, but hours later he hasn't changed. Sniffles discovers that Nutty's blood is too sugary to be infected by zombie bites, and thinks that his blood could be a key used to save humanity.

5. Trapped - In an attempt to get Nutty's blood and work on reversing the virus, the characters run to an abandoned hospital, in which Sniffles tries to eject Nutty with a needle for the blood. However, they find The Mole, a hospital worker, as a feral zombie in the hallways, and discover that they are trapped in a hospital WITH ZOMBIES. Now living in their new shelter, the third floor of the hospital, they have to attempt to survive and be able to drive zombies off for long. Can they do it? (SPOILER: Two main characters die in this episode)

6. Shelter Disaster! - A zombie breaks into the third floor of the hospital, causing major panic for the group and forcing them to reduce shelter room by room. They turn against Sniffles, blaming him for the hospital attack, and Sniffles is forced to live on his own in the hospital, attempting to avoid zombie attacks.

7. Insane Anteater - The group attempts to fight back by attempting to escape from the hospital despite all the zombies. Cuddles and Landon help Nutty collect some blood samples to help cure the virus, but to perfectly cure the virus they have to get to a scientist lab, as the hospital doesn't have the technology to help cure the virus. Flaky finds Sniffles on the floor in the hallway in a paralyzed-like state, but he is still speaking, saying that "the ones are coming, and he can't leave". Is sniffles in a weird insanity form? And can they cure him?

8. Joining The Crew - By burning down the hospital, multiple zombies have been killed which easily helps the group escape the hospital. As they attempt to escape, they rescue two new characters, Paulo and Rosa, from a jeep, and they become part of the group. With a main character killed, they must keep attempting to get to the scientist lab, which is 25 miles away from the town. But along the way they have to go through a nearby village infested with zombies...

9. Sacrifice - A stone temple in the stranded zombie infested village leaves the Tree Friends stranded inside. Along the way, Giggles leads the others to a praying room in which they find Buddhist monkey praying on a mat. At first, he seems nice, a little more but not completely different than his original attitude in the series, but soon they discover that the zombie virus has infected Buddhist Monkey and he is turning his original Buddhist praying ways into acts of true evil. They discover Buddhist monkey is praying to the ancient dead on his mat, in an act of sacrifice to the zombies. And the people who are sacrificed are the HTF's. Can they escape from this temple of doom?

10. Locked - While the HTFS are stranded in the nearby village, Flippy is infected by a zombie and Flaky, not being able to kill the zombie Flippy, locks him in the basement of their shelter, a hardware store. After a few days, Flaky's friends get suspicious of Flaky, and think she is hiding something. Meanwhile, Paulo and Rosa are kidnapped by zombies to be taken to "the ultimate one". Who are these ultimate ones, and is Flaky gonna have to reveal her secret? (1 main character dies here, besides Flippy)

11-12-13. The Ultimate Ones (TV Special) - The HTFs are almost out of the stranded village, but soon they discover that every day people in their group is disappearing one by one. Soon, only Nutty, Sniffles, Giggles, Landon, and Pudgy, a survivor in the group, are left. Sniffles finds a tracking device in the hardware store and detects the missing characters' DNA strands to a stranded kingdom in the woods. They discover that the zombies are sacrificing their friends to an "ultimate one", the zombie king who is Caramel (now in a feral zombie state of madness). They get stuck in prison by zombie guards, can they escape and save their friends in time? At the end of the season finale, they get reunited, even though someone dies, but they get stranded in the woods thanks to zombies.

Season 2

1. At Death's Door - Trapped in the woods after the season 1 finale, Sniffles uses the tracking device he found in the hardware store to help them get to the scientist lab. However, due to the events of the season 1 finale, they got driven off the path and are stranded in the woods 30 miles away from the nearest lab. As the zombies continue to invade, Paulo suddenly goes into a paralyzed like state and mumbles something about "no one escaping alive". This may be true as the harsh conditions of the woods threaten their lives to the point where they might meet their fates.







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